Brady-To-Dolphins Chatter Heats Up (Part II)

January 12th, 2023

Tom Brady will be a free agent in 8 1/2 weeks and a few hits to the head of the Dolphins quarterback has sharpened the related speculation.

The folks who told the NFL world Brady to Miami with Sean Payton was a real thing last winter, (and many scoffed at the NBC report), went there again this morning.

Nothing concrete, just that a Brady move to Miami is “definitely on the table.”

For those unaware, the Dolphins were slapped with heavy penalties by the NFL for tampering with Brady and Sean Payton as they were under contract with their respective teams. But there was no ruling by the NFL that the Dolphins couldn’t do business with Brady or Payton.

Brady’s two youngest kids live in the Miami area, so it appears, and he has a home there. But perhaps more important to his decision is a powerful Dolphins offense and a fresh challenge.

Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa has had a string of concussions and will miss their playoff game this weekend.

Joe truly believes Brady hasn’t made a decision on his 2023 destination. So the Bucs remain in the running.

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49 Responses to “Brady-To-Dolphins Chatter Heats Up (Part II)”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If he does leave there isn’t much we can do except say, “Thank you Tom for making us SB Champions and for making us relevant.”

  2. Tampa2ATL Says:

    Here’s to hoping the future does not distract from the present. If I’m on that team – nothing matters except Dallas on Monday night. Cross next bridge when it gets here.

  3. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Thanks for the memories, Tom. Too bad it had to end this way. Thanks, Todd.

  4. Lt. Dan Says:

    The guess at Lt. Dan world HQ is that if Leftwhich and his stagnant offensive game plans stay, the Brady is out the door.

  5. Chip Says:

    It just depends how much time he eats to spend with his kids. Cause Gisselle will be living in Miami most likely kids will be with her majority of time. He will prob want to be close and not in vegas for half the year away from them. He was just in Miami on Tuesday hanging out on a playoff week. So what’s that say???

  6. Chip Says:

    Wants to spend with kids I meant. Autocorrect got me. Sorry

  7. Erick Says:

    The Bucs are not in the running. You can see it on his sour puss face every week that he does not want to be in Tampa. He gone.

  8. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Tampa2ATL. Stop with the dramatic distraction talk. I promise you Brady or none of the players or coaches give a damn about Brady’s free agency talk. Not one person. And for the record, Brady is not going to Miami. His reputation took a hit when those tampering allegations hit.

    Yes, he’s always been a polarizing figure, but the last thing he wants is the league in his business again. The league can be really vindictive. Troy Vincent has had a bone to pick with Brady since his NE days. Vincent was the one leaking information about Deflategate. Those leaked messages from Brady were embarrassing to him. Trust me, the league will have no problem with leaking stuff about that tampering case. The league came down hard on the Dolphins. If Brady signs with them or if the Dolphins pursue him, the league will leak any embarrassing stuff they have on Brady and you better believe they will investigate if any other tampering took place before the signing.

    I’ve always thought the Miami talk was being stirred by Gisele more than Tom. She’s always wanted Miami, and she has a relationship with Bruce Beal like Tom. Brady’s made promises to her to get her off his back for wanting to play. Miami was probably one of them. Before the divorce was final, she jetted off to Miami.
    It’s what she’s always wanted.

    Brady is about his brand. He lost a ton a goodwill with NE fans when those tampering allegations came to light about him allegedly flirting with the Dolphins while still with NE. Most fans in NE to Brady’s side in the Bill and Tom divorce. It left a bitter taste in their mouth, and Brady lost some positive engagement with those fans.

