Ian Beckles: Brace Yourself For A Long 2023 Season

January 21st, 2023

Scared of the future.

A former Bucs offensive lineman who is a popular local sports personality cautioned Bucs fans. If you think this year was bad, buckle up, Buttercup.

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles got a lot off his chest while speaking on his podcast “In the Trenches” this week. In the wake of the Bucs’ gutless performance against the Cowboys in the season-ending playoff game, Beckles believes Monday night was just a taste of what’s around the corner.

“The Buccaneers are not — are not — winning the Super Bowl with Tom Brady next year,” Beckles said. “They are not good enough. They are not good enough this year and not good enough next year.

“Something happened with this team this year that it just lost its will. Broken coverages. Zero pass rush all game. All game. Listen people, you can have Deion Sanders, Derrelle Revis, it don’t matter, [Jalen] Ramsey, and if you don’t have a pass rush you will lose.

“This Buccaneer team is the worst pass rushing team I have seen in a while, OK? They shouldn’t have been in the playoffs. They’re not a playoff team. They are 8-9. They made the playoffs, great, but they got exposed.”

And Beckles said Tom Brady is toast. The way Brady played Monday, Beckles said, the Bucs would have been better off with Blaine Gabbert starting.

“I don’t know if the Buccaneers try to sign Tom Brady [for] next year,” Beckles said. “If they do, it’s just [for] money. It’s just money.

“The GOAT ain’t the GOAT no more.”

Beckles then said Brady didn’t play any better on Monday night than if the Bucs started Tim Tebow.

Ugly salary cap situation, players past their primes and too many free agents will make for a bad Bucs team next season, Beckles believes.

“I think they know that. … Watching that game, it makes me scared for the future,” Beckles said. “You are not going to win a championship anymore. Last year [Brady] was good enough. But we were not good enough around him either, let’s get that straight. Literally, the Bucs are not any better at any position than they were two years ago and that includes coaching.

“This thing could go real south real, real quick.”

Beckles had sharp words for many Bucs. He began with linebacker K.J. Britt allowing Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott to waltz into the end zone for a touchdown.

“You have one job and that’s to contain. Why did you think you had to make a play on the other side of the field? Stupid!”

Beckles then began to scattershoot:

“Here is the reality of this season, people. Julio Jones sucked. Russell Gage sucked. All the tight ends sucked. JTS sucked. Akiem [Hicks] sucks. Donovan Smith? Worse than sucks. Worse than sucked!”

Naturally, Beckles saved fuel to blowtorch his favorite piñata, OLB Joe Tryon-Shoyinka:

“Joe Tryon-Shoyinka may be one of the worst football players I have ever seen. Go back and watch the film. … I love the Buccaneers. You don’t think I want Joe Tryon-Shoyinka to be good? If you think he’s good, then you don’t know the game because he sucks! … I don’t know why he’s on the field. You think Joe Tryon-Shoyinka is going to be a starter next year? I’m going to make a prediction: Nope! He might get cut next year.”

As angry as Beckles was with JTS, he heaped thick manlove on Bucs center Ryan Jensen:

“Good to have Ryan Jensen, he is a warrior for real. Tore all three ligaments and came back in the same year, I don’t know what the hell that is. When you tear all of your ligaments, that joker is wobbly. I don’t know how the hell you get back in [six] months and not have surgery. He’s weird. He is definitely built different, mentally and physically. I’ve got love for anybody that comes back and does that.”

In short, Beckles wrapped up his pod saying the Bucs are bad and likely will circle the drain next season.

“It wasn’t close to good this year and it is going to get worse. It is inevitable.”

83 Responses to “Ian Beckles: Brace Yourself For A Long 2023 Season”

  1. SB~LV Says:

    A Darek Sharp … stick in the eye !

  2. Fire the Gannons! Says:

    But if Brady leaves, and they suck, at least Lamarcus, O’Neill, TTBucs3, beano can be happy again relishing in Bucs ineptitude!

  3. Curse of Gruden Says:

    How did we ever win 8 games with all that sucking?

  4. NCBucfan Says:

    I would take Daquan Bowers over JTS, and that is saying something. Dude is god awful. God the Bucs have the worst track record drafting pass rushers!

  5. Go Bucs Go Says:

    Fire the Gannons!… do you realize what the curse of long mediocrity can impact fan base? Scary. They lose sense of appreciating greatness upon witnessing one… and Brady is not just great, but GOAT. Name one QB who switched team and won the championship in the first year let alone in his 40s.

