The Bucs’ Path To Greatness

October 24th, 2022

Yeah, Joe realizes most Bucs fans are in full pessimist mode after witnessing arguably the worst two weeks of Bucs football this century.

However, all is not lost.

In no particular order:

* The Bucs are in first place in the NFC South with a 3-4 record, owning the tiebreaker with Falcons.

* If the Bucs can find wins in 2 of their next 3 games, then they’ll be sitting at 5-5 at their much-welcomed bye week. That’s hardly a terrible position to be in for a postseason run.

* Tom Brady is healthy. And even if he was distracted (whatever the hell that means) in recent weeks, in every game he makes A-list throws and Joe’s not worried about Brady’s football brain or processing ability. Maybe the Bucs’ woes the last two weeks will force a radical change prompted by Brady no longer waiting for coaches to spark the team/adjust.

* The Bucs should be getting healthier and now have a better sense of their offensive line limitations. Joe has no faith in Byron Leftwich, but he’s hardly the most powerful guy at One Buc Palace, and there are plenty of offensive minds to lean on.

*The schedule remains very favorable, even though the Bucs can’t be counted on to beat anyone. It’s not like Tampa Bay has a brutal schedule that would be rough even if they were playing decent football.

*The defense is not ugly. There are problems, but it’s in no way a train wreck, and Joe believes the defense still has the ability to win a game or two for the team.

Regardless of your perspective, the Bucs are nearing the edge of a cliff. Turning around or walking along the cliff remain options, and it’s very hard to believe Brady won’t go absolutely wild trying to fix the entire team in the coming hours.

Joe is not without hope.

Find your way to 5-5. Reset the team at the bye week and get back to being a dangerous playoff club. That’s sort of what happened two years ago.

61 Responses to “The Bucs’ Path To Greatness”

  1. beano Says:


  2. SB~LV Says:

    I you didn’t waste too much time with this story!

  3. ViSyl Says:

    Everything said on this article would be positive if the coaching staff was able to adapt and build great game plans, which they are showed they ARE NOT!

  4. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    Path to greatness, Fire licht and start the rebuild! Brady is no longer covering up for the bad GM and terrible coaches.

  5. JoJoStarBucs Says:

    ONLY Path To Greatness is to fire Bowles, Leftwitch and Licht ASAP

    But that’s not gonna happen

    So we won’t be great this year, or probably for many years to come if they keep these guys

  6. Quiet Chaos Says:

    Can we finally get creative on offense. Let’s see Keyshawn Vaughn get some carries please. He’s much quicker and decisive than Lenny. Behind this oline Lenny’s slow acceleration is glaring. He needs time to build up speed. Vaughn accelerates much faster similarly to Ronald Jones.

  7. 2022 Year of the GOAT RETURN Says:

    I have no faith in BL
    Tom has to focus on football .
    Tom has to convince the whole team HE is ALL in, because right now both the Offense and Defense are non believers .
    We won a Super Bowl because they beleived they could win . Tom inspired and showed them the way.

  8. DG060 Says:

    I envy your optimism Joe. And even yours will be gone late on Thursday night.
    This is a full organizational disaster.

  9. Buczilla Says:

    My pitchfork is out and if I see more blatant lack of effort (I certainly don’t expect a win) against the ravens I’m going into full blown draft mode. I can make excuses all day long for a bad team that plays their guts out, but watching pro bowlers dial it in is disgusting.

  10. ClwJB Says:

    Are you drinking already?

  11. Todd Says:

    What I’d give to see the text thread between Suh and JPP right now! 😂

  12. NashvilleBuc Says:

    I mean… why am I the only one who sees Brady making one terrible throw into the dirt after another???

  13. bucsfaninva Says:

    A couple of thoughts. First, completely agree on Ke’Shaun Vaughn. Get him out on the field. But it is making me wonder… if a lot of this is actually on Brady. While I agree, if you drop the ball when you get your opportunity, he ignores you…but perhaps this is being carried forward to extremes, as many who have had the misfortune to see the game have said…he’s ignoring wide open receivers/TE’s and going to his favorites. Again, not saying the OL and DL’s aren’t having their own issues…but I just can’t help but feel Tom is not above review/reproach. And like everyone is saying…BL and Bowels better get their ‘S’ together and get some creativity. If I see another game start with a run up the middle or to the left, I just might lose a TV.

  14. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    Just what we need, another clown in Vaughn to add to this circus. As far as I’m concerned Vaughn shouldn’t be in the NFL. He’s a third string RB at best. As far as coaches go. BA & his comedy team of Bowles & Lefty need to go ASAP. I can’t even bring myself to watch this disaster show. Turned the game off at halftime.

