Mike Evans Will Be The Key

October 1st, 2022


In a way, Joe understands why the Bucs’ passing game, even with Tom Brady, was so sad against the Packers.

Left with Breshad Perriman (who does well with the Bucs, just not the rest of the NFL), Scotty Miller, who hasn’t made an impact in the passing game since January 2021, and Cole Beasley, who was pulled off the street last week and maybe knew a dozen plays, what should fans have expected?

Derrik Klassen of Football Outsiders thinks the offense will take a jump Sunday night solely because Mike Evans will return from his one-game suspension.

… … Without Evans as a field-stretcher and ball-winner, Tom Brady was noticeably less aggressive. Brady had been conservative and quick to throw in the first two weeks, too, but last week’s game against the Packers was particularly depressing to watch. Nate Tice of The Athletic mentioned on his Sunday night show that the Packers game was Brady’s lowest single-game average depth of target since becoming a Buccaneer. That’s not a winning model for any quarterback, not even the ever-flexible Brady.

… While it would be nice to have the other two ready to go, getting Evans back into the fold to provide Brady some sort of insurance at all levels of the field should make the Buccaneers passing offense watchable again.

Evans will certainly help. But dang, the backups have to find a way to make a play. You guys are professionals, find a way!

Joe has a hunch Beasley will more and more be incorporated as he gets familiar with the playbook and develops a rapport with Brady.

And Joe would not be surprised if Beasley edges Scotty Miller off the roster. Joe would hate to see Miller go because he’s a real deep threat, what’s the point if he takes 52 snaps and can only muster a four-yard catch? Hell, Playoff Lenny can do that.

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21 Responses to “Mike Evans Will Be The Key”

  1. BillyBucco Says:

    Rachaad White can do that too and a lot more.

  2. Pat Says:

    Russell Gage had 12 receptions against the Packers and a touchdown. This article makes no sense. You didn’t even mention a guy who had 12 receptions in the game against the Packers.

  3. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Joe raved about White in Preseason , but White was MIA last week.

  4. Goatfarmer Says:

    Good article, Joes.

    Agree with everything you said.

  5. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Scotty Miller, “deep threat.” Well what good is a deep threat when good corners can just ride him out of bounds? What good is a deep threat if he can’t get separation? When was Scotty Millers last long touchdown? Besides the NFC championship. I’ll always appreciate him for 2020, but in 2022 – when it was him and perriman lining up at receiver against the packers, that was the most depressing duo I have ever seen. I would’ve killed just to have Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn. Hell Ike Hilliard and Joey Galloway would’ve gotten Brady 350+ yards. F it all reidel Anthony and Jacquez green would’ve been a much better combo than that awful group on Sunday

  6. ATLBuc Says:

    Tom got the offense going a couple of times last week but fumbles by receivers ended the drives. But the important thing is that he was able to find a rhythm with the backups in the 4th quarter. I hope that carries over into tomorrow’s game.

  7. fern Says:

    People needs to stop about Rashaad White he done nothing.
    Put Vaughn back in

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    Said all although I think the Bucs offense finally starts to get into a grove after halftime in this game, but would love to be proven wrong and for them to be in a grove from the start.

    BUT, after this game, things should be smooth sailing on offense for a month, until you get to the Rams game.

    Clearly the Bucs are better than the Packers at full strength and we’ll see about the Chiefs, how the Bucs play. For the Chiefs, their is their ‘revenge’ game for the SB, and I believe they’re mostly healthy. If we hold guys out to be safe, to have them for this next 3 game strech where the Bucs should win all of them and hopefully get into a flow, then I’m OK with taking the L.

    The Bucs are all about the playoffs, and thankfully the Saints aren’t as tough as expected (so far), so the Bucs can take more early season L’s than expected – and if that happens as part of a bigger plan, then so be it.

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    Why are you idiots even talking about White? Leftwich has him enter the game, run up the middle into an 8-man front for -1 yard, then go to the sideline until the next series, and you morons are complaining that he’s not ‘productive’?

    There are some clueless people here, but dopes focusing on our 2nd string RB, when we’re starting our 7th string WR, you should stick to gossiping about SB commercials and leave the football talk for the men.

  10. Fairminded Says:

    No productive pass catching, TE. Bunch of injured WR’s (thank goodness for Russell Gage not being a diva and quietly stepping up when needed), and poor decision making when it comes to a RB rotation. Nowhere to go but up for the offense. I have faith we’ll get those issues fixed.

    O-line has stepped up BIG time under the circumstances. Waiting for D line to do the same. Who’s replacing the heart and fire Suh and JPP brought to the table?

    Let’s see if our guys shine finally or wilt under the Sunday night national spotlight. Coaches included

  11. richbucsfan Says:

    This is the most pathetically out of football shape team I have seen in recent history. Being known as the hamstring capital of the NFL is not something to brag about. I’ve thought for the last several years something has to be wrong with the training regimen of the wideouts and other speedsters. And, it’s costing us games and will continue throughout the season. 9-7 and sad for TB12

  12. Goatfarmer Says:

    Rachael White is not an NFL RB. Talks the big game, drops passes, misses blocks and stares at the line like it’s an ancient Egyptian puzzle. Vaughn has shown he can be productive. Please no more Rachael.

  13. Bojim Says:

    Between Evans, Gage and Beasley we should be good in the passing game.

  14. Leighroy Says:

    Sigh, it’s week 4. The offence will be healthy and rolling in due time. Fear and panic is in the air. Tom Brady has you right where he wants you!

  15. David Says:

    ME13 will probably be double teamed so he’s going to have an impact but it’s up to Gage and Perriman and others to step up

  16. Buczilla Says:

    We are not facing a top defense on Sunday and if we can’t put up 20 plus points on the chiefs I’m going to start worrying. A lot. 🙂

  17. Crickett Baker Says:

    Rod, I hope you meant groove and not grove.

  18. Kody Says:

    @Goatfarmer –

    Please don’t write off Rachael White just 3 games into his rookie year. If you know this kid’s story he’s been proving naysayers wrong his whole football career, even in high school. This kid was a massive stud in Arizona. He’s big, he cuts with the best of RBs and he does have great hands. Let’s give him some time to settle in and see what big things he can do.

  19. AbucAway Says:

    White is going to be fine. He’s finding his place and no, that isn’t behind Vaughn. There are damned good reasons BA made a comparison to Edgerin James with this kid. I’ve watched him when he was with ASU and I’ll stick by him. Give him time JBFers. Think about this, who on this current offense is making it happen? No one. Not even the Goat. And in a rookies mind he has to be asking more questions than just going for action. He’ll find his sea legs. I’ll bank on it my friends.

  20. Anthony Says:

    Miller’s only a deep threat if he can get off the line

  21. Kidfloflo Says:

    Rod Munch if ur last word was “folk” that truly would have been a great post