Brady-To-Raiders Chatter Escalating, Makes Little Sense

December 14th, 2022

“I don’t see it, Mr. Glazer.”

Well-plugged in guys keep barking on huge national forums about how Tom Brady playing for the Raiders next year is such a great fit and downright likely if Brady continues his quarterbacking career.

Joe is flummoxed.

Unless something has changed, Brady is supposed to be all about winning Super Bowls.

If Brady’s priority is winning a title, then why would he head, at 46 years old, to a bad football team playing in a division with Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert? And what about trying to beat all the other great young AFC quarterbacks and get to February?

Latching onto an NFC club for next season makes the most sense for any veteran quarterback looking for the cleanest path to the Big Game.

Joe would even go out on a limb and say a veteran like Brady should be looking for a weak division (coughcough) where he can take a half-step backwards and still have all he needs to get to the postseason and heat up there.

Sports Illustrated’s top insider, Albert Breer, was talking to The Dan Patrick Show this week about how Brady to Las Vegas in the offseason is such an ideal and likely match for personnel and coaching reasons. Well-plugged-in Pat McAfee, a guy who knows many Bucs coaches, was barking passionately in the same direction on his show this week.

Yeah, yeah, Josh McDaniels, some talented players and Dana White, Joe gets it. But the Raiders are still a bad club and their three-time Pro Bowl quarterback is solid and widely respected. It wouldn’t be Brady replacing Jameis Winston circa 2020.

If Brady bolts the Bucs for Las Vegas, then Joe will assume Brady is no longer all about winning.

56 Responses to “Brady-To-Raiders Chatter Escalating, Makes Little Sense”

  1. pewter941 Says:

    I dont know who would want Brady after watching Sundays performance.

  2. Sandman Says:

    Bucs team is weaker and will get weaker next year, besides the terrible coaching. Saints, jets, raiders, 49ers, patriots, titans… All are better fit

  3. SB~LV Says:


  4. robert Says:

    If Brady’s priority is winning a title, then why would he head, at 46 years old, to a bad football team…..

    pretty much sums up when he came to the bucs.

  5. Manny Says:

    There are still plenty of teams who would def take brady over who they have now. I think bradys still the same player he was last year. He just had a really bad personal year. He needs a team with a good oline and anyonebbesides bowles and lefty as his coaches. I could see him starting for the jets, giants, titants, 49ers, texans (which would never happen), atlanta, saints. Plenty of teams could use him over who they have now. Brock purdy looked great because he has alllllll day to throw against us. If brady had that kinda tome, he would have 300 yards and 3 tds easy!

  6. Rob Says:

    If Brady wants to play and he’s telling the truth about being near his kids, he will play for the Bucs or Miami. I don’t see Miami dumping Tua for a one or two year deal with Brady unless they trade. Tua and draft his replacement this year or next year. The likely scenario is Brady signs with the Bucs on a year ago year basis or retires.

  7. OrlandoBucFan Says:

    I agree that playing for the Raiders would make the road to the Super Bowl more difficult given the talent in the AFC. Better to stay in the NFC. I still think the 49ers have the inside track if that is the direction Brady want to go. I doubt Brady decides to stay in Tampa, particularly with the coaching situation. With that said, we do still have a solid core of talented players and with the right coaching and an investment in upgrading our left tackle position (or move Wirfs to LT and draft a RT), the Bucs would still be a contender in the weak NCF South.

  8. Tye Says:

    IF Blows is still HC and Lefty is still OC, does it REALLY matter who the QB is next season…
    Those 2 are screwing up having Brady as QB NOW!

  9. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Josh McDaniels also sucks as a head coach.

  10. ocala Says:

    The Bucs have the worst OC and head coach combo in the league.
    So he should look elsewhere if either is still a Bucs coach.

  11. Rod Munch Says:

    “…..their three-time Pro Bowl quarterback is solid”


    David Carr is to QB’s what Leftwich is to OC’s. The guy is a born loser, vastly overrated.

    For the Raiders, they have the makings of a good defense, and on offense they got plenty of skill players. I don’t know about their offensive line, but if the line is good, then Brady would be a massive upgrade and would make them a legit deep run playoff team.

    As far as the Bucs go, there is no way Brady is coming back here with these complete idiots coaching the team. Even if you got rid of Leftwich, is Brady really thinking Todd Bowles is a SB caliber coach? LOL! Maybe if Arians came back, maybe, the Bucs could convince Brady to come back – but again you got a ton of legit cap issues, not the fake cap issues that Gruden always whined about as cover for his terrible personnel decisions.

    I don’t see any real way Brady comes back, unless he’s wanting to play until he’s 50 and understands the Bucs will stink next year, but when the cap explodes in 2024, they’d be in a good position to quickly spend money and upgrade the team everywhere.

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    OrlandoBucFan Says:
    I still think the 49ers have the inside track if that is the direction Brady want to go.


    Yeah, no doubt the 49ers will be the team that makes sense as Jimmy G stinks and isn’t under contract, and Trey Lance didn’t show anything at all in his time starting – and could use another year of sitting and learning.

