Russell Gage Has Message For Bucs Fans

January 17th, 2023

Russell Gage.

UPDATED 4:15 p.m. — It was an ugly scene to an ugly ending of an ugly game for the Bucs last night.

Getting their collective arses handed to them after being poorly prepared for a rare home playoff night game, Tom Brady was trying to mount a desperation drive late to make the score look closer than it was.

Bucs receiver Russell Gage, as he went down, was basically clotheslined, though in a clothesline a player gets hooked by the shoulders or maybe the neck. Gage got sideswiped right in the head which damn near decapitated him. He suffered a neck injury that appears to be something less than it looked.

Gage was carted off with his neck secured and taken to a local hospital. Last night he moved his fingers. This morning the Bucs announced Gage had movement in his legs, arms and hands.

This afternoon, Gage (or someone typing for him) Twittered a message to Bucs fans that he will be good.

So what seemed to very serious injury isn’t so serious. Joe is pretty confident all will embrace this update.

Todd Bowles said late this afternoon that Gage would be out of the hospital today and “a concussion” is is only issue.

45 Responses to “Russell Gage Has Message For Bucs Fans”

  1. Doc Says:

    Thank God, However your quaterback put you in harm way.

  2. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Yet wasn’t called a penalty on the field. Multiple iffy calls and no calls that seemed to go in Dallas’ favor. They whipped The Bucs…but the officiating seemed one-sided through my homer goggles. Anthony Nelson being held early and often.

  3. sasquatch Says:

    Good player. Hopefully a healthier year for him in 2023 season and he can show us what he’s got without a lingering hammy issue.

  4. Dooley Says:

    The hit after Gage slipped is what he had to be carted off for, concussion and neck injury when initially it look like the same sore lower back injury is what made him slip the way he did. No flag, No fine, but Hicks gets flagged for a not so late hit on Dak Prescott. That referee unit was sketchy as a Tesla in a blizzard

  5. Redeemer Says:

    Great news. Doc, when everything is condensed like tomato soup, recievers get put in harms way. Brady has thrown many hospital balls during his career. None more than this stinking season.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It looked to me to be a deliberate hit to the neck when RG was already down and the pass was incomplete……perhaps not….but looked like it.

    Gage is a gamer…….took one for the team……and he has taken several.

  7. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Cheap shot

  8. SKBucsFan Says:

    Glad to see that he is alright. He will have a stiff neck for a few days. Has tye NFL looked at a fine yet?

  9. Goatfarmer Says:

    The refs were horrid and Joe called it – home team gets the shaft with that crew. Bucs deserved to lose but still. Like the roughing on Hicks was bullsquat.

  10. Will Says:

    Great news that he’s OK. Now Joe where’s that news of BL being fired that we’re all so eagerly awaiting? Getting nervous figured if it was going to happen it would’ve been done by now. I read an article I believe was by Scott Smith that stated that the firing of BL had been given the OK mid-season but Bowels didn’t think they had a competent replacement on staff so he didn’t pull the trigger. Just wondering if you’ve heard anything like that and if so what are your thoughts about it.

  11. Bobby M. Says:

    Probably pinched something….glad he’s ok.

  12. Christina Olive Says:

    Officiating was one sided

  13. Buc-Up Says:

    They were holding and interfering with our receivers routes all night. Of course our DBs were playing 5-10yards off their receivers allowing them to run free, so we have no idea if the refs would’ve let us do the same.. LOL

  14. D-Rok Says:


    SI and other sites are reporting BL’s firing is expected and imminent.

    Addtionally, I found this from Pewter Report:

    “Bucs Contemplated Firing Leftwich During The Season
    The Bucs okayed a plan to fire Leftwich at midseason – either after the Ravens game on Thursday Night Football or after the bye week. Instead, Bowles decided to trust his defense and Brady’s heroics and hoped that Leftwich and the offensive staff could make some improvements along the way, which didn’t happen. It’s likely that Bowles didn’t see a potential upgrade at play-caller on the current staff, which is why he stayed with Leftwich for the rest of the year.”

  15. GenocideD Says:

    So glad he’s okay. Why haven’t they fired Bowles and Leftwich yet??

  16. D-Rok Says:

    Super glad Gage avoided major injury!!! That was a scary scene on the field.

  17. NEfan Says:

    Bowels sat on his perch and didn’t move until he realizes McCarthy was checking on HIS player. The biggest Dbg move ever. It’s all about Todd, eff the players.

  18. Darin Says:

    Winny. Every play holding can be called. And when it is it’s usually iffy. Makes me think there’s an agenda sometimes. They definitely wanted the Seahawks to beat the rams and make the playoffs for whatever reason. Refs control alot of games. Having said that the better team still Usually wins.

  19. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    Prayers man.
    Get better.

  20. Bucsfanman Says:

    Great news! Get well soon Russell!

  21. D-Rok Says:

    Yep, NEfan, the optics of what Bowels did or didn’t do looked horrible on the field last nite. I was kinda pissed about it at the time.

  22. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    On a completely different note….
    is there a reason why we still have not heard a Leftwich update, other than he is “expected” to be let go?

  23. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    Wow NEfan, I did not notice that. Well said.
    I really want to see the HC be there at his guy’s side in moments like that.

  24. Will Says:

    Yep that’s the article I was referring to.

  25. HC Grover Says:

    Great News!!!

  26. Jack Clark Says:

    Russel Gage had to suffer through all that just to play another year in Todd Bowels “scaredy cat” offense, smh

  27. Mike Says:

    That was some really bad officiating, no doubt about it.

  28. sasquatch Says:

    I read that Bowles was supposed to have a presser at 3:30, but it’s not live on … I am waiting to hear when the news comes down that they’ve fired Lefty.

  29. D-Rok Says:


    His presser is live right now.

  30. D-Rok Says:

    I missed the first part of his presser, but it doesn’t appear that Bowles addressed Leftwich situation. Maybe it’ll be Licht or the Glazers to announce it – who knows?

    OR, maybe he won’t get fired??? If not, it would be the ultimate insult to injury.

    Get out them pitchforks and torches, boys!!! LOL.

  31. mg Says:

    super news.

  32. mg Says:

    Hey doc,
    next year you can blame Trask.

  33. SB~LV Says:

    Kids been hurt all year, I hope he has a good one next year with the new GM , HC,OC and QB
    I bet his head is spinning 😵‍💫

  34. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Has Leftwich🤡 been fired yet?

  35. R.O. Says:

    Gage was moving his legs and arms around the while time he was down.

  36. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    Agree with the others here, officiating was dismal at best. Still lose that excuse for a game but c’mon!

  37. Your Mom Says:

    They never should have been running those kinds of plays at that point. The game was over. All it does (and did) is get someone hurt.

  38. Ed Says:

    The NFL needs to get these roughing the passer calls right. When the took away the “in the grasp” rule it made it easier for quarterbacks to squirm out of trouble and frustrate pass rushers.

    So now you can get them in the grasp but when you have them if you take them to the ground and so much as fall on them with no intent at all to hurt them, the flag comes out.

    This is bs, rule needs to be changed. Defense can push or bring quarterback down and still make contact as long as they aren’t body slamming them or falling on top of the QB and purposely falling on them to put all of their weight on QB.

    I like the fast review, time to put it into place for these calls. These should not be personal fouls, 15 yard penalties. Make it like roughing the kicker vs running into the kicker. A roughing penalty and an unintentional landing on the quarterback foul 5 yard penalty like a offside.

  39. matthew veal Says:

    Dooley s comment about a Tesla in a blizzard. .Great one

  40. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Watching Gage all season I can now safely say that he’s tougher than nails

  41. bucsince79 aka bumanner Says:

    Felt so bad for Gage. Happened at the very end of a terrible ass whooping…

  42. Wild Bill Says:

    This whole season was looked like an aging qb missing his receivers way too often combined with a receiver group that was too old and frequently injured. Over the hill receivers, other than Godwin, and a qb who preferred short extremely quick throws to avoid contact allowed opposing defenses to focus on stopping the run with little fear of Brady going deep. The last few seasons opposing dbs feared Brady’s deep throws. This year nobody feared Brady or his receivers. Evans. was the only deep threat but with Brady unloading as fast as he could their connecting deep was not like it used to be. The NFL trend now is for mobile qbs. Brady was a fixed stationary target eager to unload in barely over 2 seconds. The Bucs defense was good enough to keep us close most of the time. The offense and Brady sucked most of the time.

  43. David Says:

    Good to hear. Get healthy!

  44. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @WildBill. Your posts was filled with total inconsistent statements. You said teams didn’t fear Brady throwing deep, but then you say Evans was the only deep threat, so if Evans is the only deep threat, doesn’t that just make it easier for defenses to not be worried about the deep ball. Also, if teams weren’t worried about the deep ball, they wouldn’t shade a safety or play 2 high shells. They still played us with two high shells. Brady was throwing 57 yards bombs from the opposite hash. You know what they didn’t fear? Our run game.

  45. Cassius55 Says:


    On Brady’s throw to Gage, the play wasn’t designed for Russell to stumble & fall and be a sitting duck. I believe (for some football reason) he was supposed to catch it on his feet & advance. Simply bad luck but don’t let that get in your way of frustrated cheap shorting Brady. Also, because we had no offensive line consistency, we had no run game and a terrible passing game. While Brady tried to carry the team by overcoming those major shortcomings, he couldn’t. So I guess he is a bum. A loser, kind of like Mahomes in the SB in 20 when his Olinda was crap – oh wait, his team had capable coaching, so I guess Brady is a better washed up has been than Mahomes.