“I Loved What I Saw In Germany”

November 26th, 2022

Digs the Bucs’ last win.

There’s an uneasy yet hopeful feeling gnawing at Joe about the current state of the Bucs.

Joe is hoping beyond hope what the Bucs did to the Seahawks in Munich is a taste of what the team can do the rest of the season. Another guy hoping the same thing is former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996).

A popular local sports personality, Beckles is not yet ready to deem that the Bucs have turned the corner. Yet. Beckles, speaking on his podcast “In the Trenches,” wants to see more before he gives his blessing.

“One game is not a trend,” Beckles said. “Are we a good running team? No we are not. It takes more than one week to get that done. … Have to do that a few weeks in a row.”

Still, Beckles dug what the Bucs did in Munich and the style with which they got the job done.

“I loved what I saw in Germany,” Beckles said. “And I am hoping that Germany is something that catapults the Bucs back to greatness.

“Sometimes a field trip like that brings you together as a group. You didn’t go home! You went to hotel rooms. You hung around more with your teammates than you otherwise would.”

Joe thinks we can all agree with fingers crossed hoping Beckles is onto something there.

Beckles had a couple of other thoughts:

On Tom Brady possibly returning to the Bucs in 2023.

“I would be shocked if Tom Brady is back here next year, I really would.”

On how strange of a year it has been thus far for the Bucs.

“It’s weird. It has not been a good season. But we’re still in the driver’s seat, in an odd, crazy way.”

11 Responses to ““I Loved What I Saw In Germany””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    One game is not a trend…….this is so true…..

    Our run game needs to show up with our run defense…….and it’s time for some offensive dominance…….long past due.

  2. orlbucfan Says:

    Sure would love to see a genuine powerful 2-back set on our offense. Amen, Tbbf.

  3. Bojim Says:

    Want to see White tear it up again. Lenny too.

  4. Bosch Says:

    Wouldn’t it be a blast to go fishing with Ian Beckles? Joe, might it be possible to conjure up some kind of contest with the prize being a full Day fishing charter with Beckles and a few buddies?

  5. ‘79 Defense Says:

    You always have a chance with Brady, but anything less than a SB victory doesn’t cut it (still weird to say that as a Bucs fan) and it’s hard to see that happening. We’ll see.

  6. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I think some good, true RB competition is good for Fournette. I don’t think he feels the same way. So I am a little worried about his attitude. I don’t think we will see an AB style meltdown but some pouting is to be expected.

  7. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Nice rojo’s grande pescadoes! Or, big redfish!

  8. NEfan Says:

    RB’s are a dime a dozen, the guy was the man the last two seasons but if he pulls the it’s my ball I’m going home bit, sit his arse down or shut up & step up. It is his job to lose.

  9. 2022 return of the goat Says:

    We are all hoping the same thing. It starts with Tom.

  10. Crickett Baker Says:

    Lenny didn’t practice 3 days in a row and I guess the rest didn’t cure him. We sure need him! GET WELL LENNY!!! Go BUCS!

  11. steele Says:

    What you saw in Germany—a win against a rebuilding streaky team (whose focus was and still might be to “embrace the suck” and position for top draft position)—was not really impressive. It should have been a much bigger blowout.

    Bucs have now played a “better” series of roughly five quarters, when you include parts of the win vs. the Rams. Coaching, play calling and roster issues remain firmly in place.

    We will just have to see. Fortunately for the Bucs, the rest of the NFL this season has been wildly inconsistent, a lot of miserable regression by other teams.