Todd Bowles Sounds Super Down On Backup Running Backs

September 27th, 2022

Bucs rookie running back Rachaad White.

Word choices can say a whole lot.

These made Joe stop and wonder whether Ronald Jones might find his way back into a Bucs uniform.

Head coach Todd Bowles was on the Buccaneers Radio Network today, heard on the team website, and was asked about using his healthy young running backs not named Leonard Fournette. The Bucs have two of them, rookie Rachaad White and third-year man Ke’Shawn Vaughn, and neither touched the ball on offense Sunday against Green Bay.

Joe was very formal with the names because Todd Bowles was not.

In fact, Bowles didn’t even name the guys when he delivered what Joe considered one ugly endorsement of their capabilities.

“I think the other two guys need to play just to give [Fournette] some rest. You know, they gotta spell him some. We’re trying to keep him for 17 games and not just three games,” Bowles began. “So it’s going to be important to get the other guys involved in that. And we just have to bite the bullet and put’em in there. We trusted them in preseason and trust them in practice. We just gotta get them in the game so Lenny can be fresh.”

Damn, Joe would have felt better if Bowles had said something like, “Vaughn and White are talented and hungry and can spark our running game” or, “We gotta take advantage of their talents and they’re too good to stay on the bench all game.

Instead, Bucs fans learned the team thinks it needs to “bite the bullet” just to get them a handful of snaps? Keep in mind Vaughn carried the load successfully in the playoffs against the Eagles last season when Fournette was out with a bad hamstring.

As for RoJo, he has yet to be activated with the Chiefs this season. If the Bucs really think they need to “bite the bullet” with their backup running backs, then maybe trading a seventh-round pick for RoJo is a smart all-in move — a bite-the-bullet play of a different sort.

40 Responses to “Todd Bowles Sounds Super Down On Backup Running Backs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Trade for RoJo would suck, but… Damn what’s going on

  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I have no doubts that White can carry the load, but he needs playing time.
    He is a real threat as a receiver, coming out of the backfield, and has enough speed to take it to the house.

  3. Bojim Says:

    I’d love to have RoJo back. Also, play Vaughn!!!

  4. geno711 Says:

    I think the two guys we have backing up Lenny right now have a lot of room to show that they really belong.

    Our string of recently drafted running backs looks pretty weak right now.

    Sims, McNichols, Rojo, Vaughn and White.

  5. BillyBucco Says:

    It was the caliber of game and absolute NEED to protect the ball.
    Lenny has earned their trust.

    The other guys need a “Real” chance.
    I mean Gage fumbled then came back strong.

    You can’t put white in for one play and when he doesn’t catch the ball that’s his only chance.

    This is another red flag with Leftwich and he is more concerned with looking like an idiot for future Head Coach interviews when he puts in rookies and they fumble. Think about it. With a rookie even the commentators say wrap that ball up young man, but if Fournette does it, it’s what a great hit or watch how the defender makes a great play.

    Put the freaking kid in the game and give him a whole drive.
    We all see the talent and speed.
    Tell me what he “Can” do remember?
    Oh that was just a saying to fit the narrative.

  6. Youngbucs Says:

    Rojo better than fournette yea I said it

  7. Redeemer Says:

    Right now, Lenny is on pace for 300+ rushing attempts. If they hope to keep him upright, that can’t continue. If and when they get some recievers back, I suspect that load will lighten. Until then, they have no choice but to lean on him. White and Vaughn just aren’t ready yet.

  8. BillyBucco Says:

    We are 25th in the league in rushing yards per game.

    We are an abysmal 29th in ypc.

    Yeah let’s not even try White or Vaughn.
    Who’s gonna hire this guy as Head Coach.

    Hopefully not a team that need’s an offensive genius and already has the best QB who has ever donned a jersey.

  9. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Jones hasn’t been on active roster for the running back starved Chiefs. He still can’t catch the ball, and he almost got Mahomes killed on a blitz pickup Remember Herm Edwards billed White as the next Marcus Allen. This was a reach pick for Licht.

  10. Goatfarmer Says:

    Rachel White is a threat to get Tom blown up, picked off, ticked off, but otherwise no threat to do anything else. He’s like a taller version of the DardOn.

    We let some reliable production walk when RoJo and Tyler Johnson weren’t re-signed.

  11. GeminiBuc Says:

    They can’t do nothing if you don’t give them a chance ! Todd knows nothing about offense and they let you head coach so coach bruh and stop pointing the finger.. Do your job and coach them boys

  12. Howard Cosell Says:

    Offensive line is not good and needs to take the majority of the blame for poor running game.

    A back like Lenny can overcome poor oline play to some degree but the other backs cannot.

  13. Howard Cosell Says:

    Any break in the cone of silence around Jensen yet?

  14. K2 Says:

    I guess if he’s not an all pro in three game we should cut him? I still believe White can be a fantastic player…if given a chance.

  15. Dick LeBeau Jr. Says:

    I feel like you are misreading what he’s saying. That didn’t sound like lack of trust, but lack of use period. There’s zero reason for not letting the other guys get in and spell Fornette for a few plays. They need better use of their backups plain and simple. It only takes one hole for Sneak to break away for 60 yards which we’ve seen him do before or White to catch a pass and house it. Won’t know that unless they get playing time.

  16. Goatfarmer Says:

    He had chances in the Dallas game. The best thing Leftwurst could say about him was “he didn’t do nothing wrong.”

    He didn’t do anything good either.

