Chris Godwin “Definitely Getting Closer”

November 9th, 2022

Chris Godwin

No Buccaneers pass catcher has more receptions and targets per game than Chris Godwin this season — except Godwin still isn’t healthy, says his position coach.

On the surface, that fact is disturbing. And perhaps that’s why Godwin has a disturbing average of 9.6 yards per catch. Consider that total is nearly four yards off Godwin’s average entering this season and very close to the average (9.2) of Bucs running back Charles Sims during his four Bucs seasons.

The good news is that Godwin’s health is improving steadily after intense knee (ACL) rehab to be ready for the 2022 season.

“I think he’s definitely getting closer and closer and closer to that [100 percent healthy],” Bucs receivers coach Kevin Garver told the Buccaneers Radio Network yesterday. “At this point of the season, I think we’re getting pretty close to be full strength here.”

A week ago, head coach Todd Bowles talked about Godwin’s health improving and, hopefully, leading to the Bucs being opening up their offense more.

The optimistic side of Joe hopes/expects that the bye week — following Sunday’s game in Germany — will be the tonic Godwin needs to ring the bell at 100 percent.

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11 Responses to “Chris Godwin “Definitely Getting Closer””

  1. BucU Says:

    Chris hasn’t been able to create much separation as of yet.

  2. Kentucky Buc Says:

    He’s moving slower now than he was that first game at Dallas. He’s played tentative since the hammy pull.

  3. Ash Says:

    Geez look how long he is taking to recover and fans were crying to sign obj who got injured after Godwin and doesn’t know the playbook. Julio Jones was here at the beginning of the season and not looking at the injury part of it is still running the wrong routes going into motion when he isn’t supposed to. I doubt the bucs are in the bidding war anyway for obj but still I don’t think he is the fix for the bucs offense at any rate.

  4. D-Rok Says:

    Nostradamus say WHEN CG is 100%, he’ll get 10 catches a game.

    See? Our offense is rounding into shape at just the right time to make a run.

    In the summer, Joe mentioned this group of 4 WR’s might be the best the NFL has ever seen, at least on paper. None of us has seen anything close to that yet, but hey, what if our passing game suddenly caught fire?

    Just being optimistic, as usual.

    GO BUCS!!!

  5. Buc king Says:

    Like to see gage jr get fully healthy too

  6. SB Says:

    Your last sentence said it all Joe!

  7. PassingThru Says:

    What, did Godwin regress? I thought the last Godwin story was that he was near 100%, which means I must be blind as he hasn’t looked near 100% thus far this season.

    He’s a warrior being out there, but he is definitely not all there on the field.

  8. catcard202 Says:

    Frankly, CG should have been placed on the IR after release of the 53man roster (like Jensen) to let him get fully recovered coming out the bye week….That was the point of resigning him & structuring only a $5M cap hit in 2022…But the Bucs threw him out there at 80% at best & he’s not performed well…Hmm imagine that.

    The team has been hella lucky that he didn’t re-inured the knee by playing on it before it was 100%. Cross fingers…

  9. Caleb lee Says:

    Well think about how many backfield passes Brady throws him.. I get he can get YAC but they’ve done it so many times in simple fashion that I’m just waiting on the pick 6 to happen. It almost happened already.

  10. Jeff Says:

    Closer to what? Retiring?

  11. Goatfarmer Says:

    Who wants to risk serious injury playing for ByeMoron’s offense? No holes, no separation, utterly predictable, lacking any creativity. Obviously run coordinator Goodwin agrees, saying his favorite run plays are installed, bMoron just doesn’t call them.

    Lose him in the Black Forest or lock him in a castle (keeping him well fed and watered of course).