Talk Of Tom Brady Playing Next Season But Not For Tampa Bay

December 7th, 2022

Pat Kirwan

So what’s next for free agent to be Tom Brady?

That’s unclear, but Joe particularly was disturbed to hear chatter about Brady playing elsewhere because of the source.

Elsewhere as in for another NFL team.

Former Jets linebackers coach and personnel chief Pat Kirwan, also a former Bucs scout, is the big voice of SiriusXM NFL Radio. Owners, general managers and head coaches often suck up to Kirwan and give him interviews others don’t get. Heck, even Bill Belicheat comes on his Movin’ The Chains show and Todd Bowles is a weekly guest. Kirwan also is an executive producer for CBS gameday studio shows on Sundays.

Simply stated: he’s a well connected mover and shaker in league circles and he’s the opposite of a hot take guy. You won’t see Kirwan causing trouble on social media or blubbering about gossip. He’s all about X’s and Os and personnel.

So yesterday, Kirwan shared on his show that he asked someone (of presumed importance) about Brady returning to play next year and the response Kirwan got was that he will play but not in Tampa.

Joe has nothing else to share about the exchange, but Kirwan putting that on the air got Joe’s attention. Again, Kirwan isn’t talking to his massive audience for headlines or YouTube shorts.

Kirwan is not overly concerned for the Bucs when it comes to losing Brady because he sees the entire NFC South as having quarterback issues, including the Saints having massive salary cap problems and facing “a teardown.”

So what is the deal with Brady 2023? Joe believes a ton of that answer will depend on how the Bucs’ season finishes, in addition to how other clubs finish and whatever is in Brady’s head as it relates to his three kids.

Joe’s only hope is that Team Glazer makes Brady one hell of a comprehensive offer to return to the Bucs, one that includes influence on coaching and personnel, plus heavy brown paper bags and wink-wink commitments to support Brady’s business interests.

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78 Responses to “Talk Of Tom Brady Playing Next Season But Not For Tampa Bay”

  1. sasquatch Says:

    There is no way Brady comes back to Tampa after this crap coaching situation has sunk the team and crippled the offense. They’d have to hire Sean Payton or Jim Harbaugh to have a chance of retaining Brady. So, basically zero chance.

  2. Beeej Says:

    I’m trying to think of a team that’s a QB away from the Super Bowl…Colts have no O-line, Giants mebbe. Nearly all are much further away from his kids

  3. mg Says:

    All but 2 teams should be inquiring about his service.

  4. alton d green Says:

    BTW folks I said this after the first couple of losses. when i saw the dingbat plays Lefty calls and the moronic decisions Todd makes, I said there is NO WAY The Goat would stumble thru another season. To goes by the saying of Vince Lombardi. “winning isn’t the most important thing, it’s the ONLY thing. Todd is not the type to admit he’s in over his head

  5. Sean Says:

    San Francisco or possibly Tennessee (with the Vrabel connection). Even Seattle makes some sense.

  6. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Just think, we already got the lawn chairs in place. All we need is jameiss👻
    From hero back to zero. What a life!

  7. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “All but 2 teams should be inquiring about his service.”

    HA! I can assure you that there are not 30 teams interested in a soon to be 46 year old who’s play is declining

  8. Tucker Says:

    ^^^^^^^ this

  9. Tucker Says:


  10. Tucker Says:

    I would rather them start going on about the future sooner than later so I’m good. It was great to have tom with bucs for as long as they had him this season they seem to have wasted but he still did some iconic things but every journey has its end this season seems to be as good as any for it to be the last and for the bucs to figure out the road after Tom.

  11. IrishTony Says:

    Brady loves being here. He lives the weather, his teammates, the GM and owners. This team has as much talent as Frisco or whatever other team you mention that doesn’t have a QB. His wife and kids live in Miami why the hell would he move to the West Coast? If anything he may just retire but I believe this team will get it together and actually do some damage in the playoffs which may coax him to return. This Brady going to another team is absolute bs.

  12. Mike Says:

    Eliminate the west coast. No chance brady goes there because of his kids. Eliminate the dolphins because of tua. Really, what else is left. He loves the weather… it is good for a then 46 year old…. What’s the Bucs other incentive?? If Brady leaves and goes to another team he will count 35 million against Bucs cap in 2023. As far as saints cap mess, Bucs are right there with them at 50 mil over the new projected cap and that is without David, dean, edwards, bunting, Julio, scottie, hicks

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t care if he leaves. It’s time

  14. Sean Says:

    You’re a pathetic troll BigMac.

