Gambling Odds: Raiders Favored To Land Tom Brady

January 24th, 2023

Raiders owner Mark Davis.

If this happens, it would be the biggest thing to hit Vegas since Elvis worked the Hilton (which is now the Westgate, home of the famed SuperBook).

Since NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport claimed Tom Brady is not expected back with the Bucs (this is news to the Bucs), Matt Severance of decided to check the odds on what team is likely to land Tom Brady next season.

The early odds favor barber-needy Mark Davis and the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders nearly lured Brady when he first left New England. Las Vegas is now coached by Josh McDaniels, Brady’s former long-time offensive coordinator with the Patriots. The Raiders are moving on from 2022 starting QB Derek Carr and reportedly will pursue Brady very aggressively. Brady is all about marketing and playing in Las Vegas would only raise his profile. The Raiders have some terrific offensive talent, led by receiver Davante Adams, tight end Darren Waller and reigning NFL rushing champion Josh Jacobs (if he re-signs).

Joe thinks it is hilarious that Davis and the Raiders had Brady locked up, but Chucky didn’t want him. LOL It seems Davis is determined not to swing and miss a second time.

Which team will Tom Brady be playing for Week 1 of the 2023 season if he doesn’t retire and if not Bucs?

Raiders +200
Jets +500
49ers +500
Titans +700
Patriots +900
Dolphins +1000
Colts +1100
Ravens +1200

57 Responses to “Gambling Odds: Raiders Favored To Land Tom Brady”

  1. Kenny Says:

    He is NOT going to LV.. end of story!!!!!!…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    now list the defense.

  3. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Bet he doesn’t.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I can see Miami….but not LV

  5. BucfaninMi Says:

    I am over this Brady drama. Sh!t or get off the pot!

  6. MarkV Says:

    LV is more likely to trade for Aaron Rodgers…and that’s solely because of Davonte Adams. Tom won’t go there. He and Josh did not have a great relationship (who’s to say Belichick is the only reason he left NE), and the raiders do not have the talent he’s looking for. Waller is injury prone, Jacobs is likely gone, and that leaves just 1 receiver…the same one Rodgers misses so badly

  7. SB~LV Says:

    Who really cares ???
    We have a team to rebuild and it damn sure isn’t with a 46 year old QB
    and a failure at HC

  8. EA Says:

    Jets ? Brady going back in cold weather isn’t happening, I actually think the raiders are the favorites, 9ers didn’t want want him then and don’t want him now, dolphins have already moved on from the Brady drama that surrounded them last year.
    Believe it or not, teams are fussing over Brady any longer, not after the year he had last year.
    Titans ???? Maybe

  9. Beej Says:

    Why isn’t Washington in this list?

  10. beano Says:

    All I know is there is no way Brady returns for another NFC South Championship tee shirt.

  11. TDTB Says:

    Why don’t they sell him on being a player/coach? Bowles can’t attract anybody decent when he’s likely in a one year leash. Just makes sense to have TB doing the play calling.

  12. Allbuccedup Says:

    Thats why Davis got rid of Carr. Its Brady if he retires its Rogers.

  13. ModHairKen Says:

    This is stupid. Who cares. If he goes to a third team and does not win, he looks a little less special. Still the Greatest ever but finishing with a letdown. Like Vinnie Trataverde with a billion different teams.

    And the Raiders ain’t suddenly becoming competitive in the AFC.

    If he stays with the Bucs, even if they get nowhere in 2023, he looks stable.

  14. Teflon Don Says:

    Good with whatever decision he decides to make! Thanks for the Super Bowl! He didn’t look too good this year so maybe it’s best he goes but at the same time we don’t know what we have behind him. It’s probably not great and hard to come in right behind Brady but it’s coming eventually might as well deal with it.

  15. ViSyl Says:

    The main problem with LV is that they are on the AFC, and in a division that already has the Chiefs and the Charges. Does Brady really want to complicate his path to SB that much? I don’t think so.

  16. NEfan Says:

    Say good bye to Bill O’Brien, he was hired by the Patriots. When asked, what about Tampa, he said, “Hell NO, not with that loser HC!”

  17. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Can we just suit up the lawn chair contingency like our defense did against dallas already.

  18. NEfan Says:

    Whatever team he ends up with for sure they will have a run game that won’t leave him 2nd & 12 70% of the time. All you readers getting bored with the so called drama, blame the media not the player he’s just trying to figure out where he wants to finish his career and it won’t be for the record destroyer Tird Bowls.

  19. Allbuccedup Says:

    Joe says the Bucs are going to wait until mid February to hire an OC there won’t be anyone left they will have to promote within.

  20. darengibo Says:

    Didn’t see the Testaverde/Brady comparison!! HAHA!

  21. Jimbo B Says:

    He’ll retire ro get hat 375 million dollar gig from fox. Brady is going to need the cash to defend himself. Crypto fraud is still fraud.

  22. Buc4evr Says:

    Who cares, if Davis is dumb enough to overpay for Brady let him. Brady won’t get the Raiders to the SB. The Bucs have so many problems, that losing Brady at this point won’t really matter. The Bucs need a total rebuild, including the HC. Next season will be miserable.

  23. Marine Buc Says:

    Bill O’brien was just hired in New England. With their current QB situation it makes me wonder if Brady will return to New England for one more ride to glory…

  24. Allbuccedup Says:

    Belicheat is in rebuild mode he has no use for Brady.

  25. Jerseybuc Says:

    😂😂stop. With that ass defense

  26. Bucs56 Says:

    He is not moving 3 time zones away from kids.

  27. NEfan Says:

    Patriots had a good D but like the Bucs a stalling offense due to their play caller and binky sucking Mac Jones. What a whiney biache.

  28. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Purdy looked like the experienced veteran in his FIRST EVER START. Brady looked more like what you would expect from a rookie. Brady was responsible for more losses than wins for the first time in his career. Brady can win games when he has a good team around him. The Bucs are a bad team right now, and without any prospects of improvement in the immediate future. The immediate future is all Brady can expect. His extended future is in another career. He’s not going to win another SB with the Bucs. Brady desperately needs a good team that is desperate for a QB. The Bucs need to find out if Trask can win games playing with the starters.

  29. SB Says:

    I know that you have to write about this Joe but in all reality……….Who gives a phock about supposition and speculation.
    He was here, it was good, He’s gone.
    New Bucs Chapter begins. I have been doing this since ’76

  30. SKBucsFan Says:

    The Raiders may have some offensive talent. And they will need it to win games when they give up 370 yards per game on defense. They aren’t a QB from turning it around. They can’t compete in the AFC let alone their division.

    More click bait from a talking head.

  31. Cobraboy Says:

    Tired of the drama. No longer care about Tom Brady.

  32. NEfan Says:

    1sparky, it’s amazing what a Great D and DC can do versus a poser like Bowels. Hard to throw a ball running backward.

  33. BuckyPhillips Says:

    NEfan- Do you forget Bowles won the Super Bowl as DC? Bruce kept Brady in line and Brady had his best seasons under Bruce. Is there a Brady post that you don’t comment on?

  34. Duane Says:

    Better for his legacy if he just retires. He did not look to form this season, and if he is not protected by a line stacked with talent, a top flight receiving corps, or a running game, he is a middle of the pack performer. Calling BS on the notion that there are even 8 teams seriously competing for the recruitment of a 46 year old quaterback. He is just a sideshow at this point, and there really is only one place that will embrace his antics and give into his whims, and thats here in Tampa. Great competitor, Great player, but I dont feel the need for his pinup in my bedroom, or to chase after him on other fansites when he moves on. Silver linings…

  35. NEfan Says:

    Bucky, BA, the guy that quit on the Bucs and caused this whole mess?
    The difference between BA & Bowles is BA and Brady collaborated. Make NO mistake it was Brady who got Gronk, AB, Lenny to join this team and JPP and Suh to stay. That what got Bucs to the SB, BA just did his job. If you think any different what happened in 2019? Same coaching staff.

  36. Duane Says:

    NEfan- you dont know that BA quit. All you know is that midnight is coming and your long in the tooth BFF will be setting off into the sunset as a pumpkin. I would be nervous too if he was my whole life, but it will get better for you, I promise.

  37. NEfan Says:

    Duane he freaking retired on the team after all the coaches were taken. Are you that blind? He did this so his boys could have a job and prove he is a pioneer in excepting diversity in the NFL. How does his woman assistant coach feel now?

    The fact that you homies can’t accept the fact you could have had Peterson blows me away. You must like old man dk, cause BA.gave it to you pretty good.

