Derek Carr Turns Down Slimy Saints Trade; Expected To Be Released

February 13th, 2023

“Derek, Ira can show you a nice night at Bern’s. I’ll pick up the tab.”

The slimy Saints can kiss Derek Carr goodbye. But what about the Bucs?

Yesterday, as Ian Rapoport and wings-wolfing Tom Pelissero reported, Raiders Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr put the brakes on the framework of a trade to the slimy Saints and said he will not accept any trade. To any team. Carr, so long as he is employed by Las Vegas, has a no-trade clause in his contract.

With the Raiders due to pay Carr a roster bonus of some $40 million on Wednesday (an exact month before the free agency dinner bell rings), it is expected in the coming days if not hours, Carr will be released allowing him to negotiate with any team.

What about the Bucs? Yes, Joe is fully aware the Bucs are in salary cap hell, at least for this year. Next year should be different.

Would the Bucs bring in Carr with deferred cash? You know, kick the can down the curb? Is Carr worth kicking the can down the curb?

Joe is beginning to think the Bucs need Carr more than Carr needs the Bucs. The Bucs still do not have an offensive coordinator and the combine is two weeks from tomorrow (the real combine, not the nonsense, glorified indoor track meet/reality TV show you see on NFL Network).

Joe cannot fathom the Bucs not having an offensive coordinator by the time the coaches and scouts and front office types fly to Indianapolis.

One reason the Bucs don’t have an offensive coordinator is the job is not currently attractive. What decent coordinator wants this job without knowing who their quarterback is?

At risk of inviting a flamewar from Gators fans, Joe doesn’t think Kyle Trask is a selling point except for a guy who had success with him at Florida, Eagles quarterback coach Brian Johnson.

At least with Carr, you have a veteran who has been good enough to make the playoffs and play in Pro Bowls. A decent offensive coordinator can certainly work with that.

34 Responses to “Derek Carr Turns Down Slimy Saints Trade; Expected To Be Released”

  1. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Carr is interesting to me because he has never played with a defense that ranked higher than 20th during his career….but in the end I’d rather roll with Trask and draft a QB in 2024.. provided it is necessary.

  2. steele Says:

    Joe, please. Why the constant and almost exclusive focus on Carr? Carr is awful. A loser though and through. A bonehead. Could not even cut it with McDaniels.
    Bring him to the Bucs, and you will experience pain. Years of investment in absolute mediocrity.

    At the very least, devote more of your attention to the many other QB options available out there. Most of whom are better than Carr.

  3. FortMyersDave Says:

    The Saints are in an even worse cap situation than the Bucs so it is likely they offered Carr a deal with deferred money which he refused, so doubtful the Bucs can land him. Bucs likely will be last team to hire an OC after the better opportunities are filled. So I am guessing they get a retread or someone totally off yhe radar unless the Glazers ante up some major coin.

  4. BucsNoles Says:

    IF we roll with Trask
    We should def make a play for Johnson as OC
    The 2 had pretty good success at UF (thanx for pointing that out Joe)
    A move like that would allow us to keep some good players as well

  5. SufferingSince76 Says:

    I sure hope Licht has an ace up his sleeve because, right now, it looks like he’s got a losing hand. Please don’t make us go back to another lost decade, Jason.

  6. Allbuccedup Says:

    This team is going nowhere this season why dig yourself a deeper hole with Carr.

  7. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    If Johnson is that guy then why would the eagles let him walk when there oc is becoming hc of colts if he’s good he’ll be there oc I’d imagine

  8. HC Grover Says:

    Welcome to the Bowles Quagmire.

  9. FlBoy84 Says:

    After everyone saw what a debacle the Bucs were last year, working for Bowles likely isn’t a great selling point either.

  10. Dooley Says:

    There are also a lot of other vacancies at other OC & HC gigs around the league. Any coach being looked at as a potential HC, is going to put the OC interviews on the back burner until the dust settles on the top job openings. In our case, it does seem the candidates have more leverage than the front offices that are looking to fill that spot.

  11. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Has Bowles been fired yet?

  12. Allbuccedup Says:

    Much rather watch the nfl combine than the useless football league.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Carr could still end up at the Saints…..

  14. Knucknbuc Says:

    Lol joe this team is in cap hell. No way does carr come here(not that I want him anyways) do you know how much we’re gonna have to cut and restructure just to get him here? Why would you make all these moves to bring carr in to basically bring him to the raiders south? God I’m sick of these kind of articles they’re dumb rodgers, carr , Jimmy g aren’t coming here. Maybe we can somehow scratch together 6 mill for a baker, Mike white, heinke, brisset type but other then that this team is looking at trask vet qb on a small deal and drafted qb

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘Yes, Joe is fully aware the Bucs are in salary cap hell, at least for this year. Next year should be different.’

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news Joe, but next year will almost surely be worse. As of today we owe $52.7 mil for 2023 in terms our 5 voided contracts, but another $56.7 mil in 2024 for 9 voided contracts for players who are free agents or retired (to include $18 mil to Wirfs for his option year which we’ll surely pick up). It gets a little better in 2025 & 2026, but the bottom line is that ‘kicking the salary CAP can down the street’ has major implications. It’s not ‘irrelevant’ as many seem to think.

