After Meetings In Tampa, Troy Aikman Thinks Tom Brady Will Play Next Season

January 20th, 2023

ESPN’s Troy Aikman.

Hall of Fame quarterback and broadcaster Troy Aikman called Monday’s Dallas beatdown of Tampa Bay for ESPN. And, of course, before the game he sat down with Tom Brady and chatted will all kinds of Bucs types.

That’s standard for a game analyst, so he/she can be best prepared to give great insight to the TV audience.

Aikman told The Rich Eisen Show today that before Monday, he thought Brady would retire. After spending days in Tampa, now he wouldn’t bet on a Brady retirement.

“With Tom, I’m hopeful he comes back and plays,” Aikman said. “I still think that he can play at the level required to achieve all the things that he would like to. And there’s a lot of people I talked to within their organization, although they don’t know anything, they sense that he will be back.”

Joe gets the same vibe, too, from various chatter — that the Bucs believe Brady will keep playing and they can make a great offer to retain him.

About a third of Bucs fans don’t want Brady to stick around, including Sage of Tampa Bay Sports Ira Kaufman, but that’s a discussion for another day.

56 Responses to “After Meetings In Tampa, Troy Aikman Thinks Tom Brady Will Play Next Season”

  1. Rob F Says:

    Thank you. –Joe

  2. CleanHouse Says:

    Keep Tom Brady as long as he’ll have us.
    Best player we’ve ever had.

  3. Goatfarmer Says:

    Tom needs a coaching collaborator, but someone to push him also. Arians would coach Tom hard and call him out. No one else will.

    Even with Tom, I’m afraid 2023 will make us wish for 2022.

  4. BUC IT Says:

    I’m in!! Brady hasn’t lost his arm strength. He had a rough divorce that probably affected his play and an awful oline. We get a year removed from his personal life and we have a chance to fix the offensive line and hopefully be able to run the ball.

  5. Jack Clark Says:

    “Hall of Fame quarterback and broadcaster Troy Aikman called Monday’s Dallas beatdown of Tampa Bay for ESPN.”

    Who thought Joe was talking about our “Super Bowl” winning offensive coordinator?

  6. Tye Says:

    Until he signs, its just noise!

  7. Guzzie Says:

    Can we get a Trey Lance conversation going what would it cost he’s only 22

  8. BucsBro Says:

    Do you see all the people making fun of Brady these days? Stuff like “you lost your family to go 8-9 and lose in the first round of the playoffs?”

    Brady is a serious competitor. He’s not going to go out like that. And he knows he can play a lot better than what it looked like this year.

    The only question is whether he comes back to Tampa or not. That remains to be seen. Getting rid of Byron was step 1 in the Bucs having a real shot to retain Brady.

  9. Goatfarmer Says:

    A modern offense, a new head coach, better o-line run schemes, that’s a start but still a turble long way to go.

  10. Proudbucsfan Says:

    IMO the only thing that would keep this franchise from falling into another lost decade would be for Tom Brady to come back for 2 more seasons.

  11. TruckerBuc Says:

    Lol, that last paragraph! Salty. I’m there with you though. Not too keen on starting a new lost decade in a den of depression.

  12. Go Bucs Go Says:

    Book it,

    49ers lose next game. Brady heads west.
    The only debate will be whether he will sign for one year or two year contract.

    Go Bucs!

  13. SOEbuc Says:

    Maybe Brady, Bruce, and Licht are scouting a champ OC.

  14. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Dear God, Trey Lance? Absolutely not! Kid is overrated and definitely not ready. Shanahan has one of the most qb friendly offenses in the league and he couldn’t do squat. Brock Purdy is going to be their future; Mr. Irrelevant! They’re going to want an arm and a leg for Lance and we definitely don’t need to do that. We need to roll with Trask or wait for ’24. Strap in boys, it may be ugly for a bit.

  15. firethecannons Says:

    who cares Brady is not good and Bucs have a very very bad coach and d. Smith needs replaced as does multiple recievers get rid of Jones, gage and all the rest of the wideouts–they are bad

  16. Chip Ascot Says:

    There would be a certain poetic justice in Tom ending his career in San Francisco…imagine one more superbowl and genuine retirement!!

  17. Crickett Baker Says:

    Tom is still the best QB we have ever had and I sure hope he plays and stays.

  18. steele Says:

    “Brady doesn’t want to go out like that.”

    Who does? But at 46, with slightly eroded (but still viable) skills and injuries, he may not have the luxury of being red carpeted on to a Super Bowl-ready team that is stocked with pro bowlers on both sides of the ball, with brilliant coaching that is tailored to his game.

