Todd Bowles: No Receiver Stood Out To Win Job

August 28th, 2022

Bucs coach Todd Bowles.

OK, before Joe’s haters pile on, no, Mike Evans did not have to win a job this summer. He’s on the final-53, duh.

However, after the sure-things at receiver — Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, Russell Gage [who did not play last night] and Evans — Bucs coach Todd Bowles said none of the other receivers stood out last night and did anything worthy of beating their chests and hollering that they won a roster spot.

“I don’t think any of them distinguished themselves last night from the other weeks,” Bowles said. “We are looking for a little more from certain people. But, tape-wise, I did not see any of them separating themselves.”

That’s not promising. Here you have a bunch of receivers competing for maybe two, perhaps three spots and none of them grabbed the bull by the balls and won the job? That gives Joe pause on constantly bragging about the Bucs’ receiver depth.

Maybe the Bucs are deep at receiver with JAGS?

And no, Bowles later added, no one stuck out on special teams either, which would be a sign a guy nosed himself in front of the pack.

50 Responses to “Todd Bowles: No Receiver Stood Out To Win Job”

  1. OBVIOUS Says:

    I believe he is trying to keep them off other teams. Could be that he’s trying very hard to create a misdirection campaign. We already know that pretty much all of them are THAT good.

  2. Buc4evr Says:

    I am thinking Miller is gone. Not sure what his problem is, but he has gone down hill this year. Still not sure what the Bucs see in Darden? Johnson has done enough to make the roster.

  3. Marine Buc Says:

    I believe Scotty Miller will probably be released. Hopefully he falls through the waiver wire and we can pick him up and place him on our practice squad.

    It isn’t just the dropped pass last night. It is also the fact that both Thompkins and Darden can return punts and KOs – with Kenyon Barner injured (again) the Bucs really have no choice…

    Look for Miller, Stearns and Gieger all be released and possibly brought back on IR.

    Perriman played last night – so he will probably not be going on IR like I hoped he would.

    However – I wouldn’t be shocked if Godwin went on IR for the first few weeks.

    1 – ME
    2 – RG
    3 – JJ
    4 – TJ
    5 – Perriman
    6 – Darden
    7 – Thompkins

    Godwin starts the year on IR.

  4. Marine Buc Says:


    * Look for Miller, Stearns and Geiger to be brought back on PS not IR… my bad.

  5. Red86 Says:

    Scotty Miller haven’t stood out positively these 3 games. Last night drop with ball at his helmet was disappointing.

    Tyler Johnson appears to be a keeper.

    The rest are up in the air.

  6. SB~LV Says:

    Yep… but none other than #10 were featured
    Word games. They know who they like and keep. As I said last night with the strong first 4 WR’s they can gamble with potential for development of the last 3
    I think we’ll see some surprises

  7. HC Grover Says:

    El Blundo strikes again. Dallas will be the tell.

  8. HC Grover Says:

    El Blundo ran up the gut for some reason and wasted lots of plays to test the receivers then he complains he does not have tape on them. Gee I wonder why? Something is wrong this makes no sense with him.

  9. Netwalker Says:

    Far more important to test the O line for the run game. Too many question marks not to run a lot in practice games. Starting receivers are known. Not so much for guard and center.

  10. Karl Says:

    Obvious – Did *you* see any receiver impress / stand out? I sure did not.

    So, no. I don’t think Coach was “tryin to keep them off other teams”. I think a much more simple explanation for his comments are…

    ..No WR5 or WR6 stood out.

    Scotty dropped two ‘gift’ passes in the last 2 games and Tyler Johnson dropped another one. Those are our most veteran and they aren’t dazzling. Sadly.

    Just my thoughts

  11. Vance Says:

    So we run 1st and 2nd down EVERY FUQKIN SERIES.
    Pass on 3rd…. This dumpster fire of a line can’t stop a slow drip faucet.
    If we do the math, it don’t add up to a positive formula.

  12. SB~LV Says:

    Vance it was PS and they are burning clock

  13. GOB Says:

    As soon as they signed Julio, Millers days were numbered. I’d be shocked if he makes it through the waiver wire. NFL GMs are addicted to speed. It blinds most of them. I can’t imagine that 31 other teams will pass on him. Why the bucs never tried to make him a punt/kick returner is beyond me. Maybe they did and I missed it. As a reciever, he’s very limited. It either has to be schemed up for him, or a complete breakdown in coverage.

  14. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Karl

    T. Johnson > S. Miller… I appreciate what SM has done for us but this ain’t 2020 and the NFL only asks “what have you done for me lately?”

