“He Sounded Like A Person Saying Goodbye For Good”

January 21st, 2023

Teammates have a hunch.

No one seems to know what Tom Brady will do in less than two months when the free agency dinner bell rings. But a couple of anonymous Bucs players seem to know.

Speaking off the record to NFL uber insider Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, two Bucs players say the way Brady acted in the final days of the season and the way he spoke with his teammates gave off the vibe that, outside of future work responsibilities, he’s seen the last of The Licht House.

One said, “I’d be surprised if he’s back.”

Another opined, “He sounded like a person saying goodbye for good.”

Of course, that is just guesswork but Joe has to wonder how the jettisoning of failed Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and Clyde Christensen factors in. Joe has no idea what Brady’s relationship with Leftwich is — Rapoport claims the two were bros — but Joe always saw Brady talking with Christensen and often when the two walked off the practice field together their conversations were animated, usually jovial.

Does Brady really want to learn a brand-new offense? At least with Las Vegas he has a background with Josh McDaniels so it wouldn’t be foreign.

Joe would lay cash, of forced to wager, that Brady ends up in Miami. They have the weapons, the location and the means to lure Mr. Seven Rings.

Joe doesn’t think the Dolphins would blink an eye and throw Tua, a walking concussion waiting to happen in the final year of his contract, into Biscayne Bay to land the final piece of their Super Bowl run puzzle.

178 Responses to ““He Sounded Like A Person Saying Goodbye For Good””

  1. Chris Stewart Says:

    Move on, not so much for next year, but for the next 5 years.

  2. Your Mom Says:

    I can see him saying goodbye simply because he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to miss the opportunity.

    Miami might be smart to keep Tua through the year and see how his concussion recovery goes… there would be signs. They could use him in wildcats. It would kinda make sense to let him rest the year while Brady comes in.

  3. Your Mom Says:

    He could still have the same offense if they promote Thad Lewis or someone already in the offensive offense staff.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brady is not predictable…..he may have been thinking at the time “I’m outta here” but a week later……”I’ll give it another shot.”

    We will see.

  5. darengibo Says:

    Being a Buc fan since ’77 (Yikes I am old!), I can sincerely say this has been an awesome 3 years of fun and when TB12 came here, my hope was a championship…

    I thought it would come in year 2 or 3, so it’s all good! Thanks Tom!

  6. SB~LV Says:

    Thanks Tom for everything!
    Run Tommy run !

  7. Walter Says:

    I’m actually interested in seeing what kind of direction the team decides to take offensively. I’m hoping for a more athletic QB and bringing in some new blood on the offensive line to try and revitalize the running game.

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…I’m with you…if he plays he stays.

  9. Kentucky Buc Says:

    People tend to forget that Brady’s issues in NE other than BB lowballing him was that he didn’t have a voice in the offense and gameplan. McDaniels would ask what he thought then ignore it. This keeps conveniently get glossed over in the Brady to LV narrative. I doubt Brady has forgotten. I’m with Joe. Miami is lethal with Brady at QB with all that speed. Also look for Gronk to join him. If they can retain Giseke or however you spell his name look out. Loaded at receiver. Loaded at TE(with Gronk). Dammmm

  10. The Anomaly Says:

    Tom is gone after this years crap show

    No way he trusts Bowels…no way

  11. Goatfarmer Says:

    I’m exhausted from the drama.

    One thing is clear, Brady at QB can’t and won’t overcome the stank and stench of festering loser head coach Toad Blowes. Neither will anyone else. Toad has managed to ruin all three phases — a talent laden offense that showed a historically bad drop off in production and entertainment value, special teams that can’t even get on or off the short bus, and a defense that saves its worst play for crunch time and knows how to blow an assignment better than a professional that blows for a living.

    Toad Blowes. Take note Glazers — laughing stock is now your stock.

  12. Beej Says:

    At this point, I have to agree that if he plays anywhere it’s Miami. Only team that meets the prerequisites. We can knock his cap hit down to $10 million, call it quits. We certainly wouldn’t see him on the post season

  13. Kentucky Buc Says:

    The rumor is also out there that Bowles wasn’t interested when Gronk wanted to return around Thanksgiving. If that’s true Brady would’ve been pissed. You know they talked before Gronk made that call.

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Goatfarmer….the Bucs have historically sucked for the most part.

    So what if they’re headed back in that direction they’ve always sucked anyways.

    Or don’t you know that?

    A good book for you to read would be :”The Yucks:Two Years in Tampa with the Losingest team in NFL History.”

    Yes it’s a real book….we’ve always sucked.

  15. Marine Buc Says:

    If Brady leaves we are in serious salary cap hell…

    $35M will hit against our cap if he retires or plays for another team.

    J. Jones
    A. Hicks

    If these players all retire or leave – we are at minus $53M or so…

    It would definitely trigger a rebuild if all these players retire or play elsewhere.

  16. beano Says:

    Joe is the best there is at grasping at straws.

  17. Goatfarmer Says:

    1987 — I’ve been tortured since 1976. Was in Tampa Stadium for the first home victory ever against the Cardinals in 1977. Was in Tampa Stadium for the heartbreaking 9-0 loss to LA.

    It seems your tone is almost one of a lecturer. Not sure what your point was, but take it easy and prepare for another futile losing stretch.


    2009 – 2019

    Toad Blowes. Thanks.

  18. Marine Buc Says:

    And for those of you who say”the cap isn’t real” and “we can just restructure other contracts”…

    Not true.

    We have 5-6 contracts we are able to restructure.

    The Bucs won’t get more than $40-$45M from those restructures.

    We have 26 free agents. We have 6 draft picks rounds 1-6… We have 3 picks in round 7.

    If everyone leaves (Brady, LVD, Jones, Hicks) – there is zero chance of a “reload”.

  19. I’m not tired anymore we just won the Super Bowl!! Says:

    Unless they are about to trade for Carr? I still want Brady back though but he might have already made his mind up on us and the Bucs know. Go Bucs!