    He should have retired hoisting the Lombardi trophy and never looked back. Because he couldn’t stand not playing, he has allowed his legacy to be tarnished. Obviously he has to weigh his addictive love for just playing, win or lose, against further tarnishing of the legacy, and the sanity of impossible challenges at this late hour.

  19. Bobby M. Says:

    There’s no better bridge QB until we can find a young QB ready to step in. Buys us another year, possibly two.

  20. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    Brady is going to Vegas. End of “story”.

  21. DungyDance Says:

    ^^^ Maybe not “end of story,” but eventually, probably. Yes.

  22. Eric Says:

    If he stays please stay away from the older free agents who bring absolutely nothing to the team but name recognition but they can stay healthy or play anymore!

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’ve been saying all along..”If he plays, he stays”……I’m sticking with that….

  24. TDTB Says:

    He’s going to LV. They’ve already set the stage to get rid of Carr so there’s no divided locker room and only one alpha when he arrives.

  25. DungyDance Says:

    Rapoport reporting this AM that other Bucs players are saying “… it felt to them as if Brady was leaving Tampa with no intention to return.” He is also reporting that Brady will take his time to make a decision.

    This will probably play out with a first announcement that he will not be returning to Bucs. And then later (a week or a few weeks) we’ll get the news about who he signed with.

  26. Cobraboy Says:

    IF Brady’s goal is a SB and not $$$, why would he come back to this train wreck of a coaching staff?

    Bowles needs to go, period. He proved his incompetence and lack of awarewnss…or nads…in how he dealt with the team last season.

    This team needs juice.

  27. Beej Says:

    Bucs are now a second tier team and can’t compete with the likes of Eagles, Niners, Chiefs, etc, and that’s not likely to change for a while. Brady loves to PLAY, but he likes to win too

  28. Allbuccedup Says:

    49ers need a center and guard trade them Jensen and Mason for Trey Lance and maybe Trask. Its time for the Bucs to realize mobile QBs are the new age of the NFL.

  29. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @DungyDance. These insiders always like to drop these reports on game day. I doubt Ian spoke to “several Bucs players.” I’ve always said Brady would retire after this season. He’s said forever that he wanted to play until he’s 45. He’s accomplished what was a major goal. He’s so goal-oriented, but he stayed one year too long. He could’ve went out on a high note, but now some fans and media want to just reduce his career to that awful Monday night game. Haters just loved it.

    Brady has a super mansion being built in an exclusive area in Miami. He will retire a single man, and live it up in Miami, while still being close to his kids. He’s gonna be calling games for Fox next year. I think the Glazers and Licht know he’s retiring.

  30. DungyDance Says:

    Bucsfan13 – I agree he probably did not talk to the players themselves. Players’ agents are always the ones spilling beans to reporters. Do I think players spoke to agents who then spoke to reporters? Yes.

  31. Joe M Says:

    You guys are crazy to believe Tom would endure another year with the likes of Todd “No Balls” Boles. The organization cut everybody but the head of the snake that is the real problem with this organization.
    Brady needs a t the very least a “good” head coach to win another super bowl. Boles falls short of that by a big margin. Joe should see that.

  32. Joe M Says:

    You guys are crazy to believe Tom would endure another year with the likes of Todd “No Balls” Boles. The organization cut everybody but the head of the snake that is the real problem with this organization.
    Brady needs a t the very least a “good” head coach to win another super bowl. Boles falls short of that by a big margin. Joe, c’mon man you of all people should see that.

  33. ModHairKen Says:

    What is with this Trey Lance crap? That guy has never accomplished anything anywhere. And he is injury prone.


    As for Brady, if he wants to leave, that’s fine. If he wants to stay, that’s good too.

    But keeping Bowles is a huge mistake.

  34. HC Grover Says:

    Maybe brady is a glutton for punishment.

  35. d33b0 Says:


  36. D-Rok Says:

    It’s hard for me to speculate on speculation. I will patiently wait until he signs or retires.

  37. Destinjohnny Says:

    Why would any qb want to play behind the worst line talent in the league ?
    It’s lack of talent people

  38. Hodad Says:

    Maybe Brady felt that way before Mondays game, but if he watches the tape of that horror show he was the star. In a playoff game, Brady did everything he could not to take a hit. That included missing receivers, and the chuck, and duck pick he threw in the redzone that started our demise. If Tom looks at his play this year, he should admit he was part of the problem. That started with him skipping two weeks of camp. Bucs are in a tough spot. We can’t win without him? We sure can’t win with him. If he still plays, I’m hoping it ain’t with us, wish him well. Bucs need to move on too.

