Todd Bowles Contradicts Himself On Team “Toughness”

October 28th, 2022

Exactly 10 days ago, Todd Bowles said on radio that his Buccaneers have toughness problems.

Today, and two losses later, he said the team has no toughness deficiencies.

Here’s Bowles’ quote from the Buccaneers Radio Network on Tuesday, Oct. 18:

“We were bad on 3rd-and-short, even 3rd-and-inches, 3rd-and-1; we gotta find a way to get one yard,” Bowles said. “We got some tough guys up there. We gotta understand what we are and who we are going forward, as opposed to trying to make a whole bunch of different plays, and we gotta be better at that. … We gotta be tougher up front. We gotta be tougher up front on both side of the ball. Plain and simple.”

And here’s what Bowles said today at his day-after news conference following last night’s home loss to Baltimore.

Bowles was asked about the Bucs’ struggles to play with fire and aggression for four quarters.

“The mentality is there,” Bowles began. “You know, the mentality is always there, then it’s about playing fundamentally sound, not trying to press too much and doing the right thing when your number is called upon. Really, that’s the four quarters of it. It has nothing to do with the toughness. We know we have toughness. We just gotta play smart for four quarters.”

Yes, when your team is 3-5 and you have no answers, or at least none you care to share publicly, that’s often when statements tend to contradict.

Fans can decide what Bowles really thinks about the Bucs’ toughness. Is it today’s version, or that of 10 days ago? Or does Bowles think they’re tougher today but just failing miserably?

Regardless, nobody watches the Bucs and says, ‘Man, that’s a physically tough bunch of hardnose players.’ And that ultimately falls on the head coach.

121 Responses to “Todd Bowles Contradicts Himself On Team “Toughness””

  1. D-Rok Says:

    “We gotta understand what we are and who we are going forward,”

    IDENTITY problem. Not that I’m worried about this team’s identity: they have none, and we are seeing the results.

    At this point, NOW I’m not so optimistic for our team this year. Sure, things could change, but does anyone really believe change will happen?

  2. Leopold Stotch Says:

    🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️What a disaster. Either we fire him and clean house or give him another year after this so he has a real chance to hire his guys… I just don’t get it tho. BA set him up wonderfully. I get Jensen going down, but at that time we were still fine. At the very least Leftwich needs to go now.

  3. tampabayallday Says:

    Devin White in the main liability on D

  4. D-Rok Says:

    Looking forward to getting home in about an hour and watch his monotone responses while day-drinking.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let’s go Byron

  6. Flhillbilly61 Says:

    Todd Bowes is so soft I bet he sits to potty!

  7. Ab Says:

    This is what happens when you have coaches in over their head, literally making it up as they go along…

    Sad part is Brady will be gone next year but the coaching debacle won’t even have a chance of being fixed until a year after that – meanwhile the roster will just continue to turn over and age…the days (no, years) are about to get even darker

  8. Jeff Says:

    Trade all players for draft picks sans any good offensive and defensive lineman. So keep Wirfs and trade the rest.

  9. sasquatch Says:

    Bowles just doesn’t inspire confidence that things will turn around.

  10. Buczilla Says:

    Bowles does not deserve to make comments about our team and should have been fired after losing to the panthers. Unless there is a miracle turn around it’s going to be really gosh damn hard for me to take our team seriously if he’s our head coach next year.

  11. Rod Munch Says:

    Just a question…has Gronk’s Twitter page said ‘Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tight End’ this entire season and showed him a Bucs jersey? I’m assuming so since I’m not seeing any buzz on this, but I guess I never looked until now.

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Here’s an idea Bowles, if your team can’t get 3rd and 1 by running the ball — then don’t run the ball.

    Here’s another idea, on 4th and 2, when your at midfield, with Tom Brady at QB, and your defense is clearly spent, you don’t punt the ball you coward. Have a feel for the game you d-bag.

  13. Bucfan Says:

    I know a TB that should retire immediately – Todd Bowles!

  14. Winny Testaverde Says:

    TB12: Todd Bowles and average # of losses per season as head coach.

