Mike Edwards Explains How Logan Ryan Will Be Missed

October 23rd, 2022

Bucs safety Mike Edwards.

Safety/cornerback Logan Ryan let everyone know what’s going on.

Wearing a Bucs cap in the hospital right after having foot surgery, Ryan last week Twittered that he will be back and better than ever with a healthy foot.

That doesn’t mean the Bucs won’t miss him today. Joe spoke with Bucs safety Mike Edwards and hit him up about how losing Ryan for an untold amount of time will damage the Bucs’ defense.

“We miss him,” Edwards said. “He’s a big-time player. He makes big plays in the back end. Any time a player like that goes down, it is a big challenge for us.”

Edwards isn’t too worried. He believes the Bucs have good depth to withstand Ryan’s absence, but the Bucs certainly are not better without him.

The biggest thing about not having Ryan on the field, Edwards said, is the ability to tap into his knowledge and experience.

“You learn from him,” Edwards said. “I learned a lot.”

There shouldn’t be much of an issue today with the Bucs facing a Stinking Panthers team that is circling the drain and already selling off key parts to the team.

Of course, Joe thought the Bucs were going to have a walk along the Allegheny River with the Steelers last week. How’d that turn out?


8 Responses to “Mike Edwards Explains How Logan Ryan Will Be Missed”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    Logan had to tell everyone what’s going on because Toad’s Bowel can’t.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Mike Edwards … ‘β€œYou learn from him (Logan Ryan). I learned a lot.”

    You could see in those first 3 games with Ryan healthy that our Secondary had better awareness. They were dominating.

    Edwards himself seems to be a player in the mold of Logan Ryan, but perhaps with even more flexibility. We’ve got 3 Secondary up for contracts after this season (Edwards, Dean & SMB) & will only be able to re-sign 2 of them (at most). I’m hoping that Edwards is one of them.

    And Goatfarmer, you’ve obviously hopped aboard the anti-Todd Bowles train, without acknowledging that it’s got 2 engines pulling in opposite directions. Dual-hatting any coordinator as a head coach is always a risky proposition, and relatively few manage to pull it off successfully. Even BA was wise enough NOT to attempt it again here. Bowles the DC is still very capable & one of the best DCs in the NFL IMO. Bowles the HC is struggling right now IMO.

    Multiple reasons, not excuses. Injuries are a reality, and when your team loses key leaders & players (guys like Jensen, Marpet, Gronk, Suh, JPP, Ryan) it can be hard to compensate if others don’t step up to fill the void (they haven’t yet). And especially if you don’t have the DEPTH to begin with (we don’t). Bowles got tagged with monstrous expectations amidst all those changes (win the Super Bowl?), but IMO those expectations weren’t realistic (our talent level isn’t nearly what it was in 2021, and we failed to win the SB then).

    Todd Bowles could be doing more as HC, but without the horses this wagon’s gonna continue to struggle. BL could be helping him ‘fix’ this thing a LOT more, but I don’t see that happening. The one who could REALLY help him is JL (the architect of this ‘thing’), but I don’t see that happening either. Looks like BA (like Sean Payton) left at an opportune time.

  3. Tee Says:

    Good insight @DefenseRules

  4. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Am I the only one that knows Toilet Bowels was a DB? So why does the team need Ryan to coach them up?

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Logan Ryan is very important to that secondary…..but we do have some depth there…..

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    If this game is even close, despite the injuries in the Bucs’ secondary, my worry meter is going to peg out.

  7. Daryl Green Says:

    @DR you are right and I’m still not trying to hear that ish.
    Fn A holes. Effort and discipline is not hard.
    Thanks DR for your calmness πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ€™πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  8. geno711 Says:

    Todd Bowles has always coached up secondaries very well and yes, those of us that have followed football for more than a few years knew he was a defensive back.

    Edwards comments remind me of some of the New England Patriot defensive backfield a few years ago when J.C. Jackson was talking about Devin McCourty.
    I guess if JC Jackson talked about McCourty that meant Bill Belichick was a bad coach too.