  20. Goatfarmer Says:

    CArr will be cut. It would be stupid to trade for him because you’re also trading for a contract he isn’t worth.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    “Take note Glazers — laughing stock is now your stock.”

    My point is the Glazers know the history of the team sucking….I don’ think they care.

  22. ViSyl Says:

    If 49ers get out of his dream with their new qb, he could go to them and rule for the next 3 years. He won’t lose this chance if they call him. 49ers have a great great team.

  23. Buc4evr Says:

    The only way Brady could play for the Bucs is on an electric mobility scooter. Our OLine can’t protect him and he knows it. Thanks for everything TB12, time to move on.

  24. SB~LV Says:

    I am more concerned with the other TB staying … freaking out that he still has his parking spot!

  25. DBS Says:

    With Bowles as Bcc you have seen what this team is going to look like. No need for Brady to come back. It will suck just as bad without him.

  26. Canuck Buc Says:

    1. It was certainly an appropriate end of a season. But end of a team? Career?
    2. Challenges? An 8th is one. But teaching his and all kids how to be a good loser is an even bigger one. Bucs could help with that!
    3. More optimistically teach how to pick up dust off start over — then #8. WOW

  27. DungyDance Says:

    Dolphins GM 5 days ago – “Tua Tagovailoa is our starting quarterback. I don’t know if I can say that anymore clearly.”

    He could have said “Tua is an exceptional leader and a valuable part of our…” blah blah blah, but he didn’t. His statement was much bolder than just “saying the right things.” I’d take Joe’s bet. Despite the distance, and despite a very tough schedule. Vegas looks more likely.

  28. Goatfarmer Says:

    1987 — unfortunately I care. I suspect the Glazer sons do too. The Brady move was all about winning. Winning makes money, Brady also makes money. Mostly by winning. Brady’s powerful. Brady doesn’t want to lose. Losing is bad for money. Brady will leave, the Glazers will give Toad Blowes one more season and then hire a real head coach. Because losing is bad business.

  29. ReksTo Says:


  30. Buc1987 Says:

    Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano, Lovie, and now Bowles shows me they don’t care.

  31. Allbuccedup Says:

    Well Joe if he came back here he would have to learn and total new offense. Vegas is probably the only familiar offense left.

  32. Greg Says:

    He will be with Gronk playing for the Titans next season. Vrabel and it’s between NYC and Miami for the kids. Good receivers, great RB and defense. Easy decision for him.

  33. Destinjohnny Says:

    What qb wants to play behind the worst line in football
    It’s the biggest feat of his career that we were able to win 5 games

  34. lambchop Says:

    If he doesn’t want to learn a new offense, why would he go to Miami?

    Bring in Bill O’ Brien or anyone in that Belicheat coaching tree and things get a lot more interesting.

  35. sasquatch Says:

    It’s time to draft a QB and build around him. We still have plenty of tools and if Todd hires the right OC and QB coaches, we could be okay.

    Still don’t think Trask is the answer.

  36. lambchop Says:


    Worst line? We had 3 new guys on the line. Next year will be different if the starters are healthy and remain healthy.

  37. nwbucsfan Says:

    lol I can’t wait to see the offense without Tom Brady next year. A Todd Bowels hand-picked offensive staff and quarterback sound super exciting.

  38. lambchop Says:


    My biggest problem with starting with a rookie QB is we have players with a limited window. We are still in win now mode, granted we handle free agency right.

    The Bucs have never shown the smarts to draft the right QB or groom him.

    Screw rookie QBs. The other teams have all the luck with rookie QBs as of late, except us and a few others.

  39. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    Brady and Dolphins would be crazy not to pair up. I say it’s most likely outcome at 55%. Bucs have a chance but that works only if there are major changes and cap space is workable at 15%. I think Vegas is too far with family concerns at 10%. Retirement is 10%. Some other team is 10% (titans or jets).

    I would love Brady back with the right offense but cap is a killer and need the right OC and staff. I would prefer him at Miami over retirement or another team but AFC is tougher than NFC.

    Regardless, I’m grateful for Brady being a Buccaneer for 3 years. Wish him the best. As for Bucs let’s hope we get competitive in 3 years and not a decade.

  40. Destinjohnny Says:

    Our last two first round picks are marginal
    Robert and Luke both will be lucky to be career backups
    We draft correctly with those picks
    We still playing

  41. Destinjohnny Says:

    This just In, you give any qb the worst line in football.
    They won’t win . It seems weird to even have to explain that but I am having to.

  42. BashingBucs2520 Says:

    Why is Bowles the problem? The Glazers are horrible owners and not just with the Bucs. Look at Man U. Maybe they’ll package both teams and sell. Not sports people, they don’t have passion. Simply sit on teams like real estate.

  43. NEfan Says:

    Kentucky, you were almost right, it wasn’t McDaniels that gave Brady it was Belichick in 2019. Belichick wasn’t going to resign him or if he did it was at a closeout price. Belichick makes $25M, he doesn’t believe any player should make more than him. His greed cost him dearly because after this season Kraft put him on the watch list. Brady’s not coming back to Tampa as long as Bowles is HC, he didn’t value Brady’s input either. It must be that both coaches were in the Parcells system.

  44. alton d green Says:

    Goatfarmer…….Here is Tommy Boy; “winning is not the most important thing, it’s the ONLY thing” (Coach Lombardi 60s Packers coach) Here’s Bowles………………………………………………………… There is only 2 things that would have to happen to make Tom stay in Tampa. HELL FREEZING OVER and Cackling Caramel Harris fixing the southern border. Actually fixing ANYTHING

  45. NEfan Says:

    Alton, who???

  46. SB~LV Says:

    Is the head dead yet?

  47. stpetebucfan Says:

    LMAO 2 years after a SB…3 years in a row in the playoff, fair weather fans are ready to toss the baby out with the bathwater. Licht has done an excellent job.
    He found BA and Brady and he’s not going to let Bowles torpedo the culture.
    Bowles will be on an incredibly short leash next year as Licht will have ALL the leverage and Bowles will have NONE.

    Meanwhile can we stop with the Gronkowki return. Only if all those concussions left him brain damaged. I like him so I say that without any snark just a true concern for his health. He claimed he had 20 concussions…5 of them total knockouts just while he played for New England. Don’t know if he added any here but 20 should be enough!!! He’s freaking worth 50 MILLION $$$ AS of the start of this year and he is an absolute LOCK for the HOF.

    Brady can keep playing and take the risk of a random hit ruining his retirement the ability to recognize his grandkids because it is “random”. For Gronk blocking guys 30-50lbs heavier than him, takng shots from nasty safeties as he goes over the middle there is little doubt his nogging would take a beating.

    Brady is addicted to the game and still has a lively arm even if he lacks mobility and now has “happy feet” in the pocket. The risk at QB is far less than TE.

    People look at the Cheetah and think oh Brady’s got to love that but what Brady will consider is Miami’s OL ranked 24th in the NFL last season. The Bucs were ranked 5-10th depending on who played..especially Jensen.

    The Dolphins are NOT the answer to Brady’s prayers. The Detroit Lions have a top rated OL and are clearly on the move in their division. If Brady wants to win he’d be better off going to the Lions and a weak NFC Central.

  48. Kentucky Buc Says:

    NEfan. Yep it was BB. It was also McDaniels not listening to Brady’s input in regards to gameplanning. The whole coaching staff , McDaniels included were putting it out there that they could take any decent QB and have the same success. Started to think the success was because of them.

  49. gp Says:

    Detroit eh?
    Hadn’t heard that one before.
    Makes as much sense as any other though.
    More than Vegas IMO.

    My take, FWIW 50% retirement, 50% divided amongst all other options.

  50. gp Says:

    As for his replacement here….
    A Bowles run team will not attract any quality free agents unless very highly paid.
    Obviously, my optimism isn’t high for the next year.
    Always hope for any given Sunday though.

  51. Redeemer Says:

    Brady didn’t want to leave the Patriots. The owner chose Belichick, stupidly. He wanted the drew Brees deal, two and 50. Bill didn’t think he was worth it anymore. If he plays next season, I seriously doubt it’s here.

    stpete, don’t know where you get your info. The bucs line ranked near the bottom in both pass and run block win rate. Jensen played in one game. Miami or SF is Brady’s best options if he wants to play and they want him. I think a lot depends on if the 9ers make the Superbowl. The players, system and play caller are so elite, just about any serviceable QB can succeed. They also have a wrecking crew of a defense. Miami maybe his only option. I wouldn’t go to Vegas. The defense is bad, and you have Mahomes in division

  52. Anonymous Says:

    @Goar Farmer

    Man you’re just on Fire today GOAT!

  53. SufferingSince76 Says:

    So funny that some of you prognosticators would fit right in with today’s sports writers, throwing anything against the wall to see if it will stick.

  54. D-Rok Says:


    You raise some good and valid points.

    Had not given any thought of Brady to Lions, but now giving it a few moments, it sorta makes sense, mostly because of their O-line, and having an actual coach in the building. The Lions would need to add a few pieces on O though – maybe a few stud WR’s.

    As for Gronk, agree that he stay retired for his future health. BUT, to see Brady and Gronk again on same team would be this fan’s dream. Those 2 together were dynamite.

    Last, I hope you’re right about Bowels being on a short leash next year.

  55. Redeemer Says:

    D-Rok, really Dan Campbell?

  56. Brian Says:

    If Brady leaves we are screwed

  57. NEfan Says:

    I mentioned the Lions awhile back, Goff thinks the sun shines up his arse and Campbell is exactly the kind of coach Brady wants, a hard working players coach. Brady has a far better record playing in domes.

    SB~LV, woke up, I meant wake up. (Or did I?)

  58. Brian Says:

    Move on to who! Ass clown

  59. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The Lions are quite happy with Goff, and have a ton of high draft picks if they wanted another QB.
    Yes, Brady said goodbye, at his last press conference.
    He thanked the media and everyone for being so good to him, in his time here.
    Brady is Gone, forever from Tampa.
    He very well might play another year, but it will not be here in Tampa.

  60. NEfan Says:

    Bucs could of had Doug Peterson!!! Thanks BA!!!

  61. Bucs since 76 Says:

    Todd Bowles is trash as a head coach. Plenty of coaches get fired and get a job as head coach on another team. Bowles had zero chance of getting another head coaching job after the Jets if BA hadn’t forced the Bucs to hire him. No quality OC will come here unless the Glazers over pay for them.

  62. Beeej Says:

    “Goatfarmer Says:
    January 21st, 2023 at 12:51 pm
    1987 — I’ve been tortured since 1976. Was in Tampa Stadium for the first home victory ever against the Cardinals in 1977. Was in Tampa Stadium for the heartbreaking 9-0 loss to LA.”

    I was at that game (drizzled the whole time, IIRC) kept waiting for something to happen….it never did

  63. bob Says:

    thanks tb12

  64. Redeemer Says:

    NE, I think you’ve lost it. Meathead in chief Dan Campbell?

  65. Elita Vita Says:

    …And what will be of Bruce Arians? After all, he certainly wanted to do all he could for his favorites Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich. Has he accomplished all he could for them yet? If so will he still stick around? I for one wish he does!

  66. D-Rok Says:


    Yep, meathead Campbell. I get you. BUT, are you really gonna say you would prefer Bowels (misspelling intentional) over Campbell? That guy had the Lions fired up all year = A COACH. C’mon man!

  67. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    This Joe is a smart man! Nostradamus has little on Joe in his forecasts.

  68. BucsFan81 Says:

    Honestly the rebuild just needs to happen. Spend the next 3 years fixing the cap and drafting young players. We should be trading anyone over 30 worth value when free agency starts to get draft picks.

  69. adam from ny Says:

    oh he’s gone…no question…

    unless nobody wants him and he does an about face back to the bucs…

    otherwise he’s already left…


  70. D-Rok Says:

    PS: In Brady’s presser, I got the distinct impression he WAS saying goodbye, and thanking the local media.

    Joe, was that YOUR impression? What does your “gut” tell you since you are in the room with him??