  16. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @DR do those figures include the major jump the salary cap is supposed to make over the next two years? It’s supposed to jump 30 million next year (256), and land between 272-288 by 2025.

  17. Joe Says:

    Joe, please. Why the constant and almost exclusive focus on Carr?

    You know of another playoff QB who has been linked to the Bucs who will be available in the next few hours?

  18. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I’ll pass. Unless we sign him. Then I’ll be his biggest fan. At least until consistently sucks.

  19. BucG Says:

    If the Bucs go with Trask then they’re surrendering the season before they even play the first game.

    Getting Carr would be a win. The only better option out there would be Rodgers and that’s not realistic.

  20. gofortheface30 Says:

    Uhh, Carr only turned down the trade because A.) he doesn’t want to do the Raiders any favors, and B.) it makes no financial sense for him. Force the Raiders to cut and have them be on the hook. He may still totally go to New Orleans. “cmon man.’

  21. Goatfarmer Says:

    The only OC this Blowezo can attract is another clown.

  22. gotbbucs Says:

    It’s just not smart financially. It’s time to use the draft to build this roster for the next two or three years.
    When you bring in a 40 some year old QB and sign all of his buddies to play with him for a couple years and fudge the salary cap to accomplish it, sooner or later you have to bite the bullet and pay for the devils deal.
    This rebuild should have started last year when we probably could have gotten draft picks for trading Brady, and we’d be sitting with a top 10 pick in this year’s draft.

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I want Carr…but the Bucs can’t afford him.

    He is not a bad player, like some people here are claiming. Unfortunately, if a team in our division gets him, that team will be division leader. You watch.

    Unless Trask is really, really good.

  24. Tye Says:

    Watch Carr still end up with the Saints!….
    Spent 2 days hanging out… Carr and the Saints conspiring to screw over the Raiders and already have a handshake deal they both are happy with…

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Trask’s best chance is if we somehow land Brian Johnson as OC…but now that may not happen.

    If we manage to steal a good OC…maybe offer them a Asst Head Coach title so it is a promotion…Trask has a chance.

    But if we have to settle at OC, then the kid will be ruined before he even gets out of the gate.

    Either way, we need an OC quickly so Trask can start studying the new playbook ASAP.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Tye Says
    “Watch Carr still end up with the Saints!”

    That’s what I am thinking. He obviously cared enough to let them know he was going to resist a trade so he gets released.

  27. sasquatch Says:

    This is not relevant to us. We can’t pay Carr. That’s just not happening.

  28. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    I still think the best move would be bring in Mayfield on a one year proove it deal and have Bowles on his last year as well,

  29. Tye Says:

    IF, by some twilight twisted situation, Mayfield starts for the Bucs, I would give it a chance because he has shown to have flashes of some of the ‘IT’ factor AND has BUT been unfortunate to have poor coaches BUT he needs to real pan out…

    IF so, his youth will give the Bucs several years of stability which would be refreshing for Tampa!

  30. captivajim Says:

    i don’t kno why any good Offensive coach would want to work for Bowles ???Bowles burned thru a number of coaches while with the Jets , he’s done that here -dumping BA’s guys.
    The better OC’s are all being picked up by teams that have a shot next yr .. the Bucs will not make playoffs for at least 2 more yrs under bowles… A yr from now he’ll throw whoever he hires under the bus -he’s always had to blame someone else for HIS failures-ALWAYS. He’ll blame defense for “no communication” , , ” poor tackling ” “not in their gaps” ,, ETC…..Did he take responsibility for los to Cleveland ? did he take responsibility for playoff loss to Rams??

    He never even questions the guy in the mirror

  31. JD Still Says:

    I still believe We have a shot at Brian Johnson , their OC has left and his replacement has not been named which leads me to believe they are at least looking outside the organization, I think if We offered Johnson the OC with oversight of the QB’ s ( remember Gardner Menshue is there and is a free agent also that he could bring along) that would give us two fine young quarterbacks that Johnson has coached before at a very reasonable price , a big advantage for a new OC), if they add a guaranteed three year contract and throw in assistant head coach duties , I believe he would jump at that!), as far as Carr is concerned he is 32 years old and probably has reached his zenith, also you have to remember the next post season game Carr wins , will be his first, do you really want to pick up that 40 million dollar tab?

  32. Rand Says:

    I don’t agree with Joe. We bring him in and he plays exactly how he’s played for 8 seasons and we lose. Not just games but a boatload of cash as well for no telling how long. No thankyou. The worst thing that can happen is Trask gives us the same results as an expensive, proven loser, stat padding, Derek Carr has been doing already.

  33. David Says:

    Go with Trask. Make some cuts. Fix the books. Draft linemen on. Oth sides of the ball and a QB within the next 2 drafts.
    Be relevant for a decade in two years. If they waste money on a veteran quarterback with a team that right now has no money and doesn’t have the roster to do anything… They’re going to stay irrelevant for a decade.

  34. BuxfaninTX Says:

    Whoever at Jacksonville that designed the pass routes that Eric Biennemy stole should be our OC