Byron Leftwich Is Going To Run Tom Brady Out Of Town

December 9th, 2022

Yeah Tom, that’s the number for U-Haul.”

With Tom Brady’s biggest impediment to playing football at 46 (and beyond?) out of the way — the model Gisele Bündchen — what’s to prevent Brady from returning to the Bucs next season?

One national NFL columnist believes a reason preventing Brady from returning to the Bucs can be summed up in two words: “Byron Leftwich.”

Jeff Howe of The Athletic spoke with several NFL suits to gauge what is wrong with Brady. The Bucs offense, unless it is running a hurry-up, is Father Dungy-drab and dreadful. Even seasoned NFL analysts are pained watching it.

The feedback Howe got from NFL suits is, yeah, Brady has regressed some but is still an elite quarterback, as he demonstrated against the slimy Saints. But one reason Brady may bolt, these suits believe, is Leftwich’s lousy offense.

When asking executives around the league who have watched Brady this season, they have noticed some level of regression in play — he is 45, after all — but they also noted Tampa’s lack of a running game, injuries at receiver and less production from the tight ends and offensive linemen as bigger issues. Conservative coaching was also cited.

But when Brady had a chance to take control of the game on his own, he showed he is still capable of looking like his old self. If he wants to continue playing beyond this season, his market should be ripe.

We have already seen, on national TV in primetime no less, Brady bristle with coaches decisions. Fortunately everything turned out alright thanks to Brady himself.

You have to believe a competitor like Brady was outraged his head coach pulled the rug from under him when Brady was in the midst of a possible game-winning drive in Cleveland.

Brady has said in the past that he has no interest playing in a cold weather site. He also stated he wanted to be in a time zone with easy access to New York where his oldest son lives.

Given how this Bucs offense is grossly underperforming in large part because coaches have handcuffed Brady, Joe cannot imagine Brady returning to this mess unless major concessions are made between Bucs coach Todd Bowles and Brady.

Would Bowles bite the bullet and let Brady have more freedom to open up the offense, which is not what Bowles wants? Would Bowles allow Brady to hand-pick a new coordinator?

Joe believes despite the geographic location, Brady would be strongly and emotionally tempted to head back home and play for the team he grew up with, San Francisco. The 49ers have a loaded team and need a quarterback next year. A team is also led by a savvy offensive-minded coach like Kyle Shanahan.

If the Bucs aren’t careful, Byron Leftwich and his 1970s offense will chase Brady out of town.

129 Responses to “Byron Leftwich Is Going To Run Tom Brady Out Of Town”

  1. SOEbuc Says:

    Tell me something I don’t know Joe

  2. Jack Sparrow Says:

    ANy QB, even high school, will be running away from Leftnut.

  3. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    I don’t know…. Brady seems to love Byron like a brother. Even when your brother sucks it is hard to run away from him. And would Bowles fire a fellow Black coach? That’s the angle no one is talking about. It’s a terrible situation with one clear answer that is not being done (fire Leftwich) and instead we keep doing the exact same things expecting different results. Pray.

  4. #8's Ghost Says:

    49ers. It’ll be an audition sadly.
    TB12 seems to have regressed due to the play calling.
    The same pundits said he was regressing the last year in NE–not play calling there; sub-par players.
    TB12 & Gronk are 49ers next year.
    Until then, hopefully #8 is here in Tampa.

  5. DungyDance Says:

    Joe, did you mean to type “would be tempted”?

  6. Goatfarmer Says:

    Byro the Clown is so brain dead he is too stupid to realize that he might chase Brady away, or even that would be a bad thing.

    GLAZERS – wake up. Do something.

  7. LVMYBUCS Says:

    No Sh***

  8. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The 49ers need only a Quarterback to win a Super Bowl.
    They are a much better Team overall than Tampa, and much better coached as well.
    If Brady seeks another storybook end to his career, IMHO there is no team that fits that narrative better than a trip to San Francisco.
    I do not sense a whole lot of friction between Brady and Leftwich, to be honest.
    And, when Brady leaves Tampa next year, it will be to go to a better team, with a better shot at winning another Super Bowl.
    Not so much because of Byron Leftwich.

  9. Drew Says:

    Hire Sean Payton.

  10. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    Joe says: If the Bucs aren’t careful, Byron Leftwich and his 1970s offense is going to chase Brady out of town.

    I believe Brady has already been “chased out of town” – it happened with the no-timeout non-call with 30+ seconds left in Cleveland.

    Regarding potential Brady landing spots – I keep hearing he wants to be close to his son in NYC – why not play IN NYC. It’s very possible that one or both New York teams will need a QB next year.

  11. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Too late. It’s not just Byron. Bowles is ultimately responsible. Since when is the HC not responsible when a team regressed this much. Stop giving him a pass because the D is performing ok.

  12. Tim Says:

    Leftwich’s offense wouldn’t be any better in the 70’s than it is today.

  13. WillieG Says:

    If we lose Brady and keep Leftwich and Bowles, I’m done. I’ve been a fan since Doug Williams was our QB and over the decades I’ve been angry about numerous things. But nothing NOTHING ever came close to making stop watching. This would do it. I unequivocally say right now, if Brady goes to another team and we still have Bowles and Leftwich, I am DONE!!!