  15. Bucobill99 Says:

    I hope but im not holding my breathe, gutless performance poor coaching

  16. Todd Says:

    BTW, Joe…I don’t mock your perspective. I appreciate it. Needed it. I’m putting away the 45 now.

  17. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Looks like back to the old Bucs, I remember those days top 5 draft picks every year, who will be the next coach, who will be the quarterback yes starting to have that old feeling again.

  18. OBVIOUS Says:

    Thanks for positive outlook Joe. Right now it sure sounds good. And you’re right. It “could” be one hell of a turn around. The GM will have to “insist” that some type of a large and very uncomfortable coaching changes are made. Licht isn’t given any other option since Bowles can’t. More like, he won’t. Publicly stating that Arians isn’t welcome “in his book” to what comes down to “interfere” with his vision of what direction the team should go. What Bowles has to realize by now is that his vision isn’t realistic. Wrong team for what he wants to do and so far hasn’t seemed to change pretty much anything. I get the tough position that Bowles is in concerning his OC. BUT, BUT….. wrong team. I also get that he rejected the idea of asking “publicly” for Bruce’s help. Unfortunately for Bowles, THAT’S JUST TOO BAD! If he is a wise man he by now realizes that he doesn’t really have a choice IF he doesn’t want to go down as a complete and utter failure and destroy his personal complete and entire career.
    And THAT’S why Licht MUST take control of this situation and be the ultimate savior of and for the entire 2022 campaign. This will also make or break Licht’s career so Licht doesn’t really have a choice either if he is to save himself.
    Ultimately this falls on the Glazer’s shoulders. And their decisions will make or break their massive financial investment. SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE HAS TO PUT THEIR FOOT DOWN AND MAKE A CHANGE!
    Again, thanks for the positive outlook Joe. In reality it’s DESPERATELY needed.

    GO BUCS!

  19. Nicky666 Says:

    Glass half full – I love it Joe! KEEP THE FAITH!!!

  20. Lee Says:

    It’s not happening. I think Joe’s forgetting who is not here anymore. No Gronk, no Jensen, no Marpet, no Cappa, no Suh, no JPP, no AB. That’s a lot of lost talent right there. This team is not as talented as everyone thought. Coaching is a big problem too. Combine the lack of coaching and loss of talent this team is going nowhere. Blow it up and start fresh next year with younger players.

  21. matthew veal Says:

    Good article but bad title

  22. Dooley Says:


    We had a total of 13 first down plays in the first half yesterday and passed the ball on all but 4 of those plays. The 4 first down runs only generated 6 yards in the first half and Brady went 5 for 9 for 33 yards on all his first down passes in the 1st half. 13 plays for 33 yards sounds like an offense that can’t get out of the mud, doesn’t matter if the transmission is in drive or reverse, the result is stagnation.

  23. Dooley Says:


  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    No, all is not lost. There needs to be a reckoning though…and quick.

    I still have faith. We have the GOAT. Has a Brady-led team ever “fallen off the cliff”?! On top of it, it’s not as though we have a “scrub” football team.

    In my view the answer is quite simple: Change the play-calling, whatever it takes. Nobody is intimidated AT ALL because we are PREDICTABLE. If I know what’s coming, there’s less fear.

    I’m less concerned with the defense but…”paging Akiem Hicks”!
    Teams are going to gash us if we don’t correct that run defense. Frankly, why pass if you can run? P.J. didn’t break 200 yds..didn’t need to.
    One las thought on the defense though. I’m am really tiring of watching Devin White overrun plays. Play in control dag nabbit!

  25. Aubpierce Says:

    Ever get behind a dump truck? It’s name is Lenny. No acceleration. Enough said.

  26. Couch Fan Says:

    We got curb stomped by a team thats aiming for the #1 pick in the draft. This season is toast. Bowles will never be HC material. Leftwhich will never be a good O coordinator. Our only hope is the GOAT who is in the middle of a very public divorce. This is not going to end well. Prove me wrong Bucs.

  27. Coburn Says:

    We are trending the wrong way. Our best football was played the first couple of weeks. The last two games we lost against terrible teams missing major pieces. I feel coaching is close to losing the locker room even with a guy like Brady. We may be getting healthier, but that can also change very quickly. We are banged up in secondary pretty bad. Only good news has been Godwin getting a bit better each week

  28. firethecannons Says:

    not reading this “everything is not lost” article–why? it is lost until it is viable and that is not until we have multiple games of good play. This team is the worst in the league. There is not worse team, it does not matter about potential. We are the worst and will remain that way until this team has changed.

  29. Cobraboy Says:

    Path to Greatness?

    How about a Time Machine?

    Will 3 wins get the #1 pick?