    No one is cutting him. But Vaughn has been productive, why he is in the doghouse is a question. He should be number 2.

    Rachel needs time to get her ego in check after the “starting back” bloviating.

    Less talk, more production.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    First off, forget RoJo. There’s a reason he can’t crack the Chiefs lineup. (Hint: think back to 2021 with us; same RoJo).

    Secondly, why is Todd Bowles picking on White & Vaughn, instead of letting our illustrious OC do it? Seems like our HC is playing a lot of ‘bad cop’ lately.

  18. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Defense Rules. It seems like he is throwing out subliminal shots to Leftwich. Bowles is usually measured with words, but he definitely isn’t happy with this offensive performance. One can’t help but wonder how much input Arians had with this offense. I don’t think he called the plays, but i think he helped with adjustments with his red pen lol

  19. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Rojo could not stay in Bradys huddle, Why? Because if you miss blocks and cannot be trusted to keep the goat upright when you need to make a block. I said this last year. Brady is why Rojo was was not playing more, not the coaches. And now Rojo is 3rd on the depth chart in KC. Rojo has plenty of talent, hope he figures it out, but so far he has not.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  20. Goatfarmer Says:

    Neither of the guys we kept are apparently any better than RoJo, though. One might argue worse. At least RoJo could tote the rock with anger and punch a hole that wasn’t there. And did that when everyone knew he was only in for running plays.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There really isn’t anything wrong with either Vaughn or White……Vaughn has proven himself & White is a rookie…

  22. Oneilbuc Says:

    This team is to under the influence of Brady they don’t give these young guys a chance to be good. At some point you have to treat Brady like a player and take control of your team rather he likes it or not. This is another running back that has been drafted by the bucs just to put them on the bench because of Brady. Lenny is Brady guy so that’s why Lenny is starting. And that’s why Ro Jo didn’t get his 1,000 yards because of Brady’s friend AB .

  23. Beej Says:

    Fournette is 27, just signed a 3 year deal, $9 mil guaranteed. His career likely over by 29…this is a nasty business

  24. . Says:

    The Tampa Bay Hamstrings I mean Buccaneers

  25. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    The should have never gotten rid of rojo I said it from the beginning!! And let’s not forget this team is being coached by a head coach who had one is the worst records for first time head coaches ever with the Jets!! He took a team on the rise (like the bucs) and totally ruined them with bad draft picks and bad personal decision!!… I will keep saying it so everyone hears me, they should have never let B.A. stop coaching this team!!

  26. Buczilla Says:

    How bad are these guys practicing that they can’t even get a handful of carries? This is weird.

  27. Hodad Says:

    Eiher we can’t pick em, or they can’t coach em. Sad if it’s both!

  28. Bucfans13 Says:

    @Oneil Jones was in the doghouse before Brady arrived. Arians actually had issues with Ronald Jones. Jones hasn’t even been on the active roster with KC, and its not like he’s behind world beaters. Is that Brady’s fault, too? Are you gonna blame Mahomes and Reid?

  29. adam from ny Says:

    these guys are obviously not brady approved for whatever reason…

    gotta funnel back to the root of the issue…and that’s tommy b…

    if he doesn’t think you can do the job he needs you to do for his 45 year old azz, then you need to ride the pine…(or nowadays the plastic bench)

    i think white needs to get rid of the happy go lucky, giddy tude and get down…

    the nfl ain’t a party, it’s a war

  30. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I think Brady likes Vaughn. He was earning in his trust late last year. He improved his pass catching and pass pro. No idea why he isn’t playing. We don’t know what’s going on in practice. Bowles seems to be the one who doesn’t have much faith in these guys. Like Joe said, Bowles didn’t give those guys a ringing endorsement.

  31. tampabayallday Says:

    Maybe we should’ve taken that RB from UF. I feel like the running backs are not having success because the offensive playcalling has been sheeeeeeeeit.

  32. firethecannons Says:

    Geez that is an indicator statement
    Bowles says ” And we just have to bite the bullet and put’em in there.”

  33. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I was pounding the table for Pierce, but from what I’ve seen of White, he could be the guy. He’s a rookie. We have terrible luck with rookie RBs as of late. I’m not worried yet… Let’s let the line get better, and White some confidence built up. Offense as a whole has been atrocious overall, so to think a rookie could spark anything is a pipe dream. Lefty needs to step up though.

  34. 97 bucBaby Says:

    This team will slowly turn into the jets if we keep Bowles where we have him. He should not have one finger on the offense him or Leftwich

  35. CleanHouse Says:

    Team looks like total crap on offense, it’s unwatchable torture. Team is lead by idiots.

  36. Eli Says:

    Bowles should start by finding a teal offensive coordinator. Ot a second rate QB for one. Stop thd conservative play calling. Let Brady call his own.

  37. Smashsquatch Says:

    Bowle’s comments seem to be more of an indictment on Leftwich than “the other two guys”. Mentioning trust in practice & pre-season says it all. Players need reps to build trust & develop. Lenny was dead legged and dancing too much; meanwhile the Packers kept attacking us with fresh legs.

  38. Brandon Says:

    Rojo was the best running running back we’ve had, by far, since Martin’s last big season. Fournette might be more well rounded, by Rojo was far superior as a runner.

  39. Charles Says:

    Rojo y as picked up fir this game n future sb game if they met

  40. Wild Bill Says:

    I call bs on wanting ROjo back. Are we forgetting he can’t block , goes down too easy, can’t catch? He never stood out!