Jamel Dean, Donovan Smith, Vita Vea Out For Sunday

December 23rd, 2022


UPDATED: 1:21 p.m. – It’s an ugly list.

Today, Bucs coach Todd Bowles stated in his press briefing after practice that several Bucs starters won’t play on Sunday, Christmas Night in The Bird Cage at Arizona.

Joe sadly understands some readers will rejoice at the news that Donovan Smith won’t go Sunday.

Smith has a bad foot. With All-Pro Tristan Wirfs expected to return to right tackle (Hooray!), that means look for Josh Wells or Brandon Walton to replace Smith at left tackle protecting Tom Brady’s blind side.

Walton played a lot in Week 2 and started left tackle in Week 3 for Smith against Green Bay. Smith had missed time then with a hyperextended elbow.

Joe sure hopes J.J. Watt stays on the left side of the Cardinals’ defensive front to tangle with Wirfs.

Other key players out are Vita Vea (foot), Carl Nassib (pectoral) and Jamel Dean (toe), plus outside linebacker Genard Avery (abdomen).

Bowles said safety Antoine Winfield, Jr. will be a gameday decision.

25 Responses to “Jamel Dean, Donovan Smith, Vita Vea Out For Sunday”

  1. NEfan Says:

    Soft, softer, softest!!!

  2. Bobby Buc Says:

    honestly, we should win this game with the people that we have…. i hope. i would rather have these guys come in later.

  3. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Triple D didn’t really want to work on Christmas anyway.
    He’s got too much other stuff going on.

  4. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Tom Brady has been substandard and that’s being kind, but these gd players are failing Brady. People just cannot stop f’ing getting hurt. And oh btw even Tristan Wirfs has gone two yrs in a row without playing the whole yr. Listless half the time, bad body language, injury after injury, lack of continuity or even dependability. Poor coaching and no in game adjustments, stubbornness. This is not a likeable team. They’re pretty unlikeable actually. There’s something rotten with this team.

    Funny, the Bucs a few yrs ago or even last yr were the “IT” team, the glamour team in Florida. As far as I see the Jags and Dolphins arrows are point way wayyyyy up. They’re young, fast, fun with innovative offenses and franchise quarterbacks. And here we are, old, slow, injured with 1980s game planning. Yesterdays news. This should bother the glazers, and should bother a lot of people

  5. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Go for the face30 couldn’t have said it better. Poor coaching and apathetic players spell for a gloomy future. Nothing will change until the entire coaching staff, BA and GM are sent packing. I’d rather see young, hungry well coached players next year. This team will be soft as long as Bowles is HC.

  6. The Anomaly Says:

    vea is such a waste

  7. IrishTony Says:

    Hey when was the last time the Fins won a super bowl? 72? The Jags have 0 SB’s so let’s put the brakes on dude. This team has 2 rings in 20 years that’s pretty good despite some crappy years in between. We can sit here and talk up how exciting the Fins or Jags but neither may make the playoffs. The Bucs are struggling this year I agree but coaching and injuries have a lot to do with this dip in production.

  8. captivajim Says:

    I would sit Wirfs…..

  9. Winny Testaverde Says:

    The Anomaly acts like The Bucs traded away Josh Allen for VV. Wait…

  10. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    It’s GOTTA be Walton. Wells is gonna get Tom killed.

  11. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Irish Tony – ya I get it. So because the Bucs won the superbowl a few yrs ago I should accept a grace period of like another 10yrs? I should accept what’s going on, because one of the superbowls happened 20yrs ago? The here and now is all I care about. The bigger picture reason for Brady’s presence beyond a superbowl was a culture change, a culture change that creates some sustainability, relevance, winning culture etc. I frankly do not care about the Jaguars lack of success, that’s pretty well documented – but right now they have Trevor Lawrence and we don’t. They have young fast talent. We don’t. Two things can be true. It’s ok to be grateful for 2020, but it’s more important to have a foundation in place to be competitive and RELEVANT every year. Ya we smashed KC in the superbowl and we had our giggles and laughs, but they’re good this yr. They’re gnna be good next yr and the year after that. Are we?

  12. SB~LV Says:

    Maybe Brady will not finish the game, he gets up awful slow

  13. NEfan Says:

    Funny how the 45 yr old fossil gets banged up every game and yet never wusses out. Not sure if anyone noticed the first time Brady got hit Sunday he favored his throwing hand as he went to the Turf. This team is S O F T soft!!!

  14. Alanbucsfan Says:

    I like watching the Jags- good young team, exciting QB, good coach.
    By the way, Cisco, Jags starting safety, was taken 1 pick after Trask.

  15. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Winny do you recall when the Bucs traded the rights to Dan Hampton for the rights to the ‘throwin Samoan’?
    At least when double v plays he’s good…..
    Double v trade could’ve been worse, much worse.
    To me the worse trade in the Bucs checkered past was when they traded the rights to earl campbell in the beginning. The tyler rose was someone that could never be replaced…
    The Bucs best pickup is clearly the goat, regardless what some say in these parts….

  16. Yucs2Bucsr Says:

    I guarantee a Bucs loss !! Their coaching staff is going to pick on the corners and run up the middle on Charmin aka D line

  17. BucsFan81 Says:

    They going to lose anyways. I bet they don’t win another game and everyone is fired.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    With Donovan, Vea & Wirfs (more than likely) out, we’re missing over half a ton of beef. And oh ya, a couple of Pro-Bowlers. Next time Winn Dixie asks ‘Where’s the beef?’ the Bucs could answer that one easily. Sitting on the bench & in the whirlpool.

  19. FortMyersDave Says:

    BucsFan81, that would be best for the franchise so you know it will not happen. The Bucs will go 8 and 9 or 7-10 and then get boat raced by Dallas 38 to 3 but Bowels will not get fired.
    He might be forced to fire Leftwich and the not so special teams coach but that is about it. Ideally the Bucs would have got shut out in Munich and the the Glazers would have made Bowels fire Leftwich on the plane ride home, that did not happen and both morons are being outcoached in almost every game except the Aints game where Dennis Allen gifted the Bucs a W as the Aints tank for a high draft pick and qb.

  20. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Bucs future not looking very promising. Old players, bad coaches, clueless GM. Back to the dark ages. Glazers incompetent owners more interested in being woke than successful.

  21. DoooshLaRue Says:


    I believe that was Wendy’s asking where the beef is.
    Winn Dixie are the beef people.

  22. Tony Says:


    I guess they really are turning into some OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGERS?😀 Vita seems to always have something wrong & Donovan stinks anyway. Yeah he definitely has problems. He has problems trying to block somebody & trying to go at least one game without getting called for a penalty or giving up a sack or at least make sure Brady doesn’t get killed & get knocked around.

  23. Tony Says:


    Maybe they can get Fournette to hit the refrigerator again put another 50 lbs. or so on then move him to the OL to replace Donovan.

  24. Tony Says:

    Send Donovan back to Penn St. I’m sure he’d get killed there even now.

  25. unbelievable Says:

    Gotta laugh whenever I see idiots complaining that the Bucs lose because they’re going ‘woke’.

    Poor brains have been broken by Faux News on social media.