    I know Florio is seen as some God by some, but he’s been wrong before. The guy said Brady would be a 49er this year, and he tried to connect the dots of Brady visiting his parents in SF with Shanahan missing the combine. As if some secret rendezvous took place with them. Just an absolute stretch of the imagination. Even Ira pointed out on the podcast that Florio’s been wrong before, especially with that San Francisco stuff

    Most of these so-called insiders just throw stuff on the wall and see if it sticks. And the masses fall for it every time. You have the masses saying Brady has interest with NO, SF,LV, and Miami. Sean Payton is still under contract with the Saints. A fact many seem to forget when discussing his possible teams. The Dolphins don’t have the draft capital to give to the Saints. They lost picks with the tampering case and gave up many picks to get Hill. You really think Brady is gonna play under a young coach who’s largely unproven. His system doesn’t even fit Brady’s style. His system requires some movement from his QB. We all know that’s not what Brady has to offer. He’s also gonna one to play with that egomaniac of a receiver like Hill.

    Say what you will about Tua, but he was very popular amongst his teammates. They don’t want a 46 year old QB now. I don’t say this to be mean because I love Tom, but it’s just how the younger guys think now. They’ve seen the regression first hand on those national TV games.

  9. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    Brady is going to Vegas. End of discussion

  10. Buc4evr Says:

    Don’t care where Brady goes. The Bucs are going to be in rebuild mode and Brady won’t be part of the plan. Hopefully Bowles and Leftwurst are also not part of the plan.

  11. Allbuccedup Says:

    More than likely Vegas. If Payton and Brady went to Miami I am sure there would be an investigation.

  12. NEfan Says:

    This will not be a distraction for Besdy like the interview process for the coaches last season was last season. Joe you’re getting all the girls worked up thinking their losing their Ken doll.

  13. Jack Clark Says:

    Tom Brady is only playing for a Super Bowl now and the only team he can win one with is the 49ers and the Bucs

  14. Alanbucsfan Says:

    So the Bucs remain in the running.
    Brady will have conversation(s) with Bucs management and decide if the roster JL and company sign for next year and the contract he is offered is satisfactory. It will also depend on the success Bucs have during the playoffs because this will affect his faith in coaching staff and Free Agent recruiting.
    The coaches and organization want him back and he seems to have a great relationship with the Glazers, so it makes the most sense for him to stay in Tampa unless he retires.

  15. Goatfarmer Says:

    They do have weapons, but a nerd for a coach. Of course we have an igneous formation as a head coach and a spoiled eggplant as an OC, so, yeah, we can compete.

  16. darengibo Says:

    I think a lot depends on how this playoff run ends.. if (BIG IF) Tampa can get the momentum going and win another ring, I believe he stays and Licht reloads…

    No matter what happens I feel there will be a change in our coaching staff…. if we go far or win it all, I believe Bowles stays, BUT, all other coaches would be on the block.

  17. #99 the Big fella Says:

    Tom is not going to Miami..look at all those young gun quarterbacks he will be facing..

  18. JerkingCircleofEpileptics Says:

    Doubtful he’ll bail from Tampa. However, this could be an extremely special time should the Buccaneers go on a streak.

  19. Bowles4President Says:

    If he leaves, I don’t want him in our division that’s for sure.

  20. Jerry Says:

    He’s gone. There are not even a hint of a rumor of him staying, only going to other teams. He didn’t even want to be here this year.

    There was a falling out with the Bucs at some point in the 2nd half of 2001. Just like there was a falling out with New England in 2019 (rumors are it happened as far back as 2017). It takes a lot to keep him happy.

  21. Bucobill999 Says:

    Few more games then no more ne dizzick riders

  22. PewterStiffArm Says:

    Brady will either retire or wait to see how fast they exit the playoffs or who will replace Leftstiff. Plus he won’t go to Miami (which faces New England twice a year) and a new offensive system to learn. No way no how, even though his football I.Q. can pick up any offense pretty fast. Tampa or retirement.

  23. WillieG Says:

    It would give him the opportunity for another first: first QB to win Super Bowls with 3 different teams.

    But I still think he made an agreement with Jensen and Fournette. I think they signed specifically because he promised them more than one year. Brady may be a lot of things, but I don’t think he’s a liar (with his teammates).