  14. Allen Lofton Says:

    TB did great with the offense in 2020 and 2021 – It’s the same offense but execution hasn’t been the same since – Bucs have lost players to retirement and injuries.
    If columnist were coaching the Bucs, they would be 0 and 17.
    Are the columnist equally critical of the Rams. No, I don’t think so – JUST BIAS

  15. HC Grover Says:

    Buccos Revenge. Brady will run not walk outta here. The 49’s will not outblunder the Bowlzo and Lefty Clown Show. Neither will the Bengals. Only the Panters or Chickadees have that ability.

  16. Patrickbucs Says:

    Don’t the Bucs have Brady under contract next year?

  17. Kentucky Buc Says:


  18. Statisticly Insignificant Reader Says:

    You can’t tell me Brady and the team enjoy playing under the Bowls Leftwich circle jerk shet show.

  19. BA’s Red Pen Says:


  20. FortMyersDave Says:

    The Glazers should fire both Bowels and Leftwich but IF they decide to give bowels a second year, they have to tell him that he has to cut Leftwich loose and hire someone much less meh vanilla and predictable but what OC who has upside would want to work under a HC who makes some of the poorest decisions in the NFL; right down there with Lovie in HOU, Allen with the Slimy Aints and that clown out in Denver who has managed to coach his team out of even more victories than bowels have. in other words, a new era of depression will be upon Tampa unless the Glazers change tact and fire Bowels after this season unless he somehow rights the ship and actually beats Dallas, Seattle, SF or whoever the #1 wildcard will be IF the Bucs do win the division (winning the division is a possibility but winning a playoff game is probably not even with the GOAT and a healthy roster thanks to the coaching). Given the talent level on this roster, Bowels really has committed malpractice as had Leftwich. How can Bowels and Leftwich spew such garbage about downplaying the no huddle, poor clock management, conservative/predictable playcalling and other such gibberish to cover for grabbing their ankles in the Pitt, Green Bay and Cleveland games (lucky that the ATL, 2nd NO and Ram games are not and that list as well). Fire these baffoons yesterday Glazer lads!

  21. zzbuc Says:

    There is NO way that this playbook, and most of the playcalling is not approved by TB12, stop being naive…

    The dramatic change from BA since today is because of TB12……

  22. ocala Says:

    Talk about obvious. No way is Brady going to want to play another season with Leftwich running the offense.

  23. Lamarcus Says:

    Yea I don’t believe Leftwich or Bowles has any the power to pull the rug on Brady. Brady changed the offense to his likeness and still doing it today. If Leftwich was actually running his own system then I would agree. Just because its not working this year I wouldn’t blame the Leftwich…I blame Tom Brady. It’s his offense built for HIM!!!!

  24. Patrickbucs Says:

    According to Spotrac, think it’s just dead money split over the next few years.. thanks

  25. Lamarcus Says:

    And we seen this story many times…a QB that needs everything around him PERFECT for him to perform well. We need the perfect play call, routes, coaches, defense, etc. Top Online, Top running game etc.

  26. Cobraboy Says:

    Maybe Leftwich doesn’t want Brady. Maybe he wants a Yes Man who will kiss his butt.

    Brady is vastly smarter than Leftwich, and perhaps Leftwich doesn’t want to compete with brains.

  27. Gofortheface30 Says:

    The Bucs had an opportunity to be a “destination” team. A glamour team if you will among the elite. At minimum, change the narrative around how the team is viewed on a national level as being a well respected, well run organization with a winning culture. They have been on that trajectory for a few yrs now. However, the luster/shine has taken a huge hit. This has been, an absolute clown show all year. We are driving Tom Brady away. Being OBJECTIVE here – the idea of Tom Brady on sayyy the Jets for a yr or San Francisco. That feels sexier and inevitable and we are gnna be left picking up the pieces like a bunch MOMOS. Injuries, dependability of stars have not helped. Coming out of this, I feel like we have underachieved and feeling more like what could have been if guys either stayed healthy (and sane), and had more of an innovative play Allee this yr. We are fumbling the bag hard and it’s kind of embarrassing. The Bucs have only themselves to blame

  28. tbbucs3 Says:

    Funny how we only credit Brady when the offense is doing well and we only blame Leftwhich when the offense is playing bad….

    So Brady is completely blameless for leading the Bucs to being 27th/32 in total offense this year? #BlameLeftwhich

  29. centralfloridabuc Says:

    There seems to be no friction between Brady and Leftwich. Perhaps Brady has not expressed his frustrations with the offense and Leftwich becasue Brady knows he is part of the execution issues? I do not have access to the All 22 angle of the games, but I would be curious from someone who does how many reads and throws has Brady missed. Brady for one reason or another has not consistently looked comfortable all season.

  30. Buc4evr Says:

    You have to have an incredible O line to run BL’s offense and a strong running game. We don’t. BL has failed to adapt and adjust. We just don’t have the horses and to be honest Brady has declined also.

  31. sasquatch Says:

    The only chance we have to get Brady back is to dump Leftwich, at the very least… but I’m not sure that would be enough. I don’t think he has faith in Tod Bowles. I don’t see him returning without an offensive minded head coach.

