“Is It Kyle Trask Time?”

February 2nd, 2023

What do the Bucs do?

Rich Eisen was like every Bucs fan yesterday. Confused.

No, Eisen wasn’t confused because Tom Brady retired. There was a decent chance that was going to happen. What Eisen, along with Bucs fans, is confused about it is who will putting his hands under Ryan Jensen’s sweaty arse this fall?

The Bucs have one quarterback under contract, Kyle Trask. The guy has played in one game since he was drafted in 2021 and dressed for two (one of which the Bucs were forced to allow him to wear a uniform per NFL roster rules).

So Eisen, the longtime voice of NFL Network and host of his weekday sports talk show, began wondering out loud what the Bucs are going to do.

“Is it Kyle Trask time?” Eisen began. “Derek Carr? What about Derek Carr? Tampa needs a quarterback, folks. It is official. Unless it is Kyle Trask time.”

One member of Eisen’s peanut gallery spoke up and asked if Blaine Gabbert is the answer to Todd Bowles having his first winning season guiding the Bucs.

“Could be. I dunno?”

Eisen rattled off how many teams are affected by Brady’s retirement, not just the Bucs. But clearly the Bucs are the most impacted.

“Who does Tampa have at quarterback?” Eisen asked. “They knew this day would come when they put their franchise in the hands of a 42-year old at the time. They got three years out of him and one in the case.”

That “one in the case” refers to the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Team Glazer’s trophy case.

“The clock has finally struck midnight on [the Brady era in Tampa Bay],” Eisen said. “The carriage is back into a pumpkin.”

And so goes the Bucs’ relevance not just in the NFL scene, but internationally as well. You won’t see Jason Licht’s name appear on a FOXNews.com gossip article again (yes, that actually happened thanks to Brady’s star power).

Funny thing Eisen added to the Brady discussion. Eisen predicts that drama queen Aaron Rodgers will almost assuredly play in 2023 now because he wouldn’t want to share the stage with Brady if both were inducted into the same Pro Football Hall of Fame class.

Joe will miss Brady. A lot! As Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders typed recently, Brady Watch is so much better than the Justin Fields Trade Vigil.

92 Responses to ““Is It Kyle Trask Time?””

  1. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Kyle Trask Time = Armageddon Time

  2. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Give the kid a chance! And hit on some picks this spring!!

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘And so goes the Bucs’ relevance not just in the NFL scene, but internationally as well. Joe is going to miss Brady. A lot! As Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders typed recently, Brady Watch is so much better to cover than the Justin Fields Trade Vigil.’

    And there-in lies the real dilemma. Poor Tampa Bay is no longer relevant because its’ rooster flew the coop & there were no other roosters-in-waiting to service the flock. Pitiful.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    BA’s Red Pen … The real ‘Armageddon’ IMO is when you lose hope that something can be rejuvenated & rebuilt into something even better. It’s easy to lose that hope when you’re surrounded by those who constantly whine about how hopeLESS your situation is. They can suck the life (and hope) out of just about anything. Certain JBF commenters come to mind, but you’re not one of them. Don’t let them drag you down to their level.

    In the Bucs’ case, we took some major hits last season, and are about to take quite a few more I’m guessing. Go down our CURRENT roster position group by position group and you’ll find some strengths but some weaknesses also. Combine that with a tough salary CAP situation & a middle-of-the-pack draft position and it’s not hard to figure out there are challenges galore ahead.

    Champions are those who identify their challenges, meet them head-on & deal with them successfully. Losers whine about the unfairness of it all instead of dealing with their problems. BA’s red pen represented to me his mechanism to meet his ‘BL challenge’ head-on. And he succeeded, for 3 years, then it went POOF once the red pen retired. It’s time to ‘get right’ again.

  5. Brian Says:

    We are screwed! Back to irrelevant

  6. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Let’s go Kyle!