  15. Deeez NATZ Says:

    Butthole toilet bowl…Dudes a joke and so is his team.Just like the jets.

  16. CGB Spender Says:

    Unfortunately Todd Bowles is an incapable coach. He just ruined his 2nd chance at head coach with Tom Brady as his QB. If the Bucs don’t make the playoffs he will never taste another head coaching job after that

  17. Marine Buc Says:

    Question to Head Coach Cleveland Bowles – When are you going to fire BL?

    Answer: “Oh that’s naaasty” – we just need to make a few adjustments here and there and we gunna be just dandy ya’ll….

  18. SlyPirate Says:


    He had a years from the Jets until now to figure our how to head coach. He obviously hasn’t and he won’t. The longer Licht waits the long the rebuild will take.

    Welcome back the den of depression.

  19. duff man Says:

    devin white sucks. he fooled the entirety of the football watching world with how well he played in the SB run but virtually every game since hes been a disappointment. remember this clown once said his goal was a DPOY award hahahah ya right. fire up madden to get that one devin.

  20. Goatfarmer Says:

    Bowels either fires Leftwurst now or gets fired along with his brain dead boob and vegetative Keith Armsweak.

  21. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Looks like we are headed back to good(bad) ole days. Licht won’t fire Bowles or Lefty even if we end up 3-14.

  22. BucU Says:

    This is a cataclysmic failure of epic proportions.
    This team is unwatchable. And it’s happened week after week after week. Just wow.

  23. Oddball listens to what #8 Says:

    Oh man this just keeps getting better and better.

    So that’s what Devin White was doing “not trying to press too much.” ?

  24. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I think Bruce Arians is, Bucs Senior Football Consultant?

    If so, now would be a good time to start consulting with the Bucs coaching staff and players, on a daily basis? Not sparing any harsh words?

  25. Goatfarmer Says:

    Optics be damned. Send BA around practice in his golf cart and let him chew everyone’s ass like it was rookie training camp. Then let him make recommendations to Bowel’s Toad for implementation. Then Licht measures change and impact / results.

    Newsflash – the team with Brady under BA had the best offense in the league and compiled a 29-10 record with a Super Bowl, division title, and 5 playoff wins.

    Bowelswich can’t even beat an injury decimated Steelers or Panthers, never mind the Chiefs or the Ravens. Who thinks this team is seriously going to win another game with where their head is at?

    2011 redux.

    But that team had thin talent. There is no excuse for this atrocity. BA is still there and should at least be appointed authority to right the ship and save his protégés.

    Licht? Glazers?

    It’s really too late now but there might be a glimmer of hope and ticket sales if a change is made by Monday.

  26. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Someone once said, “spare the rod, spoil the football team”

    I can’t remember who said it though.

  27. Rod Munch Says:

    The Beer Whisperer Says:
    October 28th, 2022 at 4:13 pm
    Someone once said, “spare the rod, spoil the football team”

    I can’t remember who said it though.


    I said it.

  28. Redeemer Says:

    Things have snowballed so fast on Bowles, that he can’t keep up with his own nonsensical gibberish. Wonder why no other organization wanted him? Coordinators on Superbowl winning teams almost always get a job. He’s head coach of the bucs by default. BA “retired” so late in the process, that they were left with limited options. From the time Brady retired then unretired,. this whole operation looks cobbled together last minute.

  29. JimmyfromNY Says:

    He’s actually living statue on the sidelines. His in game adjustments are about as bad as I’ve seen in 40 years of football I’ve never seen a team worse coming out of halftime in my whole life including watching high school and college. He’s completely incompetent the worst part is I think he knows it would love to be relieved of his duties. But nothing will be done

  30. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Has Leftwich been fired yet?

  31. SBucs Says:

    It’s embarrassing to the fans having such a mediocre product to support. It’s starts with Jason, he is a very poor judge of talent and team chemistry. Important role players on defense were let walk and replaced by injured sub standard players. On offense he has no built in back ups, never had and never will. It’s as if he expects players to remain fresh and healthy a complete year. That’s just not going to happen. Injuries are part of the game. All teams have their share of injuries. Most have players to compete at high level. Not Jason’s Bucs. I won’t get into the terrible coaching and heartless players.