  32. Simeon97 Says:

    Leaving your wife for football is one thing when she lives 30 minute private jet away. Turning that jet flight into 3-5 hours is a big deal. If he plays, he stays. Maybe he’lll push lefty out of town.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    leftwich is gone that is a safe bet and i can see the glaziers telling brady that he can pick the new oc for the team. to me bowles should be fired as well, but don’t see him being one and done.

  34. JayBuc Says:

    1. Brady has been off a few too many times for my liking, but i still don’t think he is the problem. 2. The problems with Leftwich is he is slow to make adjustments. Reminds me of McCarthy when he was with the Packers and calling his plays. Not chipping Garrett in the Cleveland game during the last 20 minutes of the game is one example. 3. Head Coach is Lovie Smith 2.0 imo. Only bad things can happen in the last minute of the half…….

  35. SB~LV Says:

    Get your tenses right Joes

  36. Chris Says:

    Blaming Leftwich when Brady has been terrible at times this season is embarrassing. Hilarious that Joe ignores how many times he changes the play at the line of scrimmage, I’m sure that’s Byron’s fault too.

    Leftwich was calling plays in 2019 when we had a top 5 scoring offense and no Brady.

  37. Kentucky Buc Says:

    It’s not necessarily the plays. It’s the constant redundant play call order. If I can call the plays from home with 65-70% accuracy then your in trouble .

  38. mg Says:


  39. Defense Rules Says:

    TorontoBucsFan … ‘I believe Brady has already been “chased out of town” – it happened with the no-timeout non-call with 30+ seconds left in Cleveland.’

    I agree that Brady’s probably already been ‘chased out of town’ but not because of the last drive in Cleveland. Given our horrendous salary CAP situation next year, I can’t see any way we’ll be able to field a team that’s SB competitive. And TB12 wouldn’t want any part of that. Also, can’t see any way that BL will be here next year, whether or not Todd Bowles is still the HC.

    I’m sure that Brady’s as perplexed about what’s going on as everyone else seems to be. He’s probably been treading water up to this point waiting for our OLine to ‘gel’. Instead of gelling, it’s turned to jello on too many occasions however.

    Still, we’re 6-6 at 12 games into the season. Back in 2020 when we won the SB, we were sitting at 7-5 at the 12-game point. We could’ve been 7-5 or better this year IF the Packers, Steelers and/or Cleveland games had turned out differently (1 play made the difference in all 3 games). But they didn’t … and so, we are where we are. Realistically though, there’s still time to right the ship, BUT time’s running out.

  40. tampabayallday Says:


  41. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Tbbucs3, yes.

  42. Jonny Says:

    This is why it is very important for glazers to speak with Brady during the off season and guarantee him that he will get a better coaching staff and a better team. Brady might be struggling, but he is still the best QB to ever play for us or anyone and makes us fans hopeful that we can win against any team in the league. We would instantly lose any credibility if Brady leaves. These coaches are incapable of turning Kyle Trash into anything but Trash. We would be a damn bottom dwelling joke and would lose to Lovie led Texans next year.

  43. SPARKY Says:

    Bowles had to be embarrassed when Brady almost pulled the Cleveland game out in the final 32 seconds….. while Bowles was trying to run the clock out!!!!!! Our only chance is to hope the game is close enough in the 4th quarter for Brady to win it for us.

  44. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I still believe if Brady play…..he stays.

    I believe he has become close to many of his teammates & coaches…..and moving around at the end of his career lacks the class he has built up.

    Regardless of FA…..possession is 9/10th…….

  45. Allbuccedup Says:

    After the season fire Lefty( Because Bowles is not going anywhere) make Gabbert the offensive coordinator and Trask Bradys backup problem solved. Brady will give Gabbert the game plan.

  46. Bird Says:

    Tbbucs3 and lamarcus

    Do you guys not realize there are archives of posts going back to jameis days
    I mean you guys would claim 4 out of 5 interceptions in the same fame were not jameis fault. All we heard about was how he was the only real player out there

    You know the guy that has what a 50/50 record and never won a playoff game. And is currently sitting behind andy dalton And rightfully so cause dalton played good against us.

    Your hypocrisy has no bounds.

    Yah it sucks we have to make it threw these crapy brady years. It sucks winning all the time. It sucks winning in the last seconds of games.

    You two should get Together and start a book club or something. You seem like Really smart ladies that would be good for each other.

    Maybe go to some games so you can see defenses knowing what we are running with guys waiting on routes / screens/ passouts. Leftwich is a joke. Bowles is not a head coach. But yah. This brady guy sucks. 😂

  47. Kentucky Buc Says:

    I don’t believe Brady plays another season for Bowles.

  48. DungyDance Says:

    Agree Kentucky. Their relationship is obviously chilly.

  49. MadMax Says:

    Knock, knock, knock Licht and Glazers!!! Anybody home?

    You’re stuck in a ditch asleep at the wheel with the engine still running….WAKE THE F UP!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Redeemer Says:

    Brady already tried to shoot his way out of here. He could have signed a multi year extension, if he really wanted to be here. Instead he engineered free agency at seasons end. I seriously doubt he’s here next year, for a multitude of reasons.