    Go Bucs!

  6. Joshua porter Says:

    True bucs fans know the days that lie ahead. We have had tons of years with the likes of Mr beckles who crapped there pants on sundays. It has been a nice break from sucking the last 3 years. Let’s hope they hit good in the drafts cuz players are going to go back to having to be overpaid to come and play here again.

  7. #99 the Big fella Says:

    Ian is not wrong..Edge rushers should be a top priority in free agency!

  8. Joshua porter Says:

    Well Stafford did it the next year but not at 40s

  9. ModHairKen Says:

    He’s not popular

  10. Go Bucs Go Says:

    Joshua porter, you are right.
    Stafford did it the following year. Then he collapsed this year.

    Go Bucs.

  11. ModHairKen Says:

    But damn I agree with everything that he said

  12. Destinjohnny Says:

    The gm that gave us all these missed draft picks will now fix it

  13. HC Grover Says:

    Hammer hits nail on the head. But with Bowels on the helm they will even be worse. They may not even find a fool who would be his OC.

  14. d33b0 Says:


    Yall know what time it is…

  15. RagingBrisket Says:

    Bucs turned into a pumpkin Monday night. It is going to be ugly for a long time.

  16. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Not one lie in that whole rant.

  17. Marine Buc Says:

    The Buc’s pass rush won’t get any better next season – S. Barrett will probably be out until the 2023 mid season (at least) and Nassib, Nelson and Avery are all free agents.

    No doubt we will draft an OLB/Pass Rusher with pick #19.

    Love him or hate him – JTS isn’t going anywhere. We don’t have much of a choice…

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree with Beckles…..but he has absolutely no suggestions for improving things……none…..just a malcontent, whiner.

    Sure, things don’t look good…..the one thing we can do is get much younger, cheaper…..more aggressive……even in losing….lets show some fire.

    I what he says is true, there is really little reason to go with Brady…..just give Trask a chance……maybe draft a mobile QB in a later round to compete with him.

    They are out there…..look at Purdy.

  19. Onetrickpony Says:

    Starts with Bowels down don’t it?
    If so, we are …. screwed

  20. JN Says:

    Agree with everything IB said. Trade/ dump salary, acquire more draft capital and rebuild this thing. In addition to being 54M over cap, if Brady goes to another team its 35M of dead money next season. With Bowles at the helm gonna be a long, long year and back to a #bucslife

  21. SB~LV Says:

    Clean house!
    Rip the bandaid OFF
    Trade every veteran of value, reward them and trade only to a good team
    No shame in admitting we are rebuilding, well the only shame is keeping Todd Bowles another minute!

  22. Demetrius T Meeks Says:

    So all those guys suck b/c we didn’t win the Super Bowl? Great logic..
    Bucs still have a good team & thts w/o Tom Brady, just need a new Qb who’s willing to run when things break down.. the pocket Qb is slowly but surely fading out

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The problem is our players of value to trade are few and would be hard to part with….

    Godwin, Evans, Wirfs, Winfield, Vea, Davis, White

    We really don’t have good options & things look pretty grim with Bowles at the helm.

    Maybe 2 first rounders, 3 second rounders & 2 thirds….in that group.

  24. beano Says:

    The link below is to a great article from Bucs Report dispelling the critcism hurled at Kyle Trask by the haters.


  25. CleanHouse Says:

    How can I help SB~LV?

  26. Hodad Says:

    Only difference is next year we all knew we’d suck, this season most were expecting maybe Tom riding off into the sunset with another ring. So next year I’m expecting to get hit in the mouth, this year felt like being sucker punched.

  27. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Beckles will be so happy the Bucs are bad next year as he is merely a purveyor of depression. That’s his shtick.

  28. Cchead Says:

    The future is so bright you gotta wear shades.

  29. Elita Vita Says:

    “Waste 4 Williams”

  30. D-Rok Says:

    I’m sorry, but if your 3 corners are Sanders, Revis, and Ramsey in their primes, you don’t need no stinkin’ pass-rush, LOL. We’d have 4 picks a game, easy.

    Other than that, hard to argue with Beckles despite his overdramatic negativity.

  31. D-Rome Says:

    Ian Beckles never holds back nor should he. I think he’s mostly right. In fact, has he said anything this season that was way off base? This is what Ian Beckles said in early October:

    I just don’t know if we are built to win later on in this football season. I can’t expect Tom Brady to be healthy. I can’t expect Mike Evans to be healthy. I can’t expect Julio Jones to ever be healthy. Defensively I think we are OK, offensively I think we are breaking down. And I’m not sure I like what I see.

