“We’re A Team That’s Really A Measuring Stick For Every Other Team”

October 6th, 2022

Consider that the Atlanta Falcons, Sunday’s Bucs opponent at The Licht House, has not had a winning record within a season since 2017.

Joe’s not talking about a year’s final record. Joe’s referring to Atlanta not having a winning record at any point in the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 seasons.

So it’s easy to understand why Sunday is almost like the Super Bowl for the 2-2 Falcons, winners of their last two games.

Second-year head coach Arthur Smith has his team playing very hard and beating the Bucs would represents an incredible statement by his regime and a potential turning point for the organization.

So do the Falcons have extra motivation for Sunday? Tom Brady doesn’t seem to think so.

Brady said in the new In The Current feature at Buccaneers.com that the Bucs are one of those clubs that every opponent wants to hammer. “We’re a team that’s really a measuring stick for every other team,” Brady said.

Of course, Brady is correct. Even though they Bucs aren’t coming of a Super Bowl win, they’re still the proverbial “hunted” because of Brady’s presence and the team’s superstar-laden roster.

That will not change all season. Still, it shouldn’t be a factor Sunday. The Bucs are better than Atlanta … unless they’re not when it counts.

24 Responses to ““We’re A Team That’s Really A Measuring Stick For Every Other Team””

  1. FrontFour Says:

    Not buying that. Teams want to beat the Bucs because Brady’s the captain of the ship. We’ve been exposed on offense and defense in the first four games of the season and our special teams aren’t so special. It’s a big deal to beat Brady. The rest of this squad, whatever.

  2. Displaced Floridian Says:

    Thats sad because at this point more teams measure up in this league than don’t, Tom.

  3. BucU Says:

    This team is loaded with superstars? That’s news to me.

  4. Oddball Says:

    Huh? That’s a pretty short stick at the moment.

  5. Professor X Says:

    @FrontFour –
    I would have to agree with Joe on this one. Everyone wants to measure themselves against the best, even if their best was years ago which is not what anyone can say about Brady. What you can say is that so many guys in the league comment about getting 1 interception off Brady and how it’s worth 3 or 4 from anyone else. Then if you are a corner who can say you got an interception off Brady while covering Julio “Brittle-Bones” Jones, arguably one of the top 3 receivers ever, that’s a career highlight for sure. Not to mention if you stomp all over the Bucs D like the Chiefs did last week, the talent rich Bucs D, that is something other teams would love to put on their resume. The Bucs are also a team that other teams want to beat because the Bucs are a team that have tons of intrigue and drama: Brady drama, coach swap drama, injuries yet still have talent everywhere, fights (Iron Mike Evans), less than 2 years from a Super Bowl, national media coverage every week, receiver drama of all sorts, the Rob Gronkowski will-he/won’t-he stuff, etc… The Bucs are in the spotlight and in this click-bate laden twitter world every wants to be seen.

  6. Jeff Says:

    Falcons 20 Bucs 17. Falcons run for over 200 yards. This one’s gonna hurt Bucs fans.

  7. Sumosam Says:

    Bucs 30 Atlanta 17
    Mark it down.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bucs WR back healthy…….Bucs 38-20

    Let’s start the game by winning the coin flip. That way there will be no chance we fumble the opening kickoff.

  9. adam from ny Says:

    bucs will blow them out the building this sunday 34-10…

    it will be a rude awakening for these so called hopeful falcons, as we proceed to show them they are not even close to being in our league…

    and more so it really is time to “protect this house”…

    it really is a protect this house game – otherwise it’s the 4th loss in a row at ray jay

  10. BUCkleup Says:

    Few get right games for our squad. Let’s walk the walk. The defense should be humbled. The offense should be ready to take a step forward.

  11. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Sign Suh now Licht Brain

  12. August 1976 Buc Says:


    GO BUCS!!!!

  13. ChiBuc Says:

    Opponents also like to smack around teams who have disappearing OLBs who run their mouth and highly paid probowl DTs who get 2 tackles with 20 running plays right at them

  14. Iistnfrmafar Says:

    ChiBuc, exactly. The players around the league are competitive athletes, when another player is in your face that fuels them. How many LB’s, DT’s, corners etc have called out Brady and he arse rams them. EVERY team wants to beat Brady, Mahomes, Roger’s and now Allen, that’s just the way it is, they are the best. Who is fired up to beat Geno Smith or Zach Wilson? Bucs have the talent, the 100 coaches are NOT fixing the obvious problems. This site is like the movie Groundhog day. Basic play calling, run up the middle 1st down, White over pursues, ST’s stink, Darden should not be returning punts, penalties, poor run D, no pass rush, poor O in the red zone, etc. Blah,blah,blah. FiX THE PROBLEMS!!!

  15. Craig Says:

    Can I laugh now?

    We have some talent on a badly coached team. If the coaches actually started doing their jobs when camp started we would be 4-0.

    Green Bay and the Chiefs did not win those games; the Bucs lost them. Shades of the ghosts of Jameis seasons past.

  16. garro Says:

    No the defence should be pissed and ready to kick somebodys ask

  17. My Momma Says:

    My Momma wants…..$uh.

  18. Bucs Win Says:

    To all the people that keep clamoring Suh, stop it. The Bucs are clearly not bringing him back and you are making yourselves look stupid.

  19. Iistnfrmafar Says:

    Bucs Win@ Why???

  20. Skiman Says:

    But got beat by G B and Cheif.get over your crying.

  21. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Bucs offense and defense will shine this week.

  22. Goatfarmer Says:

    Todd Bowles can find a way to lose any game.

  23. Anthony Says:

    Ok I’m the first one to say talk football not Bradys marriage. But this is getting to be a pain. Brady retired then unretired without telling his wife. He was wrong. So if he truly lives her and wants to spend life with her then he needs on air apologized and take the blame. He then needs to announce his retirement at the end of the season and ask his wife to forgive him for his selfishness. Do that and it tells her another 8f not then your hedging your bet and that’s not right

  24. AbucAway Says:

    Ummm, yeah. Just keep telling yourself that.