  51. Tap-Out Says:

    With the way you fans spit slop of your mouths…what player or coach would want to come here much less stay here. All of this BS while we winning! The only problem with this team is we don’t have Jenson at center and now Wirfs is down but still we keep winning! …Brady has served his purpose here it’s time to move on. Draft (SS396) and try to keep BRADY another year but if he goes, with a heart felt wave, goodbye and thank you! We winning, it not BA’s way it’s BL’s way, there is no Razz L Dazzle just pound the rock and when you put 9 in the defensive box our passing game takes flight! You people want fix what clearly is not broken! Look out San Fran (like Deion say) WE COMING!

  52. DaPostman Says:

    Byron Leftwich is footballs version of Roy McAvoy aka Tin Cup.

    “Somebody tell this clown he doesn’t have to hit it from there.”

    Has become,

    “Somebody tell this clown he doesn’t have to run up the middle for a yard on first down.”

    Some guys never learn.

  53. Pewter Power Says:

    Brady has probably already made the decision to bounce. I’m sure Brady helps with the game plan and actual plays they run but it’s the flow of the play calls that sucks, the route concepts are puzzling as well

  54. Adam's Angry Says:

    When the 3-and-outs start getting strung together I literally start rubbing my temples and I say out loud, “These idiots are wasting Tom Brady.”

    The remainder of his career can be measured in DRIVES and GAMES, not season anymore.

  55. Lokog Says:

    Fire todd and sign sean payton and brady will want to play for him dont be like my dodgers all bark and no bite

  56. gotbbucs Says:

    I don’t know if Brady likes Bowles or not, but I know he likes Leftwich. They kind of have this “us against the world” thing going on.

    If Brady didn’t like Leftwich, they would have gotten rid of him by now.

    For everybody that wants Brady to go out there and play bombs away and just launch never-ending deep balls all over the place, that isn’t Brady’s style and it isn’t what made him the GOAT. Brady is at his best when the defense is spread out and he can pick and choose his victims. That’s why the hurry up works so well for him. It’s also why it confuses the hell out of me that most of our base offense is run out of bunch and tight sets. You wanna see the running game improve, start threatening teams outside the numbers, or at least outside the hash marks.

  57. kyle Says:

    unfortunately, Bradys superbowl win has given the current OC and Head Man a pass for a few years… They are living off his greatness.. they will eventually get canned and we will resume the old wash and rinse terrible coaches. Love the Yucks!!!

  58. John Ocala Says:

    This coaching staff is too hard headed to turn it over to Brady. These folks simply are not cut out to run the show. Glaziers need to be talking to Sean Payton. Again I say, the only reason that these 3 coaches are still on the sidelines is because of the optics and backlash if the Glaziers fire these guys less than a year into their regine. It’s a pure shame. I have much love for Bowles, the other two I have never believed in. I could go into a tirade going back to the 90’s and prove my point (to most) but suffice to say that IF Bryon ever gets a head coaching job he’ll be 1 (or less) and done, never to be heard from again. Eye test people! 👀 ! They simply ain’t cut out for such responsibility! Clueless. If Bowles truly would like to prove that he belongs in the league as a head coach he better get rid of his other two coordinators asap. Brady’s not going to play for some s*** show…. Brady chooses his words carefully but you can believe he did not sign up to play for a s*** show like this nor expected to be such a failure. He expected a super bowl and a fun offense. Another point is Brady’s silence by not stepping out and defending these coaches tells you everything. He is not one stepped out and said these coaches are great it’s all on us players. If the coaches were any good you can believe Brady would have their back….
    Make sense?

  59. kyle Says:

    Tap Out^^ good post. Love your optimism.. must be a new fan..hehe

  60. Tap-Out Says:

    ^^^if your confused or puzzled, then your problem is you want to be right and winning is not your priority because if he ran it off tackle on first downs or called a receiver double reverse on third and long and the team record was 3 wins with 9 losses you still would be call him names! Some people think they know everything! I say let the season play out! DRAFT (SS396) PS:SanFran we ain’t coming to look at No rolling hills or the beautiful people! Keep pounding the rock!

  61. Defense Rules Says:

    gotbbucs … Agree with you totally about spreading it out, but I don’t think we have the team speed to consistently run outside the numbers. When we had Smith/Marpet/Jensen/Cappa/Wirfs we had the beef to overpower most DLines. That’s not the case now. I think that’s why we’re struggling so much; we just don’t have the horses we used to have. Average to poor play-calling is impacting much more now than when we could just muscle our way out of many if not most situations.

  62. Tap-Out Says:

    Kyle: No Sir, been a fan since the first day they were formed! Tom can’t play forever contrary to what some may believe!

  63. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Leftwich didn’t miss Evans and Julio for big, potentially scoring plays Monday night

  64. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I think we would have a better chance if Leftwich played QB and TB12 was OC. Just saying.

  65. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    Defence Rules said:

    TorontoBucsFan … ‘I believe Brady has already been “chased out of town” – it happened with the no-timeout non-call with 30+ seconds left in Cleveland.’

    I agree that Brady’s probably already been ‘chased out of town’ but not because of the last drive in Cleveland.

    DR, I retired a few years ago and, as in most major life decisions, there were MANY reasons. But I feel like there’s usually one issue/situation that finally results in that “Aha moment” where you say to yourself….”yeah, I think it’s time to shut ‘er down”.

