Will Gholston Is Happy To Have Fate In His Hands

December 31st, 2022

“Ira, give us some good luck.”

It’s really simple: Do or probably die.

If the Bucs win tomorrow, they are NFC South champs. No matter their record, they will host a game two weeks from tomorrow in the first round of the playoffs (looks like the Cowboys).

But if the Bucs lose…

Tomorrow very well could be the last home game for a couple of stud Bucs. Yeah, we all know Tom Brady’s status is up in the air. He’s not the only Bucs big-name free agent.

Lavonte David is also in the last year of his contract. David, 32, might be ending a Bucs era tomorrow if the Bucs fall to the Stinking Panthers.

David was drafted in 2012 in the second round. He’s the only player to be on the Bucs’ roster for 11 seasons. But there is another player who was drafted the following season, Will Gholston, and is still a key cog in the defense.

Gholston is one of those guys that former Bucs coach Dirk Koetter liked to call “glue guys.” A player solid at his job who may not be a star, but he comes to work each day, busts his tail and always answers the bell.

Koetter always said a good team needs a core of glue guys to build around, like a foundation. Gholston has been that.

So Joe asked Gholston if things don’t go well tomorrow, if that’s it for him with the Bucs? He signed a one-year deal this spring.

“I hope not!” Gholston said. When he signed his one year deal this spring, he made it clear because he has an affection for the area and with his family setting down roots, he’d prefer to stay in Tampa Bay.

“I don’t really think about that stuff,” Gholston said of a potential end to his Bucs days. “I’m just blessed to be able to play. I want to [stay with the Bucs].”

Gholston, like David, suffered through many losing seasons through the Lost Decade. So having the chanc eto make the playoffs is not lost on him, despite a less-than-stellar record.

“It’s awesome to know you have an opportunity to play in the playoffs from [the experience of] being on a team that wasn’t in the playoffs,” Gholston said. “Hey, if you have your cards and you are dealing them the right way, you have the last hand.”

And Gholston hopes for the last laugh on clinching a division crown.

14 Responses to “Will Gholston Is Happy To Have Fate In His Hands”

  1. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    For the Bucs, the playoffs start mañana.

  2. D-Rok Says:

    Please play well tomorrow, Bucs. Please be competitive. And, if it’s to be, win the game and the division.

    Even if they lose, I will still wake up Monday morning and go to work. Win or lose, life goes on, but it’d be a much happier life with a win.

    GO BUCS!!!

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I want a win tomorrow….I don’t want to have to rely on the Saints to help us back into the playoffs……we won’t deserve to be there if we can’t play ourselves in.

    As for Will Gholstion, you have been a very good Buc…..never complained….always produced….loyal…….and one of the few who has been worth his draft pick……if this is the end for you….I wish you well.

  4. Rob G Says:

    Goooo Buccccs!

  5. orlbucfan Says:

    LVD, Will G, and ME13 are 3 stellar players and class acts, both on and off the field. They so-deserved their SB rings. I, for one, cheered teary eyed when they won them. They will win tomorrow in spite of the ancient artifact. And with the YouTube deal, Licht will pull off some more of his ‘magic.’ Go Bucs even if the NFC South is the pits.

  6. Dew Says:

    Tonight I’m watching a replay of game 1 vs the Cowboys. We won & no reason that offense isn’t playing the same tomorrow.

  7. NEfan Says:

    Oral, yes it was a beautiful sight to see Brady hand these warriors their first SB ring. Unlike Evan’s and Gholston Tom never experienced how painful continued losing feels like. That is until Lord Bowles was granted king of the castle.

  8. D-Rok Says:

    No, orl, they will win BECAUSE of your so-called ancient artifact, which by all accounts, is the best QB in the history of the NFL.

  9. SB~LV Says:

    Bucs have a horrible history of shttting the bed in these ROH , bring back special player days… going back to the Ole Sombrero days.
    That alone makes tomorrow a risky day for fans.

  10. ClwJB Says:

    In less than 24 hours we will know

  11. SufferingSince76 Says:

    I think the panthers want it more so they are bringing it. Bucs can’t afford to screw around.

  12. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    All things considered, the edge goes to the Bucs.

  13. Buccos Says:

    If the Bucs lose this game at home they can all pack their sh!t and go. But it ain’t gonna happen. Do you know why? Because it’s Tom Freakin Brady against Sam Darnold, possibly the worst starting QB’s in the league right now. There is no way they lose this game at home. The stadium will be rockin on Dale Mandy. Consider this the first game of the playoffs. Bucs 28- Panthers 14

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    SB~LV Says
    “Bucs have a horrible history of shttting the bed in these ROH , bring back special player days… going back to the Ole Sombrero days. That alone makes tomorrow a risky day for fans. ”

    Exactly what I’m thinking. I think we’ve won maybe one RoH game?

    Still, because Jensen will likely play in 2 weeks if they get in, anything is possible if they win this game. So…I’m rooting for them.

    Plus…wouldn’t it be something if the worst team in the playoffs won the Superbowl?