  7. SufferingSince76 Says:

    I was hoping for some good news this morning. You don’t hide a starting QB for 2 years. This smells to high heaven.

  8. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Back to the Tampa Time Loop. Fire the coach replace the QB, rinse and repeat.

  9. AnonymousBuc76 Says:

    Please No…

    I won’t be a happy camper if we drag Derek Carr or Baker Mayfield in here. That’d be a huge waste of time imo. I’ve watched Derek for years and never been impressed. Baker is just a flat out dud; and apparently not a very good teammate.

    Being an FSU fan it’s kinda weird rooting for a former Gator but I have to admit I was impressed by the way Kyle finished his college career; a was happy when we drafted him (total opposite feeling when we selected Hargreaves). I’m actually excited to see what he can do with the first team offense reps. I’m also very disappointed that the coaching staff didn’t find a way to get him more snaps up until now. Just my 2 cents Go Bucs!

  10. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The Bucs have zero reason to hand Kyle Trask a job he’s done nothing to deserve. So no, it’s not “Trask Time”.

  11. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The name “Kyle Trask” just makes me wanna vomit.

  12. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    How many years it’s been since Trask was drafted? 3? 4?………and not one time has anyone heard anything about his potential to be a starting QB……not one time!!!!!!

    The one thing you can ALWAYS count on coming outta Gainesville are Quarterbacks who absolutely SUCK in the NFL!!!!!

  13. K_bassuka Says:

    Kyle Trask time? It doesn’t matter who the QB is cause it’s back to the cellar time with Bowles as HC.

  14. bob in valrico Says:

    No way to know if things are gonna click for Trask until he gets real gametime experience. Some Bucs fan rush to judgement on players before they have a
    chance to get acclimated to the league. Lets face it if Bowles looks out the window and sees Trask out there by himself working on his mechanics, that tells me he was not getting proper coaching from the BL and the offensive staff. We should have been preparing for this moment last year. As an example even Joe Burrow didn’t really put it all together until his final year at LSU.

  15. MerryPlankster777 Says:

    Is there a draft this year? Seems like lots of good new QBs each year, just glancing at SuperBowl. Suh-gests we can find someone that route, perhaps.
    go bucs,

  16. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Step one: Find a good QB

    Here we go again.

  17. 1#bucsfan Says:

    I don’t understand how some people will make their evaluations on trask laying with 3rd string guys and in garbage time at ATL. give the kid a shot with the starters and a decent run game. You never know. I got 1 would like to see what we have in trask when given a fair chance. Playing with ME13 CG14 healthy oline and maybe a decent running game if that can be a thing.

  18. Bubby Says:

    Trask was a wasted pick 2 years ago and remains so now.

  19. Beej Says:

    Trask needs to beat Gabbert in training camp, something he hasn’t been about to do yet

  20. AnonymousBuc76 Says:

    Kadarious Toney and Kyle Pitts draft stocks went through the roof once Trask became the starter at Florida; imo he was a legit pro-style QB coming in. Let’s hope he’s learned something over the last few years of studying under Moore, Brady, Arians, and Co.

    Licht has a shakey history with 2nd round picks since he’s been here. Hopefully for the sake of the franchise Kyle works out. That being said, I’m withholding judgement on the kid until he actually gets a fair chance to complete for the position.

  21. Mike C Says:

    Love the clowns that KNOW he will be bad lol, you don’t know Spit!

  22. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    You should never take a QB with the 33rd pick and not at least provide him the keys to the Cadillac to see if he can drive it without mucking it up. So far Trask has only been given a chance to drive a Pinto. Trask deserves every chance to win the starting QB job.

  23. Usfbuc Says:

    Kyle Trask has had a 0% chance at being the starter as long as Brady was here. Also remember that Brady did not respond well to the Pats drafting Jimmy G and being his back up. So it is possible that the Bucs drafted Trask and didn’t put him above Gabbert to keep Brady chill.

    None of us know what Trask can really do but this will be his first year where he can actually compete for the position.

