“Sometimes You Feel Like The Next Risk He Takes Is Gonna Be His First”

November 29th, 2022

The face of NFL Network, Rich Eisen.

The national roasting of Todd Bowles could have Joe busy typing for at least 24 consecutive hours.

It’s not just Bucs fans in stunned disbelief.

Why the shock? Because head coach Todd Bowles was so gripped by fear of the Cleveland Browns that he opted to punt twice on 4th-and-short in Browns territory in the fourth quarter Sunday.

And then there’s the matter of Bowles not wanting to call timeout on the Bucs’ final drive of regulation Sunday (when a field goal would have won the game) because, per Bowles, he was concerned that Tom Brady might throw an interception.

That’s like Joe being afraid the Bucs cheerleading squad will invite Joe to their annual Christmas hot tub party.

Meanwhile, Bowles didn’t take a knee and Brady put the Bucs in Browns territory with a 30-yard fastball to Julio Jones before time ran out.

The whole Decision Todd mess left the face of NFL Network, Rich Eisen, dumbfounded as he spoke on The Rich Eisen Show on Roku.

“Sometimes you feel like the next risk [Bowles] takes is gonna be his first. And you got Tom Brady. Like what are you doing?” Eisen pleaded.

Before that rant, Eisen explained he likes Bowles, talked to him in Germany two weeks ago and thinks he has a demeanor suited for greatness as a head coach. But the Bowles decisions have been too much for Eisen to stomach this season.

You know it’s bad when jovial Eisen takes a swipe at you.

50 Responses to ““Sometimes You Feel Like The Next Risk He Takes Is Gonna Be His First””

  1. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I still feel like puking.

  2. View from 132 Says:

    View from 132…. I agree.

    My turn….



  5. Locked In Says:

    Wonder why Brady didn’t just call the timeouts anyway? He knows better. He could have said ‘sorry coach, it’s so automatic for me to call the TO in that situation I just forgot you wanted to lose the game’. What is bowels going to do, bench him?

  6. Smashsquatch Says:

    Bad coaching is easy to see. It stands out like a fish out of water. Bowles has been flopping all over the beach this year.

  7. ChiBuc Says:

    “That’s like Joe being afraid the Bucs cheerleading squad will invite Joe to their annual Christmas hot tub party.”

    Finally, tears from laughter. Thanks Joe, it was needed.

  8. alton d green Says:

    Maybe somebody can help me understand this. Now keep in mind this is a rhetorical question (we actually already know the answer) Why does every announcer start talking about what a genius Bowles is. Including Eisen. I can tell he has what it takes to be a great coach. REALLY????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Where in hell is he hiding it (that’s not a rhetorical question) COME ON RICH get a pair already. And lets not forget that our southern border is secure, $10 a lb for bacon, $4.00 a gallon for gas. To be fair it’s dropped about 2 cents in the last week and he is the freak’n reason it went to $7.00 to begin with. Just because everything costs 25% more doesn’t mean we’re paying 25% more right??? hahahahahha that’s a joke. Biden is doing a fantastic job. Can’t wait till my bank account is totally empty so i can vote D. And Joe got 80 million votes

  9. Redeemer Says:

    Eisan has to say the second part, he works for NBC. Bowles has fundamentally changed the philosophy of this team. They have taken on his demeanor, and style. The evidence goes all the way back to the Dallas game. Instead of creating an identity (something my brother D-Rok has been talking about for weeks) bowles has created confusion and dysfunction. He isn’t HC material

  10. alton d green Says:

    locked in says: Todd is doing all this moronic crap to show the world that he sits on top of the mountain and you’d better not challenge his judgement. Kinda like Barack and “Junk in the trunk” Michelle. I’m the first black POTUS and what I say goes. Kinda like when he gave another Country $billions of dollars and the media was covering WW

  11. Tucker Says:

    He was scared of the freaking browns the browns good gosh just pack it up and get out of Florida please.

  12. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I am pretty sure any of us fans could outcoach Todd Bowled. Just saying…

  13. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    More “Gloom & Doom” now the Bucs are taking Ambien, and will responsive, lol

  14. EricThe Viking Says:

    We all know the only reason he got the HC job in the first place. There was literally zero teams that were clammering for his services. His track record is what it is for a reason. He’s the coach because he checks a box. Nothing more.