  24. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Don’t know where he’s going but he sure as hell ain’t staying here. Thanks Todd and Byron. 2023 we win maybe 4 games with the Goober’s champ Trask. Bowles gets fired and we’re back stuck in the Tampa Tome Loop, fire the coach change the quarterback, hire the next doofus coach, change the next quarterback, fire that new coach and repeat.

  25. Kentucky Buc Says:

    He will wait to see what players the Bucs sign. If they let too many go he will go too. With that being said. He’s not thinking about any of that right now.

  26. Dick LeBeau Jr. Says:

    If you pay attention to what Tom says about this love for the players here, you have your answer. He’s not going anywhere. And who said Tua was gone? He’s still on the Dolphins roster right? They were kind of decent when he wasn’t hurt. And he hasn’t retired, so I’d say he’s still their QB.

    The Dolphins coach isn’t getting fired, so no Payton. So stop trying to connect those dots, they don’t fit. I keep hearing Brady wants to say close to his kids, so why would he go to LA or Vegas? Make it make sense, because right not it doesn’t. Brady will retire a Buc.

  27. BuckyPhillips Says:

    NEfan- you are literally the biggest fangirl there is. You’ll be all up in the fins blogs next year or will it be San Fran? Either way bucs will move on- you wont

  28. Mike C Says:

    Love how the comments are put as facts, lol like any one on this site has a clue.

  29. ocala Says:

    Assuming Brady is gone, Bucs need to clean house with their best players over 30 and get as much 2024 draft capital as possible and keep their terrible head coach and OC.
    With those two knuckleheads running the show and Trask as the starter the Bucs will most likely end up with the top overall pick in the draft in 2024 and be able to select Caleb Williams from USC or Drake Maye from UNC.

  30. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    It doesn’t matter if Brady is leaving…..people should understand family is more important than a football team…..

    Miami is the only logical location.

  31. Jerry Says:

    I think it’s more likely they target Carr or trade for someone. And maybe they can develop Trask enough to be the backup next year. It’s going to suck no matter what, but everyone knew this was going to happen when we mortgaged the future for these 3 years. Just be glad we have a Lombardi trophy and 2 division champions to show for it. Most fan bases would gladly take that.

  32. Kentucky Buc Says:

    I believe Tom wants to stay in Tampa. Can the front office wrangle a team to put around him ? Gronk will be back if you pay him. Don’t insult him with JAG money like you did this year. It’s on Licht and the boys.

  33. View from 132 Says:

    Who cares. Sorry, but its the NFL playoffs right now. The constant news and speculation about next season, future seasons, on every source of NFL news is absurd. This is interesting if / when the Bucs AND the Dolphins are eliminated, but until the season ends, this stuff is noise.

  34. SOEbuc Says:

    Didn’t know you had Jenna Laine on the staff Joe. Tom and krew are focused on MNF.

  35. darengibo Says:

    I feel if Tom plays next season, he will be in Tampa… When the discussion of Miami comes up, who says it has to be PLAYING? Part ownership or whatever…. If that falls through, he of course has that boatload of cash waiting at fox.

  36. DBS Says:

    JCoE You are a real dip Sh!t with that user name. Guess you don’t know anyone who has epilepsy do you? Well you do now. And it is not something even doctors can cure. In fact when the episode strikes it’s embarrassing.

  37. Bucs56 Says:

    He is not moving 3 time zones from his kids. Tampa, Miami or retire. Miami depends on Tua retiring cause i dont see how that works with tua playing well when healthy. Maybe outside chance jets cause oldest lives there and I belive they already have NYC homes. But I think tom wants to avoid the Namath to Rams look so any situation outside tampa has to be perfect. Good playoff run and maybe that is it

  38. Tye Says:

    Licht should go hard after Derek Carr…. one of the better options so far this coming offseason and has several more years ahead of him

  39. darengibo Says:

    He may want to move 3 timezones to be further away from the EX, but no way that far away from his kids.

