Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Saints

September 18th, 2022

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A few hours prior to Sunday’s matchup, Todd Bowles said the Bucs had to stop shooting themselves in the foot against the Saints.

That was before they turned the guns on a familiar face.

The Buc defense supplied all the answers as the mysterious regular-season hold enjoyed by the Saints faded under a flurry of turnovers. Once again, Tom Brady basically went along for the ride as Tampa Bay defenders took turns tormenting Jameis Winston in a 20-10 triumph at the hushed Superdome.

Coupled with the 19-3 Week 1 victory against Dallas, the Buc defense just reeled off the franchise’s best two-game span since the middle of the 2008 season — when Tampa Bay allowed 3 points to Carolina and 10 points to Seattle.

How long ago was that? Jon Gruden was still on the sidelines and Derrick Brooks was still playing. Both of those 2008 defensive gems came at Raymond James Stadium. This 2-game masterpiece was achieved on the road.

In a league that encourages success through the air, Tampa Bay’s pass coverage was suffocating once again. Winston’s only TD throw came in garbage time.

The rest of the day, he was garbage.

Logan Ryan is sparking a legendary defensive streak, writes Ira Kaufman.

So here are the 2-0 Bucs, already atop the NFC South with two home games ahead of them. If anyone thought the defense would suffer because Bowles had too many things on his mind as a head coach, the opposite has been true.

Tampa Bay’s other defensive coaches have thrived with additional responsibilities. This is the first 2-0 getaway for a new Buc head coach since Sam Wyche won his first two games in 1992.

While Brady struggled to find a rhythm, the defense was in command with five takeaways and six sacks. Like Bowles said after the game, it wasn’t pretty but they got the job done.

For Buc fans, it was a modern-art masterpiece. Here’s how Tampa Bay showed New Orleans who’s boss in the division:

* Game balls should be shared by two secondary coaches who have devised aggressive schemes. Kevin Ross, who oversees cornerbacks, and safeties coach Nick Rapone have this defensive backfield playing at a championship level. For much of the afternoon, Winston had nobody open downfield.

* There were too many defensive stars to single out. Jamel Dean picked Winston off twice, Mike Edwards sealed the deal with a pick-6 and Devin White posted 11 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble. And don’t forget Shaq Barrett, who contributed two sacks, a forced fumble and 3 QB hits.

Tristan Wirfs

* A refigured offensive line provided Brady with a clean pocket. He was sacked only once and hit 3 times. Kudos to Tristan Wirfs, who manhandled one of the NFL’s premier defensive ends all day. Cam Jordan managed 3 tackles and wasn’t credited with a single hit.

* Byron Leftwich can’t be happy with Tampa Bay’s third-down woes. In fact, he has to be downright furious after the Bucs went 5-for-17 on the money down. Winston couldn’t capitalize as New Orleans converted only 4-of-13 opportunities.

* The game threatened to spill out of control early in the fourth quarter after a melee that saw Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore both ejected. It started with Lattimore and Brady exchanging taunts. For a brief span, it appeared Bruce Arians wanted to leave the sidelines and join the skirmish. By the way, wasn’t Arians supposed to be relegated to the booth on game day?

* In his first year as play-caller for the Saints, Pete Carmichael has some explaining to do. The only success the Saints had Sunday was on the ground, yet Winston dropped back 46 times in 66 snaps. The way the Buc pass defense has been dominating in 2022, that was a poor way to read the dynamics of a game in progress.

* The first half was a complete dud for Brady and company. The Bucs had more penalties (5) than first downs (4) and Brady’s frustration was evident. He barked at any offensive teammate he could find, but the reality was Brady was the primary culprit once the Saints shut down Leonard Fournette. Some of his passes lacked touch, others lacked zip. Despite solid protection, his passer rating of 82.8 this year is well under his career mark of 98.1. It’s very early, but yes, he’s starting to look his age.

Bucs OC Byron Leftwich.

* Memo to Leftwich: On fourth-and-1, let Brady keep the ball and fall forward. He’s been terrific in those situations throughout his career. No reason to steer clear of a sure thing.

* The Saints snapped the ball 66 times and only one play gained at least 20 yards. Winston kept looking for the big strike and the Bucs were not going to allow it.

* Let’s not overlook the key hit new nickel cornerback/safety Logan Ryan made on Mark Ingram to force a fumble recovered by Carl Nassib at the Tampa Bay 10-yard line. It was the first of five takeaways by a swarming defense that can’t wait to put a hurting on Aaron Rodgers in Week 3.

Ira loves that lifetime warranty on new and used vehicles!

88 Responses to “Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-Saints”

  1. Leighroy Says:

    Great analysis as usual, Ira. Only 2 points I’d argue with and an added 3rd.

    When Ryan is in the game it’s Winfield who’s playing nickel corner. It’s an alignment I’m fond of after 2 games.

    And sure Brady is notoriously effective on QB sneaks, but in week 2 the season isn’t on the line that it’s worth risking the health of a 45 year old qb in the midst of a street fight. Your line is supposed to give you 1 yard!

    Darden continued to unimpress, and I didn’t see how his skin color had anything to do with it as some intimated on these message boards earlier today. 1 average return was nice, and the rest was forgettable.

  2. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    The only reason the game had any drama was the bad snap and the stop on 4th and 1. Brady doesn’t look old. The defense is epic. Let’s win a Super Bowl.

  3. Leonard Kirsch Says:

    Awesome analysis as usual Sage. Brandon Walton deserves some kudos as the third string left tackle stepping in for his first NFL action at left tackle against a stout D-line. I also thought Devin White had a great game. And thanks for buying our table a round of fantastic Big Storm beer!

  4. firethecannons Says:

    Ira is right!!!!!!defense was masterful, so proud of this team everyone on offense and defense and coaches and special teams very well done! finally got the monkey off our back and now lets beat them later this season again! What a pleasure!!!!!

  5. Thunder Says:

    I sure wish Tyler Johnson was on this team.
    We went from loaded to Darden and Miller in a hurry.

  6. Rod Munch Says:

    “Despite solid protection, his passer rating of 82.8 this year is well under his career mark of 98.1. It’s very early, but yes, he’s starting to look his age.”

    How about we actually give Brady his WR’s and he’s not missing 3/5ths of his offensive line before you start writing him off. Also the Saints are, by far, the worst matchup for Brady in the NFL – and Cowboys today just made Burrow look terrible and might be a lot better than expected.

    Or, better yet, go ahead and lead the charge of writing him off, and let’s see how that goes. When he’s throwing for 450 yards and 5 TDs vs the Panthers, we’ll see how that comment ages.

  7. Thunder Says:

    I sure wish Tyler Johnson was on this team.
    We went from loaded to Miller and Darden in a hurry.

  8. MonkeyMan Says:

    Brady looking his age?? He had one leg Lenny. No Godwin. No Julio. No Gronk, no D.Smith, no Jensen, and two rookies on the o line.

    He’ll figure it out but geez, cut the dude a little slack.

    Let’s not forget you took the Saints to win

  9. Infomeplease Says:

    I thank the football gods for a 2 and 0 start to the season!! Both coming on the road!! The past two games haven’t been pretty but have been wins!! As the offensive line gets more experience together and healthy and the skill players get healthy, the defense has been shutting down opposing offenses!

  10. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    I love you Ira, but I wish you would directly call out Leftwich for his predictable play calling. He is continuing his trend of way too many 1st down HB dives for minimal gains, and then having to pass on 2nd and long. Not nearly enough play action. No creativity, long developing routes, not scheming people open. He needs to do better. Yes, he has called the greatest Bucs offenses ever, but he has relied on the amazing talent of Evans, Godwin, and Gronk to get open. He needs to figure out how to call a game when those guys aren’t out there! I truly believe he has held us back from averaging 35+ points the last two seasons, and now without Gronk he needs to get this figured out. LFG

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    I’d give Walton half a game ball. He played waaaay above anyone’s expectations.

    I wouldn’t say Brady’s age is showing. IMO, his poor attitude is showing. This “take time off” crap has to stop, and he needs to dedicate himself to the team. He looks like he’s not there mentally.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Both Joes & Ira picked the Saints……..Joe (Lee) picked the Cowboys & Saints….so, he’s 0-2.

    Don’t forget our new punter……..6 punts……1 return for minus 6 yards.

    Special teams played well….

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    Cobraboy Says:
    I wouldn’t say Brady’s age is showing. IMO, his poor attitude is showing. This “take time off” crap has to stop, and he needs to dedicate himself to the team. He looks like he’s not there mentally.


    Brady firing up the team, willing them to a win, is mentally checking out? LOL! Talk about failed hot takes.

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    If I remember correctly Ira, you chided DB55 in the latest Tampa Two because he picked Dallas in that first game and lost.

    If I also remember correctly Ira, you picked New Orleans to win in the latest Tampa Two. Might have to eat some crow there.

  15. Coburn Says:

    Yeah i hated that call on 4th and 1. Took way too long to develop. Falling forward is the way to go

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Cobraboy … I agree about Tom Brady looking like he’s not there mentally, but he is dealing with a boatload of sh!t right now in his life. Even The GOAT is human, despite what we’d all like to believe.

    Brady wasn’t his usual self today, but our offense isn’t helping much. The one I’m more concerned about ‘losing it’ is Mike Evans. It was quite obvious that he let Lattimore get into his head, and I’m afraid the NFL will suspend him for a game or two. With all our other personnel issues, that’s one we really don’t need.

  17. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Do I pray for a GB lost tonight or not?

  18. lambeau Says:

    Arians agitating Lattimore from the sideline was not helpful.
    We’ll miss Mike next week.

  19. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The ref that no called the obvious Lattimore PI should be suspended along with Evans and Lattimore- the refs let that game get out of control with their incompetence.

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – Evans knocking Lattimore’s teeth out is what fired up the team, along with Brady yelling at the worthless offense to actually do something. If Evans gets suspended a game, so what? Was totally worth it, because if he doesn’t do that, the refs are going to continue the BS they were doing all game and the Bucs are 1-1 today. If they lose next week because Evans isn’t there, well, it’s a loss either way, but I’ll take the L to the Packers over the L to the Saints.

    Also, BTW, the Packers almost never win in Tampa – and Rodgers is terrible at RayJay. No idea why – but it’s like how the Bucs can’t win on the road in Chicago regardless of if they’re the better team or not. The Bucs should win next week, and if they do, it almost certainly will be because of the defense swarming all over Rodgers. The following game, vs the Chiefs, that’s when we’ll need Evans and Godwin and Brady and should finally have the coming out part for the offense.

  21. firethecannons Says:

    Rod munch says:Brady firing up the team, willing them to a win, is mentally checking out? LOL! Talk about failed hot takes.

    I could not agree more
    Brady is hanging in and we are in a stretch of tough games and he needs the time–fine we are winning and defense is finding their power

  22. Miller5252 Says:

    Good article Ira! Couple of things that seem to stand out that needs some work…. The Dline in the middle isn’t looking very good and runs are going for big chunks. Hicks got hurt, but the monsters in the middle have done nothing to impress. #8 Suh posts might be 100% correct.

    It seems like the No risk it no biscuit passing offense has turned to New England quick slant precise passing offense. Short down passing always looks forced and receivers look draped in coverage.

  23. Buccos Says:

    That is without a doubt a championship defense that we are witnessing as well as the coming of age of our secondary, especially Jamel Dean. Once Brady gets his receivers back we should be ok on offense. It seems as though we are not going to use TE’s this year in the passing game. Hopefully Leonard Fournette can survive the regular season. I would like to see some of Vaughn and Bernard in the run game. Overall a gritty performance. I strongly believe we are witnessing history this year.

  24. steele Says:

    It was not a great game by any stretch.

    Offense struggled for most of the game. Surprisingly, OL was not the culprit (and Walton exceeded all expectations). They did just enough, but not firing on all cylinders at all.

    Defense. Mixed bag. Secondary, LBs get the game ball, but the front line didn’t get to Jameis, who had plenty of clean pocket. Neither Shaq nor JTS did anything significant. Still too much predictable blitzing, with marginal results for it. JTS still can’t deliver after his good first step. Saints did well with the run game for much of the game.

    Bottom line, grade remains undecided after two games, with a lot of work to do. Glad it’s 2-0, but injuries, and I think still a few missing pieces.

    Regression by opposing former playoff teams around the NFL is so far looking like a gift, which helps what still looks like a nightmare schedule.

  25. MadMax Says:

    Man, what a game, what a day. Just got home….put in 10 hrs at work (up since 3am this morn), got off with enough time to catch the 4th qtr…then was having fun drinking and making new friends.

    All I know is Lattimore got some serious issues if he thinks we’re just pushovers. GOAT gonna get you boy, plus his backups. Evans already got history with him. Stupid AINTS always gotta be dirty when things not going their way…typical.

    ME13 DECLEATED that boy tho!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Whooooooo buddy!

  26. Upstate NY Buc Says:

    That brawl had to get Gronk pumped up!! I’m sure Mr Brady will be on the horn sooner then expected. I say no later than Nov 1st. Please Gronk do it!!!

  27. Bucswin Says:

    2-0 that’s all that matters. Bamm

  28. orlbucfan Says:

    DR: Fossil12 is the one who insists on playing irregardless of his 45yo personal problems. And it’s showing. I watched/listened to the game and I could see the hesitation. The patched up OLine did a great job protecting him Like it or not, the Defense won this one.

  29. Bucs Win Says:

    The Bucs own Karen Rodgers.

  30. Darin Says:

    How’d that saints pick go ira? But yeah leftwich shoulda been fired for not calling the QB sneak. He be who he be. Then again bowles shoulda called timeout before half but let it run off so the Bucs could get the ball and kneel. Hopefully those bone headed calls will not come back to haunt them one week.

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    Ira can be the first to say it. I suspect the narritive coast to coast will be how Brady looked like at 45 year old. Im looking forward to Joe bringing us articles all week about who called Brady washed up today.

    I call bull and I think any fan whose been follwing this team isnt surpized a bit that the Saints defense caused us to struggle. We gritted out a win which is what you gotta do against this team.

  32. Oxycondoms Says:

    Brady just looks mentally drained whenever i see him. His focus on his well being has probably taken a huge hit. Im afraid he’s going to get hurt this year. At least he will be at home more if that happens.

  33. Arn platz Says:

    At this rate Jason Lichts name will be in the ring of honor soon. A player goes down to injury another player steps in and so far no drop off.
    In Licht we trust

  34. Biff Barker Says:

    I’m thinking TB12 is distracted to some degree as well. He’s got issues at WR and a very raw OL to consider.

    Props to our Defense. They never backed down and won the game for us. Bucs break the NOLA curse.

  35. Rod Munch Says:

    I have a rare chance today to trash talk to mouthy Saints fans and it’s literally been one of the most fun trash talking days I’ve had since the late 90s and having season tickets with the Bucs and just destroying the stupid Packers fans.

    What fun it is. First I kept telling them that Evans literally knocked all of Lattimore’s teeth out for disrespecting Brady, then they of course have to defend their guy and say, no that didn’t happen, he just shoved him – then I hit back asking why they’re complaining then if all Evans did was shove him to the ground. A little trolling lesson there fellas, claim something much larger happened, making your enemy look weak, then when they try to claim that isn’t what happened, use their words against them to downplay the event.

  36. CrackWise Says:

    I think allowing the Saints to taunt our guys after plays and our coaches on the sideline DIRECTLY lead to the brawl.

    I solute Mike 100% for doing what needed to be done. Put a star next to this one Ira. It shows a HOFer doing what his team needed him to do.

    Sure, it may cost him a game BUT he saved us in this game. The refs where almost forced to start throwing flags AND did.

    I just hope his suspension is not multiple games and cost him a shot at 1000 plus yards.

  37. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Gage has been somewhat disappointing through two games.

  38. CrackWise Says:

    As far as Brady and the O is concerned.

    Am I the only one seeing them move the ball with ease but just not cashing in.

    And I know some drives have stalled with drops BUT for the most part I am not seeing a BAD offense. I feel like I am seeing a team that is catching some bad breaks vs catching the ball.

    IDK, I feel like the O is on track and the two teams we have faced so far have pretty dam good Defenses

  39. Rod Munch Says:

    BTW, Winfield is have a very Ronde like start to his season. He’s got 13 tackles, 1 sack, 1 INT, that paces out to…

    110 tackes, 9 INTs, 9 sacks.

    Actually, that would be an insane year. Obviously he won’t keep up that pace, but damn, that’s a good start.

  40. Jim Says:

    Absolutely agree with Ira, 4th and one let Brady sneak. And do we really have to run up the gut on EVERY first down?

  41. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    Brady is not playing like his age he is playing younger than 40

  42. CrackWise Says:


    Gage has been disappointing? Perhaps, but only because you were expecting so much more, right? Cause he has caught a couple important first downs on third down for us these first two games.

    Considering we are not doing so we on 3rd down. Those catches are fairly important, NO?

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Thanks DR

    I called them out for predicting Bucs losses and they m0derated me.

  44. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I want to give a shout-out to our rookie punter…..6 punts 1 return for minus 6 yards…….the kid has some hang-time.

  45. MadMax Says:

    Gage is our secret….shhhh….cant put much out there yet. Perriman showed up but theres room for improvement, and he’ll get there.

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    Gage caught 5 of 6 today for 28 yards. Brady only threw for 190 yards, so there wasn’t a lot to go around. Also Gage is one of the walking wounded. He’ll likely be fine – but he’s a #3 or #4 WR, not a #2 WR, and when the Bucs actually get healthy at WR, he should be more of a weapon.

  47. Biff Barker Says:

    Sage, I was hoping for a 2-2 record to start this season. The Bucs are battling thru adversity and have still proved to be the tougher team. They are exceeding expectations.
    You could have given a virtual game ball to Joe Gilbert though. I’m sure you feel bad now.
    Biff’s been a Bucs fan for decades. We’ve got scouting, talent and coaching now. Life is good in Bucville.

  48. Ash Says:

    There was a lot of drops by wr that aren’t starters that are crushing so. Not to worried about the offense because it will look totally different with the starters. Defense looked tough even with the offense sputtering and them getting tired from being on the field alot 2 and 0 lfg go bucs.

  49. Rod Munch Says:

    Fun fact: At this moment, the Bucs are tied with the Chiefs for the largest point differential in the NFL at +26.

    And the Bucs haven’t even come close to hitting their stride yet.

  50. Cannon Says:

    I though Brady did pretty well, considering the running game was going nowhere, most of our top receivers were out of the game, and the remaining receivers were getting mugged every play. I’d get pretty pissed off too with all of the drops and OL line screw ups (false starts, screwed up run blocking)

    The Saint’s are a bad matchup for Tampa. Have been for over a decade.

    In the end, our defense delivered the win.

  51. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    The concerning thing is the last two games and preseason is the amount of injuries !! Yes the D played wel, but without Hicks they got run on. Also everyone proud of Mike for doing they might have cost our best WR 2 games and Godwin is a guarantee to be back against the pack or Chiefs. Also besides Ko Keif I don’t know why we have TEs ( Brate is a joke and the guy we signed can’t stay healthy ) I hope Smith is back and proud of the offensive line, but didn’t like they low leg shot Brady took. He obviously isn’t playing well and his age is showing, but also Cage what’s his role and Miller is out there and made one catch. Thankful Perriman stepped up, but I have a bad feeling Julio is going to do the same thing he did in Tennessee. Yes had a great catch against the cowboys, but that’s it ? Leftwich play calling is horrible and Lenny can’t get a half yard twice or Brady run it, but we giving up on our 2nd rounder already ? I’m glad we are 2-0, but when we play more elite talent it’s going to show if changes aren’t made !!! Go Bucs and not trying to be a negative Nancy, but we have to call out what we see if our team is going to have a chance at going far in the playoffs. Yes the officiating was horrible; but Mike knows better and should have never done that !! All the applause make no sense and loving the safety and corners play, but Vea still playing and the defensive line need to get more pressure and stop the dang run and hope Hicks can come back, but we need GRONK BACK BAD !! Huge fan of Ko and turn him into a FB and Russell earn your contract !!! Sure would have been nice to have Tyler out there

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Miller missed 2 catchable balls……would have been good catches……

    Perriman missed one or two……

    Brady was OK….but not great…….our running game got stuffed….

    We need to go outside with it more often.

  53. Old School Bucs Says:

    IRA is an idiot! So much BS in his stupid post I dont know where to begin!!!

    Great team win in a physical rivalry between two tough teams!!!!!

  54. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Sorry but Evans needed to do what he did. The Skanks have been bullying this team for years. Sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do. If you’ve been in that situation in a game then u know. That was 2 of the best defenses in the league back to back games so the O will be fine. Get some people healthy and catch the damn ball.

  55. CrackWise Says:

    Told yall this is what the narrative would turn into after we beat the Saints it what amounts to a blowout. And yes, I am not looking at the GARBADGE TIME touchdown.

    This was a blowout late!!! The Saints never did a thing past the first 10 SCRIPTED Plays.

    @Yucs2Bucs say: “but when we play more elite talent it’s going to show if changes aren’t made”!!!

  56. John Says:

    Let’s give Tom Brady some slack. I understand he’s trying to keep his marriage together.

  57. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If Evans gets suspended that will hurt….but he probably needs a week to rest his legs….

    We need Godwin & Julio back….

  58. Cobraboy Says:

    @Rod: certainly opinions vary, but if #12’s jersey had a name not “Brady”, his play would be trashed.

    That D won the game, not Tom Brady.

    I like Brady, but this season he’s missing….something. Maybe a Gronk security blanket? Some better team-first attitude? A supportive wifely babe?

    Compared to seasons past, he seems like a different Tom Brady…like he’s not totally all-in or something.

  59. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Da Bears are pathetic.

  60. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Cobraboy go look at the tape. Also brady had some drops. Some of these wideouts have to step up if evans is being double teamed. Can’t be all evans.

  61. firethecannons Says:

    cobraboys says: Compared to seasons past, he seems like a different Tom Brady…like he’s not totally all-in or something.

    game 1 was Parsons constantly breaking through our o-line and sacking Brady and disrupting

    game 2 is the saints game–they suck they had our number always have most of the problem is Byrons play calling

    next game is Green bay and we will see

  62. LakelandSteve Says:

    I think Brady is as all in as he can be, but he doesn’t look like he is having any fun out there and just looks different this year. I don’t think it has anything to do with his age and everything to do with his current marital situation. Hoping him and Giselle make up soon and Brady gets back to normal.

  63. firethecannons Says:

    We need Chris Godwin back it will help Brady 1st game parsons was a disrupter extreme and game 2 was saints with all their sh!t
    we need CG and julio and gage needs to be better too tight end cade otton could start getting more reps

    why the fck was Darden in the game for even 1 snap–he caused a penalty!

  64. Craig Says:

    At the start Brady looked like he believed in curses and was tentative.

    He didn’t get into the game for too long. I admit that Scotty didn’t help much. and he was the only receiver getting open.

    It took until the fourth quarter for anything to happen. If Jameis hadn’t given the game away we could be 1-1.

    Hope it workls better next week, cuz Rodgers is starting to wake up form his coma.

  65. Beeej Says:

    Brady was consistently taking the underneath stuff, which means the longer routes were covered well, and he didn’t have the time to wait for them to get open

  66. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Some of you just don’t get it. Never doubt Brady.

  67. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Craig the bears are a joke. Rodgers owns the bears.

  68. CrackWise Says:

    Can someone please remind me if the Saints and Cowboys were projected to have top 10 defenses and to BEAT the Bucs in the NFC this year?

    Please for real, someone remind me if either of those teams had BAD defenses going into the season???

    While I wait, let me remind you all. “THE FIRST FOUR GAMES ARE GOING TO BE A BRUTAL STRECTH”.

    I just need someone to remind me why. I mean, I am on the record saying we would be 4-0 and have firmly established our team identity as a Smash Mouth football team.

    Just wondering why all the crying. We are right on schedule as a team. Heck our OL is ahead of schedule considering the have only let Brady get hit 7 TIMES in two games!!!

  69. CrackWise Says:


    It was a tie game and the Saints did nothing after the first 10 scripted plays. SURE we could have lost the game IF JW didnt turn the ball over. As IMPROBABLE as it may seem. Brady could have missed a snap in shotgun and had it go for a safety.

  70. Buc1987 Says:

    All summer long most folks on here kept whining about how tough the schedule is the first four games.

    Yeah well……

    2-0 out of the gate.

    D showed up like we needed them to…

    FINALLY we all got to see the Winston that was our Winston a little while ago.

    Go Bucs!!!

  71. Buc1987 Says:

    CrackWise …sorry man…I posted before I read any other comments…but yeah you’re right about the “brutal” schedule.

  72. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Evans needs to be out there and if we lose him a minimum of one game and not two, but that didn’t change the game ? Also I said with all these injuries it definitely showed with not having Hicks and Vea didn’t do anything to stop the run. Winston is Winston and only a matter of time before he did what he did. Yes I think the Pack and Chiefs are way better than the first two teams and Leftwich and that offense need to get on the same page because that’s 3 TDs in the first 3 games and if we are going to win the next two we are going to have to score to win !!! Rodgers and Mahomes are Winston and Cooper Rush and why they can’t incorporate a TE is mind boggling and Brate and Rudolph ( 13 million) have done nothing even though Rudolph was out like last year with the Giants. Lenny had 4 times to get a yard and I thought we were going to use our 2nd round pick, but for the first 3 quarters the play calls were predictable and obviously not executed. What’s the point paying Russell if he can’t be a part of the offense and Miller is ? Brady doesn’t get a pass and yes Walton played well, but if we go 1-1 in the next two will be stoked !!!! Go Bucs and Brady isn’t playing the same and it’s very obvious !! Some of those throws and then gets mad that they don’t come up and make the miracle catch and then slams
    The helmet and iPad like last year ? Thankfully we ended the curse and hoping they can get the calling fixed before the home game.

  73. CrackWise Says:

    No worries Buc1987,

    Here come this weeks narrative. “The Bucs have faced to struggling teams so really, even thought it was said about the last two game. Green Bay is REALLY the test”.

    NO WAY we are going to beat Green Bay!!! Right Guys. I mean, Dallas and the Saints are not even in the same league as Green Bay.

    The Bucs will get destroyed now for sure. LOL

    YEAH, I will admit it. Green Bay Looked Beatable but really good, sorta. IT WAS ONLY CHICAGO they were playing!!!

  74. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Also I had a feeling Julio would do this and because of a great catch and thought he got the wind knocked out of him caused him to miss the game. Don’t rush Godwin back because Mike made that mistake and quit being so predictable on offense and letting Ingram run like that should never happen

  75. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Yes the Pack and Chiefs have way better offenses and in my opinion are better than cooper rushs Dallas and Winston’s Aints

  76. CrackWise Says:

    Speaking of being predictable. Wish you would take some of your own advice. THE ONLY REAL predictable thing around here is your negative Debie downer post @Yucs2Bucs

    And not to crush your dreams or anything. BUT I don’t think BSPN hires High School dropouts.

