Deal With It

October 3rd, 2022

Fumble started avalanche.

Perhaps Rachaad White demonstrated the hard way why he isn’t getting a whole lot of playing time. It didn’t take him long last night to make an impact.

Unfortunately for the Bucs, it wasn’t the impact they were seeking.

On the opening kickoff, White fumbled. Right away the defense was in a hole, with the Chiefs taking over on the Bucs-21.

You know what happened next. Two plays, six points for Kansas City.

After the game, Todd Bowles didn’t want to hear about any bad luck. The defense is supposed to stop teams, not fold like a tent, Bowles said. Too bad. Stop somebody.

“That’s why you play defense,” Bowles said. “Your back is always against the wall. Your job is to do your job when you’re out there, whether it’s the red zone, whether it’s backed up, whether it’s midfield, it doesn’t matter where they get the ball at.

“Our job is to hold them to three or get the turnover.”

A player couldn’t shat the field of The Licht House any worse than what White did to start the game. The Bucs never recovered. And why White decided to take the ball out of the end zone is beyond Joe.

It was just a horrible play all around.

The Chiefs were hot as a firecracker last night. The very last thing the Bucs needed was to play catch-up with them.

Take away two Bucs turnovers that turned into two Chiefs touchdowns and the Bucs hung with them.

If. … You know, just like if Joe’s grandmother had a pair, she’d be Joe’s grandfather. If.

Next time, Rachaad, either don’t take the ball out of the end zone or hang on to the dang thing.

51 Responses to “Deal With It”

  1. pewter941 Says:

    Idk who has been drafting runningbacks for us, but they need to be fired. At this point dont even draft them, just sign proven free agents.

  2. Ash Says:

    It is a momentum game stuff like that happens at the beginning of a game is hard to get past for any team. With what they had to deal with during the week just can’t have it but it happens team will move on from this. Go bucs.

  3. Crack3rK Says:

    Valid points. Yet he did showcase talent as a receiver out of the backfield. All is not lost. The kid will learn.

  4. Lt. Dan Says:

    I’m not even referencing the fumble because – well so what at this point. But..can anyone tell me why White is returning kick offs in the first place? Devin Hester he ain’t.

  5. Steven007 Says:

    White had the horrific fumble to start the game. And he didn’t run well but neither did Lenny. But he did catch the ball well. He will improve.

  6. VATom Says:

    I bet the game plan was to take the ball out on the 1st kickoff if it didnt go deep. Probably thought they saw a weakness on the tape. Just guessing because they had him return it after the Chiefs scored. When you swing the ball around with one arm, your’e gonna lose it. He eitherade a mistake, is arrogant, is dumb or poorly coached.

  7. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    He played really well after that… He played better than Fornette after that … But I do think it took the whole life out of the stadium when he fumbled! … But he does show a lot of promise! He was slick out there on the runs and catches!! But see this is what I miss about Bruce … Rashad would have been benched the rest of the game for that play! They need discipline … B.A. should still be head coach!! This team, especially the offense, doesn’t look the same without him! They don’t play with the same passion either!!

  8. Pewter Power Says:

    Horrible take and that was not the worst play

    Saying the Bucs could have hung with the chiefs is a joke. With that big cushion the chiefs were playing soft not to give up the big play. Bucs we’re never in that game no matter what you say

  9. Architek Says:

    Soooo – the title of this article should be “When The Lights Come On” because this kid has flopped in every big moment so far this season. I have no doubt he will be fine in the long run but this year he’s expected to contribute. I find that to be a bit risky for the Bucs with a immobile 45 year old legend at QB.

    We will see…

  10. Goatfarmer Says:

    Rachel can join Scotty and DardOn in the CFL. What a bust.

    Of course other than the passing game the whole rest of it looks like a bust, including the Head Coach and the very offensive uncoordinator.

  11. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Why isn’t Vaughn playing more?

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    White isn’t the reason we lost….but he helped…

    We lost because we couldn’t stop their offense…..especially the run…..their RBs carried us for 4 or 5 yards on most every play.

  13. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Whats the deal with Davis he looks scared to play

  14. Outsider Says:

    This is a game where you truly can’t blame the running backs for lack of efficient in running the ball. 1) game script 2) abysmal run blocking, absolutely horrendous run blocking.

  15. gotbbucs Says:

    He was our best running back last night. The offense was more explosive with him on the field.
    Who got the goal line carries? It wasn’t twinkle toes Fournette.

  16. LVMYBUCS Says:

    CALLING MIKE ALSTOTT CALLING MIKE ALSTOTT TYPE BACK IS WHAT WE NEED!!!!!!!!!!! All we have is a Lenny who looks like a ballerina tip toe runer and thats it.

  17. Oneilbuc Says:

    The guy made one mistake at the beginning of the game and y’all blaming him for the lost. That one play didn’t lose the game how about the defense stoping the Cheifs offense. White played good to me he ran the ball ok and he caught a lot of passes ain’t that’s what y’all care about more in a running back?? That’s all I heard about every running back we drafted since Brady is can he catch some of yall don’t even care if they can run between the tackles . All y’all worried about is can he catch. White played good last night!!

