Michael Irvin: Tom Brady Didn’t Have Enough Around Him

January 28th, 2023

Easily excitable Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin got plenty of time around the Bucs this season, including in Germany while working for NFL Network.

Irvin is the rare big name who works for both ESPN and NFL Network as an analyst, and he was pressed this week on Las Vegas sports radio (1140 AM) about Tom Brady coming to the Raiders.

Irvin is not in the camp that Brady is washed. But he does believe Brady needs a lot of help around him and an offense similar to the one employed by Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels.

He characterized McDaniels’ system as an “offense more about quarterback decisions as opposed to a quarterback’s arm strength. “

Irvin talked about how great and smart pass catchers “sustained Tom” in past seasons. Irvin said Chris Godwin nearly pulled that off this season but couldn’t without “the tight end” and too many injuries on the Bucs’ offensive line. Interestingly, Irvin offered no commentary on Mike Evans.

However, Irvin didn’t bite on calling the Raiders a favorite to land Brady. He agrees the Raiders have the tight end and multiple receivers, but they have O-line questions that need to be addressed.

Joe gets that Vegas is a fun place that features retractable dome stadium with natural grass, good weather and a familiar offense attractive to Brady. But the Bucs have plenty to showcase, too, including a Pro Bowl center returning, a willingness to cater to Brady, familiarity and a miserable NFC South plus a slate of games next season against the woeful AFC South.

If Brady wants a title, Joe would suggest Tampa Bay with Brady has a far better shot of making the playoffs next season than the Raiders with Brady.

66 Responses to “Michael Irvin: Tom Brady Didn’t Have Enough Around Him”

  1. Cobraboy Says:

    This spit gets old…

  2. D-Rok Says:

    Da Raidaz? For realz? Naw, homie, don’t see it, except for the McDaniels connection.

    However, I seem to remember seeing clips over the years of Brady and McDaniels getting into heated arguments on sidelines…so who knows if they retain a good relationship or not.

  3. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Joe, I would agree with you but Bowles is standing in the way.

  4. Oneilbuc Says:

    More excuses for Brady lol 🤣🤣🤣 !! Brady must have made Joe a lot of money 🤑💰!!

  5. alton d green Says:

    funny how easily people forget or fail to mention. First of all Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr WILL NOT be in Tampa. It may sound crazy but it seemed like the Bucs just didn’t want to play. Yes they had a banged up O-line but they still had plenty of weapons. The defense just wandered around like they were sleepy. I think the offense felt like it didn’t make any difference how good they played, Bowles would not be a leader. Tommy Boy run and run fast (no pun intended), East west north or south. Any direction as long as it’s away from Todd Bowles

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brady would be totally lost without Byron……lost in joy and jubilation….if he plays….he stays.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brady would be totally lost without Byron……lost in joy and jubilation….if he plays….he stays.

  8. Oneilbuc Says:

    Joe is that why you want him back so bad at 46 and washed up?? Lol 🤣🤣 I did hear how Lee was talking about the money Brady made for everyone tied to the organization and Ira Kaufman and Steve had to keep telling him that the fans don’t care about the money they only care about winning . Twice they had to tell Lee that !!! Lol 🤣 😆

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘But the Bucs have plenty to showcase, too, including … a willingness to cater to Brady …’.

    And therein was a major problem in 2022. Be careful what you wish for. And what you’re willing to give up to get it.

  10. D-Rok Says:


    Joes have posted multiple times that their site exploded only AFTER Brady came to Bucs – historic numbers of visits, if I recall correctly.

    What’s your point? Anytime a HOF’er goes to a new team, along with him comes money.

  11. BuckyPhillips Says:

    Sold our soul to skelator

  12. NEfan Says:

    DR but they have a world renowned HC/DC whose D let up over 62 points in their last two playoff games. Who also called a game winning blitz against one if not the best QB in the league with 26 secs left in the game. A guy that called a fake punt on his own 27 when his team was dominating the opponent. A coach has proven time and time again he has NO idea how to manage a clock during critical times in a game.

    DR, you’re a stats guy, can you name me ONE, just ONE team that has made it deep in the playoffs or to the playoffs with the 32nd raked rushing attack. One other than the Bucs? C’mon little skipper, you can do it.

  13. NEfan Says:

    Skeletor, 1SB, 2 division titles. A 2nd SB if Turd Bowles did his job.

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘If Brady wants a title, Joe would suggest Tampa Bay with Brady has a far better shot of making the playoffs next season than the Raiders with Brady.’