    Where was he wrong? Defensively the Bucs ended up being OK. Offensively the Bucs ended up breaking down.

  32. Curse of Gruden Says:

    “SC Bucs Fan Says:
    January 21st, 2023 at 9:15 am
    Beckles …. is merely a purveyor of depression. That’s his shtick.”
    Well said, sir. He’s been banging on the Bucs for years and years. It gets old.

  33. SB~LV Says:

    Yo weekend JBF lacky !
    Were are my posts ?

  34. NEfan Says:

    There’s a lot more sucks to go around. Too bad Heckles opinion means squat, what has he won again? I can’t seem to remember.

    Well on to the Celtics and Bruins. This team is the TURD in Turd Blows.

  35. Kentucky Buc Says:

    If you say guys suck that are better than you were does that mean you suck too.
    The older I get the better I was.

  36. I’m not tired anymore we just won the Super Bowl!! Says:

    He never has anything good to say about the Bucs just wants us to soak in misery like his days being a Buc. I concur with another Buc fan here, how about providing what you think would be a solution. I think if Brady comes back and with a new OC our offense can be humming again. Oh and if Gronk comes back that could be huge as well. Then you draft another edge rusher and bring back a few of the defensive starters and boom we could be great again. If Brady does not come back well then you unload and suck next season for potential top draft pick. I would prefer Brady to come back. Go Bucs!

  37. NEfan Says:

    Hey Doc, Beckles trashing Brady, you happy now???

  38. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Spot on. Next year is a year to push the reset button, start Trask at QB and let all the old farts go. No money to spend. Draft speed and more speed and beef up the Dline and Oline. This team is old, slow and overpaid.

  39. Stormy Says:

    It’ll end Bowles’ reign. If he stinks again next year, he should be gone, and the Bucs can find a real head coach to lead this team.

  40. Jerry Says:

    Not saying he’s completely wrong, but Beckles has always been a pessimist. I remember him being very pessimistic during the entire Super Bowl run in 2020. He picked GB and KC to beat the Bucs if I remember right.

  41. Marine Buc Says:

    @ TBBF

    Agreed. Even if we trade away those players we wouldn’t get much for them except for Wirfs, Godwin, Winfield and Davis.

    But then we have to replace them.

    We also don’t have many contracts to restructure in order to gain cap.

    So – unless Tom Brady and LVD return we are very limited this off season.

  42. Mike C Says:

    He was pessimistic about the first super bowl run, ALWAYS glass half empty

  43. Bucfan Says:

    My wife & I sat thru the 0-26 streak and the games back then were more entertaining than this past season. All the talk about Bowles NOT picking his coaching staff is a joke. THAT staff won a SB and went to the championship game the following year. Who would NOT want that staff? Bowles IS the problem!

  44. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Ian is one hundred percent correct about JTS. Jill Tryon-Sissyinka is terrible possesses zero football instincts and won’t get her fifth year option picked up.

  45. SB~LV Says:

    Those guys on the 0-26 teams played their hearts out every minute of every game!
    It’s a different game and different players, the stadium game day experience doesn’t come close. Yeah I am a grumpy old man now

  46. beano Says:

    Fire the Gannons! Says: “But if Brady leaves, and they suck, at least Lamarcus, O’Neill, TTBucs3, beano can be happy again relishing in Bucs ineptitude!”

    8-10 with Brady. We sucked THIS YEAR. Thanks for playing though!

  47. Buddha Says:

    I said from day 1, after Jensen went down that expectations were too high Now I expect expectations will be too low. We have two Pro Bowl offensive lineman, a top tier safety, above average corners, and a decent run defense and two top tier wide receivers. No reason to think we can’t expect 8-10 wins. This isn’t baseball where you can buy a World Series roster. You look at the team still alive in the playoffs, who do we you fear? The 49ers look best playing with a QB who was last pick in the draft. The Giants have crappy receivers and a poor defense. Buffalo was lucky to beat a Miami team playing a third string QB Philly had a steep decline the second half of the season and Dallas just won their first playoff game in a quarter of a cen the ury. The NFL is a parity league.

  48. geno711 Says:

    Got to agree that the Bucs will probably be bad next year.

    Hoping we are wrong.

    At least this regime wont be as bad as the Beckle years.