  15. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    *unresponsive* I meant to say

  16. CChead Says:

    Being a season ticket holder, I am pissed off. This idiotic coaching staff is a disgrace to all of us. To give the Galzers our hard earned money to pay these clowns is flat out disrespectful. I’ve seen the same slop now for 11 straight weeks and the head clown says he is afraid to put the game away.
    F**k this guy and his moron sidekick. We deserve better than what we are paying for.
    Glazers, please show these guys out of 1 Buc.

  17. CChead Says:

    Being a season ticket holder, I am pissed off. This idiotic coaching staff is a disgrace to all of us. To give the Galzers our hard earned money to pay these clowns is flat out disrespectful. I’ve seen the same slop now for 11 straight weeks and the head clown says he is afraid to put the game away.
    F this guy and his moron sidekick. We deserve better than what we are paying for.
    Glazers, please show these guys out of 1 Buc.

  18. unbelievable Says:

    I didn’t want it to be true, but it’s clear that it is:

    Bowles = Lovie 2.0

    (Except Lovie inherited a complete mess, and Bowles inherited a Super Bowl team)

  19. Goatfarmer Says:

    Brian Flores or Eric Bienemy.

  20. unbelievable Says:

    ^ Don’t think anyone wants to work with Flores, and Andy Reid is the mastermind of that KC offense, not Bienemy.

  21. Hodad Says:

    I forget if it was Pitt, or the Carolina game he did the same thing. Could’ve landed a knock out shot, but he wouldn’t go for it on 4th and short. He will always take what he thinks is the safest route.

  22. Uncle Urk Says:

    Wait a minute Joe! Are we not going to write about the new RT? Josh Wells…. we have seen this movie already and I spilled my popcorn. Why is he even on the team? You telling me for the last three years we couldn’t find his replacement? If you have forgotten, please go back and watch. YUCK!

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Like being afraid with a wife in labor to drive her to the hospital for fear of an accident.

    It’s one thing to make the mistake….it’s another thing to admit cowardice….I can’t think of another coach who would make that decision……oh wait, is Lovie still coaching.

    The only way Bowles overcomes this is to win the division convincingly & go deep into the playoffs….and talk Brady into returning…….then he gets my nod.

  24. anthony musto Says:

    Bowles was a good defense coordinator, but I believe the game is to fast for him to dissect. Not head coach material in NY not in Tampa plain and simple.

  25. GoatWatcher Says:

    Belichick did the same thing to Brady in the final game of the season against Miami, with a first-round bye on the line. Tie score.!:40 left on the clock and the Pats stop the Fins on 3rd and long. So they have to punt. Call time out, right? Give Brady the ball with 1:40 on the clock? Nope. Fins drain the clock and Belichick give a Todd Bowles defense of his decision-making. This disrespect for Brady I think helped move him on from New England. They lost to Miami, blew the bye and tanked in round one. Brady says bye, New England. And then of course Belichick benched Malcolm Butler in the Superbowl, with the fearsome Nick Foles looking like Joe Montana. No explanation other that “what’s best for the team.” Brady, meanwhile set a Super bowl record with over 500 passing yards, three TDs, and no turnovers–and a loss to a backup QB.

  26. WTFBucFan Says:

    Would Todd Bowles be head coach if BA hadn’t been all in? Bowles was a cluster mess with the Jets. Jason Licht had to have felt uneasy about handing the keys to Bowles. It’s likely the Bruce Arians transition depended on Bowles replacing him. This clown show we now have may be Bruce’s revenge for having Tom Brady forcing him out as one of the requirements of him “un-retiring”.