  18. SKBucsFan Says:

    Dude will be embarraswd when they watch the game film. It was bound to happen to him. He nèds to learn how to run into traffic with 2 hands on the ball. It’s a pretty simple fix.

  19. Elita Vita Says:


    Mike Alstott was chosen at #35 overall. Rachaad White was chosen #91 overall. Perhaps the Buccaneers will finally realize to place more importance on the position. Running game is becoming once again more utilized in the game. Honor it and it will honor you.

  20. LVMYBUCS Says:

    I just watched Bowles press conf after the game. His mannerisms is just blah blah if we win we win if we lose we lose blah bla my name is Ron Rivera : ) Dude lacks passion

  21. Jack Sparrow Says:

    It looks to me that our coaches think they have a 3rd string QB playing for the Bucs. Open up the playbook early. You have the GOAT as QB , Mike Evans, Godwin, Fournette… if other teams have this kind of fire power, they will utilize it to their fullest. It’s the coaches who are the anchor hanging in the bucs neck.

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    As CollingsWorth pointed out- White has never been a Kick returner.
    Hasnt been practicing that with the Bucs.
    Why is he out there, returning kicks?

  23. TJ Says:

    I am with agreement with Joe. That miscue changed the entire game. A team spends 6-7 days practicing and developing a very specific game plan with a certain set of plays. 45 seconds into the game it’s thrown out the window. I’m not so sure Leftwich strengths is adjusting game plans on the fly. Bowles however has shown at “halftime” he makes fantastic adjustments but you can’t have mistakes. We fought hard to get back in that game and the strip sack was fatal to our comeback. KC made the plays and we didn’t. A lot of people thought we would be 2-2 after this point anyways with how hard our schedule was and I’m good with it. We will continue to get healthy and improve. Rookies make mistakes and we will need this kid later in the season. Next game.

  24. Adam’s Angry Says:

    🔥 Bucs special teams has been a joke since Clifton Smith’s carer ended. We can’t return a punt for more than 4-5 yards. KO returns are a thing of the past (seriously, just take the touchback). It’s seems the strategy is “take a skinny, fast WR and let him run and pray for good results.”

    I don’t know how the Bucs have had any success fielding 2/3s of a team.

  25. Beeej Says:

    Otton whiffed a couple times on blocks, one of which got Lenny snagged for a 3 or 4 yard loss on first down. Pity he couldn’t have had a season watching Gronk

  26. ModHairKen Says:

    Why would any player ever be coached to take a kick 3 yards deep and bring it out?

    Guarantee 25 yard or return, with possible penalty or fumble.

    Who is the Coach of Special Teams?

  27. Beeej Says:

    He took the very next kickoff out too if I recall correctly. We might have started at the 26 or something

  28. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Lvmybucs … You hit it right on the head!! The team usually takes on the characteristics of their head coach … And since Bruce left I don’t see that fire anymore!! Accept when he was on the field for the saints game… Then they looked fired up!! … Bowles is a horrible head coach and letting Bruce go up to the box has totally drained this team of their edge and passion!!

  29. Bowles4President Says:

    Hey Joe, In trying to see where the team could be headed (yes I know it’s early in the season) I started wondering how often Brady-led teams had started 2-2. Turns out only 6 times (2001-2021). Of the 6 seasons that his teams have started 2-2, he went to the Superbowl in 4 of those 6!!!

    I don’t normally post off-topic stuff on here, but I was too proud of figuring this one out to keep it to myself

  30. Bucsfan1969 Says:

    The kid is a rookie. You can’t blame one mistake for the whole game. There are plenty of people to point at on defense starting with the defensive line. Tryon is just not improving. Vea is soft. Barrett should keep his mouth shut.

  31. Goatfarmer Says:

    Hey Blosqueelgirl, how y’all are today? I know, girl, you love sticking up for anything that sucks, like Rachel White. It’s ok, girl, even the maroons need a champion. You go, girl!

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bowles first year with the Jets
    10-6 10 th ranked offense, 4th ranked defense
    Bowles 4 th year coaching the Jets
    4-12 29th ranked offense, 25th ranked defense.

    Thats driving a good team off a cliff.

  33. Dooley Says:


    Not a defense of Bowles, but the Jets have been a simmering dumpster fire the last two decades. The last 2 coaches to get there and leave with a positive win pct we’re Bill Parcels & Al Groh, they’ve been through 7 other HCs and like 20 GMs since Woody Johnson bought that team. Jets have internal issues only a new owner that actually cares about football could change.

  34. JBBucs_06 Says:

    Agree TBBF; our D was uncharacteristic in our inability to stop the run which allowed KC to do whatever they wanted on O. The fumble didn’t help; but Mahommes was in a zone last night and our D didn’t stop him. Shaq B shouldn’t provide bulletin board material.

    KC meant to avenge the SB loss last night and they put up O numbers to make a statement.