    333 winning percentage in 6 years. Fans more readily accepted cr*p results back then.

  49. Pewter Power Says:

    As if 2022 was special! If there is a mass exodus at least we can watch how young people develop. Nothing is as painful as watching a veteran team sh!t the bed

  50. Rayjay1122 Says:

    The “something” that happened to the Bucs was Todd Bowles.

  51. Craig Says:

    I have to agree. It could get better if the Bowles cleaner could realize that he might, almost, be either DC or HC, but he sucks as both.

    Next season will also have too many rookies thrown into the fire too soon, because there will be no better players on this team.

    I hope Trask doesn’t get doomed to become the next David Carr.

  52. Your Mom Says:

    Beckles has kinda lost me of late… he just seems angry at everybody.

    And a lot of people who felt the coaching was awful DO know football, Ian.

  53. Please Says:

    Ya know — I was as disappointed as everyone about this season – it felt like it was going to be “the correction” to last season’s bow out to the Rams (instead 2022 was “the continuation”.)

    But if 2023 is officially “the back to days of post-2002 yore” season, man i loved every minute of 2020 & 21 and sleep happier than Bills, Vikings, and Chargers fans.

  54. ClwJB Says:

    He is spot on unfortunately- we will struggle to win 6 games

    Likely a 4-5 win team with Bowles, top 5 pick in ‘24

    Maybe that is the plan and they aren’t going to say it

  55. Tye Says:

    Bracing for high percentage of losing so long as ‘Toilet’ Todd is running the show!

  56. sasquatch Says:

    Inspiring message.

  57. Lakeland Steve Says:

    This is why Bowles should be looking for a job right now with Leftwhich. The Bucs suck because of Bowles. When asked about the blown coverages after the game Bowles said there shouldn’t have been, those coverages were first day installs. In other words the easiest defense to play for the players somehow they screwed up. Just like last years playoffs with the Rams. Who is that on? The defensive coordinator and now the head coach. They should have ripped the bandaid off and fired Bowles too. It’s inevitable, he is not a head coach.

  58. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    What did Ian say that is incorrect? Calling out the players we saw off and on during the season (J. Jones) as sucking is totally correct. How many did he catch this year (<10?) yet he took a roster spot and cash. Joe Tryan' DoSomething is especially frustrating. Pass rush wide and get pushed back out of any play was his game! Every game. Logan Who is the best tag for our high draft pick. ZERO contribution his rookie year. Yeah, he's going to fit in real well. Can't anybody here evaluate player talent?

    I agree with the fans who said the grim early days (1978 for me) had players with more moxie than this bunch. Take away the T.B. effort and what do you have. A pile of Junk!

  59. Bucswin Says:

    No kidding. We can see it. He is a master of the negative. Too easy.

  60. Goatfarmer Says:

    I admire Beckles’ rant. He played the game. He knows. He saw. He tells it like it is. Except he forgot one guy.

    Toad Blowes. He is why everyone from a 13-4 team turned to suckage,

  61. ClwJB Says:

    After the fish wraps put out the teammates think he’s leaving tamp anarrative the reality sets in

    If we don’t get him back and he keeps playing, we eat 35 mil this year with no way to lessen it

    “Get ready for Gabbert” should be the off-season motto

  62. SB~LV Says:

    Beckles or anyone else in sports media or any other topical media has to be provocative to keep the listeners

  63. Beej Says:

    There’s that. We prolly gonna lose a bunch of starters to free agency too, which will make things even worse, combined with several ineffective draft picks of late. Long term successful teams ALWAYS have a fair% of their players on rookie contracts, and we aren’t in that situation

  64. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    How is he a pessimist when any real paying Buc fan knows he’s spot on ? The only person you keep is Whirfs and try and get as much as you can for Evans, Jensen, and Godwin!! They don’t deserve to play during a rebuild and Winfield got exposed along with the LB core, but people really thought Carlton Davis and Shaq are actually worth their contracts ? Have you seen the contribution besides Shaq 1 and half seasons of sacks, but totally fine with trading or releasing those two and taking the next 3 years to do a TRUE rebuild!!! I think White, Hall, Cade, Luke, and others will make the progression, but trade everyone else and get what you can. Those players helped land Tom and obviously won a SB from it, but they have no reason to keep Mike, Chris, Jensen, Shaq, Vea and others anymore !!! It’s time because Tommy isn’t coming back and had a great 2 year run and now it’s time for Jason to go spend a month with the Bolts organization to learn how to build a winner and how to stay consistent!!! Thank God for the other team that starts with a B

  65. Davenport Says:

    2023 will be a disaster. Bowles isn’t capable. The salary cap is a problem. Face it, the playoff/championship window has closed.