    Yes – Johnson dropped one but he also caught most of his targets this preseason and was probably our best WR against Miami…

    Miller will be replaced by Thompkins. TJ will absolutely make the squad as our WR5 behind Julio.

  15. Lkld Gene Says:

    Can’t smooth R.White rookie back or Vaughn return what kickoffs don’t fly into end zone and so punts is the main thing.

    I can’t see keeping a guy just for that. Miller would get picked up and at least does know Brady vs other guys. I see Perriman or Miller as possible throw in trade bait for OL or C this week. Grayson is gone, Thompkins on practice Squad, you might sneed Darden on practice squad too.

  16. Craig Says:

    They really weren’t given much of a chance to show themselves off. Trask was forced to hand off up the middle almost all of the second half.

    The few chances given seemed more like people trying to get cut.

    Scutter Miller couldn’t find the ball.

    Tyler Johnson had some big drops and can’t find to yard marker, he is always a yard short.

    I don’t think Sterns or Tompkins got a single ball thrown in their direction.

    I also thought Sterns should have had a chance for punt or kickoff returns, he did it in college

  17. Crickett Baker Says:

    We lost 3 games in a row. We lost the last i=one by a lot. Our 2nd and third possible players did not beat those of any other team. Them’s the facts, Jack.

  18. Darin Says:

    They try to keep them off other teams by drafting them. After that it’s best man plays. If they can’t win a job here there’s nobody worrying about other teams picking them up. If they thought the wrs were good enough they wouldn’t have picked up Gage and Jones.

  19. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Scotty Miller may be the only guy currently on this roster who can cover a punt. With the way Camarda is punting, we need someone who knows what he is doing on special teams as a gunner to make sure that those 50-60 yard punts don’t come back 80 yards the other way.

  20. Vance Says:

    Then why give the evaluation? Sounds like your making excuses for them.
    If you want a real evaluation, you have to set your team up to succeed.

  21. Vance Says:

    It’s ultimately Brady’s decision. He’ll want Miller.

  22. Bucanero Says:

    I feel they really would like for Darden to work because of the screen game but dude doesn’t get a break and one was required to go ahead with confidence. From the words of Coach Bowles I figure the Bucs keep 6 WRs and 4 TEs. Not sure who gets that last spot but I’m pretty sure CG12 is not going to IR so the same list as above but until Perriman. It’s unlikely other teams will pick up all cuts and either Darden or Thompkins make the PS.

  23. gotbbucs Says:

    Tyler Johnson is a lock.

  24. Marine Buc Says:

    Darden will be our #1 punt returner. He isn’t going anywhere folks…

  25. Bucanero Says:

    “no one stood out” = they suck. People trying to read between the lines what it is straightforward. We were expecting a match and we got a stupid 0-0 boring soccer game. The guys made a difficult decision not because of achievement but because of lack of it. This team has a very strong WR room already. Cut the fat and put that roster spot where it counts the most.

  26. Vance Says:

    Darden is a waste of a roster spot. Got more confidence in Miller or White
    For KR or PR

  27. Cobraboy Says:

    Calm down, casuals, it was pre-season.

  28. Maniac Buc Says:

    Vance, it hilarious you think Brady has final say so in roster decision. Also, I don’t think Brady wants Miller. 😂😂

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Camarda was instructed to kick it as deep as he could so we could find a gunner…..He won’e always be going for distance…..he will also go for hang time.

    That’s why we drafted him…..also because he didn’t rape anybody…..

    {Rape spelled wrong so it would pass moderation)

  30. lambeau Says:

    Maybe Sterns and Thompkins got no targets so they would’t produce any tape.
    Could Scotty be told to drop the ball so he’d make the practice squad?
    (I know–that’s crazy.)

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Marine Buc…

    I like your list on WR…….it all hinges on Godwin being placed on IR or not.

    Since we are so deep at WR, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stash one on the IR for 4 weeks as a backup plan against future injury…..

    I was more thinking Perriman since his salary is guaranteed…..maybe he’ll have a “mysterious” injury at practice.

  32. Vance Says:

    Maniac Buc.
    I understand you just arrived here. Before you hopped on the bandwagon. Us Buc lifers, lived the LOST DECADE. Maybe you should do some research on that.
    Once Brady arrived, he started the recruiting. Should we put a list together for ya champ?

  33. Slacker Says:

    Darden is a liability any time he touches the ball.

