Scoring Impotence

December 22nd, 2022

Exploring depths of offense.

How bad is the Bucs offense, well, let’s dive in a bit.

The Bucs are scoring 17.6 points a game — up from 17.3! That ranks them fifth-worst in the league. Here is a gander at which teams are worse:

* Indianapolis Colts: Indianapolis cannot decide if washed Matt Ryan, Nick Foles or Sam Ehlinger should start at quarterback. The Colts have weapons close to the level of the Bucs’ skill positions, though Jonathan Taylor cannot stay healthy. The Colts canned their offensive coordinator and later their coach, Frank Reich, due to a woeful offense.

* Houston Texas: Lousy Lovie Smith’s team. ‘Nuff said. They have a punishing rookie running back, Dameon Pierce (939 yards), and Davis Mills, a third-round pick in 2021, as their quarterback. It is believed the Texans, who should have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft next spring, will run off Lovie after the season.

* Los Angeles Rams: The Super Bowl champion has had a rash of injuries to star players including Aaron Donald and quarterback Matt Stafford. They too are down to their No. 3 quarterback, Baker Mayfield. At least they have an excuse. They lost their franchise quarterback. Rams coach Sean McVay is safe. He’s got a lot of street cred. If he goes to the broadcast booth, it will be because he resigns, not because he is forced out.

* Denver Broncos: They gave up a boatload for Russell Wilson and he has been horrible, clearly over the hill. The Broncos are beat up, too. Outside of Wilson, the Broncos have decent skill position players. Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett sure seems to be a dead-man walking.

So here are the Bucs, with Tom Brady, Playoff Lenny, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and they cannot score? And failing Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich has survived the guillotine? Well, maybe for a few weeks. Joe cannot imagine the Bucs bring this guy back.

Rich Hribar, typing for Sharp Football Analysis, had an ugly stat about the Bucs offense.

Tampa Bay has scored a touchdown on 8.7% of their drives on the road this season, the lowest rate in the league.

Of course, Leftwich would cop an attitude if this were presented to him in his weekly press conference and he’d scoff about how stats are “fantasy football.”

You know what else is fantasy football, Byron? You running a team. Or another offense.

Joe cannot imagine this guy Leftwich returns for 2023. If he does and if Joe was still a season ticket holder, Joe would demand a refund.

10 Responses to “Scoring Impotence”

  1. Buczilla Says:

    Damn, I know that we have it bad right now, but can you imagine being a bronco’s fan? This Russell Wilson trade is starting to look like a mini Hershel Walker trade in favor of the seahawks.

    I can’t imagine anyone on our coaching staff returning without at least one playoff win. Severely underachieving and bumbling your way to the playoffs in a sorry a$$ division should in no way be rewarded.

    Same goes for the entire front office unless they were forced by ownership to not make the changes that were needed months ago. Licht had been fantastic for the 3 years prior to this one and I can’t imagine that he’d allow this coaching nonesense to continue unless forced to.

  2. Tdtb Says:

    If the offensive savior isn’t on staff already, then nobody is going to replace BL. Who in their right mind would sign up to be OC under a HC who is likely only getting one more year…nobody. So, if you’re the owner there’s really only two choices: 1) fire everybody and start over; or 2) give everyone another year. I don’t see the Glazers doing a complete house clean after one year (especially with Arians on staff), so I think we will have this cast for another year. The good news is they should suck so bad next year they won’t be able to back into the playoffs like they seem to be doing this year., so at least they’ll pick at the top of the draft.

  3. HC Grover Says:

    Get the coach out asap to get our pick of available coaches.

  4. DG060 Says:

    Glazers you have a problem. A big problem.

  5. PSL Bob Says:

    Joe, didn’t you have an earlier article suggesting that Byron hasn’t been running the offense he wants to? He has that in his back pocket and will pull out the no-risk-it-no-biscuit playbook once the playoffs begin. The Bucs have the rest of the teams right where they want them – thinking that the Bucs stink and being caught off guard in the playoffs. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  6. ChiBuc Says:

    “Bucs have the rest of the teams right where they want them.”

    Lol, says the MMA fighter on the bottom getting his face pummeled… “I bet my face is making your hands sore.”

  7. Darin Says:

    Yep he’s too young to need Viagra.

  8. sasquatch Says:

    The article on Arian’s comments regarding Leftwich makes me wonder if 90% of the blame might be on Bowles. I have to wonder. Regardless, the performance has sucked, and Leftwich hasn’t produced an effective offense that conforms to Bowles’ preferences. Bowles will be looking for someone else who can. It remains to be seen whether he can build this into a run-heavy team without an overhaul of the entire staff and retooling of the O-line.

  9. D-Rok Says:

    Somebody needs some of them Hims blue pills.

  10. Joe Morello Says:

    Spot on Big Joe. “Left field” Leftwich is still around because of “Noballs” Boles.