  66. Nick2 Says:

    If the Glazers don’t intervene and get rid of him and promise Brady Sean Payton or Jim Harbaugh your absolutely correct.

  67. LastDance Says:

    Lamarcus and tbbucs3 and OrlwantsomeleftwurstBuc

    Oh you sweet little babies. Do you need a diaper change and a burping? Ive never seen such sweet lil babes so upset. Did somebody take your favorite shiny thing? Did someone keep you from losing for the last few years? I know you love losing. Maybe when you get a shiny new QB he can come over and rock you to sleep and kiss you on your sweet little cheeks. Until then, we are all here to support you until your Brady-colic subsides.

  68. Tap-Out Says:

    John Ocala: I can take you back farther than that and find Head-Coaches in the league that have gotten 3 and 4 chances to be head coaches in this league and many more that have been one and done so your point is muted! We Winning …I just wanna know how that equates to looking for a new Head Coach and why we not talking about a future QB …(SS396) Draft that man, sign Brady to a team friendly contract or Say La Vie! I would rather him not come back, let’s get onto what’s ahead of us. But while we winning ….Try To Act Like It!

  69. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    DaPostman says:

    Byron Leftwich is footballs version of Roy McAvoy aka Tin Cup.

    Does that make Brady – Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmour? lol

  70. Defense Rules Says:

    John Ocala … ‘If Bowles truly would like to prove that he belongs in the league as a head coach he better get rid of his other two coordinators asap. Brady’s not going to play for some s*** show’.

    I agree with you; every HC needs to be allowed to create his own coaching staff & Bowles obviously didn’t have that opportunity. Wouldn’t be at all surprised though to see that happen once this season is over. Hopefully he’s wise enough by that point to appoint someone else as DC because dual-hatting hasn’t worked.

    For those who remember 1999, Bucs finished with an 11-5 record but lost in the 2nd round of playoffs to the Rams 11-6. Mike Shula was the OC & we’d only scored 270 points on the year. Shula was fired, and replaced by Les Steckel, a hard taskmaster. So in 2000 we scored a whopping 388 points with Shaun King replacing Trent Dilfer. Steckel was onto something I thought (a lot of points). We went 10-6 that year, got bounced out of the playoffs by the Eagles 21-3 and guess what … Steckel was fired and replaced by Clyde Christiansen (who led the team to a 9-7 record in 2001 but we got bounced in the first round of the playoffs again by the Eagles 31-9). So the powers that be solved that problem by firing BOTH Christensen AND Dungy, and the rest is history. Well, for 1 year at least.

    So 3 OCs in 3 years, and each year our record regressed a tad and we never could put it all together in the playoffs. Interestingly for the history buffs, Clyde’s offense finished #15 in 2001 & our defense was #8. Chucky took over and the Bucs offense regressed somewhat to #18 (yup) despite a lot of new faces, but our defense improved to #1. But ya, it was Chucky’s offense that put us over the top for our SB win. Monte understood the value of continuity in the various position groups.

  71. Nick2 Says:

    Joe like you said a few days ago hopefully the Glazers step in and pull the plug on the /Bowles/Leftwich regime of ineptitude and offer Brady the moon. Maybe they give the Saints draft picks for Sean Payton???? Those negotiations could be going on as we speak. Jim Harbaugh would be great too. Bowles is no head coach and Leftwhich has no logic.

  72. Defense Rules Says:

    TorontoBucsFan … ‘I feel like there’s usually one issue/situation that finally results in that “Aha moment” where you say to yourself….”yeah, I think it’s time to shut ‘er down”.’

    Couldn’t agree more about the ‘Aha moment’. I guess that’s what happened to me too, except that I was self-employed, doing very well, and decided I didn’t want to go to work any more, so I stopped showing up. God’s been a lot more generous to me than I’ll ever deserve. Or maybe He just feels sorry for me? Whatever, I’m grateful.

  73. Caleb lee Says:

    It would be the most Buc thing ever if the goat is chased off..

    Please not the 9ers.. It’s my son’s real dad’s team.. lmao
    (He just chose to wear his creamsicle Lavonte for picture day, but Brady is his fav player..)

  74. Kentucky Buc Says:

    When Brady’s gone we go back to being a small market team that good free agents won’t come to. If your a good QB or offensive player are you coming to play for Bowles. Let’s face it. Tampa hit the lottery when Brady signed. The chances of that happening again are about as likely as winning the powerball.

  75. Redeemer Says:

    When defenses don’t respect the run game, everything is harder. The bucs have faced the lowest percentage of stacked boxes in the league. This means Brady is throwing into coverage at a tremendous rate. He needs to be near perfect, for any success. Has he missed some throw? Of course. But, when you need 13 play drives for a freaking field goal, it’s hard to win. Until or unless they find a way to make teams pay for those light boxes, they’ll continue to struggle. I’ve said this many times. Brady isn’t capable of carrying an offense anymore. He doesn’t need things to be perfect. Just give him a middling running game, and he’ll be fine. You people that claim Brady has been horrible either don’t understand football, or you just hate the player.

  76. MadMax Says:

    im banned i guess…f it, adios

  77. MadMax Says:

    stay asleep at the wheel dummies…

  78. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Some of you guys are trying to convince the rest of us to not believe our lying eyes. You can’t say Brady is the cause when Bowles insists on running when they have no run game. And I don’t believe Brady has as much sway over the coaches as you think he does. He has missed throws for sure, but give him a solid line and he’ll get it done, as always.