    I feel it is 80/20 Bucs (with Miami being only other one that makes sense), but again, as fans we don’t know what is in his head!!

  40. Says:

    Going to the AFC is a bad idea. You have Buf, KC and Cin. There’s no one to fear in the NFC if you have a strong team and lack diversity hire HCs and OCs

  41. DBS Says:

    What Brady does will most likely depend on how the season ends. Plus what money he would want or where he would go. So I am not even going to speculate or worry about it. If he leaves it is rebuild time anyway.

  42. Reality check Says:

    Brady staying in Tampa depends on this: they have cap issues. Can they clear enough cap space to bring in more talent and keep the free agents they want to. He plays for trips back to the Super Bowl. Much easier to get there in NFC than AFC. Would he be interested in SF if Purdy crashes to earth like I feel he will? Possibly, it is his hometown. Star rb, Star wideout, Star tight end check check check. That’s about the only other NFC team I see having a shot at him. As for the afc, the Raiders and Dolphins both have talented offenses in place. I assume him going somewhere would possibly (likely) include Gronk and honestly I would say OBJ is a possibility to sign where Brady does as well. The issue with Vegas and Dolphins is to get to super bowl you have to contend with Mahomes, Allen and Burrows to get to a super bowl. I think Tampa has a very good shot at keeping him IF cap is manipulated enough to keep his interest.

  43. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Dick LaBeau

    99% of what Brady says isn’t true. Ask him.

  44. Davenport Says:

    Let him go — spend 2023 in cap jail – and then start 2024 with a new coach, new frint office.

    We all know that Bowles won’t be fired aftee this season,but we also know that he is incapable of having a strong, winning team. Let the charade take place over 2023 and then clear the decks for a new regime

  45. SOEbuc Says:


    100 PERCENT!!! I am epileptic also and people don’t understand how much embarrassment, depression, anxiety, non-abilities, and judgement so many epileptics have about their disability. My brother died from a seizure. Justin Fields has epilepsy and can be a large risk for players and safety on the field and in the future. I have never seen anything like that name so disrespectful and hurtful.

    BIG FAN OF JBF. Would be great full to have this UN changed or blocked in general Joe. I would usually never call anyone out on their UN, but that goes to far. Thanks Joe. Stay up DBS. You know we gotta take it one day at a time.

  46. kyle Says:

    Thanks Tom for a great ride! You made the Bucs relevant.

  47. DBS Says:

    Thanks SOEbuc. Sure there are many of us here.

  48. steele Says:

    Given how badly his brand has already been knocked down (he should have quit after that last SB), given that his record has been tarnished, I don’t see him in “Super Bowl team or bust” mode anymore. Maybe he just wants to play, even if on a lesser team. Or retire.

    There are no great teams that need a 46 yr old Brady. Niners don’t. And why would he go to the trouble of moving to a new geography, learn a new offense, learn a whole new coaching staff and roster etc.?

    Even with all the c rap, Tampa and the Bucs are a known evil. And he would be the alpha here.

    So the question is how well they do for the rest of this run, whether OneBuc will have the stones to do a full rebuild. And whether Brady can see a place for himself in that mess.

  49. Rod Munch Says:

    Joe truly believes Brady hasn’t made a decision on his 2023 destination. So the Bucs remain in the running.


    I don’t think Brady is back next year, but I also agree with this. These playoffs will almost certainly be what has Brady fleeing the area never to return, or coming back. If the Bucs win a SB, then no way Brady is going anywhere. But seriously, with these two idiots running the team, Bowles and Leftwich, is there any chance of that happening? Not really, not unless Brady ignores those morons and takes matters into his own hands, then maybe the Bucs have a shot.

    But, if it’s one and done and stupid Bowles and stupid Leftwich stand there with stupid looks on their face, then except Brady to send an UberX to pickup his new hot girlfriend and charter a flight to Miami never to return — including turning down when the Bucs try to induct him into the ring of honor.