  71. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Here’s my prediction, whether Brady returns or not: ???,???

    I’m covering all the bases, I can’t be wrong, lol

  72. Old School Bucs Says:

    Here is my Brady report for today.

    I was driving by the stadium today. An electrician, Let’s call him ANONYMOUS, who was fixing a light above Brady’s locker, the day after the game, said Brady came in to get some things from his locker,
    was on the phone talking to his plumber and over heard him say that he was clearing out his locker and will be home when he is done. The electrician said it sounded like he was cleaning out his locker for the last time. ANONYMOUS heard him say he is going to Miami, and he will be with his kids. So he believes Miami, even though the entire Miami organization says Tua is their QB next year. So there you have it folks, Brady is going to be Miami QB next year.

    OLD SCHOOL reporting semi Live from the stadium!!!

  73. Bucanero Says:

    So we ridin’ Carr next year? Are we on the market for QB or not? Obviously waiting for TB12 to make it official before any moves. Bucs can still win the South and be in the playoffs. I would like to think some kind of winning culture is inherited from the Brady years. Back to Bucs life as usual sucks… On the upside, I wouldn’t care so much about the team, watch a few games per season and probably get more stuff done in my life. Anyway, I’m grateful to TB12 and BA for making the pandemic years oddly joyful.

  74. D-Rok Says:

    LOL, Old Skool Bucs. Clever and imaginative, and not too short on hyperbole nor prognostication. Good stuff!

  75. Tye Says:

    @ TB12 – Thanks for the Super Bowl trophy, The NFCS crown, the experience of being an exciting winning team for 2 years and for giving us a couple of years break from the Dark Depressing years!

  76. Tye Says:

    A lot of crappy HC in Bucs history to only have 2 quality HC in Gruden and Arians!

    Hope the Bucs don’t go another couple decades to find the next Winning HC!

  77. Hondo Says:

    There is no chance Brady stays if BOWLES is the coach. Bowles is a C- coach and Brady not into failure. I see Brady and Gronk in SF next season.

  78. Redeemer Says:

    D-Rok, hari-kari either way.

  79. HC Grover Says:

    Brady is going on TV. We will have Bowels and his blunders to kick around during the new season of doom. Do not be surprised if Gabby is his designated loser QB.

  80. SB~LV Says:

    If you don’t see the advantage of a highly mobile QB you are blind!
    It is so much more of an advantage to have that option to extend the play a set up YOUR throwing lanes

  81. Go Bucs Go Says:

    Pat Mahomes out after a TD & FG.
    Such is the risk of QBs who are mobile.
    Lamar, Jalen, now Pat…

    Brady knows a thing or two about the subject.

    Go Bucs!

  82. MadMax Says:

    Brady wont succeed here…we dont have the oline, hes too slow and we just dont have the talent…i wish him well, thanks for the SB Mr GOAT Brady! With the right oline, he might have 1 more good year left.

  83. BucU Says:

    You see the difference in play calling watching the Jags game? They play with fire and enthusiasm.
    I despise Todd Bowles led teams. He’s a failure and will continue to be.

  84. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ BucU

    They’re a young team with a mobile QB….huge difference compared to an old immobile QB was average speed on offense and now the defense is looking old too…..

    There is a huge difference……but all Bucs fans knew this all season long…..so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone

  85. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Brady is gone


  86. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Licht was about to be run out of town.. and nothing much has really changed.

    His draft picks are marginal, and the coaching staff is less than that. One telling part of the Eisen segment was the indication that TB12 wasn’t happy with the way the team was being coached/ operated, which is actually pretty obvious. I’ll defer to the GOAT on that subject. It sure is what it looked like.

  87. D-Rok Says:

    No problem bro Redeemer. Just give some thought to Bowels vs. Campbell. Do you want, as your head coach, a fiery guy or a stoic dullard who shows NO EMOTION and has no capacity to inspire his guys?

    I’ll leave you to ponder that, bro.

    PS: Either way, much love. We are mostly on the same page, LOL.

  88. NEfan Says:

    Was that Evan’s playing for the Jags #13 dropped the bomb right in his hands?

    Anthem, the difference is not the QB, Lawrence isn’t doing anything special it’s the HC. The guy the Bucs could have had if not for BA.

  89. NEfan Says:

    I almost forgot Jags have a pretty good running game.

  90. D-Rok Says:


    With Mahomies hurt, this should be a good game. Of all the teams left in the tournament to win it all, I’m rooting for a team who hasn’t won a SB yet: Jags and Bengals.

    For some inexplicable reason, I’m rooting for the Jags, although I’d be happy if Burrow got his.

  91. Faspro Says:

    You gotta give credit to the GOAT for the SB win, but it’s time to move on.

  92. D-Rok Says:

    Pederson is a COACH. Look what he did this year!!!! COY.

  93. dbbuc711 Says:

    Kind of surprising to me that there has been nothing about any interviews happening or being set up.

  94. Bradyfan Says:

    I watched in the current episodes and Todd Bowles cannot motivate and has the personality of a brick wall. Tbh I got less inspired after hearing him give a speech. He needs to go.

  95. Eric Says:

    the raiders have some weapons and no QB. And Tom’s old OC.

    Miami would be crazy to jettison Tua. He played great this year. And their offense is built for a mobile QB.

    We just have to rebuild. But we knew this day would come. Still sad though, like when your old dog passes away.

  96. stpetebucfan Says:


    I stand corrected. The rankings I posted were for the “opinions” of all the experts at the start of the year before Ryan Jensen went down, Donavan struggled all year after an early injury and even the stud Wirfs played hurt in too many games.

    But even with all of that the Bucs finished as the 7th best pass blocking team, the Dolphins not as bad as forecast finished 14th. And of course that’s just passing if somebody wants to point out the bad run blocking..,perhaps scheme…whatever the Bucs did not run block nearly as well as they pass blocked.

    So even with all the injuries and offseason turnover the Buc OL did a decent job of protecting TB12. The Dolphins finished seven spots lower with an incredibly mobile QB. Do we think the Dolphin OL would fare as well with a statue with happy feet to protect?

