Mike Pereira Blasts Idea That Tom Brady Draws More Flags

October 15th, 2022

Mike Greenberg is full of it.

Last week, the dude who brags he has never eaten any sort of food and will never eat any sort of food with his hands (yes, he uses a knife and a fork to eat sandwiches and thinks anyone else is a prehistoric savage) came right out and claimed the refs let Tom Brady get away with calls because he’s Tom Brady.

On the same show, former Jets and Bills coach Capt. Lou Albano didn’t fully disagree.

Mike Pereira says this is nonsense.

The former head of NFL officials and current FOX rules analyst has access to data of flags and penalty trends straight from the NFL. And in speaking on the podcast “Eye Test for Two” with Clark Judge, Pereira says it is complete nonsense to accuse the league of having a second set of rules for Brady like the non-basketball association did for Michael Jordan.

“Nobody buys it,” Pereira scoffed on the podcast. “Numbers dictate Brady is not given any extra advantages at quarterback.”

Pereira went on to call this theory “a myth” and wrongheaded, and he was adamant Brady does not get protected.

“The game moves too fast to favor one player,” Pereira said.

Joe has written this before and will type it now. Again: Remember last year in the playoff loss to the Rams when Von Miller clobbered Brady with a helmet upside the chin leaving Brady with a bloody mouth?

Well, not only was Miller not flagged, it was Brady, the victim, who got a personal foul for complaining! That was overwhelming evidence that if anything, Brady gets fewer breaks than other quarterbacks.

Yes, people are still stomping mad that Jerome Boger threw a flag on Grady Jarrett of the Dixie Chicks for sacking Brady, claiming it was roughing-the-passer.

Some protection!

32 Responses to “Mike Pereira Blasts Idea That Tom Brady Draws More Flags”

  1. SB Says:

    Speaking common sense is canceled now a days. Cancel culture won’t allow it.
    Afterall it has more power than the first amendment.

  2. firethecannons Says:

    honestly this is old news hope we move on soon
    how about some articles on schemes and use of play action etc educate us Joes way on coverages etc

  3. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    I would add that in that same rams game Matt Stafford kicked Suh and there was no flag and NFL never fined him but they are doing that to Brady now.

  4. Kentucky Buc Says:

    The numbers are out there for anyone to see. These guys obviously have an agenda but it’s all good. I like Brady being the bad guy. Bad guy Brady destroys the NFL. I hope they really ticked him off good.

  5. WillieG Says:

    Next time y’all are chillin with Greenberg, you might want to explain to him that if he washes his hands thoroughly, he can eat some foods with his fingers. Maybe you can teach him?

    As far as his opinion? Whatever. He’s just another idiot I don’t have to listen to because Joe does it for me.


  6. Crickett Baker Says:

    I am still fuming that a non-contact flail of a leg got an unnecessary roughness fine on Tom. That is unbelievable to me and yet it happened. Some of these people will say anything to get a click.

  7. Kentucky Buc Says:

    The woke NFL feeding the woke media. Jenna Laine getting destroyed online for the Bowles interview though so there’s some good entertainment at least.

  8. garro Says:

    LOL What you said Kentucky Buc.
    These media people so desperate to feed the people the Woke agenda they lose all sense of realityand or critical thinking.

  9. garro Says:

    Any people mad about Brady’s fine for the Phantom kick?

  10. garro Says:

    Any people “stomping mad” about Brady’s fine for the Phantom Kick?

  11. garro Says:

    I think we should start a go fund me for Brady and pay his fine and any future fines.
    Just to send the Godell a message!

  12. garro Says:

    He should be holding NFL officials accountable for they’re real actions not Brady for make believe actions!

  13. Merryplankster777 Says:

    Was not a kick and it also looked like he did not even touch the defender with foot.
    Refs are just spreading more mud around, even after that total mess of officiating last Sunday.
    That said its like 10 cents for QB

  14. Kentucky Buc Says:

    I’m so offended by Brady kicking the air. He damaged the ozone causing climate change.

  15. LakelandSteve Says:

    I dislike almost all of these so called experts and there never ending daily soap opera drool. Over half of them completely make stuff up and then it seems like the other half pick up and spread the made up stuff like it’s fact because some idiot who has to have a hot take picked his hot take out of the toilet that morning and spread on the airwaves. And as a previous commenter said it was so nice to see Coach Bowles shut down Jenna Laine with her race baiting comments. She is so annoying, she asks a question and then has to carry on for another minute trying to explain her dumbass question. You know the ones like, what kind of music do you listen to when you are in the shower fantasizing about answering my dumbass questions?

  16. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Blame the NFL for not going to full time game officials that train to be better at their craft during the off season. NFL officials are too old and slow compared to the game they officiate which is lightning fast. Nor should the NFL allow anyone with less than 20-20 vision without lenses to call a game. Boger is the poorest of the poor when it comes to the quality of his calls , I mean he sucks consistently.

  17. Doc Says:

    It is not the amount of flags, it is the downs that they occure, which is third downs. Brady need to stop kicking grown men, how would he feel if someone kicked him. Brady has angry issues, and has a histoy of suspensions and fines.

  18. Russell Kowal Says:

    As a former Official, of high school & collage sports, I never met an official who deliberately threw flags or made calls that favored one team or player over the other. Things are happening too fast and you are focused on doing your job to make calls like that. Each official has their cone of area that they are responsible for so you don’t usually see anything outside of that cone. When most people watch a game, including commentators they look more at the slow motion video which makes everything skewed. I hate instant replay for that reason, try making a call with everything happening at the speed of the game, then make a comment about it. I have felt that each Official should have a camera on the bill of his cap, and one on his shoulder/chest. Replay is in full speed from the Officials perspective and if you can see where the call should be changed then change it. No slow-mo, no frame by frame…full speed, then you can say an Official missed a call. Enough of my rant. Go Bucs!!!!

  19. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    The refs protect Brady more than the O-line.

  20. Bucobill99 Says:

    Espn is the worst hows it going for the og horseface jenna laine lately

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This should be a non-story by now…..but it’s Brady…..

  22. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    Jet fans opinions are as worthless as Eagle fans. When it comes to Brady, Jet fans are as worthless as Saint fans.

  23. Lamarcus Says:

    Come on now. This is where you will only hear the call was good. It was a bad call. Period. It really doesn’t matter at this point because the national narrative is that Brady get the calls. And most of the nation agrees cuz they seen this for years with Refs and Brady. We can’t change their minds or opinions. It is what it is. The league is moving in a terrible direction with this roughing call on Qbs in general

  24. gp Says:

    Was watching “In The Current” yesterday and noted that White had a sack on Dak in the first game that would now be called for roughing.

    All this stems from the Tua incident. The NFL is running scared.

    They don’t want any chance of that video being repeated.

    Get used to it folks. There’s going to be a LOT of roughing calls going forward this season.

  25. alton green Says:

    Doc says;

    HUH????????????? Tom was flaged for unsportsman like conduct a couple years ago. That was his 1st in his 20+ yr career. A history?????????????? wow!!! and Joe Biden got 40 million votes right?

  26. alton green Says:

    to any ref that favors Tompa, I say “I thank you from the bottom of my heart. keep up the good work”

  27. adam from ny Says:

    i was a bit shocked to see tommy b kicking for the balls of grady jee, on not one but two occasions last sunday…

    heck it isa way to make pass rushers keep their distance tho

  28. adam from ny Says:

    is a *

  29. Doc Says:

    Brady kick two guys, i do not care how long it has been. You do not kick players or bust up i pads. He should have been suspended

  30. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Russell Kowal Says:
    “As a former Official, of… collage sports…”

    ^^^Officiated competitive quilt making

  31. garro Says:

    Russell Kowal…Dude they blew the call in real time and slow mo. Did it affect the outcome of the game …maybe. Refs sometimes want to be too much a part of the game. Sometimes not enough a part of the game. IE Scooter being mugged repeatedly this season.

  32. Lisa Mez Says:

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