  15. Redeemer Says:

    Tampa isn’t close to the talent in SF. Evans will be another year older, and other than Godwin, the recievers aren’t that good. The 9ers have a ready made Gronk in Kittle, and two incredibly dynamic recievers. Not to mention, a championship level defense, and a coach that knows his bunghole from his elbow. It probably won’t happen because of Shanahan’s ego, but if it’s a pure choice of talent, SF is better. It’s also Brady’s home town team. I can’t think of a better storybook ending. IMO, it’s time for Tampa to hit the reset. If Brady plays next year, it won’t be here. If he really wanted to be here beyond this year, why did he demand free agency at years end?

  16. Oneilbuc Says:

    BigMac I agree 💯 percent let him and the rest of these fake Patriots fans/Bucs fans go with him. At 46 you have to either be a Brady worshiper or weak bucs fan to be happy to have a 46 year old quarterback. But I know weak fans like Joe and Lee Dacamper would be happy to have a 46 year old quarterback back on the team just so they can find another scapegoat next year like they’re doing this year.

  17. Rossta Says:

    He is good as gone unless the Glazers come up with some sweet deal that would make him stay. I cannot see him playing for this coaching staff. I’m little disappointed in Bruce Ariens for suggesting these two coaches. Head coach is a great defensive coordinator that’s it offensive coordinator needs to go find a high school job, sorry it’s just awful and will become the laughing stock of the NFL once again

  18. Jack Sparrow Says:

    If coaching does not improve and Bucs gets eliminated on the first round of play-off, definitely, Brady is gone either close his career back to New England or another ring or 2 with the 49er’s. I guarantee it.

  19. Austin Christopher Lewis Says:

    Easiest division in football and a pretty good team that had injury problems from the get go. This team’s still good. Good enough to be his best option

  20. JimmyfromNY Says:

    He’s not coming back with the same set up on the sidelines. U have to be a complete moron to believe that. He’s been around football for 23 years and knows what a properly run organization looks like. There’s no doubt the best situation is in San Francisco, but they’ve had chance to get twice and passed on him Don’t rule out the Jets, patriot, Giants, Titans, Raiders. If the Glasera does make a commitment to him for a few years he’ll stay. That might include moving on from Mike Evans, making a real commitment at TE position and getting faster on both sides of the ball. No more spending money on washed up veterans. It may include pushing a lot more money down the line.

  21. mark2001 Says:

    Hey… if he wants to go elsewhere, so be it. Get a high second round pick, package it with our first, move up and snag a QB. If we lose a ton of FA’s this year, we will be in a rebuild anyway. Don’t make an Aaron Rodgers mistake. He wants to play elsewhere he earned it. We just need to be well compensated.

  22. bucs4life Says:

    Why should he stay in a franchise in which the former head coach call the shots and badmouths him openly on media?

  23. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    I don’t see a situation where a team lures Brady with stacks of cash. If Brady decides to play it will be for a team and situation of his own making. The rumors were last year Brady and Sean Payton to Miami. In return Brady would be made part owner of the dolphins. It was a once in lifetime opportunity for Brady. We know the phins were punished for tampering because Brady was under contract to play in Tampa. And Im guessing behind the scenes Brady was probably lobbying Tampa to let him out of his contract. The only leverage Brady had to negotiate his release from Tampa was the threat of leaving tampa in a lurch by retireing at the last minute just before preseason. Leaving the team without a QB and no real QB prospects. So Brady let the retirement rumors swirl. Brady hoped that Licht facing an off-season of uncertainty at QB. Would force Licht to make a move and sign Brady’s replacement. Leaving the team little choice but to release Brady. None of that happened. Brady was left with the choice of retirement or play one more year in Tampa. Perhaps the Payton and Brady to Miami deal is still on for next year.

  24. Kentucky Buc Says:

    The whole bunch would have to go including BA. Then you would have to get a real coach in the building. Bucs screwed the pooch giving Bowles that job. Clean em out. Tired of watching that garbage.

  25. Marc Coppola Says:

    1 vote for totally confident!

    Did Todd Bowles himself vote? 😂😂😂

  26. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Brady probably leaves barring a miracle.
    I’ll cry like a jilted school girl.
    I’ll always be a Brady fan in thanks for what he did in Tampa.

    The Glazers have issues: Too woke, based on history they tend to penny-pinch on HC salaries (Raheem, Schiano, Lovie and Koetter and Bowles were all relatively cheap compared to an Arians or a Gruden or a Peyton).
    Bowles is getting better but not above average. Leftwich is a train wreck.
    Cap hell, etc, etc…much easier for Brady to go to a place where he doesn’t have to deal w any of that.

    …and to the butthurt haters: Watch the 46 y.o. man win another SB next year

  27. Jason Says:

    He will return to the Patriots and play until BB beats shula’s record. Then both BB Tom can retire together.

  28. Lovie is that you? Says:

    Put him on the Jets and they are contenders.

  29. stpetebucfan Says:

    I respect the GOAT as much as anybody. As of THIS WEEK…his skill set in fact appear to be unaffected by age. That can change significantly in dramatically quick fashion.

    So let’s assume the best. TB12 and the Bucs win the SB which would give TB12 his largest number of choices. Why do all of these posts presume Brady can have his pick and that his pick would be that many teams. What we were in competition with just 2 or 3 other teams and he was younger then.

    First you eliminate all the teams who already have a starting QB! Then for the rest you have to determine if ANY like the Bucs happen to be positioned for a run next year needing ONLY a QB to complete the picture. IE how many times are willing to look at the future in just one year increments.

    Given that all the players know each other and the Bucs are now an experienced team it is truly HARD to imagine a better WIN-WIN situation than Brady and the Bucs. $$$ is not an issue. Geography and climate are fine..there is no reason for Brady to leave!!!!

  30. mg Says:

    If TB-12 wasn’t playing for Tampa this year, would the Bucs have won a game yet?

  31. CrackWise Says:

    Kyle Trask put up numbers his last year in collage that puts ALL of the CURRENT Heisman Candidates to shame!!!

    Let that sink in.

    Bye Bye Tommy Boy. It was fun but your replacement is IN HOUSE!!!

  32. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    ^ LOL good one!

  33. mg Says:

    The Trask years should be epic.

  34. steele Says:

    We can’t even begin to speculate until we see what happens with the rest of this season. It all depends whether they lose badly, scrape by and barely survive somehow, or (unlikely) suddenly wake up and run the table. I have never seen a more freakish season across the board.

    Has all the turmoil in his personal life and on this team changed his attitude about his reason for playing? Is it still for rings, or is it just “I like playing, win or lose”?

    Putting aside the possibility that he stays in this s hit Bowl(les) (“I put up with all of this chaos already, so why not stick around”) We all know SF is the best plug-in for Brady, talent-wise, but he and Shanahan are not buds, and SF is still highly invested in Trey Lance. Seattle is in youth rebuilding mode, despite their surprising performance this season. Tenn. makes sense. Others? Who knows.

  35. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Cause we all know college stats are a great predictor of success in the NFL.
    Leadership and intangibles mean nothing.

  36. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Maybe we can get Winston back?

    (relax…I kid)

  37. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Brady finished out this season with the Blales-Witch Project because he’s got high character and never ever quits.
    He can will a poorly coached team to play way beyond their ability.
    The idea that Brady won’t get huge offers form multiple teams is more absurd then the notion that Trask could be a replacement for the greatest NFL player ever.

    Glazers must be cringing at the offer they’ll need to even compete for Bradys services

  38. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Last 3 years were great but another lost decade is on deck. Wait for it

  39. CrackWise Says:

    Someone has to replace Brady. Why not the guy that was drafted and spent two years learning from him.

    You know, the same guy that was the best QB to come out of collage over the last two years.

    Sure, they are collage numbers. However, last I checked, thats where all of these guys come from.

    AND, KT has never just been gifted a job. He has EARNED it with his play on the field. Both in practice and on game day. He is as good as it gets when it comes to Brady’s successor here in Tampa.

  40. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Cheaper than Brady too

  41. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    What about if the Glazers give Brady whatever he wants and hire Sean Peyton? That might work….but it will never happen in a million years.

    Bucs go 5-11 in 2023 under Bowles Lefty and Trask.
    That’s the harsh reality

  42. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    We had our fun. BACK TO THE SALT MINES!

  43. mg Says:

    Trask replacing Mr. 6 rings will be entertaining.

  44. mg Says:

    Oh wait he won another in Tampa, make that Mr. 7 Rings.

  45. Beeej Says:

    “CrackWise Says:
    December 7th, 2022 at 10:07 pm
    Kyle Trask put up numbers his last year in collage that puts ALL of the CURRENT Heisman Candidates to shame!!!

    Let that sink in.

    Bye Bye Tommy Boy. It was fun but your replacement is IN HOUSE!!!”

    Johnny Football was even BETTER

  46. Thadeus Says:

    I figure The GOAT will play again next year. IF they make the playoff’s this year, they’ll be out first round.
    I can see Tom returning to New England where they have a Real NFL caliber head coach, and Tom will get ring number 8. Being ” Progressive ” backfired big time.
    And I figure The Gronk will join Tommy too.

  47. NEfan Says:

    Mark he is a free agent you get nothing for him. Oneiltobradyyall and Bigmacpudwak, born lovers you both deserve what’s coming next season. NO effing way he comes back if Toilet Bowls is at the helm. The insight probably came from the anchor himself Toilet Bowl. Brady doesn’t need a half arse coach ruining his legacy. No Pat’s, LV, Jets or Tenn, maybe Carolina.

  48. Oneilbuc Says:

    NEfan. I don’t care who the quarterback is as long as he’s a young quarterback that’s what matters to me. I said Trask because I haven’t heard him with the starters and that’s how I evaluate players. But what would make me even more happy is all you Brady worshipers/ Patriots fans will be gone and I can’t wait until that day .

  49. adam from ny Says:

    tommy b is otti like gotti

  50. fern Says:

    Watch is gonna end like the retirement.
    He stays here.
    Wait and see, everyone with opinions.

  51. Oneilbuc Says:

    Fern. If I’m the Glazers I would bring him back because I know he’s going to make me a lot of money that would be the only reason why they will bring him back. But I know we ain’t winning nothing with him at quarterback are less they bring Gronk back and get Tyreek Hill, Derick Henry, Debo Samuel and Stephon Diggs for Brady to be a above average quarterback and the bucs don’t have the money for that!!

  52. Buc king Says:

    It’s here or done…Patriots maybe..sign n return thing

  53. Buc king Says:


  54. Oneilbuc Says:

    Joe they have already given him all the power over the coaches and GM. The only thing left is owner ship of the team.

  55. LastDance Says:

    O sweet Oneilbuc… You and tbbucs3 and the rest of your happy crew of lovable hater losers… I just want you to know that all your salty hater tears taste so good and refreshing to me. They make my heart happy. I thank you for the chuckles and the reminder to stay on the side of wisdom over stupidity… you make it easy to know which side that is

  56. LastDance Says:

    I have 7 wonderful Super Bowl wins and 10 appearances to bask in… while your hate must light your way… must be a dark dank a$$ place for ya’ll

  57. Rayjay1122 Says:

    TB12 would be wasting his final years playing if he remains here under this joke of a coach. For his sake, he should play elsewhere.

  58. Oneilbuc Says:

    Last dance. You talk about wisdom lol 🤣🤣🤣 let me give you some real wisdom how about not putting a man who don’t know you even exist on a pedestal as if you’re life would change if he wins a super bowl or lose a super bowl that’s some wisdom for you. Please stop the worshipping!!!

  59. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Vlad has a santeria style shrine built to Brady. He’s also read all of Bradys favorite books.

  60. LastDance Says:

    I just know how to appreciate what’s in front of me… unlike you delicious haters… feed me those salty tears baby! They taste like ambrosia!

  61. LastDance Says:

    Im guessing you have some kink with Captain Fear that keeps you wanting more…

  62. LastDance Says:

    Vlad knows what’s up… sacrifice and incense… get the job done!

  63. former pats fan Says:

    i like the poster who said, how many wins would another qb have here this year.

    anyway, i predicted this mess when it was announced who our coaches would be.

    my guess, the slimmest chance brady would stay in tampa is if sean payton was hired or someone on his caliber.

    the last last last , never gonna happen place brady would go is the patriots.

    if kyle shanahan could have an ego check, it would be sf. doubtful (but i wish). i frankly think kyle is an idiot for not taking brady when he left new england. he’d have 3 sbs.

    the raiders were one of his thoughts before and with his old buddy coaching i put it at the top of the possibilities. (they do have a poor defense and need a lot of players there. also, carr and adams are beginning to gel whereas earlier adams was giving signals he didnt want carr if he wasnt going to throw him the ball when double covered.)

    other than that, i have no guesses. just a team who can get him to consider playing 3-5 years and who is a legitimate contender for a sb

  64. Orstac Says:

    Stop with the Trash talk bc him and Gabbert have played like hot garbage in the preseason and I dont think going from playing 3rd & 4th stringers and insurance agents who never make the team but play preseason to playing NFL starters is going to help improve the piss poor performances we have watched these guys put up when given a shot
    No way this team wins 5 games with this staff and without Brady next year if that happens
    Only way this team wins is if they are able to trade for another top level qb otherwise they will be back to bottom feeding and planning for high draft picks

  65. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    If Brady is leaving Tampa after this year I hope he announces his retirement or a deal with a new team very early in the off-season. None of this wishy washy I may return Im not sure nonsense. Last off season he kept us all waiting until a few weeks before mini camp. Same with these coaches. If they are getting fired it should be as early as possible at the end of the season. That way there is still a pool of quality assistant coaches available for the new coaching staff.

  66. AbucAway Says:

    It’ll probably take an intervention from his family to get Tom to retire. That could be a funny SNL skit..
    Anywho, I’m of the mindset that Tom and these coaches are like oil and water. They just don’t mix well. Can that be changed for the better? I’m doubtful, but still hold on to hope that we will witness the necessary adjustments being made to be true contender this year. Those adjustments have to be made between the three (Bowles, Lefty, and Brady). We will know if they can bring it together or not. The results will play out before our eyes. If yes, then he stays. If no, then someone has to go.

  67. Ugotrobbed Says:

    I can believe that! Brady just doesn’t seam to have the same fire as the previous 2 years. Not sure what caused it to fade, and will probably never really know.

  68. BucU Says:

    For me I’m not concerned if TB12 comes back next year at 46 yrs old. Even for Tom that’s pushing it to the limit. I appreciate everything he’s done for this franchise and always will. But after this season I wouldn’t be pushing too hard to get him to come back. If he really wanted to stay that’s one thing.
    This coaching staff has done him no favors this year with their utter incompetence. So unless they are fired then I doubt he would consider coming back again.

  69. Michael Says:

    You guys kill me. Everybody wants to blame everything on the coaches. Granted they definitely deserve some. But do you really believe that Brady doesn’t have a heavy hand into what plays are called and when they are called? Go Bucs!

  70. NEfan Says:

    Michael, not anymore. Bowles clesrly stated this is NOT Brady’s offense it’s Leftnuts and apparently his.

  71. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    No doubt in my mind Brady’s agent will at least inquire with the 49ers. And if I’m John Lynch/Kyle Shanahan, I do it. I know it stunts Trey Lance’s growth, but that team is built to win RIGHT NOW.

    But if the 49ers decide they don’t want Brady, I really don’t see any other team that’s “only a quarterback away”. Talent-wise, his best play is to stay with the still-loaded Bucs. Weather, convenient access to his family, and the fact he’s already here would really make Tampa the best place to play next year.

    EXCEPT the coaching. That’s going to be a real problem that has no good solution. If you fire Bowles, you have to fire the whole staff, because you won’t be promoting from within, and a new head coach will want his own guys. We’ll have a whole new system and lose continuity. I LOVED what Bowles did for our defense; he’s certainly an outstanding defensive coordinator. I don’t want to lose his system.

    But Brady won’t want to play for a coach that can’t motivate a team. I can’t blame him. He’ll be 46 and wants one more legitimate Super Bowl shot. And I’ve never seen a more talented team play so flat.

    The offseason will definitely be interesting.

  72. Goatfarmer Says:

    Bowels of Toad must be fired along with the brain dead catatonic stooge pretending to be offensive coordinator, for there to be any chance Brady remains a Buc.

  73. Lakeland Steve Says:

    So Brady has played for Lloyd Carr at Michigan, Bill Belichek at New England, Bruce Arians and now Todd Bowles at Tampa. Carr and Belichek were disciplinarian my way or the Highway type coaches. Arians was maybe not as much a disciplinarian as much as an in your face if you screw up, hug you if you made a great play coach. All of those coaches had one thing in common. They could all be fiery at times and none of them tolerated nonsense. Bowles strikes me as a laid back, I’ll let the assistant coaches do the yelling and screaming type coach. Well we see where that has gotten us and so does Brady. Brady will not be playing for the Bucs next year unless the Glazers make some major changes to the coaching staff.

  74. Fitz Says:

    Brady would stay if they got Sean Payton. Anybody who thinks Trask will succeed with current coaching and no run game is nuts. Take away Brady and there is no longer any reason for top free agents to sign with the Bucs. Even Belichick is struggling to win and Bowles is not even close to as good a coach. Miami is still in play as Tua is one hit away from retirement and brain damage.

  75. bucsbrady Says:

    Jason Cole a Brady hater never liked him but he writes for outkick now. He said Brady lost 27 pounds over the divorce. He was crushed. Everyone needs to keep that in mind when judging Brady. Bucs may not even want Brady back.

  76. Destinjohnny Says:

    We have the worst line in football
    Why sign on for that ?

  77. garro Says:

    Oh Lord!!
    Kerwin has finally gone to the “Dark Side”
    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  78. Ed McSherry Says:

    Ya, with Arians, Brady had a lot to say about the play-calling; that “redlining story” last year was probably Arians deleting Byron’s joke game plans.

    With Bowles, the quality control that Arians provided is long gone.