  35. Carl L Says:

    As long as Brady is our QB, this team will win at least 12-13 games and the nfc south, be in great position for the run at the super bowl…..regardless of the dumb bunnies coaching this team. Our defense will quit playing “ not to get hurt” real soon. Let’s hope a defense leader emerges and gets them out of the 75% mode…..stop this ugly sick trash talking every play……especially when you’re getting beat on every down.

  36. Carl L Says:

    Their running backs (25)(10)made about 160 yards…140 of those after contact? Lotta first downs we’re made while our defense was grabbing for the ball. Their trying to get off the field quick really keeps them out there longer. Perhaps a defense coach should let them know.

  37. jehzsa Says:

    But….is he healthy?

  38. Kody Says:

    WHITE, PERRIMAN and GAGE had critical game-changing fumbles in the last two games. I honestly feel we would have won both games had those fumbles not occurred. They sucked the life right out of the team.

    In essence, we are helping our opponents beat us. It’s like we’re playing against ourselves. We’re our own worst enemies.

    And that HAS to stop. We can’t be (basically) giving our opponents 14 free points in a game. No more. Get it together, Bucs!

  39. bucsince79 aka bumaneer Says:

    White did a rookie mistake by taking ball out of end zone & fumbling. However, White & the 2 rookie TE did start catching the ball which is a great way to improve as a team…

  40. Darin Says:

    I don’t get it either. My guess is the Bucs kick returners get past the 25 about 5 percent of the time they return it. But he didn’t learn he was taking them out 3 yards deep every time. That doesn’t happen we have a whole different game. Not smart

  41. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Yup that opening fumble and Chiefs easy touchdown set the tone for the whole game. You can’t know what could have been without the fumble but we dang sure know what happened with it. The Bucs got steamrolled.

  42. Bobby M. Says:

    He’s had ball security concerns all through camp and preseason. I believe he fumbled 2x in preseason. Why isn’t Miller back there? He can field a kick off. And WTH is Darden’s role on the roster at this point?

    I think we’ll get rolling soon, particularly in our division but we have to get/stay healthy and develop an identity. Tom Brady salvaging every game with 4th qtr heroics isn’t an offensive philosophy. I know that bails out Leftwich every season but it’s time he design a game plan that looks effective.

  43. Old School Bucs Says:

    Waaaaaahhhhh,. Waaaaaaaahhhhh, Just a bunch of whinning losers on this joebucksfan site. Lets see where you all are in November and playoff time. You all will be saying I knew this is good. Just a bunch of video game athletes who never played on a high level crying!! Go on the KC site and root for them likec you are real KC fans!!!!

  44. captivajim Says:

    Seeing white’s presser after the game ; he’s way too cocky for a guy who has not learned how to hang on to the ball. He had NO regrets for that fumble.. This is the NFL -not college ball. I’d play Vaguhn

  45. JimbobBucfan Says:

    Rachaad White was is a rookie who was drafted in the third round (91st) . Ronald Jones II was drafted in the third round (38th). White can catch the ball out of the backfield and Jones couldn’t.

    Two turnovers led to 14 quick points for the Chiefs. However, Todd said words to the effect that the Chiefs “handed our butts to us”. In his press conference he pointed out many other failings by the team including his own bad game calls.

    Go Bucs!

  46. Trask To The Future Says:


    How much of a stud is the Chiefs’ rookie, Pacheco? They dude runs hard and had many 7-8 yard runs against us.

  47. Kidfloflo Says:

    Only slappy Buc fans would cut white after his fumble and 4 games into his career…Rhonde and Lynch would have been gone by this measurement and both should be in the Hall of fame. Quickest draws in the South

  48. stpetebucfan Says:

    The kid had five catches for 50 yards!!! He had ONE fumble. It was obviously at a very inopportune time.

    Brady’s fumble also at a horridble time in the game.

    I do not get all the gripping here. Disappointment yes. We seem to lack the fire last night and yeah no excuses but it’s been an effing tough week in Florida. IAN might have had something to do with lack of preparation and focus.

    BOTTOM LINE: You can’t go up an SB team and have two horrible turnovers and survive…as Lovie used to say…it’s as simple as that.

    Meanwhile the offense finally began to come together and the Defense had some bright spots as well.

    We played another great team…gave them 14 points and still hung tough.

    It’s a LONG season!!!

  49. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Pacheco was gashing the Bucs all night long. I’d take him over White all day and twice on Sunday. White is awfully cocky for a rookie that hasn’t done squat. He set the tone for the Bucs having to play catch up all night long. Not impressed at all with him.

  50. Will Says:

    The reason RBs were gashing us is because we’re trying to strip the ball instead of making the tackle. I’d much rather a for sure tackle for a 1-2yd gain versus 8yds with 4guys draped on the RB going for a ride attempting to strip the ball.

  51. Duane Says:

    Turnovers will bring any team down. White doesnt get a pass for fumbling on the first play of the game. The defense did not do him any favors. Thankfully, there is a Falcons game coming up, and we can get right again.