“We’re A Lot More Ready”

January 14th, 2023

A lot of pundits are blubbering that the Buccaneers have a lot less pressure on them to win Monday than the Dallas Cowboys do.

Joe doesn’t buy it, but Chris Godwin seems to.

Godwin sat down with RGIII (Robert Griffin, III) and the BSPN cameras and explained that the Bucs are battle-tested because they’ve had so many fourth-quarter wins. That should be a factor, per Godwin, in what he thinks will be a tough game.

Experience, preparation and talent sets the Bucs up to play loose, he said.

“We’re a lot more ready to handle the adversity that’s going to come,” Godwin said. “… We know that we’ll fight to the end. Understand that. And understand that we put the work in and that we have our guys. Just go out there and play. Let it loose.”

The “a lot more ready” reference was to where the Bucs are now versus in Week 1 against the Cowboys. Again, Joe isn’t buying it.

The Bucs were a battle-tested veteran team in Week 1 coming off a 22-5 run under Bucco Bruce Arians. They were ready for anything, healthy and steaming with confidence, something they haven’t had consistency all season.

Regardless, Joe loves the Godwin attitude, and hopefully the whole roster feels the same way.

Joe can only imagine how crazy detailed Tom Brady has been in preparation for Monday. Not only did he have an extra day to prepare, he likely started when the Bucs locked down the NFC South title two weeks ago.

20 Responses to ““We’re A Lot More Ready””

  1. adam from ny Says:

    you are not a lot more ready if jensen is not activated

  2. Tucker Says:

    It’s the playoffs everyone has pressure on them to win this is a silly take.

  3. Crickett Baker Says:

    IDK about the early confidence, Joe. The Bucs lost all of the preseason games, as I recall, and looked awful.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “The Healthy Wildcard”

    Joe’s I’m having a hard time with one particular word you used. And btw you guys are oozing with doom and gloom. Honestly these last few write ups have you guys packing it in. Checked on out.

    Well, I’m not as convinced that it’s over like you sure seem to be. That word you wrote was “healthy”. I don’t recall us being healthy the entire season. Healthy? No I don’t think so. ESPECIALLY in The beginning of the season. Which receivers were healthy? Mike?v Umm. Was he? Hey look sure I could be wrong but probably I might have worded it “healthier that all the rest of the first stringers”. I don’t recall Godwin being healthy. Pretty far from it right. What about Gage? Nah. I don’t don’t think so. I know he gutted it out in the beginning of the season. But Definitely NOT healthy. Julio etc. Nobody was healthy!
    What about the O line? Healthy? Damn sure wasn’t the heart of the O line (Jenson). Rookies or 1st year guys. One that hadn’t played the position in his entire life playing a major position. That’s another type of unhealthy.
    The “healthiest” we’ve been anywhere on the team is on the defense. And that surly hasn’t been 100% in MAIN positions. How many games did Hicks miss pretty much right off the bat? How long did Shaq (our numero uno pass rusher) last before we lost him for the season? This year has been the WORST year in a Very Long Time concerning “health”. The Worst of ALL! Coupled with the fact that the new head coach was thrown in the mix without his particular coaching picks and even with the roster at least some disadvantages due to it ~ “unhealthy”. Multipled with the fact that we all learned at the same time that Leftwich was incapable of digging us out of a hole, “from the hip”. Man that couldn’t be more clear “unhealthy”. The leader of the team (Tom Brady) “checked out” figuratively and literally with no shows for weeks in OTA’s and here and there via divorce and the effects it had on Tom mentality and Physically. He got so guant that the phrase “somebody buy that guy a steak, he’s Starving!” was being uttered all around “extremely unhealthy”!

    Well I’ve got a very different point of view concerning our chances against the Cowboys than you and quite a few others. I’m of the thinking that we are a True Blue Wild Card going into this thing. And I mean WILDCARD! The truth is it all comes down to mentality. It’s not so much physically anymore like it’s been 90% of the season. Of course I could be way off here but depending on “mentality”, if our minds are right going into this game that it really won’t even be close. If our minds are right…. I believe we’ll “Beat The Brakes Off of them” and it really won’t be that close. Our minds being right has a Massive dependence on what Tod Bowles will and won’t let the offense do. IF he unchained the Offense then LOOK OUT! BOMBS AWAY and for the Cowboys it will be Hiroshima all over again! A nuclear attack that can’t be stopped. If he gets in the way, then your doom and gloom point of view is correct. Maybe that’s what you’re picking up on. IDK. But one way or the other we are healthy for the most part again and are chances are far better than most think.
    I do think a bit of cat and mouse is being played concerning the center. AKA ~ I sure hope so! Jenson IS in play. Hainsey “might not” be that bad off after all. I guess we’ll know tomorrow with this Now for the most part ” healthy ” team.

    GO BUCS!

  5. Goatfarmer Says:

    Ready! Run for no gain left middle! Telegraphed slow developing swing pass for loss of 2! Sack! Punt! Cowboys return 20 yards and mow 60 yards in 8 plays for the opening TD.

    It would be refreshing to actually stop the opponent’s first drive and then score a TD on our first drive. Crazy to think that with Toad Blowes driving the game plan. Byemron Leftbiotch drooling the plays in.

    Tom – use your ignore function and go rogue.

  6. J Says:

    Like Godwin, I buy it, I just won’t buy what BL is shovelin.

  7. richbucsfan Says:

    Hmmmm, someone who knows something about football once said, “You are what your record says you are.” The Bucs are below .500; have been very inconsistent all season. Do I believe they will suddenly have a transformation and become a playoff juggernaut? No, not at all. The coaching leadership is not up to the task.
    And, if the offense does come alive with running success, long drives, deep ball catches, and creativity, all the more reason to fire BL and give a long stink eye look at Bowles.

  8. NEfan Says:

    Goes to show Bowels can turn any team into losers.

    Ya could have had Doug Peterson! BA killed the Bucs!

  9. #99 the Big fella Says:

    Doom and Gloom ! The sky is falling! I can’t wait for the bucs to blow out Dallas so you crybabies will stop all the complaining.

  10. Hodad Says:

    Cowboys are under more pressure for sure. A lot of these Bucs have already done it. They have NFC rings, and S.B. rings. The Cowboys have sweat rings around their necks.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    So joe buc fan couldn’t post my comment because I disagreed about being healthy in the beginning of the season? Typical. I didn’t think anybody was that thin skinned. Scary stuff when someone disagrees. Doesn’t matter. You’re Wrong! We Weren’t healthy and everybody knows it. We were on our heels from go and you know What happens when we win tomorrow Joe’s? Seems from your write ups from late plenty of you are ready to ship your cars off. I wouldn’t worry too much about that because once we do lose and if Tom Brady leaves, readership goes back to the dark ages and the wheels fall off the financial windfall of the limited last 3 years. Seems to me you’d be looking for all the eyeballs you could find right now before the party moves elsewhere. But sure, keep closing the doors on readership. I was just thinking when someone comes up with something interesting you might let it through to keep it interesting and “involved eyes on the product” I understand this won’t make it through but it’s not meant to. It’s meant to say what are you doing? My disagreement was just a lead into an interesting point people will engage in. It wasn’t harmful and it wasn’t that kind of an attack. You guys used to mix it up a little more. Why are scared of a little challenge now? I get everybody is ready for a vacation. Vacation will be there soon enough. In the meantime let the eyeballs turn some more dollars for you before Brady leaves. Tried to stir it up a little and get fans involved with a little hope. How is that a bad idea? The write up got thrown out? Its kind of similar to when my phone rings at my business. I have to remind the employees that when the phone rings you don’t run from it, YOU run at it.. IT’S DOLLARS CALLING US!! And that’s how YOU get paid!! Answer the phone!! Come on guys really? Again, I get that it’s your party and you can do as you please. But think it over a little before you pack it up. Then again I’ve got an owners point of view and not everyone sees it that way. If they did then everyone would own there own business

  12. Daryl Green Says:

    99 buddy you are delusional, when comes
    to the Bucs. They will lose.

  13. #99 the Big fella Says:

    Daryl green, Delusional? Optimistic is the correct word..Joe knows how to get you crybabies to comment..I have never seen so much complaining in my life..
    Get out of your parents house and get a life ..check back tomorrow night when the bucs win .

  14. JVZ Says:

    Daryl..green! Have you ever heard the name “Tom Brady” associated with NFL football?

    You should Google his name and read about him being the best quarterback to ever play the game. He hold almost all the normal QB records and has set many more.

    Maybe get your mommy to change your diaper, leave her apron-strings after you crawl out from under her skirt and get laid.

    I would call you a “complete idiot” if it was allowed to do so here.

  15. Daryl Green Says:

    Ha Ha 99 U should actually see my home in Cali & the Aloha state 🤙🏾
    I hope u to Kats are right. Still don’t know what team u two
    Kats have watch all year (JVZ) you all fired up good for u son

    Mutha…. I’ve fired up since ‘96

  16. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    @ Anonymous : Agree with EVERYTHING you said . Thank you ! Go Bucs

  17. Anonymous Says:

    This goes out to the Joe’s.

    I underestimated you. You went back and let the chips fall where they may. I salute you. A lot of the time I can write some real jibberish. I guess anyone who’s read what I wrote here a there knows that. But when I do write something that at least seems half decent, I’m like everybody else. I want to see it up in lights. For me it’s far more likely to stumble around and hope to get lucky with something that at least sort of makes sense and might make a good point. I bitched about it and you did the fair and let’s face it “balanced” move. And as I said, you let the chips fall where they may. That gentleman was stand up.
    You’ve kept this fan, A Fan of Joe Bucs Fan!

    Thank you.


  18. Joe Says:


    Thank you for the kind words.

  19. Matt Says:

    I’m a cowboys fan, and there seems to be a lot of hate from bucs fans regarding the bucs. Honestly, cowboys are hot and cold with little consistency this season. I don’t expect a playoff run. This has been a fact for years. Still trying to figure out why unless the cowboys truly need an exorcism or to improve our chances our crypt keeper of an owner needs to QUIT! all around 30 years of horrible management and ownership. Statistically we should have won a second round playoff game by now. To get back to the buc, not sure how tonight’s game is going to play out. I feel the bucs will probably win, which sucks!! BUT the bucs are DONE after round one for sure. Let’s all be honest. Besides the 49ers destroyed the bucs already.

  20. TampaBayRudy Says:

    Funny how this post aged in hindsight. Despite the thing exploding in their faces, they only now fired Leftwich, but kept Bowles, allowing hime to start bring in more of his Jets flunkees. This org couldn’t do things any worse now that their season is completely over