    – let Brady walk. Play Trask or another mid 20’s QB
    – trade Evans & Barrett, both over 30 & will be worthless in 3 years
    – release anyone over 30 with higher than average salaries
    – shoot for a top 5 pick and the easier 2024 schedule that comes with it

    Pile up picks, clear the cap and set up for a new coach in 2024.

  66. Destinjohnny Says:

    Then we have a guy who is a below average drafter picking the picks…..

  67. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    I agree with a lot here. If don’t have Brady then why spend money at all? Even with Brady it’s not like we could field a SB caliber team so just rebuild. Save money, trade who you can, get some picks and maybe a good QB but you need a coach who can develop a QB and Bowles is no where near that kind of coach. Realistically it will be a rough 2 years and maybe with cap space, trades and picks we are competitive in 3 years under a good coach. We all don’t want 5-10 years of losing seasons again.

  68. firethecannons Says:

    2023 is all about positioning for the #1 draft pick of 2024 along with a boatload of compensatory picks once we lose half this team in FA . Go Bucs! so if brady goes to another team does that qualify for a compensatory?

  69. stpetebucfan Says:

    What TBBF said in both his posts. Agree that Beccles is correct but he does come off as a whiner with NO ideas on how to fix what he pointed out.

    I might quibble with Beccles saying Brady is not the GOAT. That is incorrect and given that I’m 75 I feel certain he’ll remain the GOAT the rest of my lifetime…it would take that long for any current young star QB to put up the numbers and SB’s to dethrone him.

    So Brady will always be the GOAT! But he clearly is no longer close to being the GRN…THE Greatest Right Now! It will take a team loaded on the OL with good targets for Brady to have a chance at success. Maybe the Lions but who wants to go to Detroit. The other great teams like Philly and SF already have their QB’s.

  70. CoryC Says:

    @ stpetebucfan

    He said he’s not the GOAT anymore. He had his worst season and relied on dink and dunk, a sigh his arm strength was gone. An 8/10 team is a bad football team.

  71. Goatfarmer Says:

    There is only one idea that is a fix. Fire Bowels, a grapefruit truck driver would make a better head coach.

  72. BucU Says:


  73. Oh no here we suck again Says:

    IB is spot on. Bucs will suck for a while. Sad…that’s the price paid for SB #2. Oh well till the next one in about 20 years. Go Bucs!

  74. The Anomaly Says:

    Now I have to see that bigot Dungy on my TV screen…smdh

  75. The Anomaly Says:

    My bad joe…now I have to see that scumbag Dungy on my TV screen

  76. stpetebucfan Says:


    I get that Brady is no longer playing like the GOAT, but even after he retires he will always be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Unless you have a nominee for that spot.

    With all due respect that’s why I clarified. There is a difference between being the Greatest of ALL TIME and being the best at the position right now. Most people for example want to dump Joe Montana in the GOAT discussion or even some other retired guys. Once a GOAT always a GOAT until somebody proves better. I feel it’s going to be awhile before somebody wins 7 SB’s and puts up Brady like number.

    Again Brady is far from the greatest right now but over his entire career there really is nobody who comes close…not even Joe Montana.

  77. mark2001 Says:

    He is probably right about this team. Wish he wasn’t. But they are a team on the decline, not a team on the rise, like North Carolina. If the truth hurts, sorry. But the sooner we deal with reality, the less venom and anger.

  78. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    We’re looking at a historically bad football team. Bucs might not win a game next year – or over the next two years. Glazers don’t care about winning. They care more about DEI.

  79. The Anomaly Says:

    Next year is going to be a joke.

    They have a coach we all know we be fired at the end of next season

    What coach would sign up for that stupidity?

  80. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Anomaly I’m not so sure. We might be stuck with Bowles for more than that.

    We’re doomed. We are going to be the laughing stock of the league.

  81. Goatfarmer Says:

    At least we have Trask to save us.


  82. Mike Johnson Says:

    Beck is spot on. Brady sucked all yr. Yet left which takes the hit.

  83. Kidfloflo Says:

    Ian played during the Perkins 3 a days, when Ray thought a sip of water was a reward! He knows the sport and offensive line play better than any ham and egger on this site, so I respect his takes…and he has love for the Bucs when it’s warranted