Wagering With Ira

September 10th, 2022


Follow along as JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman makes three NFL picks each week against the spread.

Point spreads courtesy of Joe’s good friends at BetMGM. You may follow various point spreads courtesy of VegasInsider.com.


New England -3.5
Miami -3.5

Miami has a huge advantage in the passing game as the Tyreek Hill era begins in South Florida.

Washington -2.5

Doug Pederson knows what he’s doing and Trevor Lawrence will show he’s the real deal.

Colts -7

Matt Ryan gets off to a splendid start for Indy, mostly by handing off to Jonathan Taylor.


at Carolina (pick ’em)

The Stinking Panthers win the quarterback matchup here, combined with a solid young defense. Yeah, despite Matt Rhule.  

New Orleans -5.5
at Atlanta

The Slimy Saints are a good team and the Dixie Chicks are horrible. This could be a blowout.

New York Giants
Tennessee -5.5

Giants win the quarterback battle, maybe not the game but they will cover. Titans offense may just be a slow, ground-and-pound attack that won’t rack up a lot of points.    

Bob The Bookie (Joe’s old college buddy)

Eagles -4
at Lions
If you watched Hard Knocks and looked at the Lions’ talent, you know they can pull the upset here.
Saints -5.5
at Falcons
Bitter division rivals and Atlanta beat them last year. Raucous crowd will help a well-coached Atlanta team cover.
at Dolphins – 3.5
Another rivalry underdog to take to the bank. And the Patriots head coach is pretty good.

2021 Season Record: Ira 26-25; Joe 23-28.

*Full list of this weekend’s spreads.

Ravens -7
at Jets
Saints -5.5
at Falcons
at Dolphins – 3.5
at Panthers (pick ’em)
at Bengals -6.5
49ers -6.5
at Bears
Eagles -4
at Lions
Colts -7
at Texans
at Commanders -2.5
Chiefs -6
at Cardinals
at Chargers -3.5
Packers -1.5
at Vikings
at Titans -5.5
Broncos -6.5
at Seahawks
*Odds from BetMGM as of noon Friday.

“You can’t push me around like I’m Peter King over here.


7 Responses to “Wagering With Ira”

  1. CrackWise Says:

    Gotta agree with ATL taking down the Saints. PITTS alone will expose the Saints D and JWs inability to bring his team back without a few turnovers.

  2. SB Says:

    Seeing IraH cupping a Bromosa makes me want one.

  3. Goatfarmer Says:

    I would take Ravens Colts and Broncos to cover out of that pack.

  4. Leighroy Says:

    Anyone who’s been to Megatron’s b-hole in person knows that raucous crowd and Atlanta do not belong in the same sentence.

  5. Stanglassman Says:

    Didn’t you’ll use to also do college games?

  6. FortMyersDave Says:

    Ravens big over the hapless Jets (are they really going with Flacco?), Colts boat race Lovey ala Titans Bucs back in the day, Broncos over a bad Seattle team by double digits. So Ravens, Colts, Broncos Suicide pick: Ravens.

    Amost my 3rd pick: I would think the Saints can punk Mariota and the ATL to take BUT Jameis is the kind of guy who could give the ATL one of their 2 or 3 wins this year via 2 or 3 pick 6’s. Deja vu for Winston, getting beat by Mariota, week one just like year one? That would be fun to watch and plausible but not worth gambling.

  7. Buddha Says:

    I’ll post picks here each week.
    Jacksonville +2.5
    Patriots +3.5
    Vikings +1.5
    Raiders +3.5