  24. NEfan Says:

    DR, you have a decade of history that proves you wrong and the STATS on Bowles as a HC confirm that as well. It’s nice to be the optimistic but maybe you should consider being a realist. Just a thought.

  25. Tim Says:

    It’s peanut butter jelly time

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    64th pick

    3 years ago we were in this boat and won a SB…

    We wasted a year with the best QB ever with Bowles at HC

    Let’s not waste another with a bunch of money & mediocre FA QB…

    Yes…it’s Trask time……give him the keys to the jalopy.

  27. gp Says:

    I think it would be interesting to see how well Trask could do with a competent coach, a solid O-line, a stable of WR’s, and a good game plan.

    Drop one of those and there’s a lot more pressure on him. Drop any two of those and even the GOAT has difficulty succeeding.

    Based on very recent history, all of those are under varying levels of concern.

    Can it be done? .. Sure.
    Can he succeed? .. Absolutely
    What are the odds? .. Poor (unfortunately)

  28. beano Says:

    NFL.Com scouting report on Kyle Trask:

    “Trask clearly has the arm strength. Can deliver deep throws with outstanding touch. Arm strength to whip field-side deep outs with no issues.”

    Facts. Deal with it, haters.

  29. Pewter Power Says:

    Hell no it’s not trask time, need a veteran to compete which means he won’t be able to beat anyone out. He should be ready by now but doubt it.

  30. Letsbucinggo Says:

    This is on the Bucs they drafted him number two and did not develop him, they only dressed him for a couple of games. They should have released him or put him on the practice squad. I still say Brady and Arians are the only two people that kept this team winning. Licht was just Bradys yes man and Bowles doesn’t have a clue. We all saw how the pre-Brady Bucs were now we are going to see post-Brady Bucs that is going to be more scary 😨.

  31. Pewter Power Says:

    I mean honestly lol we had one quarterback in the off-season last year, can we not make a big deal about it.

  32. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    At least the teams in are division don’t have any better options at qb also

  33. gp Says:

    I honestly don’t think it’s fair to Trask to judge his ability on what he does with this situation.
    Coaching is suspect, game planning is suspect, o-line may be back-might not, receivers might stay healthy (not much depth).

    It’s going to take a real special talent to overcome these obstacles.
    Carr – nope.
    Jimmy G – nope.
    Baker – nada.
    Rodgers – not even.
    If you don’t think that the situation at OBP didn’t weigh on Brady’s decision to retire, I’d have to opine that you’re hiding under a rock.

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    NEfan … Your ‘reality’ must really suck for those around you. You’re one of the guys I was referring to when I wrote that ‘Certain JBF commenters come to mind who can suck the life (and hope) out of just about anything’.

    Congrats, you win the Miserable Marvin prize. Which bandwagon are you gonna hop on next now that Brady’s retired? I pity them.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I can’t stand constant negativity. I sometimes wonder just how bad people’s lives are that they never have anything positive to say.

    Tanking is not in the Bucs culture anymore, btw.

    Keep the trenches functional, and the rest will fall into place, regardless of who we have at QB.

    Trask not being talked about throughout the seasons means nothing. Once a season starts, its all about #1. Gabbert wasn’t talked about either. We had Tom Brady!

    But I still want Carr.

  36. SB~LV Says:

    It’s NEW head coach TIME!

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    NEfan … ‘you have a decade of history that proves you wrong’.

    And BTW, ‘history’ doesn’t dictate the future, UNLESS you fail to learn from it. Apparently fits you to a T.

  38. ChiBuc Says:

    @DR, I just sent OBP a 24 multicolored pack of erasable pens. It’s time to pick a new color and retire the red pen. Erasable is for Bowles so he can correct his many mistakes.

  39. HC Grover Says:

    Name a QB who can win with the Bowles Game Plans and Blunders. No plunder for this years Buccaneers. We are hard aground on a Full Moon at High Tide. Man the Lifeboats..