  30. SufferingSince76 Says:

    How does the Bucs getting healthier help when all you have to do is look at one of them and they go down with an injury?

  31. Cobraboy Says:

    “The schedule remains favorable?”


    This team got shanked and stomped by a one-win team angling for the #1 pick, and the schedule looks “favorable?”

    That Big Storm must be a powerful hallucinogen…

  32. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Don’t worry Joes- your readers won’t abandon you just because this team stinks-but you’d be more interesting if you ripped them a new a-hole over the pathetic performances instead of the phony hope this article suggests.

  33. HC Grover Says:

    I agree Joe. I think this division will be won with a losing record. Maybe 2 or 3 of the teams tied with losing records. 5-5 I would take that to the bank. 8-9 might do it to get in playoffs. NFC South will not get a Wild Card.

  34. CrackWise Says:

    Yall want a change to happen? START WITH YOURSELVES.

    Let me help. Think about things this way. If you can.

    A lot of change has taken place on our team. From coaching to player personnel. We can all agree that things were gonna look and feel different NO MATTER what heading into this season.

    A 2-0 start to the season gave us all a since of NORMALCEY and that we were better than what we all hoped.

    Follow that with losing 3 out of the next 4 games and HUSTON, we have a problem at 3-4.

    HOWEVER, the truth is, we were never as good as our 2-0 start suggested and our EXPECTATIONS from that point was NEVER going to be satisfied. We set ourselves up for a HUGE let down. AND WE HAVE NOT BEEN DISAPOINTED in that regard.

    Now, with that in mind, the last two games have been against SUPER DESPERATE Teams. Pitt and Carolina both came in against the Bucs, a struggling team to be sure. AND THE PLAYED THEIR Super Bowls against us. Probably the best games they will play all year honestly.

    So, they beat us and that sucks for us. HOWEVER, it is understandable that they came to play the way they did early in the season.

    I still and always will give the Bucs a pass for the KC game. That was a very tough situation for all of us on the Gulf Coast of Florida. We lost well over 100 lives that week. A SUPER SAD and distracting week for everyone.

    The Green Bay game was the one that erks me off quite a bit. We should have won that one.

    So, what am I saying in the end here??? You guessed it, THE NFL IS RIGGED!!! LOL, let me stop. I would but that would mean yall want me to do something yall yourselves are not willing to do.

    Yall want me to CHANGE my views even though I have enough evidence to argue to the contrary.

    Here is the deal, if you don’t like hearing me say something and want me to stop but you yourselves are unwilling to do so. Than who is the REAL PROBLEM?

    Change the way you think about what you see based on ALL of the evidence. Not just your emotions and what the MOB is doing.

    It starts with us. Want to test this theory out. Seeings how its a short week we will only have to do this for a couple days.

    From here until game time EVERYONE needs to understand what I said above about our loses and now claim VICTORY over the Ravens. 35-17 Bucs


  35. A Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been trying to come up with some good spin myself…when I try to compare this season to 2020…let’s see, on offense the Bucs picked up AB about halfway through the season and he needed some time to get right with TB. Gronk was working his way into shape and the team in general was feeling itself out due to the pandemic. On defense, no one could run on us and we were solid rushing the passer. I do give bowels some credit in that he was able to game plan around a soft secondary…but it does help when you can rush the passer and not just stop the run but cause the other team to not even try to run.

    So 2022, I don’t see an AB option and Gronk is not coming back…BL can’t game plan and our offense line for whatever reason is just not playing well. When you can’t stop the run – does anything else matter on Defense? Just think about it for min…Pitt and Carolina – think about who was playing QB for them and we still couldn’t even contain the run.

    SMH – I just don’t see how this ends well – I’ll watch and root for them like crazy but I can’t say I won’t be on the golf course or on a boat while doing it.

    Go Bucs!

  36. HC Grover Says:

    Bucs must win out remaining NFC South games that is a glimmer of hope and might get them in the playoffs still.

  37. HC Grover Says:

    Maybe the Germany game will be moved back to TPA due to lack of heating and energy in Germany.

  38. douglas dallier Says:

    Eat a little humble pie and bring back Suh.Have you checked out the sad faces of some of our players—-they look mentally drained.

  39. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Licht is intransigent and cannot make a move to help the team due to that move being akin to admission of FAILURE on free agents and draft picks. Wake the FFFF up Jason Licht and get us some talent on both lines-DO IT

  40. Goatfarmer Says:



    Brady can’t fix stupid. No one can.

  41. SB~LV Says:

    Don’t troll your fans Joes
    Insensitive headline

  42. adam from ny Says:

    i thought tommy b could eventually get into politics and run for president…

    but with gisele by his side…

    i’m not so sure it can happen without her…

    she would have been a perfect first lady rocking next to tommy b…

    things have been greatly monkey-wrenched…

    you know she is secretly thrilled to see his collapse…

    if a woman sees you floundering or failing after a break up, she equates most of your success to the fact that she was around supporting and enabling you to get it done…

    tom has to ball up the troops and win it all to show her he is the goatiest f’in goat ever – with or without her

  43. Jeff Says:

    Yucs finish 8-9 and another lost decade approaches.

  44. HC Grover Says:

    Time for GOAT to raise a little hell.

  45. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Bucs are looking at several years of high draft pick seasons. That’s how bad it is.

  46. PSL Bob Says:

    This optimism for a team coached by BA mifhr be warranted. For some reason the team goes sideways and BA reems them out in practice and pulls up on the stick just before they crash. But, this is not BA’s team and I can find little hope as to what lies ahead based on what I’ve witnessed the last two weeks. I fear optimism in the current situation is like burying your head in the sand and hoping everything will be ok when you pull it out.

  47. Izod Says:

    Full disclosure, I didn’t read a word of this story, but for good reason: I can’t stop laughing at the title.

  48. Chuck Stevens Says:

    Right now the Bucs suck on both sides of the ball.
    Apparently there’s not enough time to throw .
    No real speed at wide receiver to stretch the field.
    besides Mike Evans.
    Julio is kinda like Swaggy Baker in as much rehabbing for a paycheck nearly 0 production.
    Scotty Miller all of a sudden can’t catch and has fallen out of favor.
    Donovan Smith only gets beat when you need a 1st down.
    And the middle of the online is suspect.
    What kinda numbers are being put up on avg about 15 a game ??
    Part of that is Byron Leftwich being absolutely unimaginative and Predictable .Especially on third and short.
    The defense has always had issues with the back end I don’t know if it’s the players or lack of pass rush getting home.
    Here again the issue is with free agents that injure easily and young guys being injured.
    I love the Bucs but this ship has holes in it and it’s sinking quick.
    Maybe coach Bowles should worry ,this team is looking like the old jets more than the bucs.
    Rex Ryan said the Bucs look old and slow.
    Or is it a combination of we got our ring so the urgency and the want have waned !
    I dont know what the fix is but to start they sell flex seal down at the hardware store.

  49. Goatfarmer Says:

    If you lined up Week 16, 2011 Buccaneers coached by Raheehaw Morrins against the current Toad’s Bowelswich squad, I’m not sure Toad’s team would win.

  50. Brent Clark Says:

    Exactly reminds me of two years ago and that work out SB WIN… Panthers games our entire starting secondary OUT… that’s the ONLY reason the Panthers got away with those runs and I’m sure if we did have our defensive starters it would have been different score and outcome! 10 games left it will work itself out…. BUT I do want BA overseeing Leftwich’s play calls and game day strategy, I don’t see anything wrong with that, give BA a title that makes it legal for him to be on sidelines…

  51. Deano Says:

    Crackwise. Is right…..I started thinking that with the bert Emanuel catch..the touchdown Mike evens .I could go on and on but it’s useless.

  52. IrishTony Says:

    The NFL is horrible right now so yes the Yucs can turn it around!

  53. brooks Says:

    10-7 i called it BEFORE Season. I was wrong maybe just maybe 8-9…

  54. MadMax Says:

    The “path to greatness” now lies in tanking….yall boys go out and party these next few nights b4 the game….have Brady introduce you to avacado tekillyas….its all good. Show up hung over as possible lol….im on it and with it 🙂

  55. MadMax Says:

    @brooks, we’re done winning….its over buddy…all good though 🙂

  56. MadMax Says:

    ….Let it ride…..

  57. MadMax Says:

    ….Bo Nix….

  58. Goatfarmer Says:

    As long as The Brain Dead Boob and his relaxed Bowels are leading this plane crash, all is most definitely lost.

  59. JVZ Says:

    It’s only a Tampa Bay Train Wreck if you all continue to put out negative energy about it. Most of the NFL are at the same level. How about some positive words for them. It’s easy to sit back and cry when they don’t feed your Ego’s.

    If they do get it fixed and possibly make it to the SB, you have no right to watch it.

  60. JJ Says:

    Don’t put all the blame on TB12. They need to close out all the noise and focus on the job. All players need to be held Accountable. Catch the ball.
    Block. Put all egos aside and play.

    Do your job

  61. Billy Says:

    I’m in the same boat. I’m not giving up on my beloved Bucs, but you just don’t see that fire in their eyes of the past 2 years.
    Something in the locker room needs to change and fast before it’s too late.
    The boat has a leak, there is about a foot of water at the bottom, but it hasn’t sunk. Yet.