  32. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Has Leftwich been fired yet?

  33. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Thank you, Rod Munch.

    My memory is wore out, like the rest of me, lol

  34. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Curse

    No… Check back in a year or two.

  35. T REX Says:

    Todd defending White.

    Said no drop off in WHite’s play.

    Bowels has no respect of anyone…he is lying through his teeth

    Bowels is a horrible head coach. Horrible.

    WHo hired this clown?

  36. Lokog Says:

    I didn’t see no toughness yesterday i had a tougher time finding my weed kuz i forgot that i left it in my car.

  37. DBS Says:

    Jets South. If you expected anything else you were fooling yourself. With or without Brady.

  38. Bama Says:

    The den of depression is in full effect. We’ve lost 5 out of our last 6 games at home… I’m glad I don’t have season tickets…crazy

  39. HC Grover Says:

    Coach Tweedledee and Tweedledumm pathetic. What a diiscombobulation. Oh Well.

  40. HC Grover Says:

    The thing that would not leave.

  41. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Glazers need to clean house asap. 1. Demand that Licht trade away players like Devin White and LVD (yes, Lavonte is in his last year so get a draft pick for him) before the deadline. 2. Fire Leftwich asap. 3. Cut bait with Julio, Gage and Hicks. 4. Start playing Trask after another few losses. 5. After the season ending 17th game, fire everybody including Licht and BA (his succession plan started this mess). If the Bucs are gonna be this shameful, let them start with a new regime and lots of new players.

  42. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    “Discombobulation” sums things up well.

  43. Cchead Says:

    Bowles…..if it’s broke don’t fix it.

  44. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The Ravens figured out in the 2nd half that the Bucs would have a hard time stopping their option reads- Jackson could hand off, pass or run- and the Bucs were depleted with injuries defensively and couldn’t match the Ravens’ talent.
    Bucs on offense don’t have a mobile QB and they don’t have enough elite weapons to make up it.

  45. HC Grover Says:

    Glaziers can do nothing. It would destroy their Social Credit Woke Score. They have the most diverse staff in the NFL. Maybe the Social Credit Score is more important to the owners than the game scores.

  46. HC Grover Says:

    According to the new social justice rules it all has to be blamed on Brady. Watch for it.

  47. adam from ny Says:

    bowles should be done after his comments on devin white…he eluded to the fact that he was doing a combo of loafing and being gassed…

    yet he has no problem with devin white…

    this coach is single handedly trying to nosedive the new culture that has been built here the past few years…

    and i can’t believe the glazers are actually letting this happen…

    going from the “new america’s team” to the outhouse in half a season — and still with tommy b on the roster…

    this is just wild and completely unacceptable…

    bowles in not a head coach, and punks out when discussing the players under him…like wtf

  48. Lamarcus Says:

    Why is Tom Brady getting a pass tho?

  49. Jerry R Jones Says:

    When do the billboards start going up?.

  50. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    My Jets fan buddy is ROFLAO at me right now.

    Go Jets!

  51. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Fire and cut everyone on Monday please.

  52. Rod Munch Says:

    Marine Buc – No problem. Any ROD related comments are just puns I make off my name, so if you see a ROD, think of me.

  53. adam from ny Says:

    bowles doesn’t know what to say because he doesn’t know what to do…

    if he gets up to the podium and starts to pull the monotone preplanned rhetoric he nerdily (not really a word – yet appropriate) delivers to the press, it just won’t work anymore…

    he can’t use that schtick with his coaching results…

    so he’s super jammed up in what to say, and his angles…

    bowles doesn’t know what to say because he doesn’t know what to do…

    the only thing he ever did right is develop jamel dean

  54. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    I have to agree with Lamarcus.

    I’ve never witnessed a worse game from Brady. (for whatever reason/reasons)
    I ain’t gonna argue about it either.
    There aren’t stats for how old he looked.
    He looked like he was ready to fall down.

  55. Varun Says:

    Bucs messed up. They should of went and got a center in the preseason when they knew Jensen was hurt. Last year they should of went and got obj but they didn’t and lost to Rams.

  56. Tye Says:

    This guy STILL a Buc!…..
    And I thought the owners want to win… SMH!

  57. Davenport Says:

    Bucs will be 3-7 (.300) at the bye

    Bowles last 60 games as a HC: 17-43 (.283)


  58. garbs65 Says:

    Does Devin White have one of those weekly radio shows with Jenna Laine or somebody?

  59. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Some think Brady was responsible for this by refusing to come back if Arians was still head coach, so that forced BA to retire, leaving us in this mess.
    I don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is true, then Brady is responsible for our teams demise, as well as his own.
    It is clear to me that Bowles is in over his head, but our problems are not just coaching.
    Our players are badly out of shape too.
    Our guys were so gassed that Baltimore basically had their way with us in the second quarter.

  60. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Management won’t fire this guy. Season is lost with this coaching staff right now.

  61. theghost Says:

    Todd Bowles makes Dirk Koetter look like Bill Walsh

  62. Noles Says:

    His face in tha photo says it all… soft, confused Loser…

  63. Cchead Says:

    Todd Bowles makes Greg Schiano look like Vince Lombardi.


  64. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Bowles makes Tom Coughlin look like Raheem Morris

  65. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Bowles makes Raheem Morris look like Tom Coughlin

  66. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    (Coughlin was known as a fanatic disciplinarian)

  67. Defense Rules Says:

    The prevalent ‘answer’ to solving problems in today’s world seems to be ‘fire everybody. I see so many on this site calling for Bowles’ head, Leftwich’s head, Armstrong’s head … just fire ’em all seems to be the mob reaction. It’s like reliving January 6th every day here in Bucsville.

    How about each of you who are proposing the firing solution actually think your way through the problems from start to finish AND PROPOSE A REALISTIC. WELL-THOUGHT-OUT SOLUTION. If you want to fire Bowles, who do you put in his place? Same with Leftwich & same with Armstrong? Oh and BTW, if you all are so bent on firing people, why is Licht getting a pass? He’s THE ARCHITECT of this mess. And why are Brady & the other team captains getting a pass? They’re the ones out on the field who could actually effect a turnaround.

    Whining & emotional outbursts like ‘Fire Everyone’ aren’t solutions. It just makes for very boring reading.

  68. MadMax Says:

    Are we there yet? I kid, i kid lol

  69. MadMax Says:

    Tank season overdrive haha…all good

  70. MadMax Says:

    Climb aboard DR….you know i love you man….but its over…..its been over the last two weeks….all good.

  71. MadMax Says:

    Let it ride…..

  72. BucBoy Says:

    3-5. Trask could do that – and be developing. Instead we’re wasting the season on a fossil.

  73. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Was he at the game last night?

    Flag football teams have more toughness. And better tackling.

  74. Jmarkbuc Says:


    You’re right. Licht is responsible.

  75. Power of Pewter Says:

    The Bucs aren’t looking for an identity. They have one…a 3-5 team that gets abused for 200 yds rushing in one half. It’s not a good identity, but they have one. Doesn’t seem they’re much willing to change it, either.

  76. bucs4life Says:

    Lamarcus Says:
    October 28th, 2022 at 5:25 pm
    Why is Tom Brady getting a pass tho?

    By the same reason why Wirfs, Evans and Lavonte are. He’s playing great. Leads the league in pass yards and TD-INT ratio. His wife left him because he decided to fight for our team and all I read here is people trash talking him, saying things like Trask could do the same. Unfortunately we are still stuck in the mentality of the cursed Lovie Smith years.

  77. Since76 Says:

    The only way to get the players attention is to show that there is accountability. A few coaches not cutting it. And a few players showing no heart should be cut or traded.

  78. T REX Says:

    @DR – Leftwich can easily be replaced. Playcalling is nuanced and he has zero feel for the game. None.

    After this season…I totally clean house and start a rebuild.

    Licht is a disaster. Brady SAVED his job. He is a horrible GM. Horrible.

    Start over.

  79. T REX Says:

    @b4life – who said Trask can do the same as Brady? Who? Be specific please.

    1 or 2 people is not a fanbase.

    IMHO, Brady chose wrong.

  80. Roc Says:

    History is doomed to repeat itself if one refuses to learn from history

    Tell me Vita doesn’t play like MCCoy, takes plays off, standing up, pushed off the ball

    Tell me Bowles’ Team doesn’t look like Raheem’s team, no discipline, no heart, out of shape

    AND if Brady had something to do with Bruce moving to the office YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF THIS MESS PERIOD

  81. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I would suggest all Bucs’ players take a social media break. It’s toxic right now and most people can’t handle that toxicity, especially Devin White. Tom should be the only one on social media. He’s a single man now. Tommy needs to find one of those beautiful Instagram models and fly her out, and have her sign an NDA. Worked for Jeter for years. I have to laugh through the pain lol

  82. BUCkleup Says:

    Failed year.

    Nonetheless- Listen to Mike Evans interview after the game.

    Wish they all were cut like him.

  83. Tvan101 Says:

    Licht is a great GM who has drafted so many good players in various rounds I do not feel like listing them, but I will list a few. Vita Vea, Carlton Davis, Jamal Dean, Chris Godwin, Tristan Wirfs, Cade Otton, Jordan Whitehead, Winfield, Rashaad White, Alex Cappa, Ali Marpet, Anthony Nelson. He also traded for JPP, Shaq Mason and Rob Gronkowski and brought in our real head coach Bruce Arians. Anyone who thinks Licht is the problem and not our coaching staff can take a long walk off a short pier.

  84. Greg Says:

    Thanks @ Defense rules. Well thought out post. My take is the team does not want to perform for Todd B not sure why but that is what I see. The Oline is obviously affecting Brady and the Dline is getting pushed off the line. There is definitely a drop of talent on both sides from last year. For what ever reason DW is mailing it in. How many times was he getting pushed back 8 yards! Take the C off his jersey because he not being a leader. I am sure he not the only one but his disinterest stands out.!

  85. Lamarcus Says:


    Brady is not playing well. Get out of here with that. His off-season antics has destroyed this team morale and he can’t push the ball. He’s old and tired

  86. HC Grover Says:

    A movie about the 22 Bucs….Blazing Sidelines

  87. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Lamarcus. How do you know? Things would’ve leaked out by now, and they haven’t which tells me morale is fine when it comes to him. Do you think having the worst rushing attack in the history of the league is worse than Brady missing some throws? This man has to play a perfect game for this team to even score some points. You don’t see a flaw in this strategy? He’s accounting for over 80% of the offense only Josh Allen has a larger percentage.

  88. ChiBuc Says:

    … cut scene to Lefty (scarecrow), Dwhite (tin man), Bowles (lion), & Vea (Dorothy) Skippy down a yellow brick road on quest for [respectively] a brain, some heart, courage to lead, and a map to get home to a qb with JL as the wicked witch and Tommy as a flying monkey to symbolize his ubiquitous issues/drama circling in the background.

    When do we get to wake up?

  89. T REX Says:

    @tvan – WHat? Brady got Gronk here. GTFO. Cappa isn’t here. White? That’s funny. Vea is a tub of lard. He is close to 4 bills. Plays 50% of the snaps but paid like a starter. He’s part of the problems. Nelson? Huh? Otten? What has he done? Nothing. We have a bunch of his losers starting and we stink because they stink. Licht rode the Brady gravy train. SMDH.

  90. Defense Rules Says:

    T REX … I agree with you that Leftwich can easily be replaced. But you never said by who. You can’t replace a whole coaching staff halfway through a season, so you have to look at an ‘interim OC’. Choices are very limited at this point, so I’d probably go with Harold Goodwin until the end of the year. Don’t know that anything would improve, but it’d just be interim anyways.

