De’Vondre Campbell Claims He Knew Where Tom Brady’s Two-Point Converstion Pass Was Going

September 26th, 2022
Russell Gage

Packers linebacker claims he was ready for Russell Gage on two-point try.

If you believe one of the better linebackers in the game, the failed two-point conversion by the Bucs to send last night’s loss to Green Bay into overtime was exactly what the Packers expected.

Joe has no idea if this is true, as Ryan Wood of typed that Campbell claimed he knew what was coming; the Packers had practiced against the exact play that Tom Brady ran.

The thing is, Wood points out the Packers’ defense, with the exception of Campbell, did not defend the play the way they had practiced.

And because Campbell remembered practicing against this Brady-to-Russell Gage pass, he was in position to bat down the pass and seal a win for the Packers.

The All-Pro linebacker didn’t know what was happening behind him, that the Packers had actually played the Bucs’ two-point attempt different than how they practiced. All he saw was Brady’s eyes fixed on the back corner. Campbell arrived at his spot, leaping as Brady’s pass sailed over his head, extending his right arm in the air to knock it away.

Joe knows it is common for a player who makes a critical play in the game to say he knew what was coming. What would he say otherwise? “I was caught with my pants down and just lucky enough the dumb quarterback threw it to me by mistake?”

It’s hard for Joe to give the offense a pass because its play was so p!ss poor. The defense? Joe will give them props all week for their second-half play.

There is no excuse for having an offense led by Tom Brady only score one touchdown, and that happened (if you read Wood’s story) because the Florida summer weather finally got to the Packers and they were out of gas.

25 Responses to “De’Vondre Campbell Claims He Knew Where Tom Brady’s Two-Point Converstion Pass Was Going”

  1. firethecannons Says:

    surprised tom brady lets get byron leftwich get away with such piss poor play calling. Also the offensive line fell apart and there were too many fumbles–that reflects on Byron Leeftwich. He will never get any other football job after this failure. And the Bucs will never get anywhere if they don’t figure this sht out. Nobody on offense takes a day off from here on out and wtf was julio wasting away on the bench for when they played Darden and Scotty Miller all game long. Time to make big changes.

  2. firethecannons Says:

    scotty miller is not working out anymore and that has to be addressed, defense has saved this team enough already offense with tom brady is awful and embarassing TB12 needs to fire byron leftwich–that or at least just start the play calling himself

  3. ModHairKen Says:

    They should have never been in that position. Injuries and inexperienced players are an excuse.

    This was a home opener, and they should have been better prepared. That starts with Bowles. The play calling, again, was predictable. Brady was hurried, and occasionally inaccurate. The turnovers hurt.

    I imagine Brady is doing a slow burn right now. I expect him and the team to come back next Sunday and ready to go.

  4. adam from ny Says:

    and to think we were an offensive juggernaut the last couple of years…

    if we were even remotely close to that, we’d be almost unbeatable this year…with the defense maturing to where they are now seemingly at

  5. CrackWise Says:

    KC lost to the COLTS

    Bills lost to the DOLPHINS

    Buc lost to the Packers


    Bills and KC < BUCS ???

    It appears that way!!!

  6. Crickett Baker Says:

    It just was a very poorly executed game. Neither our offense nor defense was better than Green Bay’s. I don’t see the play calling being the main culprit in our loss.

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    If you only have one NFL WR, and you already threw to him 13 times, it’s not really that hard to figure out where it’s going.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Lenny is doing the best he can without a decent offensive line. We need some guys to get healthy…and the issue with the other RBs is they lack vision. I will never understand how any RB can see the wall in front of them…and yet run right into it.

    We’re coming off a loss and tempers are bound to flair…but I prefer to rejoice…because we’ll get a bunch of players back this week and maybe the offense will start looking better.

    Center is the position I’m most worried about on the oline. All of he people who wanted to replace our starter should look at what is happening now. Center is the most difficult spot on the line to find a suitable replacement. The center sets the temple of the oline.

    Ah well…I expect a much more efficient game next week. Prime Time and injuries starting to clear up. This week is when we begin our big run into the playoffs.

  9. Sparky Says:

    This could be what Rodgers was talking about when he said he saw something on the Jumbotron in the stadium and relayed it to the “right people”. Maybe something he saw gave that play away and it got radioed into the defense?

  10. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m over it and moving on to next week already. See you Sunday!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I thought Lenny was also open for the td

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Another prediction: Expect Gronk to return to the fold this week.

  13. SidBucs Says:

    You guys are need to chill it’s one game against a very good playoff team.