  79. Tye Says:

    If Brady leaves because of Leftwich and Bowles, WHAT free agent would want to come to Tampa?… If these coaches can’t consistently win with the GOAT, then they can’t consistently win at all…

  80. Manny Says:

    Of course it because of leftwich and of course bowles. If he wants to stay east coast, obviously his best bets are the titans, jets or giants. If he really wants to go home so he can be around his parents and see them everyday for a year, it would make total sense to play in sanfran. What a way to go out and maybe win a super bowl. His parents are old and this is a great excuse to be near them all the time. Hes got a lifetime to be with his oldest son.

  81. Pewter Power Says:

    What free agent would want to come here talk is dumb, Brady hadn’t been here that long. Before him it was draft well and sprinkle in free agents here and there which is what attracted Brady to the Bucs in the first place. With Ryan Jensen back who knows what brady would feel if we got him a day a guard with our premium pick next draft

    Either way there’s no way BL will keep his job so maybe Brady brings his own coordinator

  82. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    I don’t think Brady wanted to play here this season. He wanted to be released. Sean Payton and Brady had a deal with Miami. Brady would bring Sean Payton to Miami play a couple more years. And Miami would make Brady part owner. Dude didn’t even wanna play for Tampa this year. You think he’s sticking around?

  83. Tap-Out Says:

    Where in the rules does it say a team has to lay down when Brady comes to town …the object is to keep offenses from scoring even if they are lead by the Great T Brady! Tim’s time here will come to an end …Draft (SS396) and try to sign Brady but don’t make it a #1 Priority! WE WINNING …can any of you people prove me wrong……I’ll wait!

  84. Tap-Out Says:

    If he leaves …do any of you people think that maybe it is because he wants to! If that be the case, why would you want him here!

  85. Christina Says:

    I’m pretty sure I just heard him say he despises them and that love affair is over lol San Fran isn’t happening! We need to do whatever it takes to keep him happy even if it means letting him make the changes necessary.

  86. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    As far as firing coaches during this season I don’t believe race is a factor. The Glazers just aren’t the type of owners who fire a Head coach during the season. Especially if the team still has playoff hopes alive. As bad as Bowles is as a Head coach he is a good defensive coordinator. Without Bowles we would have to fill two coaching vacancies. I don’t believe Leftwhich could take over as head coach because Leftwhich is already in over his head. The other problem is firing Leftwich. Bowles doesn’t have the offensive knowledge to take an inexperienced offensive coordinator under his wing. These two coaches compliment each other. But neither could do the others job. So what are going to do? You hope for the best and wait until the end of the season. I personally hope this is the last time Tampa tries the coordinator/head coach role.

  87. McBucky Says:

    Bowles and Leftwich are doing a great job convincing Brady to leave!

  88. CrackWise Says:

    Kyle Trask > Brady LONG TERM for this team.

    I don’t care what Brady does, but the Leftnut is causing problems and MUST GO REGARDLESS.

    I don’t even listen to the preconference’s anymore because I ALWAYS LEAVE FEELING DUMBER HAVING LISTENED TO IT/him/her/them/they.

    Sorry NOT Sorry Leftnut. You’re a stooge and would not survive in a REAL work environment!

    We need billboards to run him out of town Gruden Style!!!

  89. CrackWise Says:

    FOR THE RECORD, I am all for keeping Todd. He just needs some TOUGH LOVE.

    Take away some of his control by FIRING his OC for him!!!

    TODD has made Tampa’s D Great again FOR SURE!!!

  90. alton d green Says:

    89 responses so far?????? If you’ll remember I said there is no way in Hell Tom will come back with Hercle and Jeckle as coaches. Leave all that wokeness BS

  91. Bojim Says:

    Any team would be glad to have Brady. Hope hope hope it’s the Bucs.

  92. Defense Rules Says:

    SufferingSince76 … ‘He (Brady) has missed throws for sure, but give him a solid line and he’ll get it done, as always.’

    Of course, give him a solid OLine and they should also be able to create a decent running game to keep the opposing defense off-balance. BTW, we already run LESS than any team in the NFL BTW. So running LESS only allows the other defense to tee off on Brady MORE. Lovely strategy, to get TB12 hurt.

  93. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    Tap-Out says:

    WE WINNING …can any of you people prove me wrong……I’ll wait!


    You keep saying they are winning but they could very easily be 6 – 8 in a little over a week. Right now they are a .500 team – NOT a winning team.

  94. CrackWise Says:

    If you consider winning “a decision made by the refs” vs a “KO or TKO”. Yeah sure, we are winning HALF the Time.

    Pretty sure that will only get you ranked as AVERAGE at best.

    Then I agree, we are an AVERAGE at best TeAm…. IF you won’t to be that kind of competitor. Who am I to argue.

    BUT we have the GOAT! So, this argument doesn’t hold water.

    WE WINNING, and what you are waiting for. Is someone to validate your MEDIOCORE EXISTANCE.

    Therefore, you win, you are a winner when it comes to the BEST LOSER!!!

