LeBron James Picks The Bucs

January 14th, 2023

Joe will take any good mojo heading into Monday’s Bucs playoff-opener against the Cowboys.

The man who in a matter of days will be the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, LeBron James, knows a thing or two about being a goat. And that’s what has him putting his money on the Bucs this weekend.

A noted NFL fan, James was asked today for his NFL picks in the wild card round, per ESPN TV.

James said Seahawks-49ers is (was) a tossup game, and he said he was looking for a Chargers “W” against Jacksonville along with the Bills beating the Dolphins and the Vikings taking down the Giants. He’s also got the Bengals if Lamar Jackson doesn’t play. And in the Bucs-Cowboys game? That was a quick answer.

“I’m not ever going against Tom,” James said.

Joe hopes James is a wise man. Tom Brady has let a ton of gamblers down this season as the Bucs were last in the NFL against the spread with just four wins.

Why was that? A big reason was all those people “never betting against Tom” driving wagering on the Bucs, which often made the Bucs more of a favorite than they should have been.

29 Responses to “LeBron James Picks The Bucs”

  1. Old School Bucs Says:

    Dang! Now I am worried! The commie lovin Leclown likes the Bucs. Joe, first of all dont put CHICOM LeClown in the same category as MJ, Russell, Wilt, Magic, or Bird! Please! I wish that commie Bas*ard would keep his mouth shut. Especially when it comes to the Bucs!!!

    Despite Leclowns endorsement Bucs, KC or Cincy superbowl!!!

  2. Goatfarmer Says:

    Run no huddle from the opening gun. Not hurry up, just take your personnel and line them up, survey the defense, shift once or twice, and let’er fly.

    Gotta believe that’s what Tom wants to do, and who he wants to do it with. The fear is, the Byemoron Blowes dumbnamic duo won’t want to in the first half. That’s why Tom just needs to go rogue. Eff’em, Tom.

    You can name your own max protect packages, keep Lenny and Kieft in the backfield, have a 6th OL at TE and send Julio and Mike deep. If it’s not there, Lenny slips out for the check down.

  3. Old School Bucs Says:

    Joe you protecting commie Lovin Leclown? Didn’t like my Pro American post? Coward???

  4. Joe Says:

    CHICOM LeClown

    Don’t worry. The last time “this Joe” watched a full regular season non-basketball association game was circa 1987 (Danny Manning played in it).

    Full disclosure: The Joe typing this comment has never watched this LeBron James. As in not one play. Not when BSPN televised his high school games, not when he was in the non-basketball association. Couldn’t even tell you if he shoots left- or right-handed.

    Nope. Not an NBA guy. When “this Joe” used to watch BSPN for highlights, the second they intro’ed an NBA highlight, Joe changed the channel.

  5. RGH Says:

    Have to be a REAL LOW and skanky publication if you’re reporting what LeChump picked. Nobody really cares what that POS does.
    Joe doesn’t marry sports and politics like a so many people do. So Joe has no problem sharing what an all-time great says about the Bucs because Joe knows a lot more about James’ basketball than any of his personal views on life.–Joe

  6. Kentucky Buc Says:

    I have to agree with Joe. The NDA(No Defense League) sucks. Weak, soft, no contact, look at me basketball. Joe never wrote that. So that’s your comment.–Joe
    I made it longer than Joe. I watched until Tim Duncan retired. The last of the warriors. Sadly I see some similarities in the way the NFL is heading. Getting softer every year. Guys cant(won’t) tackle. Guys sit out with injuries that would’ve been laughed at years ago. Guys celebrate first downs. Guys celebrate getting turnovers even when they’re losing(Bucs) . Me me me I I I.

  7. mg Says:

    Have not watched a game since Jordan won his last Championship. Unwatchable crap.

  8. adam from ny Says:

    i do like the idea of tom going all rogue out there and doing whatever the f he wants…


  9. NEfan Says:

    Can’t respect a man that shats on the country that made is sorry poor uneducated arse a billionaire. Maybe he needs to spend a little time in a Russian prison to humble him, take Erving with you.