  34. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Tyler Johnson is a lock. The confirmation was when he dropped an easy pass from Brady, but Tom went to him again on a crucial fourth down play. That’s a huge vote of confidence from Tom. TJ is a lock. Why are people so high on Perriman? He’s often hurt and does nothing on the field. The obsession with him from Bucs fans is weird. Darden also didn’t impress. He’s still awful as a returner and he plays small.

    Brady and Leftwich will look at the tape and decide who stays. I fondly remember Brady saying in NE that if he doesn’t trust the guy and doesn’t think he can help the team win, he won’t throw it to him. I know Aaron Rodgers got heat for saying the same thing, but they’re old school guys and it’s about trust. They need to know you’re gonna be in the right place and catch the ball.

    My guess is they’ll keep Thompkins and Darden, even though Darden doesn’t deserve to stay.

    Also, fire Keith Armstrong

  35. Rod Munch Says:

    Maybe the receivers could have stood out more if Leftwich wasn’t wasting half the downs running it up the middle for 1.2 yards.

  36. BucBoy Says:

    BucsWire: Kyle Trask A Top Performer From Preseason Loss vs. Colts

    Buccaneers.Com: QB Kyle Trask Had Promising Outing In Saturday’s Preseason Finale

    CBS Sports: Buccaneers’ Kyle Trask: Encouraging Finish To Preseason

    JoeBucs: … crickets …

  37. AbucAway Says:

    If none of the receivers past wr4 are standing out when they are facing cuts then maybe some new blood is needed.

  38. adam from ny Says:

    they’ll keep miller…

    and darden will be cut by week 6-8 if he slips and slides around and still looks rookie-ish…

    thompkins should make it…

    perriman gets stashed for now…

    sterns, geiger to ps…

    godwin to ir…

    1 – ME
    2 – RG
    3 – JJ
    4 – TJ
    5 – thompkins
    6 – miller
    7 – darden

  39. lambeau Says:

    Even if Godwin is put on IR, he has to be on the initial 53 for a day to be eligible to return at some point during the season.

  40. Marine Buc Says:

    @ TBF

    Agreed. I would prefer they allow Godwin a few more weeks to rehab and gain trust in the rebuilt knee. I believe that is the main reason for the Julio Jones signing…

  41. RBs Bucs Says:

    I expect the team to keep:


  42. Gman Says:

    Like it is even up to Bowles….the decision is made solely by TB12. That means Miller and Darden are safe.

  43. Bucsfan13 Says:

    When are the Joes or Ira going to write an article about our awful special teams! They are actively hindering this team. The O has a long field and the D must defend a short field. It’s one of the reasons we struggled against the Rams and Saints. When will Keith Armstrong be available to speak to the media? I’m just so furious that Armstrong has escaped all criticism! Bowles next move should be to give Armstrong his walking papers.

  44. GOB Says:

    lambeau is correct. If placed on IR, Godwin would be eligible to return four weeks after the designation. If he’s going to IR, it’ll happen the day after final cuts. The season starts in 14 days, and he hasn’t yet been cleared for contact. IMO, IR is a no brainer. They must think he’ll be ready by week 5, 6 at the latest. Otherwise he’d of been placed on PUP. If not mistaken, had that happened, he wouldn’t be eligible to return until week 6, and couldn’t play until week 8. I may be mistaken, but that’s how I done read the rizules

  45. Joe Says:

    When are the Joes or Ira going to write an article about our awful special teams!

    We’ve done that. Just search “Keith Armstrong” in Joe’s free archives.

  46. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    Wow a lot of you are completely lost or just don’t know anything about football ! I mean has it been that long that you forget this is the PRE season ? You act like they should be throwing everything they have at these meaningless games !! Vance, you have to be the worst person to ever comment on here and that’s saying a lot with the likes of O’Neal and the others . Chill out man , don’t go popping hemorrhoids out of every membrane just yet . If you really think the Bucs are just going to lay down you might as well jump off the bandwagon ! You sound like the opposite of a true fan . Go Bucs and go real Buc fans !

  47. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    Vance said it himself “After Brady arrived , I became a Bucs fan” … You know nothing Vancey pants. Sorry your Lion’s have been terrible since Barry Sanders retired and then Megatron . Yeah I can tell a fake fan when I see their asinine comments about a pre-season game that wasn’t to win as much as it was to evaluate talent. That’s why I know your a Lions fan cuz those are the only games they win and you think it counts LMFAO

  48. Nate Says:


  49. Eddie Marz Says:

    Sooty to say this but Miller may have hit his prime two years ago. It’s been downhill from there. We all love him but he’s probably gone. Good luck Scotty and thanks for that “catch” against Green Bay. GOBUCS!

  50. Eddie Marz Says: