Sure Seems Like Tom Brady Is Good To Go

October 7th, 2022

Tom Brady

Any question about Tom Brady’s “little rotator cuff” was answered by none other than the master himself yesterday.

When Brady had his weekly session with the local pen and mic club yesterday, right away Brady was asked about his shoulder. Brady presumably injured his rotator cuff last Sunday night against the Chiefs when he was sacked.

Brady could be seen on the Bucs bench holding his upper right arm/shoulder as he and Blaine Gabbert were tossing warm-up passes. At one point Joe noticed Brady sitting on the bench with all three Bucs backup quarterbacks standing around him.

It was a weird, eerie scene for Joe to witness.

Of course, Brady never missed a snap and his arm appeared fine. His first play back on the field was a pass to Chris Godwin.

Yesterday, Brady was seen tossing the ball like always does — on the money. He didn’t offer any signs that he was in discomfort.

Brady also was all smiles when asked about his shoulder.

“Good,” Brady said. “Feels great. Thanks for asking. I’ll be there Sunday.”

In addition to Brady telling folks he would see them Sunday when the Bucs host the Dixie Chicks, he gave off a vibe that all would be well.

Sara Walsh of NFL Network said in her video report below that Brady seems just fine, though he may be sore. Strong bet Brady starts and plays every snap.

11 Responses to “Sure Seems Like Tom Brady Is Good To Go”

  1. Bucschamp Says:

    Brady loves barbecue falcon wings for dinner

  2. adam from ny Says:

    and he seemed in good spirits at the presser…

    and he looked less drained, gaunt and sad…

    maybe the worst is behind him, and it’s upwards and onward from here…


    now if he will only send me one of those t-shirts he’s always sporting (3xl)

  3. adam from ny Says:


  4. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Paterson out, Pitts questionable…. let’s just not make anyone on the Falcons into a superstar… take care of your business and play your game.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brady is relieved……taken care of business at home……can play until he’s 55….

    All is good… reason to play anywhere else…..all his tuddy buddies are here & then…there’s Mons.


    Rob In Land O Lakes Says:
    “take care of your business and play your game.”

    Well said, Rob.
    As one of Brady’s former coaches (can’t think of his name) might say….
    “Do your job.”

  7. MadMax Says:

    If our D dont show up, we’re 2-3….count on it!

  8. MadMax Says:


  9. Larry Says:

    31 points SHOULD win most games in the NFL. The problem is that the defense gave up 41 points.

  10. unbelievable Says:

    “Thanks for asking. I’ll be there Sunday.” is one of the most Brady responses ever.

    Was laughing when I heard it yesterday and still laughing about it today.

  11. BKBuc Says:

    Just win baby!