    Todd Bowles is a different story. It’s unprecedented to demote a HC back to his coordinator position (DC in this case), so that’s not viable (I’d hate to lose Bowles defensive expertise). Besides, we need a full-time HC. If I were Licht I’d tell Bowles to give up his DC hat and make Larry Foote the DC (from what I’ve read, folks seem to think a lot of him). MAYBE if Todd Bowles is allowed to focus on just being a HC, he MIGHT be able to start getting this team back on-track.

    If I were the Bucs’ owners, I’d mandate that Licht come up with short-term and long term plans to turn this mess around from a personnel standpoint. I’d also mandate that BA help him come up with those plans. As bad as folks think things are right now, chances are they MIGHT be a lot worse next year. We’ve got a ton of FAs to deal with, and many of them (like Dean?) probably won’t re-sign here if the team continues in a downward spiral. And we don’t have the salary CAP space to sign other top FAs to fix our weaknesses.

    And as far as letting Tom Brady finish out the year, I would UNLESS he’s hurt. If there’s anything hampering his throwing motion or whatever, I’d sit him & see what Trask has. Probably won’t win much, but that sure would clarify our 2023 drafting.

    Other than those minor tweaks, just a standard day at One Buc Place.

  91. unbelievable Says:

    Anyone ask him if Devin White jogging around the field is the “mentality” he’s talking about?

  92. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So…does Barrett count against the cap on injured reserve? I don’t believe he does.

    So that frees up space to get Suh and Gronk.

  93. Defense Rules Says:

    Tvan101 … Like I said, lots of fans have been bamboozled into believing that Jason Licht walks on water because we won a Super Bowl. Sorry, no free passes; he’s also THE ARCHITECT of this problem. GMs are in charge of PERSONNEL, and that’s where the majority of our problem lies. JL’s done some good things in recent years, but our problem right now is not just with coaching; it’s with the talent we’re putting on the field (and a lot of that right now are marginal DEPTH players). If you’re gonna hold coaches accountable, you also have to hold management accountable. And yes, OWNERSHIP.

    The NFL is in the entertainment business. If MGM makes a terrible movie with a mediocre cast, MGM ownership will be looking at the directors and producers to figure out what went wrong so they don’t make the same mistakes again. Well, NFL coaches might be the directors, but GMs are the producers. They’ll ALL get scrutinized. No free passes.

  94. Defense Rules Says:

    Good try Bonzai, but I don’t think it works that way (they do count on IR as I recall). Besides, Suh & Gronk are probably laughing their arses off right about now.

  95. MadMax Says:

    Are we there yet?

  96. Oddball listens to what #8 Says:

    Uh oh, garbs65 is gonna call in and( in your best Liam Neeson voice) Devin, I have a special set of skills acquired over a long career… skills that make me a nightmare for people like you…

  97. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    In the past I have pretty much been a blind enthusiast with this team.

    But that’s because I saw players who desired to win. I don’t see that right now. Well, I do, but not from many.

    We have the greatest QB of all time…and we are wasting him.

    So here we are. Suddenly, we’ll have some cap space because of players on injured reserve. Probably a couple others can go to injured reserve as well. Julio Jones has been a complete was for example.

    We need help. We need space.

    I would consider trading Mike Evans

    It would clear cap space and he hasn’t had chemistry with Brady at all this year. Plus, how long would he be around for a young QB when Brady is really gone?

    He might be at peak value right now. We might even get a first for him.

    He gets a ton of money, so it would clear a bundle. That, plus the injured reserve cap money freed up, would allow us to do a faster rebuild, especially when Brady leaves.

  98. Redeemer Says:

    Defense, I’ve been suggesting things for weeks now. They haven’t listened to any of them. Namely Gronk and Suh.

  99. BucEmUp Says:

    Arians leaving was the nail in the coffin. NFL is already trash anyway NHL is the only tough sport left and fun to watch

  100. T REX Says:

    @ DR – seriously I would go with Clyde…we need a change at OC. Keep Bowels at HC…promote Foote to CO-DC to give Todd another set of eyes. He’s not a good CEO obviously.