    Whatever thanks for the correction Redeemer and I certainly take your point.

    BTW I could link to those stats but that triggers an automatic timeout since Joe has to protect himself legally. I can just say they came from the official NFL site.

  97. mg Says:

    c’est la vie

  98. Redeemer Says:

    Brother D-Rok, Campbell. I guess. I want a hot shot assistant. One of these new innovative play callers. The league is going that way. Bowles is a dinosaur comparatively speaking. I’m gonna have to be dragged into the new NFL. Been day drinking since the loss.

  99. SB~LV Says:

    The game and the finesse style of this supreme athletes is getting faster with more finesse, the new rules are shaping the game that way.

  100. Old School Bucs Says:

    FLASH REPORT:. Just in Brady heading to Jacksonville according to a guy I saw at the 7-11 near the stadium. The guy said He just came back from Jacksonville about 30 minutes ago. He said his cousin knows someone in the JAX head office. His source said the JAX head office loves Brady and after Trevor’ s four pics last week they want Brady!

  101. Redeemer Says:

    stpete, I got ya. Biggest problem IMO was the inability to run. You can’t ask a 45 year old to drop back 40+ times a game. Not with this group anyway. I’m still so upset about the loss. Still think a good TE would’ve changed their fate. They couldn’t stretch the middle. That condensed everything. All tight windows and sideways passes. The offense was hamstrung from jump street.

  102. DBS Says:

    Bowles. I hope you are totally embarrassed. How many people are watching these playoffs and thinking to themselves. They are all competitive so far and the only team BLOWN OUT were the BUCS. What a disgrace you turned this team into in 1 year!!

  103. Redeemer Says:

    stpete, I got ya. Biggest problem was their inability to run. You can’t ask a 45 year old to win games.

  104. Redeemer Says:

    Old school, just in….. Brady returns to New England, Belichick fired, Mayo new HC. My sister-in-laws brothers cousins boyfriend has it on authority. You’re sources are misinformed. Bill Parcells returning to coach Tampa. Belichick as DC and Josh McDaniels OC. New Tampa QB Philip rivers

  105. SB~LV Says:

    It is so enjoyable watching good football!

  106. Old School Bucs Says:

    Redeemer, 😂😭🤣😂😭🤣😂😭🤣🤣😂🤣🤣. My bad.

  107. D-Rok Says:

    I love you guys – you make heartbreak seem like a 3rd-grade crush. Love all the comments.

    Redeemer, shut your filthy mouth with your Fillie Rivers crap. He’s on a beach in Cabo, I reckon. LOL!!!!

    Huzzah! (That’s Russian for “hooray!”)

  108. Bradyfan Says:

    What would the bucs have been like if we had mike mcdaniel, sean mcvay, kyle shanahan instead of 1st down hb dive Byron. I play as tampa on madden and I don’t run the hb dive on first down anymore because it reminds me of Byron’s awful playcalling.

  109. NEfan Says:

    Is Bowles calling the Jags defensive plays?

  110. D-Rok Says:

    LOL, BradyFan. I’ll bet you have good success because you DON’T run 32 dives on 1st down, right?


  111. NEfan Says:

    D-Rok did the Bill’s win a SB? They were in four that I know of but never won one.

  112. NEfan Says:

    Bradyfan, you could have had Peterson but BA shoved Turd Bowels up your arse.

  113. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Objectively speaking, Miami checks all the same boxes the Bucs did in 2020, with the added opportunity to rub Belicheat’s nose in it twice. If he plays next season, which he will if he believes he can still perform at an elite level, it will be as a Dolphin. The Bucs are headed for disaster, Bowles will be gone after the season, and the rebuild will begin.

  114. D-Rok Says:


    The Bills were in 4 straight SuperBowls. Frickin’ amazing, right? They lost all 4, in a row. I remember those games.

  115. gp Says:

    Nice to see you back.
    I’ve been missing your posts and writing style.
    Hope all is well.

    A point to add to your post.
    When looking at the O-line ratings, some consideration has to be given to the QB behind them. They are rated as high as they are on pass pro because of the play of TB. He routinely (through the years) made below average O-lines look average, made average O-lines look good and above average O-lines look great.
    The running game is a little more indicative of how well they played this year.

  116. Vancouver Buc Says:

    Brady has said a few times that what he says to the press os 80% BS…I’m not reading into anything he said at his last post game comments.

  117. D-Rok Says:

    Good stuff, gp. Agree. Our O-line was horrific this year. Yes, I said, horrific.

  118. mark2001 Says:

    I wish he would. But why would he come back? His love for Todd Bowles?

  119. Nick2 Says:

    Worst case scenario Brady leaves and Bowles gets a pass for 2023 because he has no established QB. How did Bowles survive?? The guy plays not to lose and yet that’s all he’s done with now 2 different teams!!

  120. NEfan Says:

    Nick, 3 he was interim coach at Miami and lost there as well.

  121. mark2001 Says:

    I think he wants a clean start, given the horrible year he had personally and on the field with this inept team. So why in the world would he come back here? He will either go elsewhere or retire. I don’t doubt that in the least. Frankly, thinking he will be back here with this team is pretty silly.

  122. gp Says:

    That’s worse than I’d like to imagine.
    In my opinion, he’s already used up his free pass.

  123. mark2001 Says:

    All I can say is that Bowles and Licht are from this day forward, tied to the hip regarding their futures. If we have a rotten season, they will both be out of here.

  124. Kentucky Buc Says:

    D-Rok. Phil Rivers is working 3 jobs to support those 13 kids of his.

  125. D-Rok Says:

    Only 13, Kentucky? I have heard 16. LOL!

  126. Kentucky Buc Says:


  127. Rod Munch Says:

    Should have traded Brady after the Steelers game. It was obvious that the two idiots leading this team were losers and it was a lost year, unless they somehow forced Arians back onto the sidelines.

    Also, do you any you idiots actually think Miami wouldn’t haven’t gladly gave up at least a 1st for Brady, probably thrown in Tua as well. Had they done so, they’d be the SB favorites right now instead of sitting at home.

