Tony Dungy: Bucs Are Primed To Win Playoff Games

January 3rd, 2023

Hall of Fame head coach and Buccaneers Ring of Honor member Tony Dungy, aka Father Dungy, sees a winning formula within the 8-8 Bucs.

Joe is fist-pumping at world headquarters!

No, Dungy wasn’t telling his NBC-TV audience about having confidence in the Bucs’ ugly special teams or their league-worst running game. Dungy was talking defense and playmakers.

Throw the record out the window and focus on those, he said on Football Night in America.

“It’s been ugly football. But they have a defense that can stop the run when they’re healthy and they’re getting healthy,” Dungy said. “They have guys that can rush the passer, and they have star players on offense who can make big plays. And in the playoffs, maybe that’s all you need? One or two big plays from Mike Evans or Chris Godwin and stout defense, and you can win playoff games.”

Joe loves the hype, but the Bucs need to clean up those special teams blunders and be able to move the chains once in a while on the ground in the fourth quarter for Joe to have confidence.

Dungy, however, isn’t off the mark. The Bucs have experienced playmakers on every level of the defense and on offense. And everyone of those dudes have been through postseason wars. Big-time talent can sometimes take you a long way in January, as the Bucs saw two days ago.

40 Responses to “Tony Dungy: Bucs Are Primed To Win Playoff Games”

  1. darengibo Says:

    Yep. Once postseason starts, everyone is starting fresh at 0-0! Momentum and confidence play a huge part as does health and a heavy dose of luck! BUT honestly, Brady has been pulling rabbits out of his hat for years, and maybe just maybe our Bucs are ready to turn it on at the right time!

  2. D-Rome Says:

    Do the Bucs sit starters for the final game of the season?

  3. Goatfarmer Says:

    Dungy forgot one small detail. The offense is dragging around a one ton hardened turd strapped to their backs by the head coach and the very offensive coordinator. These two clowns can dial up a game plan that would lose to a visiting high school JV squad.

    I went back and watched this year’s games again and am so sick I may not get out of bed for a month.

    Disgraceful coaching. One game does not make a trend.

  4. Crickett Baker Says:

    I still don’t know who has been at fault as I have seen and heard REALLY dumb things from the HC and OC. However, maybe they are finally getting on the same page and getting a connection? It could be true. Regardless, the first play in that Panther game was not a run up the middle. At least Bowles got rid of Darden but then spoiled it for me by saying he did nothing wrong.

  5. Redeemer Says:

    One playoff win, maybe. If they get past the divisional round, it will be a minor miracle. The deficits on offense will be exposed against superior talent. For Christ sake, they’ve struggled against bad teams.

    GF, I’ve re-watched most of the games on all 22. Most of it is hot garbage

  6. Max Says:

    Quite a few of the bucs players who are stars with streaky performance (devin white, vita vea, donovan smith, lenny) step it up when it matters most. I’m hopeful for this team!!

  7. Mike C Says:

    So if we play Dallas in the playoffs Redeemer, what does that film from last game mean…….not much.

  8. Mike C Says:

    The crap film matters, but good recent film is irrelevant, but good old film is also irrelevant.

  9. Goatfarmer Says:

    Redeemer — is hot garbage worse than cold garbage? Thinking of energy content. Bucs offense has exhibited almost the theoretical minimum energy possible, implying cold. But they do stink, and the heat brings the aromatics, so, yeah.

    Hot garbage.

  10. Buccos Says:

    You guys are the ones who watch from home anyways until your mother calls you for dinner. You don’t go to games. Bandwagoners

  11. Infomeplease Says:

    Dungy is e axactly right. Using the current Bowles/Leftwich game plan you can win.. but you can also lose too!! That’s exactly what they’ve achieved… an 8 win and 8 loss season. Flip of the coin!!!

    With the talent this team possesses, better coaching, better play calling, better game planning would skew the results towards the bucs!!! Throw in better player execution and this team can compete and beat anyone. I prefer that to flipping a coin and praying to the football gods!!

  12. D-Rok Says:

    Look, if we got into the playoffs with a 3-53 record, we’d still have a chance.

    We are in the playoffs, by some miracle. Most of this team has been there, done that, and there’s been a culture change in last 3 years to lend credence that experience plays a part. I think the mental part is where the Bucs have the edge, to be honest. The talent part? Probably not good enough to win many, if any, playoff games.

    Still, it’s why they play the games. Talent, at least enough talent, with a superior, can-do attitude is what propels teams.

    Can the Bucs rise above, overcome obvious adversity, and be competitive? If they are and lose, I can always handle that as a fan.

  13. sasquatch Says:

    When did Tony Dungy start smoking meth?

  14. D-Rok Says:


    Always look at the teefs first. They tell the whole meth story.

  15. Trask To The Future Says:


    Why on *EVERY PLAY* does Tom Brady use the same cadence & call before the snap?

    Anyone notice this? He says “T-18, hut!” or something like that… on… every… single… play.

    It seems so easy for opposing linemen to get off the line of scrimmage as soon as he makes that snap call.

  16. DungyDance Says:

    Speaking of the run game, I went back.and re-watched last week’s game, keying specifically on each time a running play didn’t work. Watch the Panthers on these plays – something is absolutely tipping them off. You can literally see them shift into a different formation on the final 2 snap counts in order to stop the run.

    This isn’t all about offensive line woes. The other team knows what’s coming. I might watch again if I have time, to see what’s tipping them off.

  17. GABucsFan Says:

    Goatfarmer, a one ton turd, now that is funny!

  18. SB Says:

    D Rome asked my question Joe. Do we rest Brady? Play Gabbert and Trask? Do we rest most of the D that is nicked up?

  19. alton d green Says:

    MAN! The Bucs get better and you’re still complaining. I’m not a rhodes scholar but i would bet that Tom uses the same cadence because it took him to 10 superbowls and 7 rings. If you cry babies look really reallly hard, you might find a pimple on Tom’s arse. You guys are starting to sound like the Jet’s or Eagles’s fans

  20. Goatfarmer Says:

    Let’s not forget, those of us who are into some healing of our Tackles, that Tom said, “Resting Week 18 “Would Bother Me.”

    So if he isn’t resting, neither is anyone on the O-line unless Blowes is suicidal.

    So, hope foe a cancellation of all meaningless games next weekend, only play the ones that have a bearing on playoff seeding.

    Maybe the Bucs will be gifted a bye before they go byebye in the playoff.

  21. NEfan Says:

    Every QB does that. As far as the playoffs are concerned. Did anyone think San Fran would beat GB or Cincy beat KC? The players aren’t the problem, the coaches are .

  22. Reach87 Says:

    Hilarious how supposed fans attack coaches and players on the team they are supposedly fans of. Toxic. Sad. Playoffs 3 straight years with this staff and core players. What’s different this year? Same as last year…injuries. You coach and call plus overwhelmingly based on your personnel, and the NFL ain’t madden. If you ARE a fan, hope we’ve overcome that core problem and if we have, our chances are good. Go Bucs!

  23. Bojim Says:

    I feel good.

  24. PewterStiffArm Says:

    Are we every going to give Devin Thompkins an opportunity to return a punt or kickoff. Is this team every going to slow down these Special Teams gunners running down the field? We never have a chance to return anything, has any one noticed. I mean, our Special Teams coach is horrible, terrible. We need to show some speed, give this kid some options, some lanes, some blocks. He is rotting away fair catching everything, atleast Jaelon Darden ran out of bounds. God forbid we ever bring back that loser.

  25. SlyPirate Says:


    Bowles hasn’t wanted to play uptempo all year because it burns out the players. Now that we’re in the playoffs, the reigns should come off. We may see an explosive offense that catches teams off guard.

  26. PassingThru Says:

    Same cadence is used to draw offsides penalties. jfc

  27. Tony Says:


    That’s what we’re doing. We’re just catfishing teams. We want everybody to think that we stink & that we can’t score & then BAM! We gonna go back to scoring 40 POINTS A GAME! DONOVAN SMITH IS GONNA TURN INTO JOE THOMAS!😀

  28. Tony Says:

    Either way we still got Santa Claus at One Buc Place & on the roster now as a backup plan if Donovan still stinks. He never went back to The North Pole because we signed him as a FA.

  29. Goatfarmer Says:

    Tony – you’re killing me, man. I’ll have what you’re ingesting, awesome stuff.

  30. Redeemer Says:

    Mike, I get your point. The film still means something though. Nuggets, or as the kids call it, easter eggs can still be discerned through film analysis. All teams have tendencies. I’m just an old dog, wtf do I know.

    GF, I guess cold garbage would be the better.

  31. JBF SUII Says:


    You would think if it was easy for d-lines to predict his cadence he might struggle to win 7 superbowls

  32. PassingThru Says:

    So all it took was one quarter of good football, and Dungy says the Vucs are poised to win playoff games (plural). No wonder he got so little out of so much talent.

  33. Redeemer Says:

    Passing, where the hell you been brother? People on here claiming you’re someone else. Personally I never believed it. One of the more rational minds here on happy to see ya

  34. Mikejp Says:

    A good defense gave 14 points within 20 minutes? Really?

  35. kyle Says:

    i definitely respect coach dungys opinion over all of you jackwagons…hahaha

    love all the internet nfl coaches on joe bucs fan!!!!

  36. Buc king Says:

    Idk..look we was a team at the bottom of our division for like 12 years.
    Brady came and took us to the super bowl and play offs every year.
    I’ll forever respect him and what he did for this team.
    I love for him to stay and continue to run this team for 2 more years.
    If we can put a great run together I think he will come back.

  37. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    I think the true fans are the ones who don’t blindly accept suckage.

    Lefty is turrible, jus turrible.
    Bowles is a great DC but a poor HC.
    He lacks the political, motivational and delegation skills of a true CEO-style HC

    Good game last week that could have easily been lost by poor special teams play (coaching again). Defense is always good. Last week offense was good but special teams were one miraculous punter away from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Not optimistic about playoffs.
    Prove me wrong.

  38. Lenny Says:

    No one cares what an evangelist that believes the world is only 12,000 years old says. Dungy is wrong. It’s just smoke and mirrors. The nucs are 1 and done.

  39. orlbucfan Says:

    Tony Dungy, a bonafide HOFame coach, has more football knowledge in his pinkie than a bunch of the crowd on here. He’s right, and he knows defense better than most.

  40. Nick2 Says:

    Some people are proclaiming we are one and done. Brady has has some great comebacks this year but mostly due to a ton of off field issues (divorce, FTX etc) he’s been nothing g like last year. He seemingly has moved past the demons and is back . If Brady catches fire again it boosts the momentum we are getting be getting v healthier. Iwant us to play the Eagles and put it to rest we are not a good team anymore