Blocking For A New Quarterback

February 7th, 2023

How Tom Brady helped blocking.

Joe heard chatter from players last week in Las Vegas at the Pro Bowl Games media availability about how much Tom Brady helped his offensive line.

(Joe later this week will have a very interesting item from Cam Jordan of the slimy Saints about Brady being such an asset to offensive linemen.)

Joe remembers when the Bucs signed Brady former Bucs scout and Jets front office man Pat Kirwan told fans on SiriusXM NFL Radio how the Bucs’ offensive line would improve immediately because Brady was so savvy in putting his offensive linemen into the right position to excel.

So when Joe talked to Tristan Wirfs in Vegas, Joe asked him how much Brady helped him. Wirfs didn’t deny Brady aided the front line.

“I think the big thing for me that I loved is that I knew where he was going to be in the pocket,” Wirfs said. “He’s not going to run very far. Just knowing where he was in the pocket was nice.”

So there will be a transition to a new quarterback and a new offense. The new quarterback could be Blaine Gabbert. Could be Kyle Trask. Could be Derek Carr. Could be a rookie. Who knows?

Either way, it seems a step backwards is coming when it comes to blocking.

So you folks who enjoy pounding your fists, stomping your feet and hollering about blocking night and day, rest those hands, feet and voice. A workout could be coming this fall.

39 Responses to “Blocking For A New Quarterback”

  1. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I hope it is Carr. I know I might be in the minority, but I think if the Bucs get Carr, both the team and he will be very happy with the results.

    But…realistically, even if he is cut, I don’t see the Bucs affording him.

  2. YucsBall Says:

    If you want the Bucs to be mediocre for another decade then yea, trade for Carr.

  3. SB~LV Says:

    What new quarterback?

  4. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Belichick also told a very good story about how Brady worked with subpar OL and injured OL. He said Brady adjust by getting the ball out quicker. He went into examples with Freeney and Mathis. He said the only way to stop them was to get the ball out quickly. He also said during the Carolina SB Brady took so many hits and kept going. This narrative that Brady didn’t like getting it is not reflective of his entire career. It’s about a 45 year old man making sure he made it through the entire season.

    You can hate Belichick, but that conversation he and Brady has on Brady’s podcast was a fantastic listen. You really get an intimate knowledge of Brady from someone who coached him for 20 years. It also confirms my suspicion that Brady didn’t think the Bucs’ coaches weren’t buttoned up.

  5. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Offensive linemen loved blocking for Brady because like Wirfs said Brady drops were so precise you knew where he was gonna at his marker point. If it was a seven or three step drops, he was at the correct line marker. Sometimes QBs get too deep in their drop, and OL hate it! I’ve always subscribed to the argument that sacks can also be a QB stat. Sometimes it might look like it’s on OL, but it’s not.

    Brady is also one of the few QBs who call the protections at the line. It’s usually done by the C. He helped ease the load of Hainsey.

  6. Goatfarmer Says:

    Whoever the QB is doesn’t matter. Toad Blowes will make sure that he sucks just as hard as the rest of the team. For some like Trashk, that won’t be a reach.

  7. Dooley Says:

    “He’s not going to run very far. Just knowing where he was in the pocket was nice.”

    Could be seen as a pro and a con to be 100% honest. There weren’t many playcalls in Bradys’ tenure that moved the pocket, but the first two seasons it wasn’t needed. Last year tho, it would’ve helped having a QB that can mitigate pressure using bootlegs, waggles, rollouts or sprint outs to negate the downhill pass rush we watched succeed against our OL on almost a weekly basis.

  8. mark2001 Says:

    Could it be Sam Darnold? Jenna thinks so.

  9. D-Rok Says:

    I’ve heard discussions from O-linemen from teams with run-around QB’s, and most of them state it’s harder to block for run-arounds because they don’t know WHERE the QB is going to be in pocket.

    Thus, their blocking angles, and time needed to hold a block, was more difficult on O-linemen for run-arounds.

    So if OUR O-line has been used to stationary/pocket-passers, they will need to learn different techniques in pass-pro, and hold their blocks longer.