  40. BloKneel Says:

    So many of you guys regurgitate media narratives. You do realize that 99% of that garbage is embellished if not flat out made up yet guys come on here and regurgitate it as gospel. My god, you guys repeat Shannon Sharpe and Rob Parker. I’ll give it to Joe. He knows how to get everyone’s feelings up.

  41. beano Says:

    Goathumper Says: “There’s never been a Gator QB who has come into the NFL and been anything more than below average.”

    Same with Southern Miss … until Brett Favre came along.

    Same with Wyoming … until Josh Allen came along.

    Same with Miami (Ohio) … until Ben Rothlisberger came along.

    Same with Northern Iowa … until Kurt Warner came along.

    Same with Moorehead State … until Phil Simms came along.

    Same with Mississippoi State … until Dak Prescott came along.

    Same with Louisiana Tech … until Terry Bradshaw came along.

    Same with Nevada … until Colin Kaepernick came along.

    Same with Utah … until Alex Smith came along.

    As seen from the above examples (and there are many more), your logic is deeply flawed. That a school has not produced a great NFL quarterback does not mean it cannot do so. In fact it has happened over and over again in NFL history. You’re just too ignorant to know that.

  42. AbucAway Says:

    It’s time to fix salary and plug holes in the cheap, for a year or two. Trask time is cheap time and gives the kid a chance to grow. Besides, this team isn’t doing squat with Bowles in charge and Daddy Slinger (that’s still funny, btw) isn’t the answer.

  43. Defense Rules Says:

    Bonzai … Agree totally with your ‘keep the trenches functional’ comment, and I don’t think that’ll be all that hard to do. Our OLine, IF it’s healthy (and that’s a big IF it seems like), should be a strength of the team this year. Our DLine needs a LOT of work since we have so many FAs right now, but we can hopefully re-sign Gholston, RNR, Nassib, Gill & Nelson for reasonable $$$. If Shaq heals up OK, Vea increases his endurance, and JTS & Hall mature some (and bulk up some) we’ll at least have a decent foundation there. I’d draft a beastly DT in Rnd 1 or 2 to pair with Vea (and replace Hicks) plus add a DE/OLB free agent.

    Bucs have to decide soon enough if they want to tie their future defense to White & Davis . Both will be high cost moving forward, which means that some other positions take a hit to compensate for spending those $$$ on those 2.

  44. ChiBuc Says:

    Oh dang! I rescind my last post…. too on the nose with NE and this is not an allegiance I care to foster.

    But to be fair, didn’t that fanboy say he was out when Brady left? In case you haven’t heard, Tom Brady is gone… bye

  45. Bucfan Says:

    Roll with Trask. If the Bucs tank in 2023 they will have first pick in the draft and can find a real head coach.

  46. Mike Says:

    We absolutely should give Trask a chance to play in 2023. It’s a win/win situation in that even if we lose, we win come draft time in 2024.

  47. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I can’t say it’s Trask time or not. No one has seen what he can or can’t do with a #1 NFL offense. I expect Tampa will bring in a veteran quarterback. I also expect Trask to finally be able to compete for a starting job. There was never going to be any competition with Brady on the team. Let him win or lose the job on the field, not just on paper.

  48. ImTheCaptain Says:

    It makes no difference who the bucs get to QB, if bowlles bowls bowells are still leading the crew they are going to tank. We saw it in NY and in TB last season. To speak about how well or how poor the buccos do next season is irrelevant if we have the same coach. Dump bowles bowells and we will be better overnight.

  49. Cobraboy Says:

    Imma wait and see who the OC is gonna be.

    But I want a new HC. I have *zero* faith in Bowles.

    I miss Arians.