  128. beano Says:

    sasquatch Says: “Still don’t think Trask is the answer.”


  129. NEfan Says:

    beanblo, I’ll say it again, if the team didn’t believe he was 3rd string why was he third string? Or why wasn’t he backup to Brady?

    I hope Toilet Bowl is watching because the Jags/KC another good game and ALL the playoff games have been competitive EXCEPT his unprepared Bucs. Even Seattle had SF at the half.

  130. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Word is Las Vegas.

  131. Redeemer Says:

    D-Rok, blahhahhhahh. Thanks for the laugh my brother. I’ve been in a state of melancholy that Abe Lincoln himself would’ve wish for.

    Rod, may I suggest some antidepressants and a load of Valium. You aren’t thinking clearly my friend. Love you.

  132. LastDance Says:

    NE… note how Andy Reid could scheme open ANYONE… Didn’t even need Mahomes to extend the lead. Would bet $100 straight up they would have won even if Mahomes hadn’t returned simply because of Reids genius play calling…. Note I did not say archaic vanilla playcalling. FOOk this current and former coaching staff for ruining our year

  133. Redeemer Says:

    Vegas has the TE, Z and the X. I guess creepy haircut will stop at nothing to bring Brady in. Al’s son may actually pay Brady too. Money always talks. Lord knows he’s got a pile of it. Tremendous facilities out there too. Ive talked myself into it. Brady to Vegas.

  134. LastDance Says:

    Bradyfan… NE… and all good minded football friends… Lets meet up on the Dolphins/Raiders/49ers boards next year… or wherever TB12 lands… if he retires I will probably drink too much and shed a few tears and not watch football for a few years. As a player fan, I dont have anyone who can fill the void… It will take a while. took me 4 years after Barry Sanders (and let me tell you that following the Lions was NOT fun!) retired to follow Brady…

  135. LastDance Says:

    Hey Redeemer… think about it. Miami seems to fit the bill, but a new offense. 49ers fit the bill but unless Purdy lays a rotten egg that’s done… LV he knows that offense as well as McDaniels does… Playmakers… sounds like fun. And I would bet my car that Gronk will sign on the play in VEGAS! It doesn’t even matter if they win it all. I just want to enjoy him playing good, fun football again. This coaching staff ruined my taste for football

  136. NEfan Says:

    LastDance, Jags play calling was really good to. If not for two end.game turnovers KC had their hands full. Oh, how was the Jags return game? Someone pays attention to ST’s.

  137. LastDance Says:

    NE. agreed. He’s a great coach. Too bad management preferred Bowels and its output… sh!te

  138. Kentucky Buc Says:

    I don’t believe Brady and McDaniels are as tight as some people think. McDaniels gave him the BB treatment his last year in NE. That’s the Byron Bowles treatment not Bill Belichek . My opinion. Maybe I’m wrong. We will see. If you think Miami wouldn’t dump Tua for a chance at a Super Bowl your crazy. Tua has been injury prone all the way back to college. These little QBS like him and Murray aren’t going to last. Guys are too fast and too big in this league.

  139. LastDance Says:

    Belichick is quoted as saying the most important ability is availability. And Brady doesn’t miss games. Too needs to take care of his body and retire. I actually like him but he will suffer later if he keeps trying to play. He is a concussion or 2 away from serious brain injury

  140. Bradyfan Says:

    @D-Rok Honestly online madden players can playcall better than Lefty and I’m dead serious.
    @NE Yeah I’d take Doug Pederson all day.
    @LastDance The genius coaches make average, bad players look like superstars. Kyle shanahan took matty ice cold choke artist to the superbowl and year in year out his teams a contender with freakin jimmy g (he’s about as good as blaine gabbert) and now brock purdy. Played in like 3-5 nfc championships games in the last 8 years. Beat aaron rodgers twice with jimmy g. In the 05 Pats superbowl, Belichick had randall gay (4th string), some guy named earthwind moreland who was signed from the practice squad like a week before the superbowl, asante samuel who was like a 2nd or 4th year player (3rd string), not a pro bowler at this point, and freakin troy brown who was a wide receiver playing the slot the whole game against donovan mcnabb, terrell owens, brian westbrook with a loaded eagles team (on defense too) with andy reid calling the plays.

  141. 97 bucBaby Says:

    Mike Evans and Shaq Mason

  142. LastDance Says:

    Brady.. .yep… man Ive followed Brady for 22 years and DAMMM but Ive never had to deal with sh!tty coaching. It makes a monumental difference. I still think TB12 is 85-90% of his best, going forward without the emotional turmoil going on and a healed finger/shoulder. I genuinely believe his power to elevate the team was crushed by Bowels. He wants to clear his name after this shirtshow and have at least one last year of FUN. Not the death march that is BowelsBucs

  143. Bradyfan Says:

    I haven’t seen Todd Bowles wow me with a gameplan outside of that 2020 superbowl which I believe had more to do with KC’s Oline injuries and how JPP, Suh, Shaq, White, Vea were playing. The best coaches can come out victorious even if their teams are depleted from injury or talent and are underdogs.

  144. Rod Munch Says:

    Literally the only good thing about Brady leaving is all the clam chowder eating yankee trash that will follow him out the door.

  145. LastDance Says:

    Funny. When Mahomes or Burrow or Allen etc struggle with crappy OLine play, no one crushes them. When its Brady, it is all thrown on him. He has been so good for so long that if his team doesn’t make it to the Championship game or super bowl he has failed. Not the team but Brady. Its unfair but a good reminder that only the Greatest are saddled with such superhuman expectations

  146. LastDance Says:

    Hope that’s not a shot at me Rob… Im from Tennessee

  147. LastDance Says:

    That not a brag. I hate Tennessee and FL.

  148. NEfan Says:

    Watching the Giants/Philly, I can see Brady playing for Dabol. His son lives in NY. Jones SUCKS!!!

  149. Bradyfan Says:

    @LastDance I definitely think Brady going to Miami makes them a contender. At LV, he’ll probably make the playoffs but won’t get to the Superbowl. Tyreek and Waddle is his type of receiver, twitchy, short YAC receivers. With their speed and his 2.5 second release, he won’t get touched and their Oline is decent too. The defense has pieces. Also the Bills and Josh Allen are overrated. I think they would be able to beat the jets and pats easily tbh.

  150. D-Rok Says:

    Good comments bros – keep it coming.

    In the words of Ice T, Power album:

    I’m your pusher
    I know you’re lovin’ this drugs as it’s comin’ out your speaker
    Bass thru the bottons, highs thru the tweeters
    But this base you don’t need a pipe
    Just a tempo to keep your hype
    Groovin’ like I see you doin’,
    I’m your Bucs pusher, sucka.

  151. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Miami also has Giseki. A damn good tight end. Although his contract might be up. If Gronk goes with Brady which I fully expect. That’s the top TE tandem in the league

  152. beano Says:


    I’ll explain it again for you (are all Massholes as dense as you?).

    Gabbert was #2 because Brady was #1, and Brady wanted a veteran as backup, and what Brady wanted Brady got (see Bahamas vacation during training camp). When Trask was drated the plan was for him to sit 2 seasons and learn. And that’s what happened. The plan was never to let him compete for the #2 job, because Brady did not want a rookie as backup.

    As Bucs QB Coach Christensen said on May 10, 2022, before camp even opened:

    “I don’t see him [Trask] competing with Gabbert. He could do it but all the odds are stacked against you. It is hard enough to get enough Gabbert reps. We will prepare Gabbert as No. 2.”

    There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth: there was to be no competition for the #2 spot; the spot was Gabbert’s.

  153. Kentucky Buc Says:

    D-Rok. Have to go old school on you.Steppenwolf.

    Gotdam Gotdam the pusher man.

  154. Rod Munch Says:

    Last year after the Bucs destroy the Eagles, I listened to their sports talk, and every single one of the Philly trash were saying Hurts was a bust, he needs to be cut, he’s terrible, blow up the team, etc. Was hilarious.

    Such a shame Arians retired and stuck us with these trash coaches. How great would it have been to go back to Philly, 20-years after shutting down that dump The Vet, and knock them out of the playoffs to go the SB again.

    Instead Bowles and Leftwich manage to make the playoffs with a losing record, then get blown out at home in Brady’s last game here.

    If there was ever an ad for the importance of having good coaching, it’s the 2022 Bucs.

  155. D-Rok Says:


    A Gronk-pairing with Giseki, or with Kelce, or with Kittle would be epic. Now which of those 3 teams is Brady most likely to end up with? That’s the question. If I were Brady, I’d surely want a dominant tight end pairing – he’d be unstoppable.

  156. beano Says:

    Hey NEfan,

    One more thing. Read this:


  157. bucs4life Says:

    I would love to say some words of appreciation for him and wish he stays, but to what end? To waste another year of his career? He threw almost 50 touchdowns last season and we’re holding him back with this Arians-Bowles-Lefty drama. I just wish he has some words for us when he is inducted in Canton. On a side note, Joe, did you actually see those offensive plays that Reid and Pederson called today? I was frankly depressed that we are stuck in such a vapid and unimaginative offensive playbook. We need new blood just like Dallas got with Kellen Moore.

  158. D-Rok Says:

    Good stuff, Steppenwolf, Kentucky. Thanks for helping me remember the good ole days…when life was simpler?

    Me, I have always been a vintage Van Halen kinda guy, in my youth. Metallica gives great melodic performances. More recently, I enjoy opera (Catherine Jenkins is a FOX, yo!) and some church-type singers like Seventh Day Slumber. I love all types of music, and always have.

  159. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Happy to see him go or stay

  160. Bradyfan Says:

    SF would be the best place for him but i just don’t see it happening. Kyle could still be pissed about the 28-3 thing lmao. Yeah but good thing is, if Brady leaves, bucs can tank with bowles naturally, thats a positive, to get a top 5 pick. Operation Toilet Bowles Tank. You know how some teams get penalized for tanking, won’t be with bowles cause. 2024 the cap will be reset mostly and the rebuild could start. Need to get a good HC at some point tho.

  161. steele Says:

    Nothing is definite. These are the same noises as last year.

    As for OldSchoolBucs’ scoop from above:

    “An electrician, Let’s call him ANONYMOUS, who was fixing a light above Brady’s locker, the day after the game, said Brady came in to get some things from his locker, was on the phone talking to his plumber and over heard him say that he was clearing out his locker and will be home when he is done. The electrician said it sounded like he was cleaning out his locker for the last time. ANONYMOUS heard him say he is going to Miami, and he will be with his kids. So he believes Miami, even though the entire Miami organization says Tua is their QB next year. So there you have it folks, Brady is going to be Miami QB next year.”

    If true that Miami is the pick (and would Brady speak that freely with guys around?), then I have to wonder what he would be walking into, and for how long. Frank Smith is a neither here nor there OC. Does the system fit with Brady in it?

    Other teams don’t look like great fits, either, for a 46 yr old with some decline in his game, a coaching regime that really wants to accomodate him, and the need for a totally stacked, weapons-filled roster on both offense and defense already Super Bowl caliber. Besides SF, who do NOT need him (and he and Shanahan don’t like each other) I don’t see any team that fits that description.
    Does he really want to uproot his geography, learn a new offense and/or spend 2+ years acclimating to a roster that is full of youngsters?

    Vegas isn’t that great. His relationship with McD is as suspect as his relationship with Belichick. McD seems to like Jarrett Stidham.

    Titans. Vrabel could have grabbed him for 2020 and passed. What’s changed? Tom is even older now. They are shopping for a new OC, so that would have to happen first. Tannehill is being “evaluated”, but they invested a rd 3 pick for Malik Willis and they will give him a chance.

  162. Bradyfan Says:

    @RodMunch We clam chowder eating yankee trash are still better than New orleans gumbo eating trash. No?

  163. Redeemer Says:

    Last dance, sure would be fun to watch. I’m in. They out of draft picks though. Need some defensive help in the worst way. Brady’d sure look sharp in the ole silver and black.

  164. LastDance Says:

    Bradyfan – I agree Allen is overrated… especially since Daboll left. The AFC east is easily winnable with a few free agent pickups in Miami (with Brady), though Belichick will give them h3ll because he knows Brady so well. Also agree SF is the best spot because they have the best all around team. Weirdly I dont like Purdy because of how gorilla chest thumping BS. I guess Im old school like that. SO I hope he lays a rotten egg so that TB is at least in consideration. (My all-time fave is Barry Sanders who handed the ball to the ref on the last 98 of his 99 TDs because he has class)

  165. LastDance Says:

    Yeah… Jones looks sh!te tonight… but the Eagles are #1 against the pass.

  166. NEfan Says:

    He goes to SF if they do get to the AB.

    Beanblo, what does Brady care who is back up was. He had Stidham his last year in NE, he was a rookie. We saw Trask, couldn’t win a preseason game. You’re going to come back with he wasn’t playing with the starters, so that means he couldn’t beat another teams 3rd string. Give it up, you lost my interest when you said he should play over Brady, a moronic gesture.

  167. The Anomaly Says:

    I believe Edelman…Brady won’t be a Buc next year

    I don’t think he wants to go out like that.

    He’ll be great somewhere else that can protect him and give him a decent running game.

    Licht should be charged with crimes against the citizens of Tampa for this season.


  168. The Anomaly Says:

    Any local reporter have the balls to ask Bowels why he thinks he deserves a 2nd season after failing with the greatest QB of all time?

    If bowles can’t win with Brady…he ain’t with Jesus at Qb

    I feel sorry for the season tix holders.

    They are getting ripped off.

  169. Tampa fans are crazy! Says:

    Do you guys not realize how sorry ab organization you are? How can you say anything negative about TB12? Amazing he pulls your azz organization out the gutter and you sprew your nonsense takes here like you have a clue.

    You’ll be vying for the top pick in the 2024 draft and it won’t get better.
    He’ll go somewhere where the offense isn’t…

    Run for 0 yards
    Throw WR screen that isn’t blocked.
    Throw for 8 yard pass that gets stopped.
    Punt on 4th and 2 cause it will be a surprise when your LB’s get toasted in coverage.

    Rinse repeat.

  170. Tampa fans are crazy! Says:

    Tampa Bucs the team with worst run game and wr yak yards in the NFL.
    A #1 wr that can only run straight and somewhat slow. How bout an uncut, comeback, curl?

    Oh yeah qb only gets 2.4 seconds against 4 man rushes and has to thread needle against 7 in coverage.

    Laughing stock excited for TB to leave. I D I O T S

  171. Go Bucs Go Says:

    One thing I have against Todd Bowles as HC other than frequent breakdown in secondary in every big game…

    The team does not appear ready from the get-go. Unprepared, undisciplined, not being able to play for four full quarters. That is alarming. Not saying he needs to deliver rah rah speech before the players, but come up with something to be fired up and ready to go.

    Go Bucs!

  172. ElioT Says:

    If Brady and Byron were so tight, then Brady can f*** off.

  173. firethecannons Says:

    we are a very very bad team with an extremely historically bad coach. we need to tank next year then in 2024 get first overall pick and a new head coach please! There is nothing except this.

  174. Goatfarmer Says:

    In summary:

    Bowels blowes and needed to be fired but wasn’t and won’t be for at least another year.

    Brady went 8-10 with Blowes as head coich. The 2023 roster will be weaker, and a new offense to learn is coming. Unless the Glazers can truly offer Brady some unprecedented stake in the team or in the team’s operation, he not a Buc again. Wouldn’t want to tarnish his legacy with an even worse losing season than the one we done just haszn’d.

    Kyle’s Trashk, no matter what ButtReport says.

    Goobert? 😂

    No quarterback. No OL. Half the defense gone, the other half doesn’t know how to play zone or what their gap is. Special teams should be institutionalized. Keith Armweak still haszn a job.

    And then there is Toad’s Bowel.

    Cue Ian Beckles for another rant. This is a vomitous situation and there is nothing can be done to change that as long as the stoic caboose dweller has the title of Head’s Coich.

  175. sasquatch Says:

    I don’t think bringing Brady back makes any sense. This team isn’t going to win a Superbowl next year no matter who the QB is. There’s going to be tons of turnover because of our 50 million dollar cap overage. They are not going to kick the can down the road another year on the faint hope that Brady can save them. It’s time to reload this thing.

  176. Rod Munch Says:

    Bradyfan Says:
    January 21st, 2023 at 9:31 pm
    @RodMunch We clam chowder eating yankee trash are still better than New orleans gumbo eating trash. No?


    I grew up with the Bucs in the NFC Central, so my deep seeded hatred is for the Packers. As for the Saints, they’re just kind of boring to me. I know people get worked up about them, but no matter how much I try, I just don’t care about them. A Saints fan, a Falcons fan, a Carolina fan, they’re all the shame shade of boring to me. Now, if I was younger or a bandwagon rider who only knew the Bucs since their first SB, then maybe I could work myself up into seeing them as rivals. I don’t know. But the Saints, meh. When the Bucs have own their two Super Bowls they were sweep by the Saints in the regular season, both times. This year the Bucs beat the Saints twice and ended up with a losing record and an embarrassing loss in the playoffs. Seems to me, the Bucs are better off losing to the Saints when it doesn’t matter.

  177. RC Says:

    About Miami, Tua more mobile then Tom and he got concussed 3 times. Just saying, that offensive line is not all that good. Their WRs are deep threats and drop a lot, we saw how well Tom did with ME13 for most the season. Tom throwing short, not wanting to get sacked won’t work any better there than it did this season….

  178. Wild Bill Says:

    Brady had a great career. But his level of play is not what it used to be. He is an older non mobile qb who looked old, slow and off target with his throws. Better long term for the Bucs to move on. Most of the teams at the top have young mobile strong armed qbs.