    I am also glad you see Licht for what he is…he had Brady for 3 years and he blew this last off season. AB and Godwin getting hurt was unforseen. Having Brady should make it an easy sell to free agents. $10 million to gage? Hicks? Just bad bad bad. His record without Brady should be taken into consideration. It is really bad.

    He’s not your guy for a rebuild. How many GM’s survive that many coaches? None.

  101. T REX Says:

    @ DR – great posts btw. Enjoy your perspective

  102. MadMax Says:

    Evans will retire a Buc…f k you dude!

  103. T REX Says:

    @ bonzai…has evans converted any of his salary to bonuses? If so, a trade would accelerate all of that converted money. Might not be possible. Licht has been kicking the can down the road for years. Brady has $26 mill in dead money next year

  104. T REX Says:

    Just checked…we are $56 million over next year. Fifty six. You read that right.

    Next year is going to suck out loud.

  105. T REX Says:

    Wait…it says Brady is a $35 mill cap hit next year. Someone with better understanding tell me if that is real cap space or money owed or what. Thanks

  106. adam from ny Says:


    i already said…put lori locust in as the interim head coach…

    just do it…and at least break some ground…


  107. steele Says:

    This team is a clusterf from top to bottom, collectively and individually messed up. The problem is, it isn’t a surprise. After the SB win, there were already signs of a malaise, and it was gradual—and dismissed by the majority ready to shout down skeptics who pointed out problems with the roster, problems maintaining that roster, drafting/free agency, lapses and lack of execution on the field, cocky attitudes, and above all, questions about leadership and coaching. Arians, Bowles and Leftwich.

    Did Antonio Brown’s topless dance mark the point at which a championship team really started to break? Recall how AB poisoned and split the locker room, exposing the coaching and management, and Brady’s judgement too. The lingering impact from that doesn’t just go away. You now see an entire team floundering mentally and physically.

    It’s got to be blown up significantly, but I doubt it will happen until after the season.

    And now we look forward to the Rams. This is supposed to be THE REVENGE game, circled on the calendar. Really, is this team’s demise going to be bookended by two painful losses to these villains?

  108. adam from ny Says:

    ronde will be the future gm here

  109. Coburn Says:

    So no coaching changes eh?

  110. Tvan101 Says:

    @TREX I don’t give a rip about a superbowl when it comes to Licht. He has done nothing but draft goof to great players in every round. It doesn’t matter if Kappa is still here because licht drafted him. All licht does is draft good players, so he missed on a few free agents while trying to be all in. If Suh was so great why isn’t he signed, trash the coaching staff all you wish but leave Licht out of it. He is the reason we got a superbowl in 2020 and I’ll bet if he has a say in coaching he would have fired leftwhich Jerry Jones style in the middle of the game. But like everyone he works for the owner and it isn’t his call. Not sure why you got it in for Licht but you are wrong, he can’t help brady being washed or Devin White turning to s$%& after an amazing playoff run.

  111. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Steele. Spot on. I remember being throughly dismissed when I dared question why the great Jason Licht didn’t bring in a veteran C and LG during training camp. The “trust in Licht” cult mantra went into full overdrive. We placed his golden boy Hainsey in the C position, and his draft project at LG. Give it time we were told. Let’s wait six games games and see how he they perform. They were awful in training camp and preseason. Why did Licht think they would make some big jump in the regular season. This was a supposed all in season with Brady, and your biggest weakness on the OL is the interior! No QB likes interior pressure, but Brady loathes it. Bang up job, Jason.

  112. T REX Says:

    tvan – Licht WITHOUT BRADY – 27-53 record…I think that is worse than Mark Dominik. You are letting Brady saving his career cloud your judgement.

    Licht was garbage before Brady.

    Guess what is waiting for us next year…GARBAGE.

    Wake up my man. Put the kool-aid down.

  113. Bob in valrico Says:

    Evans has 577 yards of chemistry with Brady. He had a pass of at least 20 yards in every game and some with 30, 40, and 50 yards . Yes he dropped a sure touchdown ,
    but the truth is is Brady is not always as precise with his passes this year and he struggled when he had to escape the pocket and extend a play.

  114. Goatfarmer Says:

    Bowelswich without BA — Jets? Bwaaahaaa.

