Leonard Fournette Explains Mike Alstott-Like Run

December 29th, 2022


Fans of former Bucs running back Mike Alstott had to have been smiling at this.

Sunday night, Playoff Lenny did his best Mike Alstott impersonation.

(Joe really misses his old friend, the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig. Joe’s favorite line from Duemig came when he was passionately defending Alstott, Duemig said, “If you like football you like Mike Alstott, and if you don’t like Mike Alstott you are a dumb@ss.” Who can disagree?)

In the second half of the Bucs’ win at Arizona, Playoff Lenny took a handoff and ran right (!). He got hit and ganged up on after maybe two yards. That didn’t stop Playoff Lenny as he dragged a pile roughly 12 yards downfield.

It. Was. Awesome.

“I was just trying to get the extra yards, man,” Playoff Lenny said. “We needed more to be done in this game. The game was close for no reason.

“I just felt like I had to be the difference maker in this game.”

Playoff Lenny had perhaps his best game as a Bucs running back. His 162 yards from scrimmage against the Cardinals was his high with Tampa Bay.

Joe fears it is going to take an all-out effort like Playoff Lenny’s run in Arizona from every Bucs player on the field Sunday to beat the Stinking Panthers and clinch the NFC South.

18 Responses to “Leonard Fournette Explains Mike Alstott-Like Run”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    If the O line returns it’s starters, we’ll be OK, imo.

  2. Gbobucsfan Says:

    If you guys haven’t watched yet, check out In The Current Germany edition. Ronde and Alstott get loose, it’s very nostalgic and awesome.

  3. D-Rok Says:

    That’s a great descriptor for that Cardinals game: A gritty win.

    Maybe Lenny has woken from his slumber? We’ll see this Sunday – maybe he can take back his starting job. #Optimism

  4. Deeez NATZ Says:

    You suck lenny…The only difference is you make way to much money to suck like you do with your crappy lsu jersey…Bucs season will be over on Sunday night.

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I miss Mike Alstott

    I miss a true FB wearing down defenses!!!!


  6. TAMPA BAY DEMONโ„ข Says:

    โ€œIf you like football you like Mike Alstot, and if you donโ€™t like Mike Alstott you are a dumb@ss.โ€

    Yes JOE, that is VINTAGE Steve Duemig, and he is missed very much.

    He also was a big fan of JBF.

  7. Depressed 2022 Says:

    Lenny sure can bring it… When he wants to …. I hope his inspiration spreads…. And everyone brings it…. This is our playoff game

  8. D-Rok Says:

    Loved watching Alstott, neck-roll and all. I was always impressed how elusive he was for a big RB, and he had power for days.

    The NFL needs more fullbacks. I was a fullback once so I’ve always admired their play. Imagine Alstott and Rathman with Sanders in a wishbone.

  9. Deano Says:

    A-train was a badass

  10. Deano Says:

    Riggins was a badass also

  11. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Back in the day I used to sponsor the “Special Teams Player of the Week Award” on 820 the team and I was fortunate enought to get on the sidelines for some practices in the pre-season. I brought my 16 year old Nephew with me to one of the practices , and after practice was over Mike was gracious enough to take some photos with my Nephew and chuck the rock a bit and so Did Trent , can only speak for myself , but what a class act Mike Allstott is and Trent Dilfer also.

  12. WillieG Says:

    It was a freaking awesome run.

    Speaking of the A Train, why is he never mentioned for the HoF? He has the credentials, doesnโ€™t he?!

    Super Bowl champion (XXXVII)
    3ร— First-team All-Pro (1997โ€“1999)
    Second-Team All-Pro (1996)
    6ร— Pro Bowl (1997โ€“2002)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ring of Honor

  13. Tucker Says:

    I don’t think Lenny is that good but just my opinion other say different.

  14. Brandon Says:

    Great team run. But what we’re forgetting is that we ran the ball on 2nd and 1, three straight times and didn’t get the first.

  15. Jason Says:

    Don’t forget A-train also lead the Bucs in receiving one year. Lol.

  16. Big Dog Says:

    When you win the Super Bowl why think low goals failure is not an option. We the BUCS should have stayed with the product that made us great and loyalty is important as well as trust. I understand millionaires but when you sit in the fox hole and work hard to develop character with people as will as chemistry you have a winning attitude

  17. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    With Lorenzo Neal lead blocking for Alstott – stepping up to make a tackle required a serious business decision.

  18. Crickett Baker Says:

    He won the “Angry Run” scepter for that. That makes two of our players who won it so far this year. I love his attitude, too. He just decided to do something and did it! GO BUCS!