  95. NEfan Says:

    I figured it out ttbsuc is really Bowles and Oneilsuckyall is BL, they are trolling this site. I love the idiots that state this is the same offense yet Bowles has clearly stated it is not. NO, no risk it no biscuit. Are you haters that dense? Joe has written many articles stating this. Yesterday Leftnut admitted the same. Tap-Out some long time fan, I’ll bet you were turning Japanese when Brady tied the Rams PO game. You losers don’t deserve to win. Don’t worry he is LONG GONE from this shat team next season. I hope Peyton and he both go to Carolina and I get the chance to see him show you all how washed up he is.

  96. Oneilbuc Says:

    Brady didn’t want to play for the bucs this year anyway and we were the only team that wanted him in 2020. So let him walk stop begging Brady to stay. This is why we are the weakest fan base in football. Brady will retire this year he said 45 and he’s done. So I will take him at his word BL is just the scapegoat for Brady’s bad play on the field. And what’s really funny is no one cared about the bucs running game until he got here. No media say the bucs needs a running game to help our quarterback until Brady came here. I want to hear about the running game for the next quarterback. And to all you fake Patriots fans and Brady worshipers good riddance I can’t wait until yall are gone.

  97. Oneilbuc Says:

    NEfan . You you are a fake Patriots fan wants Brady retire you ain’t watching no more football anyway. And if he go play for any other team I will be on their site to let them know you’re a fraud and Brady is your god 😂😂😂 !!

  98. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    tbbucs3 Says:
    “Funny how we only credit Brady when the offense is doing well and we only blame Leftwhich when the offense is playing bad….”

    Funny how we only play well when executing scripted plays or when Brady is running a no huddle, and only play bad for the other 45 minutes of the game.

  99. Eric b Says:


  100. Goatfarmer Says:

    Bucs are great.

  101. Goatfarmer Says:

    Byron is great

  102. Goatfarmer Says:

    Todd is great

  103. Kalind Says:

    Gotta let them both go to keep Tom. This is the way.

  104. View from 132 Says:

    If Brady leaves, I’m good. He won’t last forever. It was a lot of fun, and thanks for the memories. If he stays on more, okay, that’s cool too.

    BUT… if Leftwich and Bowles stay, I’m pissed. Neither coached well enough to show they can groom a young QB or attract a top tier free agent QB.

  105. LastDance Says:

    Whiny wittle babies tap-pout and ORLbaby… You’ve got a little spit up on you.. .Let me wipe that off for you and swaddle you real tight… may keep you from crying those delicious hater tears for a few minutes…

  106. HC Grover Says:

    The coaches want a run around QB.

  107. TWeb Says:

    Regardless of what happens with Brady we need to move on from Bowles and Leftwich. Arians was making this team hum the past two seasons not Bowles and Leftwich. Bring in an offensive mind head coach and Brady may stay. We still need to draft a qb next year.

  108. Mark Reese Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… People continue to blame Leftwich, who does have some responsibility in this mess of an offense, but I believe the bulk of the blame for it should fall on the head coach. All Leftwich has done is implement an offense that follows the head coaches basic philosophy.

  109. NEfan Says:

    Mark, agree but the timing of some of these calls are on Leftnut and man quite a few of these play calls are head scratches. Oneiltobrady, correct Brady did not want to comeback to Tampa, maybe he knew all along BA was gone and Bowles would be in charge. The fact is the Bucs held him hostage. He extended his contract to free up cap space to help the team. Bucs shoved it up his arse same as Pat’s did. The fraud is you because since day 1 of Brady’s tenure you have put your hate on even though all he’s done was win for this team. So now from your posts not only do you hate the White man you hate anyone white 45 yrs old and older as well.

  110. Rhonda Valentine Says:

    Allow! brady to do his thing to make his team win games brady knows his football and loves playing 🏈 Brady the goat and that already proven.

  111. Jeffs Dad Says:

    Wheres the ex pats fan boi at calling all other bucs lousy

  112. FrontFour Says:

    Brady and BL look like they’re in the same page, it’s just not working. It really comes down to talent, on the O Line, at TE, and yea, at WR. All the hype about the best WR room in history makes was a joke. Same with all the hype about how much talent this team has. We’ve got some talented players but no where near a SB roster. Still doesn’t explain the poor play calling. It does look like the deal at the beginning if the season was Bowles takes care of the D, TB and BL take care of the O. Made sense at the time, not so much now.

  113. bucsfan2520 Says:

    Sean Peyton to Tampa? That will keep Brady here. Doubt Tampa will get rid of Bowles after one year for obvious reasons.

  114. Sajid Ismail Says:

    A bit of a lazy and tired take IMHO. Brady missed three TD passes last game due to poor throws. The TD to White was Leftwhich’s call. Brady wanted the ball on 4th and 10 with the game on the line, but admits the coaches made the right call. Brady has always been a master of the hurry up offense but you can’t run the whole game like that. Would be exhausting for the Bucs defense. Finally, Leftwhich and Brady go over plays together before every game so Brady currently is honestly the co-OC. Anyway, if the Oline continues to get him enough time, opens some holes for our RBs, and Brady can hit his deep passes on a more consistent basis, we would be back to where we should be.