    Take my word for it, I have applied!!!

  77. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Green Bay is a team in transition on offense. Their offense is not the same as last year. Game’s at home . I expect the bucs offense to start taking off.

  78. Buc1987 Says:

    Yucs2Bucs …did the Bucs win the game?

    Gooood lawd…chill out man.

  79. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Need julio and maybe godwin back if evans will be suspended for a game. I don’t trust these other wideouts. Someone said gage hasn’t been a disappointment through 2 games. In my mind he has been. Isn’t he getting paid more money than julio jones?

  80. BucsBro Says:

    It’s not about Brady’s age. It’s about him feeling skiddish with Gronk gone, Brown gone, and Godwin hurt. He had/has great chemistry with all 3 of those guys and they provide “security blankets” for him. Right now, he’s trying to figure out who he can trust on throws. And Julio being out today, then Evans getting tossed, made it even harder.

    Also, Brady gets nervous against the Saints and their pass rush. And doubly so with the top 2 left tackles out.

    Brady will be fine. The line and the receivers need to get healthy and get in sync with him, and he’ll look as good as ever. The TD throw to Perriman was vintage.

    Also, guys have to stop dropping balls. White and Miller come to mind here.

    For now, the defense and the run game have to carry the load until the passing game and O-line health get in gear.

  81. CrackWise Says:

    NAH, we just need to keep doing what we have been doing. Dont abandon the run and take the shots when they present themselves.

    RUN RUN RUN to set up the pass.

    We can win with whoever makes it to game day behind this young and IMPRESSIVE OL.

    TB has only gotten hit 7 times against two of the league PREMIRE Defensive fronts. LET THAT SINK IN.

  82. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m especially thankful that we didn’t have to witness Winston being a fool and eating a W on TV for everyone to see. Instead it was shhhh.

  83. Cobraboy Says:

    This game almost feeeeels like the Bucs upset the Saints.

  84. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Are we gonna pretend that the Cowboys didn’t just shutdown the Bengals offense? Is Burrow washed? Our offense has three new OL and wr injuries, yet we want them to put up 30 every damn game. Sage is wrong on this. Did you see the dropped passes?

  85. George Says:

    Good article overall

    However I disagree Brady showing his age . He played yesterday with a lot of weak receivers. Also the game plan was conservative by design against a very physical and bitter rival game . When it came to winning time the strike Bradythrew Perriman was absolutely perfect . Over 40 yards in the air to a very tight pocket .

  86. PassingThru Says:

    This was obviously a W earned by the defense; the offense just sputtered along. I had to watch the game from one of those tiny TV screens on a flight, but I do not agree with the assessment of Brady. The one pass that stood out as not having touch was one of those short yardage passes to the flat. Those passes at the NFL level are pick-6s waiting to happen as QBs frequently rush those passes. They pretty much have to, as they are extremely time dependent. If the QB doesn’t see a lurking DB, it’s an INT and a clear path to the end zone.

    Lots of dropped balls, but then there was no Godwin or Julio, and the TEs are just helping block off the edge. And subtract Fournette as he frequently stayed back for pass protection. It was a predictably constipated offense, one that I hope will be rectified when WRs heal up and LT return.

  87. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Crack wise or Crack head why don’t you read the entire post ? Don’t they teach you that at HCC ?? I guarantee if you ask Mike today or after the game if he would do that again he wouldn’t. I hope it’s just one game, but read the others and they basically all incorporate what I said and the play calling and Brady need to get better. How many 4th and ones did we fail at getting a yard at, but read it in its entirety before going at me. Kick azz at Wendy’s today !! Lmao and most importantly Go Bucs

  88. orlbucfan Says:

    Cobraboy Says:
    September 18th, 2022 at 11:56 pm
    This game almost feeeeels like the Bucs upset the Saints.
    Man, first the comment in a earlier post about the chicken sacrifice, and now this one. I love it! I haven’t stopped laffin’ long enuff to wipe my eyes. Thanks you all!!