    I’d LOVE to hear from someone like Thuney who blocked for Brady and now blocks for Mahomies.

  10. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Trask or Gabbert is fine with me. This team is not very good and it’s certainly not going to be very good in 2023. Let’s work on getting the cap under control, fire Bowels after next year and use our very high draft pick on a QB. Next question.

  11. Miller5252 Says:

    If the Bucs don’t get Carr or Lamar, huge long shot for Lamar, you might as well play Trask and see what you got. At the end of the season either Bowles and Trask are hero’s or the Bucs have a top pick in the draft and a new coach is coming to town.

  12. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Trade for Jordan Love !!!!

  13. A Bucs Fan Says:

    It seems to me the bucs can follow the same path the Eagles have taken with a rebuilding year. Take the cap hit, start Trask, draft the trenches, and if he stinks get a new coach and draft a QB in 2024 with new wide receivers. By 2025 they can be legit super bowl contenders again.

  14. Smashsquatch Says:

    Not knowing where the QB will be is also an advantage. Having a QB with average mobility opens up the playbook too.

  15. Steven007 Says:

    Getting darnold would be as good as getting carr in my opinion. Neither one is elite but both have some good attributes physically. Darnold however would come at less than half the price of carr and would be far more affordable if they’re going the free agent route.

  16. matthew veal Says:

    This is a recommendation for Gabbert by this argument

  17. TexasBuc 1976 Says:

    I’m with A Bucs Fan. Rebuild, get out of cap hell, and draft a QB next year.

  18. Craig Says:

    There is no reason to draft for a QB that all already know is awful. Let Trask run with it and see where it goes.

    There are going to be too many holes in the roster to waste draft picks too. Bowles cleaner is a defensive guy, so the first three rounds will be defense.

    Maybe a developmental O-line in the fourth and Stetson Bennett in the fifth.

    Then roll the dice and keep the booze cabinet filled, next season will drive you to drink; maybe in a bad way, maybe in a good way.

  19. SOEbuc Says:

    Took you long enough Joe. Not like he is the GOAT at reading defense. That highly includes great communication with OL.

    “Joe heard chatter from players last week in Las Vegas at the Pro Bowl Games media availability about how much Tom Brady helped his offensive line“

  20. Redeemer Says:

    Brady has always made his line look better than it really is. That might appear counterintuitive for a guy with “heavy feet” but lineman like certainty. Depth of drop and climbing the pocket were his calling card. Let defenders run right around you and deliver the strike. To a man, I bet most lineman would prefer Brady to a runner. Btw the league understands this too and has look the other way on plenty of holding when a guy breaks the pocket. AFC title game. Mahomes gets that cheap late hit, two holds on that play

  21. Joe Swanson Says:

    Steven007 Carr’s comes with a 40mil a year salary Donald only has a market value of 5 mil a year.

  22. Redeemer Says:

    I firmly believe they’re rolling with Trask and eating all of Brady’s dead money. WTF would you want Carr? Expensive and never won a damn thing. All that does is set the organization back further. I get it, we all want to win. But, most every team has three to four year windows. Next year isnt the start of the next run. Most would agree with that.

  23. SufferingSince76 Says:

    I’m starting to get on board with the get out of cap hell now and take our chances.

  24. SufferingSince76 Says:

    And set in motion a plan to get Arch Manning. 😁

  25. D-Rok Says:


    Personally, I agree with them rolling with Trask. The one exception I could foresee is if they somehow were able to get a bigger name (not Carr, LOL) and treated it like, “Oh look – a shiny new toy!” – perhaps in the draft? All depends on their evaluations of QB’s available.

    Can’t see the Bucs going after a big-name FA QB this year. Watch them do it anyway, though.

  26. Miller5252 Says:

    Darnold is as good as Carr?!?! Darnold has been in the Bucs division, so I know you had to watch how horrible he was. Carr will only be 40 mil if he gets traded. Carr has had no consistency when it comes to coaches and got his team to the playoffs when the full chucky drama was going down. If it’s down to Darnold we might as well play trask and see what happens. Darnold?!?! Really??? Go from Brady to Darnold…… that’ll be a sad day

  27. Brian Says:

    Hedden Hooker

  28. Steven007 Says:

    Swanson, yes, I believe I said as much in my post.

    Miller, I concede as much regarding carr versus darnold. However I do not think that carr is worth anything near that kind of money. And the differences between the two of them are not a significant I believe as what you might think.

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Sounds like the makings of a good JBF poll.

    A. Go with Trask or Gabbert….whoever wins the job.
    B. Sign a good FA QB like Jimmy G. or Carr
    C. Draft a QB
    D. We don’t have a f==king clue.

    TBBF goes with A.

  30. Pewter Power Says:

    The writing should be on the wall for someone DS. Had his worst season as a buccaneer with Brady under center knowing where he’d be. He’ll be even worse like with Winston who was all over the place. Wirfs can transition to left tackle this off-season

  31. ClwJB Says:

    Well, we do have facts on our side. Worst run game in the past 30 years is a direct reflection of the weak OLine

    Or how about the 50 or so dirt balls TB12 ditched to avoid certain sacks

    Maybe getting punched in the mouth for 4 quarters against a paper mache Cowgirls team was another indicator of how pathetic our line performed

    QUIT acting or writing that they were good or even average, they were POOR!!!!!

  32. D-Rok Says:


    I agree our O-line was horrible last year. Yet, one of the Joes always pushes back on us fans quoting lack of sacks.

    Bros, Joes, our O-line SUCKED last year. Period. Yes, I’m one of those “fans” hollerin’ ’bout our O-line. The proof is in the details.

    Having said that, and it’s not disputed (Our O-line SUCKED), let’s see what, if anything, the Bucs brass can do about improving our line for this year.

    Roger that?

  33. ClwJB Says:

    I got more

    DSmith leads the league n penalties- fact

    LG starter for half the season was a complete turnstile- fact – Leverett was much better admittedly

    C gets absolutely abused in the run game, has no functional strength, and gets walked back in the qb face more often than not – fact

    RG- gets ignored by the play caller after being noted as a mauler in the run game – we did not see that player – fact

    RT – best in the game

    We have Jensen and Wirfs that are elite
    Mason is average at best, the other 2 should get benched

    3 out of 5 positions need upgrades

  34. D-Rok Says:


    Completely agree! I would keep Leverett as backup, maybe starter after competition, who knows? Keep Wirfs, obviously. Keep Mason. If Jensen is back, healthy, and fiery, keep him.

    That’s 2 out of 5 solid players, maybe 3 depending on Jensen, and the other 2 positions need to improve or be replaced, IMO. D Smith either just had a horrendous year and will rebound, or he needs to bounce cuz he’s done/washed, whatever the term is. Gotta get much better at his job, the reasons don’t matter.

    I believe we would have won 4 more games this past year with at least 2 better players on O-line.

  35. Bojim Says:

    Play Trask. That’s why we got him. Give him a chance. Not gonna be a good season anyway. Even if we bring in Carr. Which I don’t see.

  36. SB~LV Says:

    How the comments per article are a direct correlation with the enthusiasm for the state of the Bucs and the silence from the FREAK’n GM
    I question the ownership and the GM for being competitive with the current talent level in the postseason caliber teams.
    No explosive offense or defensive players, teams in the playoffs had them in spades !
    Which is why I think a radical rebuilding plan, trading any player for fair value accumulating picks over the next 3 drafts.
    Hitting on a young QB is the highest need , a you saw the type of QB the game is based around now.

  37. Goatfarmer Says:

    He’s gonna have a blast blocking for Mike Glennon Junior.

  38. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    I’ve always thought that Jameis Winston made Donovan Smith look a lot worse than he actually was because Winston frequently “took forever” to get the ball out. His left tackle would take the hit on the stats because of the”protection breakdown” in those situations. In reality how much better did Smith perform during his first two years with Brady?

  39. Bosch Says:

    Carr ain’t coming here. QB will be Gabtrask as 1-2 and Joe’s cousin Eddie as emergency.