  115. TB12FAN Says:

    I’m going to take a unique approach, many of you are correct in your analysis and it’s not one problem, it’s all of the above. Many of you make compelling points.

    Of course TB12 is getting older but as seen he’s still the GOAT, Leftwich s offense is stale, no running game, no O line, injuries, retirements, questionable head coaching, lack of intensity, no sense of urgency and a defence that has been questionable.

    I take away two things, so many things have to go right to win and NFL dynasties are rare for a reason. What Tom did in New England will never be replicated for so may reasons.

    In my opinion in the end Tom will do one of 3 things, stay in TB, retire or go home to SF to be closer to his parents and a championship team that is a QB away where he doesn’t have to carry the team.

  116. NEfan Says:

    Sajiz, what 3 tds are you talking about? He over threw Jones once? Gage was holding and Bucs got the call and Scotty was covered. I will agree he should have thrown to Evan’s instead of Jones for one reason, Brady has had more practice time with Evan’s versus Jones who’s been dinged up, so the timing would be better. No sure what game you were waiting. For the 15th million time FrontFour, Bowles CLEARLY stated it is NOT Brady’s offense it is BL’s. Reading is fundamental, try it.

  117. NeutralObserverBias Says:

    Brady is finished. Let him go.

  118. Sammy Davis jr jr Says:

    Oneilbuc you really run your c*cksuc*er a lot when it comes to Brady. I don’t know how you can be a Bucs fan and hate on the guy that led your so called
    team to the Super Bowl in his first year w/ a new organization. Also I can promise that if the line didn’t get dismantled Brady’s numbers would look much different, from this “washed” up version, even though he’s leading the NFC in yards thrown. If all your going to do is post negative sh*t, then please by all means kick rocks. I still have faith in this team regardless of the below average coaching, a banged up line, & defensive injuries. I have faith because of that old washed up QB they call the GOAT. LFG BUCS

  119. HA-HA-HA Says:

    I have been saying the NY JETS to friends and family for a month-6 weeks.
    Jet have a good team/coach. It’s east Coast. The weather along the coast is a lot better then inland. Also, he didn’t seem to mind Boston, but the ex didn’t like the cold. NYC is a place he is comfortable. And hey, a single guy, with money, in the City? Just hop a corporate jet and be anywhere in 6 hours.
    He might go to Miami, but the team and Tua do not warrant a change. Do you think he will want to live in the same town as his ex?
    Jacksonville is a non starter.
    San Fran gets all the play, but they rejected him multiple times. I guess is amount of begging and forgiveness.
    The smoke screen in New England.
    Should be interesting off season.

  120. Gary J Says:

    Glazers have already blown this season by not letting Leftwich and Bowles go. Now they are blowing it for next year as Brady will leave if they do not act quickly. They will get what they deserve, another 20 years of losing. Real smart.

  121. JoeyG Says:

    Sheesh Tompa fans are a complete different misguided fan base. Leftwich is not the problem. He had Jameis Winston throwing for 5K yards. His offense won a SB in 3 seasons. But when you get a diva QB whose personal life is dictating his performance you blame BL right away? What is wrong with you people?! Brady is in full control of that offense and if you think different, you don’t know football at all. Why can’t you accept that the 45 yr old QB is to blame for poor production??

  122. Lander D Dunbar Says:

    Blame leftwich, really? It’s Brady’s offense, not BL’s…… what about the truth. The many miss passes Brady threw……..That’s what humans do, ignore the truth, place blame on those they don’t like,. For example God gets credit for the good happenings and Satan gets credit for all the evil happenings……..ignorance is bliss bc most those complaining about BL are ignore the fact that BL already won the SB as Brady’s OC……….BL”s haters please try hard to remember the facts of truth, remember the first year Brady got to Tampa, successful SB champs, 2nd year fill short but they were very successful as well…..

  123. Oneilbuc Says:

    Joey G . I’ve been saying that all year except for 2 games Brady played ok in but the rest of the games he’s been bad and they call me a hater because I speak the truth. Now you’re a hater because you speak the truth about Brady. Brady has become bigger than the team even with some of the real bucs fans. Brady is exempt from criticism or the truth with a lot of people in this site.

  124. Oneilbuc Says:

    Agree 💯 percent Lander!!!!!

  125. Rich42350 Says:

    I think Simeon97 is right. If Leftwich stays TB leaves for SF.If Glazes are smart Sean Payton is head coach next year.

  126. Bunny Says:

    So since Leftwich is known to be a C blocker, are the BUCS going to await their downfall with him? Why can’t they delegate the play call to someone else, before it’s too late? Probably one of the wise guys who signals when to throw the challenge flag those guys sits upstairs and knows all the plays….just recruit one of them before Leftwich sinks the pirate ship

  127. Keith Henig Says:

    Let Brady call his own game. If that happens, Bucs win.

  128. fern Says:

    Brady run the offense no huddle.
    FIRE BYRON NOW!!!!!!

  129. Tom Kbuccsfans Says:

    The Bucs should go straight to Brady and say look… 1 more year with us, you call the shots. Let TB12 pick the OC, why not. It’s not working like this, this offense is horrible, I don’t know if it’s Brady or Byron at this point, it’s hard to tell. Don’t even get me started on Mike Evans, he looks like he would rather be at home playing video games. This whole offense is a disaster!