  50. NEfan Says:

    DR, there are situations in live where optimism and positivity works. The FACTS are Bowles has a losing record as a HC, past and present. He has proven to be set in his ways. He’s gone through 4 OC’s in NY & one in Tampa. It is easy to determine where he shifts the blame of his downfalls. Carolina just added a great DC to their arsenal. Keep looking for that rainbow but unfortunately for you it appears dark clouds seem to be in the Bucs future as long as Blows is HC.

  51. Nayrb Says:

    I would like (hope) to see a handful of veteran (once big-named) quarterbacks all get signed to the Bucs with the promise of all having an equal (however improbable that may be) of making the team and/or starting.

    I would imagine that any new offensive coordinator who has already proven themselves as an offensive coordinator at the NFL level would demand our current HC to be almost entirely hands-off.

    The more I think about it, if these two conditions are met before the start of next season, we might be …. well….OK. At least at quarterback that is.

  52. Bucsfanman Says:

    …and hilarity ensues!!!

    How is it that so many “fans” KNOW that Trask will be bad?! How can you KNOW what YOU don’t know?!!!
    I’m just asking!

  53. gp Says:

    I would truly like to see Trask succeed and have little doubt that he can. I suspect that the support that he needs TO succeed is severely lacking, and he will not get a fair chance to extend his NFL career.

  54. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    Trask can’t do any worse than Brady did this year.

  55. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I am with Cobraboy, I miss Arians too, and do not have much faith in Bowles.
    I say we have to give Trask at least a chance, unless we trade for somebody better.

  56. Richard Dickson Says:

    I’m worried that Bowles kept his job this year with “He didn’t get to pick his own staff” and they’ll keep him next year “He didn’t get to pick his own QB.”

  57. A Says:

    In theory, you’d like to think that your coaching / player evaluation staff could evaluate players and get a good gauge at their ability in practice. I don’t know that I trust our staff to be able to do that well…

    What we’ll learn soon

    1a) Taking a TB $35m dead money hit in 2023 – can we still sign a big name QB?

    1b) Do the Bucs think Trask can be the guy? (See 1a) We should know this before the

    1c) Will the Bucs use 2023 as a CAP get right year? (See 1a)

    My fear is that the Bucs won’t use 2023 as a CAP get right year thinking that the division is weak and try to field a competitive team. This will lead to 6 to 9 win seasons…I don’t think that the Bucs should “tank” – I think they should get younger, physical, and faster…than hire an Offensive coach for 2024…The NFL is an entertainment business and winning with “just enough offense” doesn’t sell.

    Go Bucs!

  58. matthew veal Says:

    I love trask.

    That means nothing. Looks like Bruce’s offense is done.so he’s nowhere unless we make Dan Mullen offensive coordinator, fat chance.

    So this is all about jason and the new coordinator

  59. BUC IT Says:

    I think its time to blow this thing up. I would trade Mike Evans or Godwin for picks and I would probably consider doing the same for some of our elite defenders if it would give us enough ammo to move up in to the draft to get a QB. The thing I would be against is mortgaging future draft picks. If we can’t achieve that then lets just let Kyle Trask start and see what he can do. Then next season we will more then likely have a top 5 pick to get a qb. Derek Carr could make the playoffs. But who cares about the playoffs. For me its Super Bowl or bust. Derek Carr is not taking us to a super bowl. So he is not the answer

  60. Tampabay95 Says:

    Nooooooo go after a veteran qb !

  61. teacherman777 Says:

    I want Derek Carr.

    Or Aaron Rodgers.

    Or Lamar Jackson.

  62. D-Rok Says:

    It is WAY too early in the offseason for any meaningful conjecture about the team this year. Let’s wait, patiently, until after we get an OC and coaches, for the draft, for free agency.

    As for Trask – WHO KNOWS? None of us have really seen him play meaningful snaps in the NFL yet, so nobody knows how he will perform. Obviously, the team needs to acquire at least 2 more QB’s.

    So, I wait, as patiently as possible.

    GO BUCS!!!

  63. Beej Says:

    “Taking a TB $35m dead money hit in 2023 – can we still sign a big name QB?”