    Raiders have sufficient salary CAP space (ranking #9 with a projected $18.6 mil) to fix their OLine for Brady. They already have the weapons in Jacobs, Adams, Hollins, Waller & Moreau. They also have a HC who’s quite familiar with Tom Brady. Their defense admittedly stinks, but they’ve got more returning players than we do.

    Bucs OTOH rank #31 in terms of 2023 projected salary CAP space at MINUS $55.5 mil currently projected. Our defense has been decimated with more FAs than defenders under contract. Our 2023 schedule is anything but a gimme, since we have to play the 49ers, Packers, Vikings, Lions, Eagles, Bills, Jags … all teams with records at least as good as ours & most better.

    Kinda doubt Brady would see us as a Super Bowl contender. Time to quit goofing around pretending that we’re contenders for the crown & start fixing what needs fixing. We re-sign Brady and all we’ll accomplish is kick the can down the street for another year, and walk away with nothing to show for it. Bucs need to use 2023 to posture for 2024 as best we can.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    NEfan … Why don’t you start looking FORWARD instead of always staring in the rear view mirror? I get bored with supposed fans who do nothing but snipe but offer zero solutions. I’d say you’re better than that, but the jury’s still out on that one.

  16. D-Rok Says:


    But, if JL can do some magic and get more talent up in here, especially OL and DL, would the Bucs then become more of a contender?

    Look I think JL dropped the ball by not bringing in some additional O-linemen after Jensen and Stinnie went down; however, having said that, JL has done a phenomenal job with the roster the last few years especially.

    My point? It’s possible to field a more competitive team next year, and if so, why wouldn’t Brady come back?

    Something to ponder.

  17. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    No need to worry about the old injured players being another year older and even more injury prone.

  18. Common sense is not common Says:

    What about the young injured players? Injuries were far from age specific this season.

  19. Common sense is not common Says:

    DR. You lost a lot of credibility quoting Rob Parker as gospel.

  20. D-Rok Says:

    LOL, Rob Parker – the guy who’s as sharp as a marble, and twice as dumb. LOLz.

  21. Bobby Hutchinson Says:

    Why in the devil did Tampa bay hire this HC, he has never had a winning season in his entire football sorry ass career. You have the best QB in football and you just want to run run run, oh yeah keep going with that wide out play or what ever you call it, that don’t ever accomplish crap. Throw the damn ball. And get a new coach because this one isn’t worth a tinker toot.

  22. mark2001 Says:

    Rodgers says he is interested in going elsewhere. The Packers say they won’t trade him to a team in the NFC. So to me, Vegas makes sense for a Rodgers trade. Plus he can reunite with Adams. And the Packers might be smart enough to know they are in a rebuild mode, and they can get good value for him. That is one reason the Packers are perennial contenders.

    We, on the other hand, won’t make a bold move, and are likely to suffer a decade of mediocrity, maybe starting next year. We never learn and wouldn’t think about getting while the getting is good. Such is the life of Bucs fans. I think the 49’ers for one year would work well for him, and Purdy can wait one year to start again.

  23. mark2001 Says:

    BTW…not enough around Brady, with our salary cap situation, really sounds like he won’t be back. If he does come back, it means he just can’t quit playing and has no options with multiple teams that might be a contender with a little upgrade at QB.

  24. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Irvin said Chris Godwin nearly pulled that off this season but couldn’t without “the tight end” and too many injuries on the Bucs’ offensive line.
    – I guess Irvin didn’t get the memo from Joe about “adjusting”
    Agree with Joe that Brady’s best option is Tampa Bay if he continues playing.
    Brady knows Wes Welker from Patriot playing days and Welker comes from Shanahan coaching tree- quality option for O/C.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    D-Rok … I’m a lot less concerned about our offense this year than I am our defense. Our OLine backups got a LOT of experience this year, and we should be in pretty good shape with Wirfs, Mason, Jensen, Hainsey & D Smith, assuming of course that they all return healthy. Evans, Godwin & Gage are 3 solid WRs, assuming of course that they’re also healthy. With a good OLine, Fournette & White can get the job done IMO. Our TE position group needs to be reworked (I’ve already assumed that Brate & Rudolph won’t be back).