    Of course maybe we’re not giving the Bucs coaches credit, and maybe they knew Brady is gone for the 49ers next year, so they purposively put that putrid product on the field Sunday just so the 49ers would leave the game thinking Brady if washed up and done. Maybe the Bucs coaches are incredibly smart, 5 steps ahead of everyone, and know that in the NFC South, they can afford to waste a game to insure the future of the team.

    LOL! Just kidding.

  13. Cobraboy Says:


  14. EEK Says:

    full rebuild
    draft a qb and D line
    FA RB and Safety

    need essentially everything new

  15. Crickett Baker Says:

    I believe that if Brady plays next year it will be with the Bucs. Why would he want to learn a new playbook? Try to get connections with a whole new team? Move his residence again?
    Why don’t you all keep jabbering about it? You may just talk him into it.

  16. HC Grover Says:

    Good Grief
    Hey Hey
    Ho Ho
    Bowzo has got to go

  17. D-Rok Says:

    Let next year worry about itself. We have this year to worry about. Focus, people! LOL

  18. DungyDance Says:

    “Why would he want to learn a new playbook?”

    And just what playbook is he supposedly studying presently? BL’s playbook consists solely of the 4 choices that we saw 30 years ago while playing Tecmo Bowl.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I still believe if Brady plays….he stays.

  20. HC Grover Says:

    I sit in the FREE SEATS of over the air TV and Radio. I just wonder how much the paying big Bucs fans will tolerate of this Clown Show.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Get healthy in bengals game, it’s meaningless.

  22. Miller5252 Says:

    Raiders are more than a QB away from winning a title. I don’t see this happening at all if Brady really wants to win another title. But if Brady did leave…. Carr would be a great pick up for the Bucs and a lot better choice than Trask or some other third stringer like America’s turnover machine Winston.

    With Brady’s kids on the East coast and the 2 in Florida, I just don’t see it. If he was going to another team on the West coast it would have to be the niners. No other team is a QB away from winning it.

  23. HC Grover Says:

    They are going to Blame Brady…Bowzo and Lefty will be back….so will Lovie in Houstom. You can bet the ranch.

  24. Pewter941 Says:

    I don’t see the NFC South getting better anytime soon. It will probably be the easiest road to the playoffs next year. Also the 49ers qb looked amazing Sunday, why would they replace him?

  25. mg Says:

    Raider fans would go ballistic.

  26. T REX Says:

    I am beginning to see the end of Brady.

    He really has lost some zip and has a tough time pushing the ball downfield

  27. BucsFan81 Says:

    Brady is done and I bet the only team that will want him is the Bucs. We would be better off re building. New coaches and QB

  28. NEfan Says:

    First off it’s not a new play book, he would be playing for his long time OC, the Raiders D is solid with Crsoby & Jones rushing the edge. Waller, Adam’s, #10 his small slot guy, I can see success there. Not sure if anyone knows this Purdy missed practice with abdominal and rib pain. At least the D made him pay for embarrassing them on national TV.

  29. NEfan Says:

    T-Rex, lost zip, ya the last 5 min of the Saints and 44 seconds of the Rams sure proved that.

  30. Captain Oblivious Says:

    Somebody thinks the Raiders are still in the SF Bay area . . . and has confused the Raiders with the 49ers. Brady will play for the 49ers next year and take them deep into the playoffs. He probably saw the 2022 Bucs season disaster coming and wanted to play under Peyton in Miami. Now he has to get the 2022 Bucs stink off of him so he can somehow squeak his way into Canton/sarc.

  31. NEfan Says:

    FYI, Brady has beat every QB in the AFC except for this year’s rookies and Burrows, they never played against each other.

  32. HC Grover Says:

    If he survives the Bowzo and Lefty Clown Show sound good to me

  33. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    He’s not all about winning if he stays with Bowles, that’s for sure.

  34. BuxfaninTX Says:

    That’s Dana White talking that talk

  35. Woodenman Says:

    I will be glad to see Brady go and take NEfan with him.

  36. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Brady stays with the BUCS and just kick-out Toilet Bowles and Buffoon Leftnut.

  37. mg Says:

    da bucs owners make little sense

  38. Darin Says:

    Man Brady got screwed with these coaches here. Can’t wipe that Cleveland game from my mind. Afraid of the best ever losing the game with under a minute left. Adios poochaco

  39. Bobby M. Says:

    Raiders may offer a minority ownership opportunity….which Brady seems motivated to pursue.

  40. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Brady is gone and frankly that’s probably for the best. This roster and coaching staff are a mess and needs a complete rebuild. He’s not sticking around for that nonsense.

  41. ClwJB Says:

    Why would Brady leave next year with this schedule – please get a real staff in here –

    New Orleans Saints
    Atlanta Falcons
    Carolina Panthers
    Chicago Bears
    Detroit Lions
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Tennessee Titans
    NFC East opponent TBD

    New Orleans Saints
    Atlanta Falcons
    Carolina Panthers
    Green Bay Packers
    Minnesota Vikings
    Houston Texans
    Indianapolis Colts
    NFC West opponent TBD
    AFC East opponent TBD

  42. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Good lord that hat schedule does look really easy. I don’t see any way he stays with the Bucs as constituted. They need to move on from the coaches, which is obvious, they need to move on from Mike Evans, and get faster at wide receiver, get some picks. Getting faster and both sides of the ball is mandatory. I think it’s less than 50%. He comes back in more than likely he ends up n San Francisco. Don’t believe any of the garbage about Purdy or Jimmy G it’s all about winning in the playoffs which Jimmy is obviously proving that he can’t do at a high-level and Purdy is Bailey zappe with talent around him. They add Brady will be playing for the Super Bowl

  43. Defense Rules Says:

    If Brady was smart, he would’ve stuck with his first choice & stayed retired. If the Bucs finish 8-9 … and that’s a big IF … that’d be the FIRST LOSING SEASON that Brady has experienced in his 23 year career. All that some will remember of Tom Brady, like Johnny Unitas & Joe Namath & numerous others before him, is that he played 1 year too long.

  44. SOEbuc Says:

    Brady was a lock to move back to home in San Francisco until him and the Bucs got whooped scoring a fluke TD on a crappy throw. He needs to hang it up after this year. If Bowles remains HC next year, they have got to find a OC with legit experience in the NFL, not some college HC. Draft one of the many talented QBs in the draft. Maybe guy from Tennessee. Take a chance on a mobile QB for once.

  45. Mayhem41 Says:

    You are all kidding yourselves. Brady won’t hang in the pocket and his accuracy has dipped. No team with a good roster and a halfway decent roster will be interested. Not the Dolphins, not the 49’ers. The Raiders just extended Carr for Adams so that makes no senses. Hell, I don’t think the Bucs want him back at this point. Think about it, this team is going nowhere. We would have been better off starting Trask and SEEING WHAT WE HAD. If he sucked we get a high draft pick and could immediately have addressed the position. If he showed promise, ok then. All this season did was put off our rebuilding by a year with a garbage coaching staff.

  46. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    Trade Lefty for McDaniels. A guy can dream…

  47. SOEbuc Says:


    Cleveland was another Donovan Smith penalty that resulted in a tie in regulation and a win for Cleveland in OT. The problem with the coaching staff and Licht is they are keeping that guy in the game. Brady and Smith “personal problems” are worse than a torn ACL.

  48. Architek Says:

    IDC anymore!!! This is a terrible ending to a good run. I’m grateful but should’ve ended with another ring.

  49. brooks Says:

    Good let.him go!!
    Sign me.up

  50. Buczilla Says:

    If I’m Brady, there is no way in hell that I’m coming back next year unless I get to pick (please, dear gods, by all that is holy!) my next head coach. Bowles is in way over his head and the last 13 games have proven that decidedly.

    Leftwich’s offense is a travesty of epic proportions. Every other pathetic team in our division has more points on offense than we do and every single one of their offensive skill position players are either injured or they suck. It’s f’ing mind numbing that we haven’t made any coaching changes yet.

    Unless ownership has tied Licht up and shoved him in a closet, I am going to start blaming him for this mess going forward. I love what Licht has done for us so far, but consistency is the key to pretty much any kind of sustained success. He started off as mediocre, became the best gm in the league the last 3 years prior to this one, and now it looks like he’s taking advice from Leftwich on how to be a gm. I don’t even know why I bother making fun of these people anymore. Ah well, it’s always good to vent I suppose. 😜

  51. adam from ny Says:

    man if we could bring gruden in here…lol, like back in the day…and bounce toilet bowl todd back to DC…it could be interesting…lol

    he would war with half his players, thumb wrestle brady before every game on whose game plan to use…his or toms…

    and he’d be sure to ruin evans 1,000 season streak like he kicked alstott out of the hall

  52. steele Says:

    Too much will happen between now and then to speculate. Brady’s performance, the rest of the season, the market are all TBD.

    If he wants to keep playing, what will Brady even want with his life? Is he still chasing rings, or merely playing just to play, win or lose, good team or bad? Does he want it difficult, a challenge, or does he want an easier job to end his career?

    He certainly isn’t getting accommodated with this team, as it is now. The game isn’t geared to his strengths and doesn’t protect his weaknesses. No great rapport with coaches, or with many players. No friends like Gronk or Edelman. Veterans jaded, no longer hungry, bored. Young guys with attitudes aren’t responding to his presence.

    There won’t be a great market for him. SF won’t need him if either Brock the C ock or Trey Lance don’t screw up. Oakland is a mess, as usual, and the place to go when you’re a mercenary collecting a paycheck with no expectations.
    Tenn. is interesting, but we haven’t seen Brady and Vrabel being too chummy since they were teammates.

  53. Jeffs Dad Says:

    It wont matter who the qb is if this crap show of a coaching staff is still here with no real leader

  54. Jvato24 Says:

    If Tom Brady plays, it will be for the Saints, quote me.

  55. Your Mom Says:

    San Francisco really makes the most sense of any team outside the Bucs.

  56. Bucs56 Says:

    If Tom plays he is not moving that far away from his kids. Assume they stay in Miami then it is either bucs or dolphins. The other possibility would be him moving closer to his oldest in northeast. But no way he goes west coast when the kids are in Florida and New York. Personally I think this is it.