  27. adam from ny Says:

    coach just got a new 5 year contract before the season…

    so this almost forces him to be kept on the job for at least another year, and that is a hairy scary thought…

    the completely unproven head coach who was blessed into the position via BA should have realistically been offered a 3 year deal…

    he must have partied up big time after scoring a 5 year deal like a proven mcdooven…

    the thing that irked me most during his botched presser the other day was whenever he looked over to scott reynolds to answer him, the party glitter stuck to the right side of his face, by the eye, would glisten, and it made me wonder if and when he got his “party on” between the end of the game and the next afternoon presser…


  28. captivajim Says:

    You are absolutely right ” Goatwatcher” ; I remember that Miami game. Ths is very much the same situation . There’s no way I see Brady coming back to Tampa nxt yr . BA will defend Bowles–so he’ll be given another yr as HC by Glazers

  29. unbelievable Says:

    Playing not to lose, rarely results in a win.

    Lovie 2.0

  30. HC Grover Says:

    He is a whacko.

  31. HC Grover Says:

    The Bucs woke credit score leads the league. The team with the lowest Woke Credit Score wil win the Super Bowl.

  32. EagleEye2020 Says:

    And what about calling a running play in the first place with 32 seconds to score a winning field goal…… the ball should habeen in Brady’s hands to win the game. Who runs in first down with 32 seconds? FIRE BYRON! FIRE BYRON!

  33. Beej Says:

    We’re throwing away the final season of the GOAT

  34. HC Grover Says:

    CChead….get and make a Bowles Unknown Fan head bag at Publix….Keep it in your back pocket til 4th qtr whe he makes his most Blunders. Then bag your head. It will make you feel better.

  35. D-Rome Says:

    Lovie 2.0

    Simple as that.

    I really want Bowles to do well but like I said earlier in a different post, we all know how this song and dance is going to end. The way Todd Bowles is as a Head Coach will not produce a winning record in the future. You’re not fit to be a head coach if you take the ball out of Tom Brady’s hands on the Browns 37 yard line. I was a very confident supporter of Todd Bowles until Sunday.

    The Bucs may as well clean house at the end of the season. If he can’t lead this team to wins with Brady he’s not going to be able to do it without Brady.

  36. JOE O Says:

    24- 40 . That’s Toilet Bowles HC indelible record with the JETS. Can’t he figure out he’s NO coaching abilities !!?? Has this creature no shame !!!??!!!

  37. JOE O Says:

    24-40 !!

  38. JOE O Says:

    24-40 !!! That’s Toilet Bowles indelible stink he left on the JETS ! How much of a moron does he have to be to not be able to figure out that Coaching IS NOT his forte !!??!! Does he have no shame ??!!?? 24- 40 !!!

  39. SufferingSince76 Says:


  40. JOE O Says:

    24-40 !!! Look it up !!!! You’ll find Toilet Bowles stink on the JETS when he was the ” coach “. 24-40 !!!!

  41. CChead Says:

    HC…don’t see any reason why this season will improve. Hoping for the best an expecting the worst on Monday night. Not an ideal situation.

  42. mg Says:

    Samuel Brinton might be available.

  43. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I knew from the start he would not be a good HC. At this point, I’m just checking daily for news of his firing…which is a shame because he is a great DC.

  44. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Since Dungy left, we have not had a good defensive head coach. Why they insist on giving them jobs is beyond me.

  45. SPARKY Says:

    I like the Christmas Hot tub line Joe

  46. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Come home from a long day at work and I need to be reminded some morons like Bowles, Leftwich and the ST coach get paid handsomely to fail consistently and not be smart enough to improve. I guess it’s a Bucs life all over again, this time watching some really bad coaches destroy a talented team. I hope the Glazers are paying attention.

  47. firethecannons Says:

    there will be many more failed opportunities from this known loser Todd Bowles, brady would be smart to separate himself from bowles and Leftwich

  48. T REX Says:

    Joe…clean up on aisle alton d green please

    Listen goobers…if you can’t post on a Bucs site without politics…you have serious mental issues. Get help.

  49. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I don’t know if the Joes have seen the Youtube video of the Leftwich and Brady sideline interaction. There was some tension. Brady called the decision to not call the timeout stupid. He said they need a sense of urgency. Some user converted the interaction with a lip read. I think this is the first time he openly expressed for a coaches decision.

  50. NEfan Says:

    Bucs ticket prises are dropping faster than Biden & Harris’s approval rating. GO BOWLES!!!