    Our defense is in shambles far as I’m concerned. Our Secondary was quite decent when they were all healthy (beginning of the year?), but that’s irrelevant because Dean, SMB, Edwards, Ryan, Neal & Delaney are all FAs. Doubt we’ll re-sign LVD unless he’s willing to play for a lot less than what he did last year ($12.5 mil). Plus we’ve got a ton of FAs up-front (Hicks, Gholston, RNR, Nelson, Nassib, O’Connor, Gill & Senat). Not much to be optimistic about there.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Commonsenseisnotcommon … ‘DR. You lost a lot of credibility quoting Rob Parker as gospel.’

    Not a clue what you’re talking about. Parker’s the one who threw Tom Brady under the bus in a previous JBF article. Care to share what you contend that I wrote?

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    Commonsensenotsocommon … Wait, I just figured it out. You’re really NEfan or Goatfarmer using another handle. Happy sniping.

  28. NEfan Says:

    DR, wasn’t sure the post I commented on was your solution. Sorry dude but BA sealed your fate. Cap trouble, a handful of good young player and the rest are average at best. There ain’t no quick fix for this team. If Licht can fix this mess, he will go down as the best GM ever.

  29. Common sense is not common Says:

    DR . Joe didn’t say he agreed with him. You bit. Watch what Band you attach your wagon to. Rob Parker makes Shannon Sharpe look like Dan Rather.

  30. The Anomaly Says:

    Brady knows he has a loser here

    Anywhere but Tampa has better odds.

    We are a known quantity as is Todd Bowels

    I believe Edelman…Brady is considering any team BUT TAMPA.

    We have 0% chance

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    NEfan … Why are you so quick to blame BA for our CAP problems instead of JL? You’re quick to credit JL with signing Brady & his entourage (Fournette, AB, Gronk, Mason, etc) but then push the blame for our salary CAP debacle off onto the coaches. Might be some cherry-picking going on? Accountability is a bitch.

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    Commonsenseisnotsocommon … Technically you’re right. But Joe did say after those Parker quotes … ‘Joe sort of gets Parker’s take.’ Then after that came a lot of Brady having major street cred & Bowles not being the 1st coach to cater to a super-star (if in fact he did).

    Not attaching anything to Parker. Like I said, he threw Brady under the bus. BIG-TIME.

  33. Youngbucs Says:

    I agree with oneilaints Brady deserves a ton of blame. He was trash this season I don’t care about his yardage. Dude was seeing ghost in the pocket and even when well protected. He constantly missed open receivers all season Over throwing under throwing. If he comes back he better have his spit together. Even his ints weren’t a good look lot of bad decisions uncharacteristic. The joes have turned a blind eye to Brady this season. But but leftwich oh please he’s gone got what y’all wanted. But to write an article praising keeping that old man taking space please. He was part of the offense right I’m talking Tom Moore let’s be fair hold everyone accountable!

  34. HC Grover Says:

    Ho Hum. Pffft

  35. Common sense is not common Says:

    If you knew anything about Rob Parker you would know he has been throwing Brady under the bus for over 10 years. The guy is a pariah. Pretty much got excommunicated from sports TV. That says it all with guys like Sharpe and Skip and Steven A out there.

  36. Boodidley Says:

    Can one of our resident stay heads figure out where our tight end production ranked this year please? I would conjecture that it’s no better than 30th… more likely 32nd out of 32.

  37. Boodidley Says:

    Stat heads… I hate autocorrect

  38. D-Rok Says:


    Good break-down in response to my question. I’ve pondered your supposition and found I agree with you – that our defense might be decimated, disbanded, and deboned this offseason. Too many FA’s, not enough money to resign. It’s a condundrum, and one I’m sure Brady is extensively researching before he makes a decision.

    Hmmm. Not good, methinks.

  39. Common sense is not common Says:

    Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies
    Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain
    Cause we’ve received orders for to sail for old England,
    But we hope in a short time to see you again.…

  40. Rita Moreno Football Analyst Say: Says:

    Rita says, DR was misunderstood and NE and Commonsense (who?) Jumped to Brady’s defense. Rita is love and believes we should all try to get along. Rita thinks the future is bleak but remains optimistic. Rita also believes the aging Arians may have caused all this dismay and should be removed from Bucs HOF. Rita believes DR favors Bowles and NEfan Brady, Rita also believes Bowles and Brady do not each other other. Rita also believes Oneilbuc was dropped many times on his head. Rita loves all, Rita is love!

  41. Dubcity Says:

    The Tampa mob won’t listen to logic from HOFers. It’s easier to put everything on the coach.

    Hard to gameplan when everyone is in and out of the line up and missing practices… top 5 offenses the past 3 years when the OL is healthy..

    None of that matters in the eyes of the know if all fan base

  42. Letsbucinggo Says:

    The problem moving forward Licht hasn’t rebuilt a team we were crap before Brady showed up. So if we needed a player ask Brady the recruiter. Meantime we are struggling in cap space and the more adjustments to contracts and pushing money down the road is just going to make us the laughing stock of the nfl.

  43. George Says:

    Brady will not come back as long as the follow are true:
    1. Bowles is Head Coach
    2. Licht is GM. Licht was responsible for the disaster of the Offensive Line.

    Since 1 and 2 are not changing. Brady will play elsewhere next season

  44. Iamabuc Says:

    Too many posters throwing dirt on Brady. I understand, he has some blame, but not all of it . I don’t remember none of you taking trash about him the last two years prior. I believe there’s a book named Futball for idiots. You all should get a copy and start reading. Smfh. Brady is the best thing that have happened to the Buccaneers in recent history. I would love to see him again in red and pewter this year. A 46 year old Brady is better than anything out there.

  45. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Nobody has factored in the “Tampa losing culture” plus the incompetent head coach means this is not the place for Brady next year. Bowles will suck the life out of this franchise as long as he’s HC. The Glazers are just wasting time with Bowles. We’re back to the dark ages for Bucs fans. Trade the old expensive players and draft speed and hunger. I.e . Isaiah Pacheco with the Chiefs!

  46. Defense Rules Says:

    D-Rok … I see it as a conundrum also, but it creates a great opportunity to rebuild. Not optimistic about 2023 (to me it doesn’t matter who the HC is, if you don’t have the horses, the wagon’s gonna get stuck in the mud eventually).

    Personally wish folks would stop bemoaning the 2022 season, and start looking deeper at 2023. This is a critical year IMO, and one that’ll either set us up for the future or drag us down for years to come. In my mind it’s not so much about what our 2023 record will be as it is about creating a competitive TEAM and establishing a culture that doesn’t revolve around 1 player.

    I have my doubts that Todd Bowles can do that as HC, but since our biggest challenge in the rebuilding will be the defense (for the foreseeable future), I’d rather have him overseeing that aspect of the team than Lord knows who (our What’s Behind Door #2 option). This will be an even more challenging situation IMO than what he faced when he came onboard in 2019.

  47. Redeemer Says:

    D-Rok, I think you’re thinking of Bill O’Brien, who Brady had a famous expletive riddled tirade with on the sidelines. IMO the Raiders have it all on offense. The TE, the slot and the #1 reciever, plus one of the best RBs in the game. The OC too. The defense needs work through. If they spend on a linebacker and some help in the secondary, I think with Brady, they are a contender. I’m getting really perturbed with the Brady blamers. I really think some of want to go back into the wilderness. Do you enjoy losing? Being a completely irrelevant franchise? You don’t need to worry about Brady coming back, he isn’t. How bout a little appreciation though. I don’t want the next ring to come when Im peeing myself in a nursing home.

  48. stpetebucfan Says:

    In the spirit of Rita I’m willing to give Bowles the benefit of the doubt considering ALL that went wrong with this years team. Brady’s age and divorce, injuries along both lines, Shaq was sorely missed. DW didn’t play to his potential.

    LOT AND LOTS of reasons for this year’s failure.

    One thing Bowles did show me is that he’s the kind of coach when successful D.R. will love. I believe a team can win with amazing defense…see the Bucs first SB..or amazing Offense see the Bucs second SB. There is no ONE way to get er done.

    Bowles however is the typical defensive coach who believes 3 things can happen when you open up and throw the ball around the yard and two of them are bad,
    He simply does not wish to count on his offense other than to occupy time and space and give his defense time to rest and regroup.

    Now for me personally this sucks. I liked Air Coryell and BA;s no risk no biscuit.But I certainly concede a team can with with a dominant defense, Bowles uber conservative clock management and strategy virtually demands a GREAT defense. If he can produce that he might shut up all we naysayers.

  49. Beej Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    January 28th, 2023 at 4:18 pm
    Brady would be totally lost without Byron……lost in joy and jubilation….if he plays….he stays.

    It’s 7:36 pm, seems safe that that’s the stupidest thing I’ll read today

  50. 80forBrady Says:

    Bucs paid more at the WR + OL positions tha any other team in the NFL and had decent RB talent in playoff Lenny, and top 3 picks Rashard White and Keshawn Vaughn plus Gio Bernard. TE had serviceable Cade Otten and Ko Kieft and was a big drop off from Gronk. Lost a top OL to retirement in ALi Marpet. Injuries happen on the OLIne but Bucs spent a high pick on Goedecke and signed ex-Pat Shaq Mason.

    Stop whining Brady apologists. It was the extremely predictable play calling of Byron Leftwhich that sank the team not the personnel.

    Licht and front office did a decent job of plugging holes given the limited cap space they had to work with. Some guys didnt work out (Julio, Rudolph) others were always injured (Gage, Spemce)

    Stop the whining. It’s embarrassing!

    Injuries are part of the game, Toad Bowels needs to coach better or be fired!

  51. 80forBrady Says:

    Also who is the fitness/fatness coach for the Bucs?

    Vita Vea is a f*n embarassment untless you are trying to dethrone Joey Chestnut for the Nathans Hot Dog Eating contest. He and Akeem Spense and Playoff Lenny need to be put on strict diets to lose 20% of their hugely obese body fat so they can play in the Florida sun. Also Donovan (yeah I.m talking about you) Smith and some of the fat o linemen. Need to put these chubby chasers on to TB-12 fitness program ASAP!

  52. Redeemer Says:

    Bowles is a bad HC and a vastly overrated DC. I’d take Dan Quinn in a heartbeat over Bowles. Call it what you like, but this team will be lucky to win 6 games next season. Rebuild, retool, getting the books right. They are going to suck out loud. It didn’t have to be this way. BA screwed us. The guy set us up for failure. I hope to hell he had nothing to do with the team next year. Wasting Brady’s last year because of a pissing contest is quite the legacy. Yup you took care of your guys BA, they all got fired anyway. They should’ve let Brady seek a trade. At least we’d be a year into the “rebuild”.

  53. 80forBrady Says:

    Just in: Bucs overbese DL man, Vita Vea will star in the sequel to “The Whale”. Dude have some pride in yourself, drop 40 pounds, get in shape and you will extend your life, get more money and become more than a 50% snap defensive player.

    Or you could continue to eat yourself to death and become Refrifgerator Perry II. Dude, its up to you.

    And Akeem Spense Im talking to you too. You aren’t far behind. Who is the strength and conditioning coach for the Bucs DL? Is it Louis Anderson? Fat Bastard? Jackie Gleason? Playoff Lenny? Chubby Checker?

    Bucs need a new strength and condtioning coach to get these players in shape and hold them accountable. Too often in key situations, Vta and Spence were out of the game gasping for breath on the sidelines missing key plays.

    Bill Parcells said it best, a players best ability is AVAILABILITY.

    Put Brady’s partnet Alex Guererro in charge and whip these boys into playing shape. As it is now its an embarrassment and they are stealing money (by not being available for half the snaps or for keycrucial game situations) from the Glazers.

    When the Bucs are in key run stopping situations too often its Nacho and Ghoulston in the game because Viita Vea ad Spence need a donut rest break on the sidelines. Embarrassing. Toad Bowels or Jason Licht should get a real strength and conditioning coach or hire Brady’s guy Guererro

  54. Doug Says:

    Offensive line was garbage

  55. Redeemer Says:

    80, I’d think thrice before handing a training staff over to that charlatan. For all we know, Alex was half the problem this year. When someone says they can cure cancer. (He did, look it up) I immediately get scared. Brady is Brady, because of Brady. It isn’t anything fancy. The man has dedicated his life to quarterbacking. Consequences be damned as we saw with G.

  56. Kgh4life Says:

    Smh, the majority of these talking heads do not watch game film. So, two one thousand yard receivers are not enough? Irvin also mentioned arm strength, when in fact Brady took less deep shots this year.

  57. Defense Rules Says:

    St Pete, you surprise me. What I really prefer is a rather ‘balanced’ team; balanced in terms of capabilities, nothing to do with balanced between runs & passes or anything like that. When was the last time you saw a team win the SB that had a top-ranked offense but a bottom-ranked defense? Look at the SB champions over the years and almost all had good offenses AND good defenses. It’s really hard to win in the playoffs being one-dimensional.

    Really good article titled ‘Ranking Every Super Bowl Champion’ (Athlon Sports 14 Feb 2022) that shows how each SB winner ranked offensively & defensively. Of the 56 SB champions, 42 of them had BOTH their offense AND defense ranked in the Top-10. And of the other 14 winners, 8 of them had either an offense or a defense that ranked in the Top-3.

    Tells me that SB winners almost always have ‘balance’ in terms of their offense & defense. Certainly a worthwhile goal to aim for.