  39. I’m not tired anymore we just won the Super Bowl!! Says:

    I pray Brady comes back to the Bucs! He’s a legend that I enjoy watching every minute of his play. Go Bucs!

  40. AB Says:

    And now being reported that Bucs players feel like he definitely is not coming back…

    So, everyone can stop being delusional about the chances of him coming back, that we aren’t going into a full rebuild period, that next year won’t be atrocious, etc.

  41. Your Mom Says:

    “a lot of people I talked to within their organization, … they don’t know anything”

    truer words never spoken…

  42. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Brady can still play at a high level but even a average Brady is better than any other QB that would be drafted or in FA. Bring Brady back if you can. We still have the weapons on offense and with a real OC we could go back to being in the top 5. Heavy defense draft this year for sure happening. We need help at CB n a pass rusher

  43. Nordberg Says:

    If unicorns could fly and rainbows could Harken down from the heavens, Brady could stay and things would work perfectly. Not to be! It’s not that I don’t want Brady to stay, it’s that he will pull resources and cap money away, and we just keep kicking the can further down the road. And this season was an abysmal failure. It’s time to bite the inevitable bullet and re-start everything. And that includes vanishing toilet Bowles after next season.

  44. Wut The Buc Says:

    Bucs chances of keeping Brady went down the toilet when they cleaned house of everyone but Bowles.

  45. BashingBucs2520 Says:

    Hey Joes, I know this won’t get posted, but I still want you to read it. Why are you blocking posts that criticize the Glazers? Feel free to email me the reason you’re blocking my posts.

  46. stpetebucfan Says:

    Where will Brady go? The Dolphin OL didn’t even break the top 20 last year.

    Doesn’t matter if you have the Cheetah but no protection. The Lions seemed to have turned the corner and part of it is based on their OL. They would give Brady his best chance in another weak NFC Divison but who the hell wants to go to Detroit?

  47. MJ Says:

    I must say the whole Bucs team sucked this year including Brady. I think the divorce messed him up in the head. He played poor against the Cowboys in the ayoff game. This is not the same Brady we saw a year ago. I feel the Bucs need to look at HC too. Firing Leftwitch wasn’t the only problem. Don’t know if next season will be any better.

  48. BigMacAttack Says:

    If we can get 2020’ or 2021’ Tom Brady, absolutely. But 2022’ wasn’t Tom Brady, or anything close. That was some imposter pretending to be Tom Brady, who couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with an rpg. He was so so so bad and inconsistent. He cost the Bucs numerous games. Turrrible and don’t want him back.

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    MJ, I agree. It’s time to clean house with the entire coaching staff

  50. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    Love all the ” Brady’s going to Vegas ” Brady’s going to the 49ers ” B.S. ! He’s going to resign with our Bucs or retire .. His entire life is in Florida and he’s not going to another team when he knows exactly what he has in our Bucs players. Oline was the biggest issue this year and that was from injuries. Brady will be here

  51. Sal Says:

    Brady ain’t coming back to Tampa Bay #!!

  52. mark2001 Says:

    Don’t think he wants to go out like this. Which means he won’t be here next year. The “is he coming back” talk is pretty silly. So whether some fans want him back or not really makes no difference.

  53. mark2001 Says:

    DJ82. What he had here is a team with a number of FA receivers always hurt, and a couple other guys that had problems getting open. The Oline problem isn’t going away. We have a declining LT, lack a starting guard, and the other ones skills are declining. The TE’s are below average, losing FA playoff Lenny and only one other real running back, and the D is losing a boatload of FA’s. He will either go somewhere with a chance to really win or retire. Another year here would be a fools errand for him.

  54. Rod Munch Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t want Brady back is just a flat out loser.

    Once Brady leaves, which is 99.999% certainly this offseason, the Bucs go into another multi-decade dark pit of losing and no one even remembering the city has a team, and a stadium that has half the seats empty. Why anyone moron would want to bring that on any earlier than possible, it’s beyond me.

  55. former pats fan Says:

    tampa only had the slimmest of chances – to none of keeping brady. when they didn’t fire bowles and hire sean payton, they reduced their chance to none.

  56. Liz Henn Says:

    I believe Brady’s divorce had a lot to do with his playing. He’s a human being like all the rest of us and whether you want a divorce or not it definitely affects you emotionally mentally and physically especially now that his children are not there. He comes home to an empty house which takes a whole lot of getting used to after 13 years! So give him some slack and hopefully things will be better next year and I personally am hoping he comes back to Tampa Bay! ❤️❤️