    With Brady’s retirement, our cap hit for ’23 is now only $10 million, with $25 million or so the following year.

    Everyone keeps announcing Trask needs to start so we can see what he can do…. The FIRST thing he needs to do is be BETTER than Gabbert (which he hasn’t managed yet)

  64. Stormy Says:

    The only thing Trask has earned is a right to compete for the job in preseason. Nothing more. No way should they be anointing him the starter. They should be looking to bring in legitimate competition (ex Baker Mayfield).

  65. sasquatch Says:

    Time to draft a QB cuz Trask isn’t the guy. Not real interested in bringing in someone like Mayfield, he’s kind of a douc*e. Might be interested in Brissett.

  66. beano Says:

    sasquatch Says: “Time to draft a QB cuz Trask isn’t the guy.”

    You have no factual basis for saying that. Trask hasn’t taken a snap with the first team. Not even in preseason. Look at all the backup quarterbacks – 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th string – who stepped in this season with their first team and looked great. When one sees that, one sees clearly why Internet idiots don’t get paid to coach.

  67. Bucamania Says:

    Just read Clyde Christensen described Trask as a slow and deliberate learner.

    What a dumb pick that was when the team had Brady and was in ‘win now’ mode. Really could’ve sued another olineman or CB.

  68. beano Says:

    Bucamania Says: “Just read Clyde Christensen described Trask as a slow and deliberate learner.”

    That’s a gross misrepresentation. What Christensen actually said about Trask – after Trask’s first 9 practices with the Bucs in 2021 (2 years ago) is this:

    “Here’s how I would describe him: a really deliberate learner. He takes it nice and slow, he tries to get the details of the thing, and then once he gets it, he gets it.”

    Get your facts straight and don’t be a liar.

  69. Craig Says:

    There was no worse coach anywhere than Dan Mullen as a head coach. Trask still thrived at Florida.

    He didn’t get top billing at first because Mullen wanted a mobile QB, Felippe Franks. Go back and see how that worked out.

    Trask impressed me then, in his pre-season Bucs work, and in his eight minutes of garbage time. Why, because he kept trying to make something happen.

    If Monken passes, the Bucs should find some younger, smart guy to take the reins of the offense. Someone who can throw in something new on occasion and keep the defenses off balance. Then get back to the no risk it game, mix in some long throws, see if a deliberate QB can sustain a few drives and give Bowles defense a chance to keep Trask in the games.

  70. Goatfarmer Says:

    Kyle’s Trashk is enjoying his best moments right now. He’s the untested virgin 3rd string QB that everyone wants to see.

    That’s unless you’ve watched him in practice for two years, as the Bucs have.

    Best thing for Trashk is to be the new Ryan Griffin of the league. If you never play, no one will ever know how much you really suck.

  71. Bucs56 Says:

    I would see how the draft plays out. If Will Levis slides then go up to get him if price is reasonable. Trask and levis compete for job. Please don’t touch Richardson. No need to teach a QB to throw. A sneaky pick is ucla qb Dorian Robinson. Plays I shrine bowl tonight. Runner who has high completion percentage

  72. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Fishhawkbuc Says:
    February 2nd, 2023 at 8:47 am
    Trask can’t do any worse than Brady did this year.
    Even though it wasn’t a great year by Brady’s standards, it was better than most starting NFL QB’s. The Bucs would’ve been lucky to win a game last year if Trask started.

  73. Tucker Says:

    It’s Kyle Trask time and clean the cap up time

  74. orlbucfan Says:

    BTW, Clyde Christiansen was one of the OC reasons why Tony Dungy got fired. Guess CC had an epiphany cos his career sure turned around. Now, we get to see Trask finally practice and play with the 1st team offense. We’re getting a new OC. The NFC South still stinks so it’ll be anyone’s guess who wins it. We’ll see what Bowles can do. I agree, DR. At least this isn’t the dreary days of the 1980s. You had to be either crazy or made out of strong stuff or both to be a Bucs fan back then.

