“I Do Know That Buffalo Wanted Him Back”

September 22nd, 2022

New Bucs receiver Cole Beasley caught 82 balls last season for Buffalo.

Life in the Tom Brady era means guys being offered fat cash elsewhere are willing to pass and beg for a job in Tampa.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Joe learned directly from brand new Bucs receiver Cole Beasley yesterday that Beasley was hounding Brady to bless his football soul and help him get a job with Tampa Bay before he signed with the Bucs.

Speaking on the NFL.com Insiders podcast, NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo said he is confident Beasley will be a strong fit in Tampa and fans should know this was no ordinary street pick-up by the Bucs.

“I do know that Buffalo wanted him back,” Garafolo said. “It was a parting for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was all the COVID stuff last year really frayed that relationship on both sides. It’s not like this guy was discarded and nobody wanted him. In fact, I’m told that there have been multiple teams recently that were trying to sign him, teams that are not expected to be in the mix for a title. … It was about fit more so than money. This proves it. … He did have bigger money from other teams that they were willing to pay. This is all about getting a chance to work with Tom Brady and play for a team that might win a title.”

Joe felt extra good reading all that from well-connected and reliable Garafolo.

For those unaware of the “COVID stuff” with Beasley, feel free to research it. In short, Beasley was a loud anti-vaccine voice and was fined many tens of thousands of dollars for violating team/league COVID rules.

Then he got COVID late last season. He only missed one game and finished with 82 regular-season catches plus seven in the postseason.

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