Chris Godwin Learning Patience

November 14th, 2022

Still healing.

Sometimes it can take a little more than a year to bounce back from a knee injury. Bucs receiver Chris Godwin is experiencing that.

Though Godwin somehow was ready to play in the regular season opener after blowing out his knee last December, it may have been too soon. He messed up a hamstring in that game and this year, Godwin hasn’t been himself.

Until yesterday.

Godwin looked like the old Chris Godwin. So if he’s not fully back, he’s damn close.

Yesterday after the game, Godwin noted it’s been frustrating. Gradually, he is getting there but admitted he sometimes gets impatient.

Godwin confessed he’s starting to feel it like he used to.

“Yeah, I would say so, especially as the game kind of progressed,” Godwin said. “I had to get into a little bit of a groove, but I think it just all comes with time and patience,
just continuing to work hard.

“I’ve got great teammates around me, so as long as I’m contributing to the overall cause, which is trying to get victories, that’s what I’m happiest about.”

Joe is convinced one reason the Bucs offense hummed yesterday was, in part, was Godwin playing more like his old self: Getting open, fighting for passes in coverage and making clutch catches.

As a result, the offense looked normal.

16 Responses to “Chris Godwin Learning Patience”

  1. 97 bucBaby Says:


  2. Says:

    It looks like “the boys are getting the band back together again!!!!”

  3. Bucobill99 Says:

    Oline had there best game by far no doubt

  4. VATom Says:

    I dont know why our receivers hardly look truly open, game plan? Speed? Scheme? But Id be damned if these guys arent the best contested pass catchers in the league. Some of those throws and catches looked impossible…yet they werent. Good job fellas. 👏

  5. Casual Observer Says:

    He is getting there. Better team outlook too as a result.

  6. Winky Says:

    Good team effort. Go Bucs!!!

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It looks like after the bye we may have our first look at a healthy WR corps…

    Evans, Godwin, Jones, Gage…….with Scotty leaping (unnecessarily) to help

    And no….Gage is not a bust….he is a very good receiver who has been playing through injury the entire year.

  8. BucU Says:

    Gage IS a bust. If he’s not playing he’s not contributing . That’s been all season long.

  9. robert Says:


  10. PSL Bob Says:

    Was wearing my CG14 jersey for the game yesterday. Loved that he got that TD.
    He’s such a great guy.

  11. Miller5252 Says:

    This is the main reason why I don’t see the hype behind signing OBJ. This is his second major knee issue and he’s just barely getting cleared. I thought it would be next year before getting back to form of at all. AP was one of the few that came back faster then predicted and showed no slowdown or bad effects from it.

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    I actually thought Godwin was looking like himself a couple of weeks ago in the Ravens game. The issue is the terrible offensive playcalling that doesn’t take shots downfield, runs everything sideways, or is a run up the middle.

    Attack downfield, and suddenly Godwin looks better, Evans looks better, Jones looks better, Otton looks better and the run game works.

  13. Your Mom Says:

    Julio Jones looked like AB without the crazy too.

  14. Macajubav Says:

    It doesn’t look like these guys can get separation, perhaps they aren’t fast and agile enough. TB12 has to get used to throwing these contested passes more. ME and CG always win these if they are thrown accurately. I thinkTB did throw more tight window passes yesterday and Bucs WR always came down with them. So start friggin throwing the ball to them TB, no more knuckle balls into the dirt when they don’t have two yards separation at 2.4 seconds.

  15. Red-sparrow Says:

    @Macajubav shut the hell up. You said it yourself, they can’t separate. So Tom’s degree of difficulty on his passes are very high. I see guys like tua throwing to wide open receivers all the time, why can’t tb12 enjoy that luxury? Answer is receivers and play calling, period.

  16. Redeemer Says:

    I think we can all agree it was a mistake to play Godwin week one. I’m just glad it was a hamstring instead of a quad. Recievers often get hit directly on the thigh, which can make quad injuries very tricky. Being behind the knee, the hamstring doesn’t often take direct punishment. Neither are good, but as a reciever, I’d much rather have a hammy.