  38. Kentucky Buc Says:

    This was a below average team. Period. Who had a good year on either side of the ball. I’ll wait. LVD is the only one who played good/hard consistently. Wirfs if wasn’t for the injury. Defensive turnovers non existent. That directly correlates to offensive points scored. Dropped passes, some ridiculous. Line pushed into Brady’s lap all year and not just one guy. 2,3,4 guys breaking through. Running backs getting hit in the backfield all year. Defense giving up big plays all year. No heart. Say what you want big Brady , LVD and a few others showed heart . The rest not so much. Average teams can compete and be successful but you have to play hard.

  39. NEfan Says:

    Maybe Lamar is available after he quit on his team. Mahomes with everything to lose came back into the PO game limping and plans to play this week with a high ankle sprain. Sharp said he agrees with Jackson’s choice not to play, he compared it to RG III how it ruined his career when he played. Sharp is a loser, these guys are paid to win at all costs. Too bad Bucs new HC doesn’t share that philosophy therefore the team didn’t.

  40. Lokog Says:

    Anywhere but tampa

  41. BuckyPhillips Says:

    NEfan- make NO mistake , brady came to Tampa to play for Bruce and a great roster. Brady retired, then the addict that he is, quit on his family and pushed Bruce out to show he can do it on his own. And in fact he is a loser without Bruce and Belichick

  42. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    Bucs made a big mistake in not firing Bowles along with Leftwitch. Glazers need to stand on their own two feet & quit listening to Licht & Arians so much.

  43. NEfan Says:

    Bucky, so Brady pushed Bruce out so he could play for Bowels? Hmm, ya that’s it. That’s why Bowles and Brady are such good friends! The guy is a shrewd old conniving prk. T
    He manipulated the Bucs into taking his coaches. C’mon man, are you that naive? If Brady pushed BA out why didn’t he push Bowles and BL out and request a HC and OC of his choice? If he has that much power to push BA out he surely could anyone on his staff? Did you ask yourself those questions? If the Bucs didn’t have a decent line, Evan’s & Godwin and knew he could get Gronk & AB, he ain’t coming to a 7-9 coached team by Arians.

  44. kyle Says:

    seriously, if i had a billion and owned a football team, id just shave the head? his hair looks like when your kid cuts his own hair with those playdough scissors?

    wtf dude, he probably gets kitty despite his bowl cut..haha

  45. Buc You Says:

    If San Francisco loses against the Eagles this weekend… then it will most likely be the 49ers.

  46. Duane Says:

    I think BA had to step down for health reasons, but will leave the dramatic speculation to Chowderheads experiencing a mental breakdown because their local franchises got owned by our teams in Central Florida, and we took their golden boy. Still warms my heart to see the sun set so low on those Boston franchises.

  47. Waterboy Says:

    Good luck facing Mr. Mahomes twice a year.

  48. alton d green Says:

    wow what a difference a few days make. Yes sir, jimmy joe bob. There are teams lined up to get the Goat and now you cry babies are ready to throw Tommy Boy under the bus as soon as you feel that Tommy Boy will say eff u to Todd and the “Buckups”

  49. NEfan Says:

    Waterboy, Brady has beat Mahomes, Wilson, Hebert, Allen etc. Brady welcomes the challenge.

  50. Christina Olive Says:

    Miami makes a lot more sense

  51. NEfan Says:

    Duane, if BA was so ill why was he so excited to come back and didn’t retire earlier so Licht could interview other coaching candidates?

  52. BuckyPhillips Says:

    Duane- clearly NEfan doesn’t want to accept Brady is done a

  53. D-Rok Says:

    I’m starting to give some consideration to your notion that the Redskins would be a good fit for Brady. Or Team or Commandos or whatever they call themselves now.

    Good D and some talented WR’s. Good RB. Coach would be a huge upgrade over Mr. Dull. Only thing I don’t know is if their O-line is any good, which would be a critical consideration for any free-agent QB giving them any thoughts. The region fits the bill.


  54. NEfan Says:

    Bucky@ you need to accept the fact when he leaves the BUCS ARE DONE!!! I will wager ANYONE on this site who has the nads that if Brady plays on another team next season, that team barring injury they will have a better record than the Bucs. Also barring his injury the team he plays on makes the playoffs.

  55. bob Says:

    LV baby TB12 to win another one

  56. orlbucfan Says:

    Good riddance to the wrinkle.

  57. RGA Says:

    Brady’s best chance to get back to the playoffs is here in Tampa.