    Once we get back Evans, Godwin and Smith I can honestly say we are a super bowl contender. Defense is playing great, special teams are taking care off there role. I can’t think of a team that would win without there starting LT, top 3 WR and a O-line that is still working progress. By the end off the regular season we are going to be fine. We will win our division and be like 11-6 and get either the number 3 or 4 seed and watch this team play when playoffs start.

  14. steele Says:

    Predictability. BL. So predictable that non-geniuses know what is coming.

  15. Elita Vita Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai says: “Another prediction : “Expect Gronk to return to the fold this week”.

    From your mouth to the man upstairs. And I don’t mean Bruce Arians!

  16. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I listened to the podcast, and all I heard was Lee venting about our third down conversion rate. I understand his frustration, but may I suggest you look at the process, instead of the results. Ask yourself why this team is always in third down situations in the first place? Most which aren’t manageable. The sequencing in our play calls is offer. It’s predictable! Brady completed over 70% of his passes, and that’s with this rag tag bunch of receivers. He actually played his best game this year if you ask me.

    I’ll leave you with what Peyton Manning said about third downs. I consider Manning the greatest offensive mind to ever.

    I won’t try to directly quote Peyton. I will just give the jist of what he said about the subject of downs. Here’s a quick summary version:

    Don’t play to get to a “manageable” 3rd down. 3rd downs SUCK! The defense is fired up, the line has their ears pinned back and the coaches like to throw something exotic at you. 3rd downs are converted on 1st and 2nd by avoiding 3rd down. He basically described “staying ahead of the chains” as getting another first down on 1st down or 2nd down. If its 3rd down you are not ahead of the chains, because you failed to convert on 1st or 2nd down. It was a different way to look at things for me. When he gave his perspective I realized I’ve always been a “play for a manageable 3rd down” kind of guy. If you are constantly fighting to convert in 2 downs instead of 3 it changes some playcalling decisions and increases the sense of urgency.

    3rd down is not the time to run to the sticks. That’s for 1st and 2nd down. Coaches like to say “run to the sticks” on 3rd down but the sticks are exactly what the defense is trying to keep you from getting to.

  17. Bob in valrico Says:

    Agree with Bucfan 13. I would also like to see more passes past the sticks and
    less short passes that the receivers aren’t capable of stretching into first downs. The defenses are giving up these short passes and denying the first down.

  18. anderson Says:

    Da GOAT ain’t lookin’ like da GOAT.

  19. Listnfrmafar Says:

    FYI GB had multiple no calls when the clock expired. Of course they knew where it was going, there was NO Julio Jones in the end zone, he was being saved for the long run and ME13 was polishing his brass knuckles. Who else was Brady going to throw the ball to Miller? Darden? Perriman? Please!

  20. Michael Johnson Says:

    The delay on the 2 point conversion is unacceptable. I dont care what anyone says it all on the QB to get that play off period. No excuses for a possible overtime. Quit making excuses for fighting missing ends and injuries. They still had a chance for overtime and a win so quit crying about the missing pieces because Greenbay had alot of missing pieces also and they werent crying. Mike Evens learn to control your temper better so you dont hurt the team anymore and please forget about Gronk. Tired about hearing how much we miss him. Hes retired

  21. Bucfan Says:

    Shades of the 0-26 Bucs re-appearing. Defense decent and NO offense!!

  22. Listnfrmafar Says:

    anderson@ I don’t know how it works in your corn hole league but two drives inside the 35 were killed due to fumbles, another drive killed on a horrid double reverse pass call, another killed on a holding call he made 73.8% of his passes counting the fumbles and dropped balls. What game were you watching. It was Roger’s that shat himself after the first 1/2.

  23. Ed Says:

    The 3 biggest plays of the game were caused by penalties:

    Brady’s 20 yard first down scramble wiped out by holding penalty.

    Rogers takes advantage of Bucs substituting goes for a home run and Dean picks it off. I saw those defensive lineman trying to get off the field, it was obvious they were not substituting quickly enough.

    2 point conversion, from 2 yards to 7 yards due to play clock running out.

    Bucs did not play a clean game. When you are playing with all these backups you have to be smarter. The Bucs could have squeezed out a 1-3 point victory if any one of those penalties hadn’t been committed.

  24. Goatfarmer Says:

    List – I disagree with your takes sometimes, but you made me spit out my afternoon beverage with your “cornhole league” reference. LOL.

  25. Aaron Says:

    Lol Shady brady really getting two delay of game but only one called getting old one touchdown isn’t gonna do it now remember 9-0 gonna have to start checking his gear lol