Tom Brady Is Ready To Rock

August 30th, 2022

Regular season ready.

Tom Brady had already turned all ideas, concepts and norms of football upside down. And that was before he started practicing part-time.

We all know the story. Brady came to the Bucs at 42, a new team, new coaches, new teammates, no offseason at all due to The Sickness, and promptly led one of football’s most woebegone franchises to a Super Bowl victory.

Hollywood would try to run someone out of town if they turned in that script. It would be considered so science fiction.

Then, at age 45, Brady became a part-time practice player. On Saturday, in his first game action since last year’s playoffs, Brady seemed to blow Frank Schwab’s mind with his smoothness against the Colts.

Schwab, of Yahoo! Sports, noted Brady looked regular season-ready.

… Brady did appear in two preseason games in 2021, so it wasn’t that unusual for him to get some playing time before the regular season starts.

Brady got to acclimate himself with the starting offense. The Bucs ran a lot of no-huddle when he was in the game. He got to complete a pass to Jones before the regular season starts. He got out of the game without getting hit. It was a productive night.

Schwab noted Brady really had one pass that was off-target. That was an overthrow for Mike Evans. Otherwise, he was sharp.

Folks, we are watching stuff likely never to be seen again. Enjoy it while it lasts. This could be all gone in six months.

16 Responses to “Tom Brady Is Ready To Rock”

  1. Long John Says:

    I am sure everyone knows Frank Schwab,but who is he?

  2. SOEbuc Says:

    Licht will get him back for a 4 year deal. We’re living in a Bucs dream life right now 🏴‍☠️

  3. David Says:

    I would argue the quick hit to Darden was off target as well. It led him right into almost being decapitated by the defense.

    Otherwise, he looked great and as long as Godecke holds up, the O will be great

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps it’s nitpicking, but the pass to a covered Evans that drew the PI flag was not the right read. TJ, who ran the same route as the previous play was wide open.

  5. D Says:

    Perhaps it’s nitpicking, but the pass to a covered Evans that drew the PI flag was not the right read. TJ, who ran the same route as the previous play was wide open.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    His family is probably pissed. They thought he was going to be part Owner of the Dolphins. Then the Brian Flores lawsuit destroyed that plan.

    And when Ryan Jensen was close to signing elsewhere, and the Bucs were deciding to pursue QB’s, he rushed back. Tampa Bay was the safety school. The backup option. Then he demanded Bruce to go upstairs.

    You can’t get the coach retired, ditch work, and treat Tampa Bay like the fat girl at prom, and call yourself a team-first guy. Tom is about Tom.

  7. Mikejp Says:

    Players are still voting Brady as the number one thís year. It is amazing for an aged player.

  8. Colonel Angus Says:

    “Lets Rock”
    -Al Bundy

  9. Buccobill99 Says:

    Anon must have the same sources as jeff and yucbuc

  10. Bird Says:

    No wonder his name is anonymous

    You think this dude / chick has any friends?
    We have the worst fans

    Negative lil nancy girl

  11. ben Says:

    The players voted Tom the best player in the league .. That says it all !!

  12. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Anonymous, you mean the exact pass to TJ that hit him in the hands he dropped. Darden off target? His aim was the #1 and hit it dead on. Darden needs to know where he is on the field and those around him, protect yourself, catch it and go down and to be honest he made Gilmore look good, he is a great cover guy but not known for his hitting. The over throw to Evan’s was the only bad pass the other to Evan’s was a great defensive play by Golmore, they didn’t show his right arm so it’s hard to say if it was PI or not. For some reason, Brady and Evan’s struggle early getting on the same page. If anyone didn’t think Brady looked sharp should be watching soccer.

  13. 99 55 47 20 Says:

    Anonymous you are an idiot

  14. Bucsfan Says:

    This is a true story 8 years ago I was trying to quit drinking. I was a real alcoholic going through bad through withdrawals and I turned on the radio on and heard this voice. Anybody that ever heard Franks voice knows what I am talking about. Well his voice go listen to it triggered me and I drove straight down to beer place and got a 12 pack. I just felt I need to tell this story to some one because I could never explain this to the people around me. Anyway even Franks weird annoying voice wont trigger me but I do not try and tempt fate

  15. Eddie Marz Says:

    Joe let the games begin! Can’t wait to kick Dallas’s ass. Fully expect Tampa to challenge for another Super Bowl. GOBUCS!

  16. Crickett Baker Says:

    Besides being a great receiver and person, Mike Evans is the master at getting PI calls. That’s one of the other things that I love about him. In the Colts game, he took a somewhat errant Brady pass and turned it into a 15-yard gain. GO BUCS!