Coaching Exodus The First Of Many Moves To Lure Tom Brady Back?

January 20th, 2023

Colin Cowherd of FS1.

Now this is an interesting idea. Too bad it comes from a guy who brags he’s not concerned with accuracy.

The notorious Colin Cowherd took to his weekday show on FS1 yesterday to explain that the Bucs dumping all offensive assistants but the offensive line coaches is a direct signal the team wants to keep Tom Brady, who is due to be a free agent in March.

Cowherd decided to play Jason Bourne and claimed Brady was tired of the sloppy coaching. So the Bucs, well aware of Brady’s frustrations, threw all but the offensive line coaches overboard as if to say, “We hear you, Tom!”

The offensive line? Brady knows the core is good with Ryan Jensen, so Cowherd claims. Only left guard needs to be shored up, whether that is Luke Goedeke and Nick Leverett raising their games or the Bucs going out and getting another left guard.

(FYI, Joe heard yesterday from someone who has an active pipeline with Bucs shot-callers that left tackle Donovan Smith dealt with injuries all season, which is why his play slipped. This is believable since he was injured in the season-opener at Dallas and dinged up with various ailments, including a foot injury, throughout the season.)

With new offensive coaches coming in — Cowherd claims Brady has the right of first refusal on coaches if he wishes to throw his weight around — the next sales pitch of the Bucs is then try to sell Brady on the fact he doesn’t want to go to the Raiders or Dolphins because with all the top shelf quarterbacks in the AFC, he has a better shot at making a Super Bowl run with the Bucs.

This is all a very compelling Jack Ryan-like suspense novel Cowherd has woven. Joe just wishes it was coming from a guy who strives for accuracy rather than bragging how he’d rather be “interesting.”

72 Responses to “Coaching Exodus The First Of Many Moves To Lure Tom Brady Back?”

  1. YucsBall Says:


  2. Darin Says:

    Not a plea at all. If my grandma were alive she’d know Leftwich had to go too. Not exactly rocket surgery

  3. Doc Says:

    How do you applaud someone getting fired, what about his wife and children. I wish the man the best, no one said anything when the Buc’s won the superbowl.This web site make it looks as if a black person can not do anything without a white guy. look at all the changes that have occured on the offense side of the ball.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bowles had to fire Leftwich no matter what the situation is with Brady…, giving Brady strong input on the new OC……that’s a different story.

  5. Breadwinnerbob Says:

    Joe tell them how we can reload the roster the moment we can kick bradys money down the road again then restructure Smith Mason Godwin and others i believe we end up with around 50 mil cap space

  6. Chuckstutz Says:

    What was with the bromance tween Brady and lefty??
    Just can’t understand.

  7. WiscoJoe Says:

    Joe’s- we’ll know sooner rather than later if Brady is coming back or not based off of who they hire as their new OC. Bill O’Brien? Brady is definitely coming back. Todd Monken? Brady probably isn’t.

  8. Breadwinnerbob Says:

    So just not going to tell them how tb can create 50 mil cap space with tom resigned and mutiple restructures ??

  9. Breadwinnerbob Says:

    Also smith was fully guaranteed this yr next yr his release will save 15 mil of cap space

  10. SB~LV Says:

    The opinions here are just as valid as those of Cowherd and others

  11. 80forBrady Says:

    Peyton Manning for Offensive Coordinator! Peyton + Brady would be awesome.

  12. SB~LV Says:

    Peyton wants NO part of coaching, it’s a totally life consuming profession

  13. Kenny Says:

    Brady will NOT be in TAMPA, BYE BYE. move on

  14. Joe Says:

    How do you applaud someone getting fired, what about his wife and children.

    This is a copout.

    People who work in football know, barring tremendous success, is a transient job. Do you ever hear anyone say, “Oh no, think of the wife and children” when a coach takes a job at some sh!thole town that’s frozen eight months a year? Never. But a guy that does a crap job for a multi-billion operation gets canned and we hear whining, “Oh no, think of the wife and children.”

    How many out there wouldn’t take a job for three years where they pocket around $5-7 million? The majority of wives would feint if you came home and told your wife, “Honey, we’re moving to Buffalo for the next three years but we’ll be millionaires.”

    If these guys, handsomely paid, didn’t know (as Bruce Arians once said, if you get into coaching you better put your house on wheels) they could be thrown out the door in 12 months, that’s on them. They are beyond naive.

    Think of the children? Ha! Those kids got their college educations paid for because daddy was incompetent. Mommy has money stashed away to play tennis and lounge in saunas at her favorite country club.

  15. westernbuc Says:


    He broke the Brady to Tampa story

  16. Joe Says:

    He broke the Brady to Tampa story

    Joe seems to recall it was Jeff Darlington. To be fair, Joe doesn’t monitor Cowherd’s “interesting” takes closely.

  17. zzbucs Says:

    TB12 is as responsible as the coaches, open your eyes!!!

    The way the Bucs changed the game since BA was gone, is critical, and is because TB12 wanted to play that way.

    BL is the same guy who’s offense was one of the best if not the best on 2020 and 2021, we changes the offense and now he is the only responsible, pretty unfair.

    Do I want TB12 ti be back? Of course I do, but just blaming BL is unfair….

  18. Bosch Says:

    To add to Joe’s point, a coaches firing is usually accompanied by a golden parachute. I am sure, Leftlauger will get paid handsomely to NOT continue to be a liability to the organization.

  19. BFFL Says:

    This is simply Licht and Bowles using BL as a scapegoat and the Gboys are too stupid to realize it.

  20. Rob Says:

    I have zero doubt that the Bucs would have fired these coaches if Brady wanted them to stay. Brady may still leave or retire, but for now the Bucs are only going to make moves designed to lure him back unless he’s already told them he’s straight up gone. And we’d have probably heard that if it was the case.

  21. Bosch Says:

    Doc says:

    This web site make it looks as if a black person can not do anything without a white guy.

    Congratulations Doc. I see you have embraced this sad cultural trend of groundless accusations of racism and bigotry. Well heal thyself, physician, because you are a festering disease.

  22. sasquatch Says:

    I listened to some of it. I don’t buy the premise at all. I think the explanation is far simpler. Bowles wanted to hire his guys for these jobs. Period. There’s no game playing. The offense underperformed and heads rolled. If Brady approves, great. If not, see ya later.

  23. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Media nonsense……Brady is gone…….

    Leftwich was gonna get fired anyways… don’t believe the hype people.

  24. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Colin was the first national dude I heard say Tom was coming here. I think Tom’s seeing who they bring in as OC.

  25. darengibo Says:

    Doc Says:
    January 20th, 2023 at 9:06 am
    This web site make it looks as if a black person can not do anything without a white guy.

    How the hell is this even considered a decision based on race??? Why can’t it just be PERFORMANCE?

  26. mark2001 Says:

    I guess if Brady loves Bowles and the new parts of the Coaching staff he will stay? Even though we will change the offense, and the O line is a work in progress. Well, I don’t think he sees it that way. I think Tom is long gone. But time to speculate, I guess.

  27. Joe Says:

    This is simply Licht and Bowles using BL as a scapegoat and the Gboys are too stupid to realize it.

    Someone help Joe out here, maybe he learned the wrong definition of “scapegoat” in the third grade.

    The folks who keep dropping this word in relation to Leftwich, are you trying to tell Joe that Leftwich did an outstanding job and should have been the Bucs head coach instead of Todd Bowles???

    Scapegoat means — at least, it’s what Joe learned from the nuns — an innocent man takes the fall for someone else’s sins.

    Please don’t try to tell Joe that Leftwich was not the problem with the offense. This is beyond stupid and suggests you have some sort of weird agenda.

    Leftwich is a culprit, not a scapegoat.

  28. D-Rok Says:

    Joe Says:
    January 20th, 2023 at 10:24 am
    “Leftwich is a culprit, not a scapegoat.”

    Emphatically agree, Joe. Some people need to pick up a dictionary once in a while.

  29. tickrdr Says:

    Speaking of which: faint not feint


  30. Joe Says:

    Bill O’Brien?

    Joe has been pimping for BOB.

    Am very suspicious of Monken coming back to Tampa based on what he said just last week. Wrote about that yesterday and discussed on Ira’s pod.

  31. Jack Sparrow Says:

    I think if SF does not make it to the superbowl this year, they will be calling Brady to put them to the top for 1-2 years and Brady will eventually retire on top. But my dream is for Brady to stay in TAmpa, reload the O-line, hire competent coaches, add some young studs both in offense and defense and LFG!!

  32. SB~LV Says:

    lol… SF has no need for TB !
    They ain’t gonna get tangled up in a sentimental journey when they have the hottest rookie QB is NFL history and a young 1st rounder too boot .
    They can focus on adding talent to their roster and keep the good times rolling.

  33. SB~LV Says:

    Joez BOB as HC ?

  34. Allbuccedup Says:

    Brady has lost his mojo no more superbowl runs.

  35. confido75 Says:

    BL had to go, but I am still dumbfounded how Bowles is still the HC. I’m also not buying the idea Bowles needs to be given a chance to bring in his own people. I thought Bowles and Arians agreed the coaches they had were “their guys” when they were first hired to coach this team. They should man up and admit they were just as much the issue as the folks they let go. This just speaks to poor leadership and I don’t see the leadership needed to right the ship. If I was a player on this team I would be looking for the door as soon as I had the chance.

  36. BuckyPhillips Says:

    LET IT GO JOE! Brady is gone, good riddance

  37. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Doc, I challenge you to prove your statement that this site acts like a black guy can’t do anything without a white guy. Examples, please.

  38. Oviedo Jim Says:

    Doc….Really? Do we need to go in that direction?.

  39. Joe Says:

    Doc, I challenge you to prove your statement that this site acts like a black guy can’t do anything without a white guy.

    Such bullsh!t!

  40. Kentucky Buc Says:

    I hope Brady moves on. I wanted him back in Tampa but the sickening bashing going on from fans and some media is just ridiculous. I guess everybody’s getting their shots in after 20 years. I hear all these excuses for Bowles when in fact what Brady went through this year would’ve broken a lot of people. This is what society does these days. People and media can’t wait to bash and try to bring guys like him down. I hope he goes wherever he’s happy. I for one appreciate everything he did for the Bucs and if he stays I could care less if we’re successful or not. He’s earned it.

  41. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Doc. I disagree with Joe a lot but your being ridiculous. Joe would never go there.

  42. AB Says:

    OC is only one part of the coaching, right?

    Does anyone really think TB would have any confidence in the coaching on the other side of the ball, either? The D, which was supposed to be dominant, came up small against anybody other than sub .500 teams.

    On top of it there is a defensive ‘guru’ at HC that makes questionable game management decision AND apparently can’t get the D to perform to their talent, either – so, why bother being on a team with that profile HC.

    If TB is going to make any decisions on the basis of coaches, just clearing out an OC isn’t going to be enough in Tampa for him.

  43. David Says:

    A lot of it makes sense.
    I’ve been saying the line isn’t that far off, the receivers are there but an injection of a young speedy receiver would help. They just need to make sure Tom knows he’s got some main input into the OC.

    I don’t see how he would want to start over with it all new cast somewhere else.
    I also do not understand why people think Miami would suddenly turned away from TUA.

  44. Bucs56 Says:

    A big question is what stopped brady to miami this year. Was it really the scandal or did the bucs make it clear they wouldn’t trade his rights. The wife was leaving tampa for miami.we all know tampa was not elite enough for her. Maybe brady thinks the bucs did him wrong and indirectly hurt his marriage. Tom gave us 2 good years, a superbowl and played for an average salary to support the salary cap. Right for him to think the bucs would honor a trade request, for personal reasons, then they didn’t.

  45. Beej Says:

    HOW many third and longs end up with Brady throwing it away or dumping it to a RB for three yards? We have arguably three all pro receivers, and they’re not running well designed routes that would get ONE of them open. THAT, is OC

  46. NEfan Says:

    Doc wasn’t Bowles that fired leftnut? The guy was bad at his job, get over it. Personally I didn’t think BA was that great, he lucked out with Talent. Brady, Gronk, AB (wasted talent), Evan’s, Godwin can you get a better receiving core than that? Then Vea, Suh, Jpp and the rest healthy? BA lucked out period. Why does everything have to have an negative agenda? Guys like you are the reason there is so much hate in this country.

  47. Coburn Says:

    I agree with Joe sentiment about not feeling sorry for these guys. I almost fell into the sympathy card because yeah I generally don’t like to see people lose their jobs. But honestly? These types of people will be fine. He’s made.millions and part of being in his position that many could only dream of is knowing it’s a prove it or lose it. Dude has made more than most of us will ever make in our lives

  48. david ellis Says:

    The bucs decision making on offense were clearly evident on their play inside the ten yd line with the score Dallas 6-0: no originality what so ever and with pressure, tb12 tries to throw it away…interception !! I’ve seen more originality on 3 -12 teams. What happened to play calling 2 yrs after a SB win in 2020 ? Yes, offensive line was banged up, but why not try a couple off tackle running plays with White. Or throw in flat to Fornette? Seems like BL ran out of imaginative plays, just let brady drop back from 5 yd line ? Unoriginal and the defense always knew what was coming. Brady seemed to always pull a rabbit out of the hat 3 or 4 times this year against average or better than average teams. Doesn’t work well against top 5 or 6 teams. Poor line and poor play calling. They should have been ready for playoffs, and coaching staff let them down , including Bowles.

  49. Vancouver Buc Says:

    Bill O’brien plzzzz

  50. Beej Says:

    I was expecting the old corner fade to Evans

  51. Wut The Buc Says:

    What moron said think of the wives and children lol

    Leftwich played years in the nfl stealing from Jax and Pit. Not even counting his coordinator days.

    These guys know a typical coaching gig lasts 1-3 years, still beats digging ditches for $10 an hour.

  52. NEfan Says:

    Beej, if you watch that play again, Evan’s, Godwin and Gage were all in the same area covered by 4/5 defenders. I didn’t understand once Godwin got the first down just outside of the 5 yd line WHY they didn’t attempt one run.

  53. Buc You Says:

    You have to look at the 2023 salary cap, and see how dire it is for Tampa Bay.

    This is why Tom will have to entertain other offers with other teams who have a better cap situation… that and he will want to find the best oline and weapons available on offense, as well as a team with a solud defense.

    Tampa Bay blew their was on the veterans post 2021 Super Bowl win… when you win the super bowl, you have no leverage and must pay through the nose to re-sign players.

    This is all on us today… now. Cuts have to be made unfortunately.

    So this is why Tom will have no other choice but to move on.

  54. Kentucky Buc Says:

    NEFan is right. Either someone ran the wrong route or that play is called Cluster Fcccck.

  55. Bucs since 76 Says:

    The Georgia OC will not come here he makes 2.1 million at Georgia. Leftwich only made 1 million last year. The only way Monken comes here is the Bucs fire Bowles and make him head coach.

  56. Ryan Says:

    “Scapegoat” is just Stroud being all upset that the dinosaur papers are losing out to websites on breaking the news. So he’s just taking the opposite stance of the JBF’s and PR’s of the world.

    Stroud keeps bringing up 2019-2021 offense with Leftwich but doesn’t bring up Arians being HC

    And if Stroud really thinks the Bucs are telling the world that they aren’t brining Brady back and are going the rebuild route and no OC worth a damn will come to a lame duck HC, why even fire Leftwich then? Just tank 2023 with Byron

  57. bob Says:

    the best thing the bucs could have done was to redo the staff they stunk … they may have a chance to save next season……tb12 just might stay.

  58. Bradyfan Says:

    So I’ve watched Brady since 2001 in New England through now including the 2020-2022 Bucs seasons. The defense and the offense definitely were not as hungry as the 2020 bucs. I’m not saying they don’t work hard but they didn’t try to improve. After you win a superbowl, all the teams study your play intensely over the offseason and you need to improve to have a chance at a repeat. I also believe they shouldve brought in patrick peterson or other corner in the 2021 offseason. The 05 pats actually brought in corey dillon and he had a monster season 1600+ yards. 04 pats had antowain smith and he was solid. My point is you definitely need to change it up some to repeat. This seaason the only ones who really were doing everything to win were a hand few of bucs (lavonte, Mike evans, cg, brady, tristan). I believe the offensive play calling was subpar since 2020 but the talent was so great that it didn’t matter. Try wildcat, try Keyshawn Vaughn, use a fast cadence,use different schemes, try something instead of being last im the NFL in rushing and historically bad instead of being complacent with it. Now the defenses problem is that it is a one trick pony (works if a blitz gets to the qb, doesnt if blitz fails) and the problem is that they are not fundamentally sound. That includes tackling and zone coverage; there were so many blown coverages esp. on 3rd and long. I believe the NFL has figured the bucs defensive scheme out after the 2020 season and they need to get better on playing the base coverages. I mean they can blitz but someumes u need to play cover 2 or cover3 or quarters or cover 6 and lock it down and they can’t do that consistently. The best defenses can even play hybrid coverages and the bucs are not disciplined and make too many mental mistakes to do that. I believe Bowles needs to go as well tbh. Now to brady, he has declined but he declined I would say in post 2018 superbowl-2019. He has not further declined from that brady this year. I believe he can be 2021 brady again. Bradys game in one word is chess. He is a statue qb that exploits mismatches kind of like rocks paper scissors. He needs a decent running game, he needs decent tight ends, he needs a decent short route twitchy slot receiver, he needs a decent one receiver that stretches the field and he needs a decent o line. He does not need one to be the best and the rest poor. He needs all of them to be around average and he can excel. Four of the five categories above would be like an D or F if graded this year. If a team is weak on rush defense he will give it to his rb all day(2014 colts playoff, 2020 sb). If it is weak against short passes he’ll short pass u to death(2021 eagles wc playoff game, 2018 sb). If it is vulnerable to the deep pass, he’ll set up the play action and throw bombs (2022 carolina). If the linebackers r the weak link, he’ll throw to the tight ends, rbs all day (2021 colts reg). This is his game. If he had a top 16 run game, top 16 ol, top 16 tes, top 16 slot receiver, etc. bucs would be contenders and they’d be 12-5 11-6 at the worst. I’m a bucs fan now (was a pats fan for 20+ years I hate them and belichick after how they treated brady) hope the bucs continue to do well. And also not having a decent running game is like kryptonite to brady, the baby giraffe that he is I wanna race him for money. If they had a decent running game what do u think would’ve happened to the cowboys? (19-3)

  59. brooks Says:

    Well all be watching Brady next year on FOX

  60. LoveMeSomeBucs Says:

    Docsays…I saw your picture next to the word moron in the dictionary so therefore you and your antifa type response are irrelevanr

  61. Anthony Princiotti Says:

    I am a Brady fan, and I’m desperate for him to get away from Tampa’s sloppy football culture.

  62. Doc Says:

    Every time some thing go wrong you hear if Coach Bruce would have been here, this offense would be clcking. TB 12 throws interceptions in the red zone and he is not talked about, share the blame.

  63. Doc Says:

    Joe, this site never say anything bad about any of the white player’s. If i am wrong prove it.

  64. Kidfloflo Says:

    Doc are u serious!? Ur worried about his wife and kids!!?? Haaahaa, like the guy was making $50k a year like a teacher or EMT! He is a mulit millionaire for Christ sake….they will be able to eat and keep the lights on…sleep well my friend….Byron will

  65. NEfan Says:

    Doc, take the chip off your shoulder. The reason BA is praised is because they won with him moron and they didn’t with the current coaching staff. You seem to be the only one seeing black & white. NO player is ridiculed more on this team than Brady and last I checked he’s white. Yes he is also the most praised because it’s a two way street. Guys like you, oneilbuc, ttbuc, zzbuc, orlbuc are all voicing your frustration with your world on this platform. Sorry man but you’re sad.

  66. Oneilbuc Says:

    That’s it

  67. Joe Says:

    TB 12 throws interceptions in the red zone and he is not talked about, share the blame.

    What kind of a moron would Joe look like if he started unjustly going after Tom Brady? A massive moron. If not for him, this team is not in the playoffs.

    Does Joe give Brady some slack? Hell yeah. It’s called jewelry. Seven friggin’ rings. Scoreboard. It’s not like Brady is a 46-year old Josh McCown.

    (Guess you missed on Twitter Joe typing Brady sucked on Monday night?)

    If you think Joe has an ax to grind with guys of color, you’re going to have to go into detail why then did Joe stick up for Jameis and Gerald McCoy or — how about something timely? — Todd Bowles? Just yesterday Joe was accused of being on the take for Bowles and being a mouthpiece for the organization.

    Joe still catches sh!t for sticking up for Jameis!

    How come Joe begged the Bucs to sign Antonio Brown for the 2021 season?

    Joe gets murdered all the time on this site for sticking up for Donovan Smith.

    Do better, man.

  68. Crickett Baker Says:

    Anonymous sources be damned. I heard Tom say “I love you” to Byron at least two times. Why would he be glad to see him go? It makes no sense. I bet it was Bowles that Tom really wanted gone.

  69. NEfan Says:

    BA created a monster.

  70. Old School Bucs Says:

    We have great running backs. There arent any running backs in the league that could have had a good year with this banged up o line, that offensive coaching staff!!!! Just not gonna happen. They were running into a defensive brick wall almost every game!!!

    While Colin isnt much on accuracy, this is one of the few reports on Brady’s future with Bucs that sounds most plausible.

  71. steele Says:

    Cowherd, like all typical national sports mediot blowhards, is fully of breathless argumentative gossip, good for fueling rants and takes, and conspiracy theories, and this is an example of a theory.

    Who says the Bucs are bending over forwards and backwards for Brady? This isn’t 2019.

    In fact, their posture towards Brady since the last offseason has been tepid at best. There was no all-in. Rather, it was more Donald Rumsfeld than anything else: Brady, “you get the team that is, not the one you want”. Coaches that don’t cater to him, or hardly communicate with him (Bowles). Personnel decisions that overwhelmingly push young JAG practice squadders and undeveloped rookies, not replacing his key veterans with upgrades, even when the OL was a complete mess, and the defense was worse. Suck it up, Tom, no brilliant coaching, you’re on your own. Sorry, Tom, get used to having all the timing and mechanics messed up, and facing pressure, because we can’t afford better anymore.

    So no. I don’t buy that they fired the coaches for Brady. That was for Bowles, to replace with Bowles guys.

  72. NEfan Says:

    Somebody had to take the fall and it wasn’t Toilet Bowls.