  75. vadertime Says:

    I don’t think the Bucs franchise should be put in Kyle Trask’s hands. If I recall, he was a mediocre to above average QB at Florida. I sincerely doubt if he will fill the stadium seats in Tampa. Aaron Rodgers would be great, but I don’t think the Bucs can afford him since they rolled the cap forward with Brady. Jimmy G. might be a more practical option as a bridge QB for 2 years until the Bucs can find a long-term solution. At any rate, Bowles needs to go. He is incompetent and incapable of being a head coach of such a lucrative franchise. Wake up Glazers. Bowles cannot lead the Bucs back to the promised land.

  76. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Craig Says:
    February 2nd, 2023 at 11:58 am
    Trask impressed me then, in his pre-season Bucs work, and in his eight minutes of garbage time. Why, because he kept trying to make something happen.
    Huh? How many points were scored by Trask “trying to make something happen”?

  77. ANONYMOUS Says:

    Your first comment I agree with totally. I’d also rather go for broke with Trask and NOT bring in another money sucking vortex that will land us somewhere in the middle of the draft and this very same conversation next year at this time. Screw it! All or Nothing!
    At the least we will be debt free and loaded for bear in 2024 rather than the same old losing and traditional dead end road.
    Of course we need to bring in a QB or 2 for competition and I Don’t want to just tank. However, if the writing is on the wall of mediocracy (as usual) I WOULD RATHER TANK FOR THE NEXT MAHOMES! Yeah sure however might be a bust BUT the chances of a franchise QB are FAR GREATER than a second, third, or sixth round pick!
    What round was Mahomes taken? Burrow? etc…. It wasn’t the 4th round RIGHT!

  78. ANONYMOUS Says:

    Sorry, “Whoever” not however…

  79. beano Says:

    vadertime Says: “Kyle Trask was a mediocre to above average QB at Florida.”

    Wow. The ignorance and stupidity of some here is astounding.

    Trask was the best quarterback ever to play at Florida. He had stupendous seasons in 2019 and 2020, breaking all Florida passing records and many SEC passing records. Look them up.

    In fact, in 2020 Trask was well on his way to breaking Joe Burrow’s season SEC records which Burrow set in 2019, but Trask was hampered by 2020 being a 10-game all-SEC season due to COVID. Whereas Burrow had a full 12-game season in 2019 against only 8 SEC teams and 4 pansy teams, in 2020 Trask had only 10 games and they were ALL against SEC teams. He still came very close to beating Burrow’s SEC season records.

    You obviously know nothing about Trask, have no idea what you’re talking about, and have no business being on here spewing lies.

  80. ChiBuc Says:

    ** “Kyle’s Trashk is enjoying his best moments right now. He’s the untested virgin 3rd string QB that everyone wants to see.

    That’s unless you’ve watched him in practice for two years, as the Bucs have.” **

    Statements like this make me nuts. You say how the bucs coaches see nothing in Trask and then turn around and say how lame the coaches are, fire them all, Lefty made Tommy look bad…

    So what is it? Do you trust those very same coaches to evaluate and get Trask up to speed or do they sux?! You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. It is duplicitous and illogical. Pick a point of view and stop being down on EVERYTHING. And please don’t bring up Clyde “yes man” Christiansen, Mr. Proximity… please let me know of someone other than a ringer he’s developed.

  81. ANONYMOUS Says:

    Joe in Michigan,
    That was a pretty weak point. Trask didn’t get a shot and you know it. Hell everybody knows it. Let’s be REAL for just a minute here OK. With Brady leading the way there wasn’t a chance of ANYBODY getting a chance. First off the truth is Tom was insecure about giving anybody else a shot. It’s the truth…. Everyone knows it’s the truth. So Trask wasn’t going to get a shot. Gabbert didn’t get any kind of a real shot either. Nobody else was going to.