    Ya could have had Doug Peterson!!! BA killed the Bucs.

  10. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Oh, BTW. Get off my lawn .

  11. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    The good news is Lebron is smart. Talent alone doesn’t get you to where he is. Wise? The bad news he has the wisdom of a zygote

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Don’t much like MeBron…..but I like his pick.

  13. Hodad Says:

    Die Hard Magic fan, and NBA fan. Some of the best athletes in the world, some of the things they do on the court are truely amazing. I don’t hate on people for their politics, or religous beliefs. Like I don’t get the excitement of world cup soccer, or any soccer for that matter, I can see the skill involved. Not every sport, or movie is for everybody, but I wouldn’t not watch someone perform by who they voted for.

  14. Razor Ramone Says:

    Dumbnamic Duo!!!! “Holy run it up the middle on first down, Batman”!!!

  15. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Hodad, very well stated, very well indeed. But be careful in tampa where they run really red and very ignant Billy ray! Ya!

  16. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I hate self-righteous commies

  17. View from 132 Says:

    I agree with MC. Zero interest in Lebron’s opinion on anything.

  18. NEfan Says:

    Pretty basic principle if you ask me, don’t like your country GET OUT! The best part of a free nation is you can LEAVE whenever you like. No one is twisting his billionaire arm. Anyone ever go over his tax returns? He probably gets a free cell phone.

  19. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Hodad Says:
    January 15th, 2023 at 8:16 am
    Die Hard Magic fan, and NBA fan. Some of the best athletes in the world, some of the things they do on the court are truely amazing. I don’t hate on people for their politics, or religous beliefs. Like I don’t get the excitement of world cup soccer, or any soccer for that matter, I can see the skill involved. Not every sport, or movie is for everybody, but I wouldn’t not watch someone perform by who they voted for.

    My, my …….what a cosmopolitan attitude…….😀

  20. David Says:

    *Shouting from the rafters


  21. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    It’s not who he votes for. It’s how he treats people that don’t vote like him. Big difference. Hard to watch anything when the face of that industry clearly tells you he hates you for superficial reasons.

  22. BUC IT Says:

    completely agree with Clodhopper…… I stopped watching the NBA several years ago because of comments Lebron has made.

  23. ocala Says:

    Lebron is an anti-American and anti-Hong Kong Billionaire. Lebron called out Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey after he tweeted “a reference of support for a free and pro-democracy Hong Kong.”
    Lebron said Daryl Morey was uneducated regarding communist China and its intentions towards Hong Kong.

    Daryl Morey received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and his MBA from MIT.

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    I stopped watching the NBA a long time ago.

    The non calls for traveling drove me nuts.

    Every once and awhile I’ll catch a highlight and see lots of traveling going on in the highlights and just SMH.

    Ans Lebron is the worst traveler in the NBA and it never gets called.

    Jordan was/is the best player to ever play the game and I got to witness it.

  25. NEfan Says:

    James never went to college and his graduating high school GPA was 2.8 which explains his ignorance toward politics. Unless you’re the aire to a kingdom or Shiek, he’s most likely not a billionaire in any other country. Though he would have a good shot at being a sanitary engineer.

  26. #99 the Big fella Says:

    Why remove my comments Joe?
    Because some of us get tired of the same people complaining all the time..we are in the playoffs..ask the packers and rams fans how they feel this weekend

  27. brooks Says:

    What a joke

  28. sasquatch Says:

    Why should anyone care what LeBron thinks?

  29. Tap-Out Says:

    Look at all these people of non color pass their ignorant judgement on The Great LB …from being a commie to hating on a peaceful protester to not earning his degree … The D C Stephenson (clone) aka D Trump was President don’t hear nothing out of you people about that, have any of you ever seen his degree in any subject other than how to not pay your taxes! You all sound jealous everyone of you and for those who never seen him play or refuse to watch him play, shame on you for calling yourself a fan of sports or a competent sports analyst! LONG LIVE THE KING LaBron James …That Hatred of the Black Man will never go away in this country…The Agenda continues!! GO TBowles and B Lefwitch …handle business tonight!