Defense Finally Looked Mortal

October 3rd, 2022

Bucs coach Todd Bowles.

You knew it couldn’t last.

The Bucs defense had allowed just three touchdowns in its first three games, but last night it finally got caught with its pants down.

Yeah, the pace the defense set through three games was not sustainable, since 17 touchdowns allowed in a season would be a new NFL record. That was not going to happen in an offensive-heavy league.

Granted, the Bucs didn’t help their own defense against the Chiefs last night. Two turnovers gave the Chiefs very short fields. But otherwise, in the first half, Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes treated the Bucs defense like a Thanksgiving turkey and Mahomes held the sharp knife.

He totally carved up the defense early and the Bucs had allowed 28 points at halftime. The Bucs had no answer for Mahomes.

And did the defense understand Travis Kelce was on the other side of the line of scrimmage? Kelce ran around and through the Bucs defense as if it was a high school team. It was sickening.

The last time these two teams played (Super Bowl LV), Lavonte David did a fine job keeping the All-Pro tight end out of the end zone. Sunday night, it was as if the Bucs never prepared for Kelce and were surprised he played.

Did someone let Mike Smith in through the hole in the fence near the custodians’ entrance Sunday night?

It took nearly the entire first half for the defense, though it appeared gassed, to be able to slow down the Chiefs. By then, it really was too steep of a hill for the Bucs to climb.

19 Responses to “Defense Finally Looked Mortal”

  1. ClwJB Says:

    It was disgusting to watch in person and I deleted the recording of the game without watching

    On to the Falcons, Steelers, and Panthers

    5-2 in 3 weeks

  2. Goatfarmer Says:

    Mortal? They don’t deserve that compliment. “Mortal” implies that they were alive. Corpses on the field. Dead men loafing. That’s what we had tonight.

    Todd? After a loss to the Packers, this is the best you could prepare your team to play? Lovie lasted two,seasons. You won’t last that many if this is your inspired group’s response to a super bowl contender.

    Brady must love playing for you.

  3. Francisco Guzman Says:

    I wouldn’t count those Ws just yet. That’s why they play the games but if this team doesn’t look the next 3 weeks then you can sound the alarm on this team.

  4. DoosLaRue Big Brother Says:

    Now you regret not signing suh as much as you love to trash talk him JOE!!!!!!

  5. OrlandoBucsFan Says:

    We got out coached and out hustled. KC played smart and fought like their hair was on fire. I was at the game and was shocked at the number of times Mahomes found wide open receivers. He also made ridiculously crazy throws that can’t be explained. Still, the team was utterly unprepared and the hurricane is not a valid excuse.

  6. JTHV Says:

    The only thing worse in the Bucs defense today is that third quarterback we have playing every day

  7. Bucfan Says:

    We need Suh back……..simple.

  8. Francisco Guzman Says:

    OrlandoBucsFan Idk how you come out like that after that embarrassing L against the packers. 🤦‍♂️

  9. T REX Says:

    Chocolate pudding is tougher than vea

  10. Buc4lyfe79 Says:

    It was obvious from the first drive on that the Bucs D was ill prepared for what they saw tonight. An obvious result from promoting ur DC to HC and expecting different results from the last time he was promoted to a HC position. Tonight’s end result and the rest of this season is Strictly on the Glazers. Bruce Arians lil buddy Bowles will never be qualified to be a true HC and the results continue to speak for themselves.

  11. adam from ny Says:

    baked ziti for lunch stuffed with stacks of tylenol pm for the whole team…

    then the defense did the zombie rock…


  12. Anon Says:

    Oh stop it the Bucs are gonna mollywhope the Falcons, Steelers, and Panthers.

    Mariota is no Mahomes by any stretch. Steelers defense is awful, and Panthers have a massive losing record.

    Also the Ravens have become choke artists for some reason so I think they have very favorable match ups down the stretch.

  13. ForReal Says:

    If anyone out there thinks Leftwich should keep his job… you are a fool. Watch the sets, Watch the all 22. This offense is Tom and Mike. BL relies on the best player on the planet and one of the 3 best receivers in the league to keep his job. Look at what Andy Reid can do. its called game planning… Not lets do the same thing over and over until we are down by 3 + scores. And then wing it… Scheme them open you buffoon! KCs receivers are nothing special and they were open all night. KCs DBs ar nothing special and they were all over our guys… SCHEME them open you buffoon!!!

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    ForReal … ‘BL relies on the best player on the planet and one of the 3 best receivers in the league to keep his job. Look at what Andy Reid can do. its called game planning’.

    Can’t disagree with you at all on your evaluation of BL. Or about Andy Reid; he’s a master game planner.

    But there’s a huge difference between the 2022 Bucs and the 2022 Chiefs, and it’s called TALENT (and AVAILABILITY). Most of that difference resides in the trenches.

    Chief’s OLine was far superior to ours when it came to run-blocking. Allowed them to literally run all over us last night (their 37 rushes for 189 yds versus our 6 runs for 3 yds), control the clock (their 38:38 TOP to our 21:22 TOP), and convert on over 65% of their 3rd/4th downs. They owned us in the trenches.

    Chiefs DLine did an excellent job of defending the run early-on, and made us 1-dimensional once we fell behind. Their pass defense was meh at best, but the damage had already been done. Our OLine did a very good job of pass-protection for Tom Brady I thought, but couldn’t run-block to save its’ arse.

    Andy Reid’s more balanced attack kept us off-balance the whole night. Chiefs won the Turnover Battle and the TOP battle, and ran us ragged. Other opponents will surely try to do the same, starting with next week’s opponent, the Falcons.

  15. Bojim Says:

    Gotta do more than just show up D.

  16. Ed Says:

    Andy Reid is a brilliant offensive mind. He knows how to call a game and how to throw off defenses. Shovel passes, direct snap to fullback, WR screens with pulling linemen. Yeah watching that offense was watching a game plan drew up by a professional.

    BL’s offense sucks until Tom Brady starts calling the plays. As long as he tips off the running plays, opponents will know when Fournette is getting the ball and they sell out.

    Bucs have to get a more physical mental attitude and the horses on the defensive line have to win their battles. KC was pushing them around like practice squad meat.

  17. unbelievable Says:

    The Chiefs had their way with us. They were doing anything they wanted. At will.

    We stopped them once, the entire game. ONCE! (And it was already over at that point)

    That is embarrassing and pathetic.

  18. garro Says:

    Hate to break it to you Joe but they never did “slow down” the Chiefs offence. One punt the entire game. Got lucky on a fourth down once.

    I think the Chiefs took their foot off the gas in the second half.

  19. garro Says:

    Bet Sapp would be tearing some new ones at one buc!