    Now let’s be Frank… Trask has NEVER had a shot with the second freaking team much less the first. Honestly I don’t think the coaches know what they have in Trask. None of us have ANY CLUE what Trask can and can’t do. So why the constant criticism from many? I have no clue except for he isn’t Brady OR he’s a Gator…?
    Besides that, None of you are making any sense. Literally. Without a shot with the ones for more than 30 seconds Gabbert hasn’t had his shot either.

    Just saying. WE DON’T KNOW!

    GO BUCS!

  82. ChiBuc Says:

    @Stormy: “The only thing Trask has earned is a right to compete for the job in preseason. Nothing more. No way should they be anointing him the starter. They should be looking to bring in legitimate competition (ex Baker”

    Excellent point of view, especially when you consider he is the only QB signed?

  83. ANONYMOUS Says:

    I have to change my statement a bit.. Sorry for dragging it out BUT I suppose we DO have an idea of what Trask can do. Looks like beano is making a pretty far point in that Trask TORE IT UP IN COLLEGE when he got his shot. And get this…

    HE DID THAT WITHOUT ANY POLISH! HE DID THAT RAW! Wonder what the kid can do now after watching the best that ever was? I’d like to see with my own eyes….!

  84. beano Says:


    Great points. You are right about Trask being a Gator being a problem with many Bucs fans. Half the fan base are FSU fans and, trust me, FSU fans hate Florida like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the little brother complex. Rod Munch himself, an irrational, virulent Trask hater on this site, has himself commented that “I hate all Gators.”

  85. beano Says:

    Why do all my comments go into “moderation”? That’s BS censorship.

  86. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  87. Alstott up the gut Says:

    I don’t know what we have to base Kyle Trask on other than 2 years of sitting in a QB room with Tom Brady. He was never going to earn a starting gig, nor the backup spot with the desire to have a veteran there. Are we really saying these two years didn’t prepare him? He’s already the next Christian Hackenberg? Trask needs to be given a chance here…. I can’t watch Brock Purdy perform like that and hear Trask is already no good.

  88. Trent Says:

    Kyle will be a great nfl qb he was amazing to watch as a Gator all the kid needs is a shot and a little time he’s going to be a big name qb

  89. beano Says:

    Alstott up the gut Says: “I can’t watch Brock Purdy perform like that and hear Trask is already no good.”

    Excellent point. Purdy is only one of several backup quarterbacks who this season got a chance to play in a game with the ones and shined. The Trask haters are too dumb to take a lesson from that.

  90. David Says:

    This was so clear. Trask was never allowed to compete for QB2 due to some irrational excuse that Bucs were in super bowl mode. Bucs had us fool that Gabbert was the qb to keep them in super bowl hunt in case Tom was injured. Bucs front office and coaching made a terrible personal decision making going against against their own strategy to have Trask ready by the time Tom retires. They keep him off the active roster for entire season except a 8 minutes of garbage time with third string back ups. Now some uneducated fans are blaming Trask not the coaching when he wasn’t even allowed to compete for back up position.

  91. Joe Says:

    This was so clear. Trask was never allowed to compete for QB2 due to some irrational excuse that Bucs were in super bowl mode.

    Well, Trask did have the chance to force the Bucs’ hand by outplaying Blaine Gabbert in training camp. The opposite happened.

  92. beano Says:

    Joe Says: “Well, Trask did have the chance to force the Bucs’ hand by outplaying Blaine Gabbert in training camp. The opposite happened.”

    That’s not what Bucs QB coach Chris Christensen said in May before the 2022 training camp. He said Gabbert was and would be #2 because they didn’t have the time to rep both Gabbert and Trask. Christensen said:


    This has been known, and you know it, but you keep pushing your false narrative that there was some kind of real competition for the backup job. That’s laughable. Brady would have none of it.

    By the way, if you are so down on Trask, why do you never argue that he be traded or released?