  58. steele Says:

    Michael Irvin should know. He lived the decline of the Cowboys glory years, and I bet the fall of the Bucs is familiar. We are seeing the Bucs very much in the mode of the 1998-2000…under future Todd Bowles OC Chan Gailey. Brady is not quite as washed as Aikman was in those last years, but he is getting there.

    Brady needs to realize the truth. He really does need the red carpet that Peyton Manning and John Elway got with the Broncos in their final respective seasons: an easy management job on an otherwise FULLY STACKED and WELL COACHED team, capable of winning a Super Bowl, that could float an old legend for a whole season, allowing the old legend to uncork great moments in a few playoff games at the end.

    Brady will not get this with the Bucs. He will get what he got this past season: to be the old man who doesn’t really register with youngsters, or with jaded veterans who are no longer excited to play with him, and a bad bunch of coaches.

  59. chris Says:

    Stop drinking this “tom Brady wasn’t the problem” kool aid. While he wasn’t 100% of the issue – his decline was noticeable. When receivers had steps on the DBs deep – he constantly under threw Miller, Gage, Evans, etc. when they had their man beat deep . (no not 100% of the time but down near 80-85%). It was also noticeable that Tom scrambled and tensed up to “phantom pressure”. He did not want to take ANY HITS. Sorry but it’s 2023 and Edge rushers are 240-250-260 Lbs running 4.4, 4.5 40’s with insane 10 yard splits. Doesn’t matter how great your OL is (Bucs ranked 12th BTW) you’re going to take a lick at some point. Ask Brock Purdy who many deam has a top 3 OL in front of him yet the first two playoff games saw him scrambling around under pressure (Hmmmmmm)

    I am grateful Brady came to Tampa and delivered us two great years – including a Super Bowl beatdown to the Chiefs. I get that it’s hard to see Tom Brady play poorly. However, people need to face reality that he’s 45 years old. He looked thinner this year as well. While yes for his age he’s in phenomenal shape, it doesn’t mean he’s not feeling the hits and physical toll each week for 18 long seasons. He already has lost interest in Training Camp and Mini camp/OTA’s. Well guess what – with a new OC – you can’t learn the system staying home complaining about a work life balance.

  60. beano Says:

    Here we go again … Another article on how the players around Brady affect his performance, but the players around Trask do not affect his performance … Is that right, Joe? … Do I have it right? … NEMasshole? … Rod Munchie? … Bwahahahaha.

  61. LastDance Says:

    Beano… why dont you just date Trask. Clearly you are already all up in there.

  62. bucsbrady Says:

    Michael Irvin loves tom Brady. Deion Sanders loves tom brady. Brady is a mentor to Deions son. All these guys love Brady Joe. Why do they all love Brady. I dont know but the only two people that i have ever said bad words about Brady were Demarr CHase and Antonio Brown. Thats why I root againt Bengals. He lied and said Brady yelling at his wrs. Aaron ROdgers by his current teammates and former teammates. Ask Bucs players and Ownership and Licht what and how do they feel about Brady

  63. Hodad Says:

    Remember when Brady made those around him better? Now like me he’s needs help getting out of the recliner!

  64. Wild Bill Says:

    Brady had a fantastic career. But he is far from the only great NFL QB to keep playing too long. It was really sad to watch his performance most of this season. Aside from a couple wins when he flashed his “classic Brady style of play” most of the season he looked stressed and inconsistent. Too many former greats stayed well past their MVP level of play. I hope he takes a hard look at his film this past season and makes a totally objective decision.

  65. NEfan Says:

    beanblo, Trask was playing with his peers the 3rd stringers. If Brady and Gabbert got injured Trask would have played the same as every other team would do if they lost their top 2 QB’s. Unfortunately for the Bucs that didn’t because a 3-14 season would have got Blows fired.

    DR, why do I blame BA? You constantly preach how unfair it was for Bowles not to have had the ability to pick his staff. This confuses me, isn’t that BA’s fault? BA’s master plan to insure his boys were set up cost the Bucs opportunities to interview winning coaches like Peterson. He screwed this team over and should be removed from Bucs ROH. He actions were self serving and has no place in a TEAM organization. Lovie got canned for not tanking. BA tanked the Bucs.

  66. beano Says:

    NEMass, you must have missed all the 2d, 3d, and even 4th stringers this NFL season who stepped in due to injuries and shined with the starters. You obviously never played the game; just played with your blow-up Brady doll.