Chucky Would Be Proud Of Todd Bowles

January 8th, 2023

“Look, Ed, I effed up 15 years ago. My job was freakin’ harder than yours, ok.”

Back before Team Glazer canceled Jon Gruden, aka Chucky, the Bucs owners adored him and he was blessed into their exclusive Buccaneers Ring of Honor in 2017.

Weeks prior to that happening, Team Glazer invited media to talk to Gruden about his time as a Tampa Bay legend.

Joe attended and got to ask Chucky what his favorite memories were of his final NFC South champion team, the 2007 Bucs led by Pro Bowl quarterback Jeff Garcia, running back Earnest Graham and a ferocious defense.

Chucky didn’t talk about what he loved, he talked about how not playing his starters to end that regular season was perhaps his greatest regret of his football life.

The Bucs, at 9-5, clinched the division crown with two games remaining that season and the decision was made to spread around rest to key players. The Bucs lost their final two games, with backup QB Luke McCown starting.

Garcia, years later, spoke about how it was the wrong move.

“[In 2007,] we didn’t finish our season strong,” Garcia told WDAE radio. “…Next thing you know we’re somewhat limping into the playoffs instead of playing our best football. That’s one thing at that level, you can’t afford to shut things down,” Garcia said. “You can’t afford to tell your body to take a break. Because once you start to take a break … your body just automatically starts to shut down. It can’t get to that high level that it needs to be [when] you maintain that consistent level throughout the season.”

And here Bucs fans are today. Todd Bowles has committed to play his starters and give a meaningless game in Atlanta his all — on turf and without knowing whether the Bucs could be playing in the playoffs next weekend on six days rest.

As Joe has written, there is no true right or wrong here. But count Chucky among those saluting Bowles today as he downs a tray of Hooters wings.

19 Responses to “Chucky Would Be Proud Of Todd Bowles”

  1. D-Rok Says:

    Philosophically, I agree with Bowles and his approach to this game. I’m just hoping for no injuries.

    But if the Bucs come out with starters, play flat and lose, what will that have accomplished, even without injuries? A live scrimmage atmosphere to work on “things?” They’ve had 16 games to work on things…

    The only way this game is productive is if the starters play and play well, and hopefully sit and let some key backups take over.

  2. Beej Says:

    My only concerns are Vita/Donnie/Wirfs (All of whom are sitting out?)

  3. Chuckstutz Says:

    Great article again for JBF!

  4. Jack Clark Says:

    If anybody needs the extra practice it’s our coaching staff–especially Todd Bowels letting Byron Leftwich open up the playbook to run our no risk it no biscuit offense. Ryan Succop should make a few more field goals to get his confidence back as well.

  5. Goatfarmer Says:

    Yeah, I give Jill “Happy Feet” Garcia about as much credibility as I do Leftboobwich. It’s pretty simple – she sucked enormous bulbous, cylindrical objects in the Giants playoff game. Yes she had her moments where she’d get hot, but she’d panic so fast in the pocket and make everything manic. Horrible.

  6. Fire the Gannons! Says:

    Great historical reference to share with your readership Joe. All of us are leery of feeling good about the starters all playing. This perspective makes me feel better. Regardless of what happens, we should not second guess strategy based on this example as well as the Giants in 2007 and the Packers sitting starters last year.

    Even though we’ve come out flat 16 games of the 17 games on the schedule this year, maybe this unconventional move will change our fortunes.

  7. Hail2dabucs Says:

    Jack Clark , succup is fine from 45 and in . Anything over that and it ain’t confidence he is lacking ! Go bucs ! Who would ya’ll rather see ? E-gals or cowgirls ?

  8. SB~LV Says:

    Jack Clark
    In a sad way

  9. sasquatch Says:

    It’s not a meaningless game. It may not mean anything in the standings or playoff seeding, but it means a lot to keep sharpening this team, which has been horrible most of the year. Play to win. That’s what winners do. Also, play for pride! Wouldn’t you rather her have a winning record?

  10. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Just a bunch a BS really………

    All this “talk”……we all know that the starters for the Bucs today will not play a full game.

    Infact……if Bowles leaves the starters in the whole game…..then that will really shock me

  11. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    I agree with Garcia/Chucky – we have to see yet if Bowles follows thru with playing his starters and keeping that winning momentum going. You can’t play this game and sit people bc you are worried they are going to get hurt.

    Joe(s) how dare you have a story about Garcia and not mention his better half?! What an opportunity you missed on.

  12. Jack Clark Says:

    Which one of our defense backs is getting torched today in one-on-one coverage? My bet is on Sean Murphy-Bunting

  13. R.O. Says:

    Wouldnt be a surprise since the Giants are really not trying to win today, Bucs vs Cowboys will be the Monday Night Wildcard Game. Yes there is a Monday night Playoff game.

  14. Infomeplease Says:

    IMO, the Falcons are going to run all over the Bucs because Vita is sitting out!! That will set up their passing game!! Look for another TB12 comback and big games from CG and ME if they are going to win!! We’ll see how this all goes!!

  15. cmurda Says:

    Gruden needs to go back in to the Ring of Honor only partly because of the SB but he nixed the deal to bring the Raiders both Gronk & Brady. Giving us another SB. If he kept his mouth and his email mouth shut, he would still be coaching.

  16. cmurda Says:

    @Infome. I’ll be shocked if Brady is leading a comeback. Bowles would be nuts to have these guys play more than a half.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Truth be told…..Brady insist on starting…..all other moves work off of that…..Bowles really has no choice….he must support Brady.

    Truth also be told…..Jon Gruden should still be a part of the ring of honor…..Glazers should have sucked it up and permitted him to remain….after all, how many SB winning coaches do we have?

  18. Bucobill999 Says:

    Damned if you do damned if you dont

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Two weeks is too much rest.

    One week is fine.

    Even better would have been if Bowles had pulled his offense and defense after they both had as good of opening series as possible, everyone got in some work, and left on a high. But no, Bowles left them in, and they both stalled out, because bad coaches make bad decisions.