Bruce Arians: “We Got A Good Young Quarterback”

February 9th, 2023

Kyle Trask

Bucco Bruce Arians emerged from dark cloud (ray of light?) surrounding the firing of failed playcaller Byron Leftwich.

Arians is in Arizona this week and took part in a celebrity golf event. There he was hit with a quick couple of questions about the Buccaneers by 12 News Arizona, the Phoenix NBC affiliate.

Asked about what’s next for our beloved Buccaneers, he praised the solid roster and added, “for us it’s just a matter of finding the right pieces.”

Arians appeared to endorse Kyle Trask but didn’t name him, and he surely seemed to want to get off the subject.

“We got a good young quarterback if they want to use him; look for a veteran,” Arians said. “And Todd’s doing a great job and Jason will do a great job putting the team together.”

Trask, the 2021 second-round pick, is the only Tampa Bay quarterback under contract for the 2023 season.

72 Responses to “Bruce Arians: “We Got A Good Young Quarterback””

  1. mark2001 Says:

    Hope he is right. But have to admit. Something didn’t go right last year. And it wasn’t Brady and some injuries, which happen to every team.

  2. Bobby M. Says:

    Everyone is doing a great job….evidenced by the fact Bowles wanted to can Leftwich mid season, the team finished with a losing record, Brady looked the worst he’s ever looked, the offense had the worst rushing attack in decades, we’re $50 million over the cap, our 2nd rd QB can’t win a backup role…..but yeah everyone is doing a great job!

  3. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Trask may be very solid. He was underwhelming in his time playing with 3rd string offense in BLs lousy offense. I am curious to see how he looks under real coaching and 1st team offensive reps.

  4. Steven007 Says:

    Poor bean bag, unable to post his thoughts while reading between the gargantuan lines fed by the former coach. We certainly do have a young quarterback. Whether he is good is anyone’s guess. Whether we find out this season is also anyone’s guess at this point.

  5. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Todd’s doing a great job!!?? LOL

  6. kgh4life Says:

    Arians loves to talk.

  7. Stebobucsfan Says:

    I am 100% e with you mark2001. Something went wrong last. Maybe the different coaching styles between Bowles and Arians. If Brady or whoever screwed up Arians called them out individually whereas Bowles was always saying the team is hung over from the Super Bowl or the team need to do better. That’s fine but I feel that if it’s Brady , Rodger whoever , when you screw up you should be call out individually .

  8. bucs4life Says:

    Figures. We were asking ourselves who was backing up our disaster of a coaching personnel and roster all along. Who might have been? Trask was subpar when used, our defensive line is subpar, our offensive line is below subpar, our offensive coordinator was below subpar. But guess what? If “Bucco Bruce Arians” says it, our brass does as he says. We’re on a fast track to another lost decade. Hooray, Bucco Bruce Arians, coach of the year 2005!

  9. surferbuc Says:

    LMAO. Guess Arians isn’t so stupid as to write off a quarterback because of a couple rough summer practices playing with guys who are now making a buck driving for Uber Eats. Good coaches know better.

    Like the Eagles’ coaches, who stayed with Jalen Hurts despite his terrible rookie season, his bad summer camp before his second season, his barely improved second season, virtually all NFL analysts writing him off, and now his third season IN THE SUPER BOWL! If the Eagles had followed the advice of Joe and his Trask Haters, Hurst would be long gone and the Eagles would be playing golf this weekend. Maybe that’s why nobody ever asks them for their advice?


  10. Bosch Says:

    Arians knows he is blowing smoke. I wish I knew what hid hidden agenda is.

  11. Simeon97 Says:

    What didn’t go right last year is Brady lost the locker room.

  12. IrishTony Says:

    I’m starting to question his judgment.. He’s already done enough damage with his BS nepotism.

  13. BucsfanFred Says:

    We really haven’t seen Trask with starters all around him. That said we still need to draft one somewhere. Maybe we could get that Hooker kid in the third round because he’s injured.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I don’t blame BA for standing up for Bowles……he recommended him…..Bowles probably kept Byron around in deference to BA……

    Before we go out and draft another QB…..let’s see what Trask has to offer….would like to see him throwing to Evans & Godwin…..protected by the 1st string Oline….

  15. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    Surfer, a slight difference between Hurts and Trask before they were drafted. Hurts was hailed by many as a proto-type “new” breed of running QB. He showed enough promise to keep him and now he is in the Super Bowl. Trask on the other hand was known primarily to Florida followers and showed absolutely nothing but a strong arm. In his very limited time on the field Trask has given ZERO evidence of a NFL starter.
    Trask may someday be a success, however, he is just a guess at this time. Jamis was a better bet than Trask at the same time in the NFL.
    Big difference between Hurts and Trask.

  16. BrianBucs Says:

    I really don’t think that anybody knows how effective Trask will be until he is in a real NFL game playing with the starters and 1st teamers.
    I saw him at times in college put his team on his back and win big games.
    Toney and Pitts and a couple of others had huge careers with the Gators.
    Who do you think was throwing them the football?

  17. Joe Swanson Says:

    After the interview he probably laughed all the way back to the clubhouse.

  18. Beej Says:

    Interesting he didn’t mention Gabbert

  19. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    I agree we need a good young QB. Tanking in hopes of getting one is not a good strategy. We still need a decent team around him. Besides, look what happened with Vinny Testaverde and Jameis Winston.

    Does anyone want to see Jason Licht maneuver in this year’s draft to obtain Horton Hooker? Why wait? I am intrigued by this young man. This franchise has to keep trying.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Surferbuc … ‘and now his (Jalen Hurts) third season IN THE SUPER BOWL!’

    I’m a huge Bama fan, and have followed Hurts career since he was their QB. He’s not a top-tier QB IMO, BUT … he fits what the Eagles needed in a QB perfectly. They focused on building a TEAM that could thrive not just his specific talents, but probably with a number of other QBs running the show (San Fran took a similar approach IMO). BUILD THE TEAM and any number of drivers could get it around the track.

    Hopefully the Bucs bite the bullet & take a similar approach. I’d hate to see us go back to the days of being good on 1 side of the ball but terrible on the other side (or worse yet, terrible on BOTH sides of the ball).

  21. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    Actually, it sounds GOOD to still him refer to the BUCS as “WE”.

    I know he was disappointed with Leftwich and the others being let go.

  22. robert Says:

    give the kid a shot. sheeze bowles still has a job.

    if that’s the bar we could bring back shaun king

  23. Jack Clark Says:

    Let’s risk it on Trask to get the biscuit!

  24. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    So good he ran as quick as he could from obp

  25. Dooley Says:

    I’ve got nothing against Kyle Trasks’ potential, but I’m 100% against just handing the starting job over to him with a couple handfuls of plays of regular season experience. I don’t discount a players’ ability to improve nor think as if they cannot improve, but if I were making moves that could potentially threaten my job security I’d feel really insecure with Trask being my best/most plausible/lead option. Trask vs. ??? vs. ??? is what I wanna see this offseason.

  26. Jp09 Says:

    Just like every year BUILD THE TRENCHES and everything else will fall in place

  27. SB~LV Says:

    What’s the Missouri State

  28. HC Grover Says:

    Good Go with thrask and rebuild.

  29. surferbuc Says:

    bucsfaninOregon Says: “Surfer, a slight difference between Hurts and Trask. Hurts showed enough promise to keep him.”

    Actually he didn’t. Hurts started his entire rookie season in 2020, playing with the first team, and posted a terrible QBR of 33.8. Despite that poor performance – not “promise” – the Eagles kept him.

    Trask has had no such exposure. His measly 2 series in the final 7 minutes of the Falcons game playing with scrubs means nothing. In his first NFL game John Elway was 1-8, 14 YDS, 0 YD, 1 INT. Trask was better!

  30. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Bruce Arians became known as the “Quarteback Whisperer”. Shouldn’t that meam that he had demonstrated the ability to evaluate potential in the young athelete then help bring it out of the guy. His opinion about Trask carries weight for me.

  31. surferbuc Says:

    Defense Rules Says: “Surferbuc … I’m a huge Bama fan, and have followed Hurts career since he was their QB. He’s not a top-tier QB IMO, BUT … he fits what the Eagles needed in a QB perfectly. They focused on building a TEAM.”

    Yes, big on TEAM. Just yesterday I heard an ineterview with Aaron Rodgers and he said the Eagles have by far the best offensive line in the NFL. No doubt that line has been a huge factor in Hurts progressing from his dreadful rookie season when he posted a 33.8 quarterback rating. People here on this site seem to forget the TEAM part of football. After all, Brady won here three seasons ago because that TEAM was loaded.

  32. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    I have a lot of Eagles buddies , they are saying Bucs want that Johnson real bad ? Guess waiting till after Super Bowl, he did coach Trask….

  33. SB~LV Says:

    You Are on to something
    Hence the silence
    Sadly the Bucs leadership can’t walk and chew gum at the same time

  34. Smooth Bay Rider Says:

    “ I’m 100% against just handing the starting job over to him with a couple handfuls of plays of regular season experience”

    See Rodgers, Aaron…… Mahomes, Patrick.

    Also, are you against drafting and handing the starting job to a Rookie with “ZERO” regular season experience?

  35. Browsing from DC Says:

    Sounds like BA spent a lot of time at the 19th hole to me with those comments. But realistically, he’s not gonna say “My guy Bowles sucked”.

  36. Dooley Says:

    @Smooth Bay Raider

    Trask vs. ??? vs. ??? I want a competition, I’m not in favor of just handing it over to any inexperienced QB. We’ve tried that in the past and it’s like watching the hindenburg crash in slower motion. Also, you guys gotta to stop choosing the outlying talents as the examples of why a player could succeed in a situation because the list of names that failed in between those rare successes is usually x2/x3/x4 times longer. I can name names too Jameis Winston, Josh Freeman, Sam Darnold, Johnny Manziel, EJ Manuel, and Blake Bortles all got starting gigs handed to them and stunk at it 4 of 6 of these names didn’t last long in the league at all

  37. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Simeon hit the nail on the head. I think Brady lost the locker room too.

  38. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Dooley, the tradeoff seems to be retooling for the future good of the franchise vs mainly retooling for this year. Proper focus of effort means making the well thought out choice.

    Retooling for this year means bringing in a “bridge” QB and building the team around him as best we can via the draft and free agency. Retooling for the next few years success means conceding this year and bringing in young competition for Trask such as my suggestion of acquiring Horton Hooker.

    I believe the win now strategy will prevail. We won’t find out about Trask until at least 2024.

  39. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    BA is so full of BS. What happened to the Bucs happened to Arizona. BA spend on Free Agency like drunken sailor on old free agents, and have two good years then the team crashes.

  40. Big Red Says:

    Brady didn’t lose the locker room imo but he was a little off all year. I think he was just struggling with divorce and being distracted by Ghiselle and her Juijitsu coach. FTX collapse. Losing Jensen before the season ever started. Godwin taking half the year to return to form. Mike dropping easy homerun passes. Missing his buddy Gronk. Everything that could go wrong, damn near did.

    Our punter was probably the best player we’ve drafted since Brady arrived outside Tristan Wirfs.

    It looked like our team often quit and it did feel like we were playing against the zebras & vegas all season.

    Our offense was embarrassing at times and did our defense no favors. We didn’t have necessary depth to really cement the next-man-up mentality.

    Jason Licht the only GM in history to draft a practice squad QB in the 2nd round, a pair of 2nd round kickers, and a punter in the 4th… we could’ve had quality backups at least in skill positions or an extra O-Lineman…

    Lots of blame to go around. I think Bowles gets way too much sh*t from Bucs fans though, and we need to give him at least 1 more year, maybe 2 depending on QB situation, injuries, and if he can hold the locker room together.

  41. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  42. Rand Says:

    Why don’t BA take-over OC?

  43. Smooth Bay Rider Says:


    I never said anything about Trask. Just pointing out that QBs with Zero regular season snaps get handed the keys to the offense all of the time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Nobody has a clue how good a guy can be until he gets a shot. What is the point of drafting a QB in the 1st or 2nd round and have him sit for a couple seasons if he is still going to end up having to compete for a job? The Bucs had plan when they spent a high draft pick on a QB after signing Tom Brady, and I can promise you it wasn’t so he could compete for a job in a couple of years.

  44. Proudbucsfan Says:

    IMPO. I think Trask is going to be a good quarterback. It has been said that he is in so many words a slow learner, but he is very meticulous and detail oriented and he works his tail off. Everyone knows that some young quarterbacks take years to get good at the pro game. Arron Rodgers spent 3 years behind Brett Favre, he was in a shotgun only system in college and had never been under center, he had 3 years to do it in practice and not with the number ones. I think when Trask is ready he will be a good quarterback.

  45. SB Says:

    Trask sat behind the likes of Emory Jones and Phillipe Franks because of some really dumb coaching and their egos because they recruited the other QBs so hard. As soon as he got the starting job he never looked back. All he did was almost win the heisman.

  46. Dooley Says:

    @Smooth Bay Rider

    and I listed 6 QBs that got the keys and crashed the car, two of which with this franchise and drafted 5-6 years apart. Just because it happens all the time doesn’t mean it works out the best for player and team. I can be for giving Kyle Trask a chance, but I’m against making moves that automatically make him the only option, thus the call for competition. Coach Christensen referred to Trask as a deliberate learner and to me, nothing will speed that process up better than being challenged for the job. That’s my stance on Trask, give him a chance, but don’t make him the only option. Vet, rookie, journeymen, idc get the kid another QB in the room to learn with and from on the way to earning the starting gig.

  47. surferbuc Says:


    That’s because he’s a running back, NOT a quarterback. He’s a terrible passer.

  48. BucsFan81 Says:

    Yep Bowles doing a great job that is like saying Joe Biden is doing a great job. The expectation level around here has really went downhill.

  49. chickster Says:

    Trask has to be giving a chance or lose him

  50. surferbuc Says:

    SB Says: “All he did was almost win the Heisman.”

    I would add that his coach, Dan Mullen, probably cost Trask the Heisman.

    About halfway through the 2020 season, Trask was clearly the Hesiman front-runner. Hell, AR15 famously tweeted from the bench one game, “Give the guy the Heisman already!” Around that halfway point in the season, Mullen started pulling Trask in the middle of drives to put Emory Jones in for a series and try to get him a touchdown pass or run. It made no sense. Trask would be driving for another touchdown (usually passing as they had no running game), and all of a sudden out comes Trask and in comes Emory for a series. It was surreal.

    Must have been because Trask had been recruited by McElwain and Emory was Mullen’s recruit. I don’t know. But I do know that crap cost Trask at least 1 touchdown pass each game.

  51. Buc4evr Says:

    Thanks Bruce for the great Head Coach that you also recommended. Bowles and Trask, we are headed back to the SB next year.

  52. Gerald Yancy Says:

    Everyone wants to blame , Bowles and Leftwich. and lay no blame on Brady.
    They all deserve blame , Brady had his worse year ever
    and you can say Online , no run game or whatever, but it’s a fact.
    Those same excuses can be ,should be used for Bowles.
    As a true Bucfan 79 , it was a bad year for the team , no one more or less than another.
    Brady retired why?
    Was it because he couldn’t find a ready made team that only needed a QB or did he realize his talent has faded?

  53. surferbuc Says:

    Buc4evr Says: “Bowles and Trask, we are headed back to the SB next year.”

    Bowles and Brady got us 8-9 and nowhere near the SB.

  54. surferbuc Says:

    Dooley Says: “Coach Christensen referred to Trask as a deliberate learner”

    Out of context. (1) What Christensen actually said is: “”Here’s how I would describe him: a really deliberate learner. He takes it nice and slow, he tries to get the details of the thing, and then once he gets it, he gets it.” Christensen was complimenting Trask. (2) Christensen said that in 2021 after Trask had been with the Bucs only a few weeks. That was 2 years ago.

  55. Dooley Says:


    2 years later we still don’t know what he is, and the fact “slow” followed Christensen calling him a “deliberate” learner, means Trask wasn’t picking things up fast. That’s why I stated pitting him against another QB while learning a new playbook *might* speed Trask up past his learning curve, but yea “out of context” lol I’m not going back in forth with somebody who generalizes swaths of people as “woke” and remember partisanship is just passive-aggressive prejudice which makes you a dog with no teeth

  56. DBS Says:

    Steven007. Not so fast . Son of Trask is not fooling anyone with his new name.

  57. vadertime Says:

    Bad idea to trust Trask with the keys to the Bucs franchise. Maybe bring in Baker Mayfield for a year and then draft a QB in 2024. If Baker works out, great. If not, we can get some young talent in here. It’s a rebuild for Tampa regardless of who’s under center. Also Bowles is delusional when he keeps saying it’s a reload and not a rebuild – it’s a friggin rebuild.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    I’m going off the reservation a bit here but I want to put it out there concerning where we are now with the QB situation and perhaps the Why. It’s off topic so forgive please but in the end it’s related.

    I’m with the Brady lost the locker room crowd BUT I believe it’s FAR MORE Complicated than that..
    I believe it’s “three fold” between BRADY and get this, LEFTWICH, and Bowles… I believe Brady lost the locker room because of his personal problems and lack of being present. I also believe that he could have fixed that….. I BELIEVE that Byron Leftwich “Stepped On and Threw Away” the Heart of the Team. I also believe that Bowles was NOT STRONG ENOUGH to do a damn thing about it and with that perfect storm, the entire season was lost and we have the wreckage of that giant infighting laying all around us and no real QB solution in site. WHY?
    Because We have No direction! We have No identity. To start with, we have No OC and it’s worse than that because I think the entire league knows better.

    It hasn’t made sense to anybody what happened. We have all been questioning how did it go SO WRONG!? I mean what happened there is no less than NEBULOUS. It was far left and far right. The rest of the locker room looked like they ALL lost total heart! I mean NOBODY was raging against the dying of the light. And I mean NOBODY….
    The ONLY evidence we have and I believe a Large hint was “Multiple Team Only Meetings” I’m not even sure if Brady was invited to them. I believe he would have attended but I don’t recall hearing that he was there. WHAT WAS CLEAR IS THE “COACHES AND THE STAFF” WERE NOT INVITED.

    “When did this happen?”

    The only thing FOR SURE is “WHEN.”

    Let’s look at it briefly for a second…. All was still in order or “feelings were still hid” in the first game of the season.
    We were lacking and a bit rusty BUT we were still LIGHTS OUT! The Cowboys didn’t have a chance. We beat the brakes off of them! And even though we were rusty, we had full control of that game from beginning to end. No Question About It!
    After that however, THE TEAM HIT AN ICEBERG! Nobody is saying “how it went down” Not yet anyways, but it clearly happened after that first game.


    But why?

    Like I said up top, it was three fold.

    Actually I believe “Leftwich” Acted Up and Acted Out! The Proof is in the Pudding! He Signaled Every Play to Every Defensive Cordinator Out there!! They knew EXACTLY what we were doing on Almost Every Single Play! Tell me I’m wrong… Go ahead and try it. But when you attempt to explain to me why the plays are “Run It Up The Gut, 2 out of Every 3 plays”, I’M GOING TO BE HAVING A SINCERE DISAGREEMENT WITH YOU! Or what about some PLAY ACTION??? It was said that we were TOP 3 in the League when we attempted or the HURRY UP? Again, Top of the league BUT THE OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR REFUSED TO CALL THE PLAYS!!! REFUSED! The Entire Team Knew It as did the competition. And now any Credible candidates aren’t coming ear us with a ten foot pole! NOBODY LIMES OR ADMIRES WEAKNESS! It’s a huge turn off.

    (I HAVE TO SLIP THIS IN HERE) I ACCUSE BYRON LEFTWICH OF SABOTAGE! He Not Only sabotaged the Buccaneers Entire Season ALL SEASON LONG, I ACCUSE HIM OF SABOTAGING TOM BRADY’S GOOD STANDING AND RECORDS! BECAUSE BYRON LEFTWICH IS A P!SS POOR CRY BABY BECAUSE HE DIDN’T GET THE HEAD COACHING JOB! (Apologies, I can’t help myself and my feelings) Again I realize it seems a bit off topic but It’s Not. It’s DIRECTLY RELATED in reality.

    That IS what I believe happened. Everyone knew it. Why nothing was done about it…… Above my pay grade. But One Thing Is FOR SURE! NOW WAY BYRON LEFTWICH DIDN’T SABOTAGE US ALL! NO WAY!

    That list included… The Glazers, Licht, and Arians to start with. I believe that he BELIEVED that he should have gotten the head coaching job to start with. I REALLY DO. That man SABOTAGED the offense. Bowles DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE OF WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT AND OR HOW TO STOP IT! He made it Clear that the offense wasn’t his world and that he would be “hands off” with one breath in the beginning of the season and then shortly there after he changed his tune to “yes I’m going to do it my way”. Problem was? HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING WITH AN OFFENSE! He ABSOLUTELY LOST CONTROL OF THE SITUATION and he either didn’t have the Courage to fire Leftwich while there was still time or, Someone Talk Him Out Of It!

    He SCREWED UP! He should have fired Leftwich RIGHT AFTER HE FIGURED OUT THAT LEFTWICH INTENDED TO SABOTAGE THE SEASON! He didn’t do it and Bowles lost more of his manhood than he could afford. The rest of the team saw this and they all, Well all of the Entire Teams Spirits just DIED! The results are in the record books.

    Meanwhile all of us were standing around wondering what was going on. HOW COULD IT BE THIS BAD!?

    You’ve just got to ask yourself what happened there. Right. I think it’s CLEAR. We have no QB when I believe “Tom” WAS going to give it one more go and run it back one more time. WE DIDN’T OR WEREN’T PREPARED FOR THIS OUTCOME! And IF “Licht” would have taken control AS HE SHOULD HAVE we wouldn’t be in this Mess! He could have stopped Leftwich AND he could have handled the offensive line FAR BETTER to protect Brady. Licht did neither! Arians? Who knows? Seems he would have been the Only One that could have talked anybody out of doing the Right Thing. But I don’t know if that’s giving him a little Too Much Credit.

    Yeah, Trask seems to be our best bet one way or the other. I hope he can… I believe he can. Only the Football Gods know the truth right now. Then again, maybe Gabbert. We just don’t know now do we….. So much for the front office having it together…. Why are we back in the “DEN” so quickly?!

    Well because IT’S A BUCS LIFE OF COURSE!

    GO BUCS!

  59. Russell Says:

    Good and interesting comments here. Trask seems more likely to be successful if the team hires an OC that brings a system that suits his strengths. I’m not advocating for it but am surprised there has been no public mention of bringing in Dan Mullen as OC, given his past purported interest in NFL positions. Maybe that would be too great of a risk for Bowles to take, but “no risk it, no biscuit!” Right?

  60. MelvinJunior Says:

    This “TOMMY MORDUE” Dude SHOULD BE ‘BANNED’ 4-LIFE & NEVER ALLOWED TO COMMENT AGAIN, Joe. I’ve never read such nonsense/complete ‘idiocy’ or worst ‘take’ before.

  61. Bobby Wills Says:

    If they have Trask as Quarterback and Bowles as HC I will not renew my season tickets I don’t want to renew and the Bucs don’t win a game in 2023.Fire the HC and get a veteran Quarterback.

  62. Infomeplease Says:

    All I know is what I’ve heard… Trask has been a late bloomer and road the bench every where he has been. Of course that did not stop him from working hard, learning, and then earning the starting qb role as well as excelling once in that position!! That happened in H.S. and College!! Will that happen at the NFL level? If so, will it require a couple more years? I guess we will find out at some point!!! The sooner the better!!!!

  63. SB Says:

    Must have been because Trask had been recruited by McElwain and Emory was Mullen’s recruit. I don’t know. But I do know that crap cost Trask at least 1 touchdown pass each game………………..

    Yup!! That is the ego that I was talking about. Kid got a chance and ran with it. Even beat Joe Burrow’s record at that time!

  64. Rand Says:

    Bobby Wills

    fair weather fan

  65. Patrick Says:

    Think about how terrible Trevor Lawrence was as a rookie. Peyton Manning. John Elway. Terrible. My concern is if Trask gets the nod, will they stick with him and let him take his licks and make his mistakes. He has had ZERO meaningful reps, especially against defenses that will game plan against his weaknesses, designed for him to make mistakes. Hopefully sitting on the sideline, he has learned a few things watching the game and film. Still… In some ways, Brady being here won us a SB, but in the long run, did it stunt the growth of a future 25 yr old franchise guy that could be our QB for the next decade? I still have ZERO faith Bowles can coach this team, and the immediate future looks bleak. He will not be here in 2024. He’s terrible. I hope whoever finally takes the one and done OC job doesn’t ruin Trask. No one wants to see Blaine Gabbert. If Trask isn’t the man and they spend millions bringing someone else into this mess to win 6 or 7 games, like putting a bandaid on a lost limb, then Licht and Arians need to go, too.

  66. BUCman Says:

    The best scenario is to give Trask his shot and resist the temptation to sign a way overpriced middle of the pack free agent QB. This will give us salary cap relief and a chance to see if Trask is the real deal. This is really the only viable option when considering where they are with the salary cap.

  67. matthew veal Says:

    Bruce has many times made good predictions I remember him saying defensive backfield being fixed, and he was right.

    If he said it pay attention imo

  68. Bucfan94 Says:

    I say give Trask a shot. Been saying it all along. He was never expected to play period as long as we had Brady. They wanted Trask to sit and learn. And Gabbert has received a lot of praise by BA even before drafting Trask. Gabbert knew the offense and playbook as he’s worked with Arians before Tampa. Trask was never in a competition as we were told from day 1 the plan is for him to sit and learn behind Brady anyways. He never lost to Gabbert. He was more or less Redshirted. And he played with 3rd stringers vs the Falcons starters. So there that too. See what he’s made of, he’s a cheap option, and if it fails, were probably going to be in great position for a QB in what’s expected to be a QB heavy draft.

  69. C R Says:

    Have another Scotch B. A.

  70. Kenny P Says:

    One thing….FIRE THE HEAD COACH!
    Hes an idiot, moron and dunce. Enough with the stupid synonyms.
    Doesnt have control over nothing. Cannot light fire under nobody. Leaves 2 timeouts left in a game and says ” overtime was inevitable.”
    Are you kidding me? Stands there with no expression and says players will work out there mistakes ,WTF! or I dont know anything about offense, WTF! I dont care what quarterback back we have or OC, NOBODY should have so much control over what happens in a game. Headcoach makes the final decision on what the team plan is and how its going to play out. WE ARE NOT GOING TO WIN WITH THIS BONEHEAD HEAD COACH.

  71. Danny Says:

    I agree, Trask should be given a chance to see what he can do. As for him not being able to beat out Gabbert or looking bad in mop up duty against the Falcons, it was his 1st game action for an offense that underwhelmed in every way. Top to bottom they struggled. From Brady taking an 11 day leave during camp to having the o-line getting blown up with Marpet retiring, Big Red getting hurt in camp to D. Smuth having a horrible year to a defense that couldn’t take the ball away. Put all of that on top of a coaching change that saw the offensive philosophy change to a much more conservative approach. Whomever gets hired as OC should get complete autonomy to run their offense without any influence from Bowles.

  72. bucboy Says:

    chickster Says: “Trask has to be given a chance or lose him”

    I’ve been saying this all along. If I was him and read all the asshats here trashing him when he hasn’t even taken a snap with the starters, I might ask to be released or traded. I have sources inside two teams and they say Trask would be snatched up immediately.