    Arizona? Bwaaahaaahaaa.

    Current version of the Suckaneers? Yep.

  115. adam from ny Says:

    the running plays in the second half by baltimore reminded me of when i google a specific running back at draft time to see his youtube highlight tape…

    and i always say to myself “dude looks good, but he ‘s got those college football gaping holes and creases to run thru”…

    well let me tell you now, the bucs defense the past few weeks is offering up gaping holes and creases like they’re playing ncaa football…

    the room and space those baltimore backs had after each cut was spacious af…

    you don’t see that in the nfl…

    i thought the only place for gaping holes was in porn 🙂

  116. Rod Munch Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    So here we are. Suddenly, we’ll have some cap space because of players on injured reserve. Probably a couple others can go to injured reserve as well. Julio Jones has been a complete was for example.


    That’s not how the NFL works, you don’t get cap space for guys being injured. It’s why teams have to conserve cap space for injuries. It’s why Hicks never went on IR, because a replacement player would count against the cap, and they need what space is left to deal with stuff like Shaq’s injury.

    I’ve repeatedly explained the cap situation here, the Bucs have done every cap trick in the book to keep the team together as much as they possibly can. There’s no one to trade, no one to cut, the Bucs used void years, signing bonuses, etc, every trick available and there’s really nothing else out there.

    As for your emo comments on Evans, go take a Midol and drink some Cranberry juice. While the idea of getting rid of Evans is literally tarded, the Bucs couldn’t do it even if they wanted to. Mike is the ultimate team guy and has repeatedly over the years redid his contract. BUT all that meant was they moved his money around, and his dead cap hit would be ridiculous. Mike isn’t going anywhere, and nor should he.

    Said all along, the team was selling out the future to keep this window open, and I have zero issues with that.

    Brady is on pace, with all these struggles to pass for 4900 yards, 19 TDs and 2 INTs. There’s only one problem with those numbers, the 19 TDs, you want around 40. Combine that with all the issues in the redzone, and guess what, some simple better playcalling can literally fix the situation overnight. If the Bucs convinced Arians to ‘help’ with calling games, or if Brady just started to ignore Leftwich and called the game himself, that 19 TD number would shoot up, and and we’d greatly increase the scoring.

  117. Bob in valrico Says:

    Bonzai says:
    It would clear cap space and he hasn’t had chemistry with Brady at all this year. Plus, how long would he be around for a young QB when Brady is really gone?
    AT roughly 14 million a year and 577 yards of offense Evans is dirt cheap.
    If you add up both Godwin and Gages receiving yards, it only comes to 601 yards. No question Godwin can contribute more when healthy and he is a great
    at YAC yards and out of the backfield. With only a 10 yard per catch average
    Godwin is not being used properly. His 44 yard reception proves he is getting healthy and is also a deep threat.

  118. Tvan101 Says:

    @T REX so you are saying no matter how talented a team or how good they draft it s tough to win without a good QB?

  119. Suggiefresh Says:

    So why aren’t sports journalist doing their job and calling him out on these contradictions. Don’t let him get away with it. Can’t stand up there and say something one day and say something contradictory the next and expect people to believe you. We have a President that uses this strategy and itvis backfiring on him.

  120. PassingThru Says:


    Because sports journalists assigned to a team make their living by talking to coaches and players. They cannot criticize a coach or player and expect that coach or player to answer their questions one on one, or share something in confidence. Crazy things that happen between players inside or outside of a locker room never come to light. Ditto if a player or coach screws up on the field of play. Other players could stop talking to you because you’ve become the enemy.

    And you have to remember that the Joes and local journalists are proud of their press credentials. Those credentials can be taken away if a journalist goes after ownership or perhaps even a GM. If it’s a major (national) media broadcast outlet, they won’t take away the credential but they may lobby to have the journalist reassigned. I won’t claim that it influences the NFL as a whole when it comes to media outlets bidding on broadcast rights, but then given the way owners play this game via Goodell, I certainly wouldn’t doubt it either.

  121. Jack dos Santos Says: