The Brady-Godwin Knee Discussion (Video)

August 28th, 2022

Chris Godwin

Interesting moment between Chris Godwin and Tom Brady on the sideline last night in Indianapolis.

Godwin didn’t play as he’s still rehabbing his surgically-repaired knee. He put in a strong workout on the turf field before kickoff, and then he was on the sidelines chatting with various teammates through the game.

At one point, Godwin sat down and was having what clearly was an intense conversation with Brady.

Joe was full dialed in. When Brady rolled up his left pant leg and started outlining things on his left knee for Godwin, the same knee where he had ACL surgery in 2008. Joe eventually got the video cranked up.

It almost looked like Brady was coaching up Godwin on motion or explaining something like a good doctor might at a follow-up appointment.

Joe hopes Godwin didn’t approach him about feelings in his knee. Joe would prefer he feel nothing there.. It’s unclear whether Godwin will be ready to play in Week 1, which would be a very aggressive return timetable for him.

See some of the chatter in Joe’s video below.

33 Responses to “The Brady-Godwin Knee Discussion (Video)”

  1. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, MD. What can’t the man do?! When Brady returned from his knee injury, it was his first major injury. He’s coaching CG up.

  2. SB~LV Says:

    We need Godwin for the last 6 games not the first six games

  3. J Ghotier Says:

    Ronde and Chris Myers referred to that specific convo on the broadcast last night as a “podcast session”

    I still remember Brady’s first game back from his knee injury against Buffalo and it has Bill mic’d up yelling at Brady to trust it and don’t be afraid to step into the throws because he was so hesitant to start that game and didn’t look like himself for a bit.

    I’m starting to wonder now though if we aren’t planning on using Godwin until Oct/Nov/Dec and may not use him much at all to start the season in September. That’s a big chess piece because IF you only keep 6 receivers (w/ Russ injured, Mike coming back, Julio who could go down at any minute and we are left w/ Darden and Johnson as healthy or available receivers on the 53 like that to start the reason. I’m beginning to think we need to keep a 7th WR to start the season and/or possible just be smart and shelf Godwin for the 4 weeks of season.

    I don’t wanna have CG not play until week 5, but w/ the receiver situation currently, me may need to keep a 7th WR. Plus, I’m getting a feeling we may not see Godwin until week 3 or 4 anyways, because the vibe I’m getting lately is that CG might take a couple weeks into the season before he’s fully ready to go. I’m ok w/ delaying Godwin’s return by a week or so anyways if it bodes well for his long-term health and future w/ us.

    🙏 either way, get well CG and can’t wait to you see back out there again and having fun

  4. Casual Observer Says:

    I’m sure the will be super cautious with this guy.

  5. geno711 Says:

    Love the trash throw at 19 seconds. Glad the guy missed Brady or he might have had a lesser job.

  6. unbelievable Says:

    I think Godwin returns week 3.

    Basing that off of nothing except my personal feelings.

  7. timbucs2 Says:

    Sorry, all I could watch in that video was Cam Brate’s majestic mustache

  8. Pewter Power Says:

    Definitely don’t play Godwin against the dirty saints in week 2, they will be gunning for that knee on purpose

  9. Todd Says:

    That was a great catch, Joe! I was like ordering what could they possibly be talking about with such intensity. Tried, but couldn’t imagine. With your video, it now makes perfect sense. Gracias for your excellent spider instincts to focus in solo!

  10. Todd Says:

    “wondering” not “like ordering”

    — Fat Thumbs

  11. Mike pizzoli Says:

    Did anyone notice hainsey walk by in that video? Looked like he had no limp whatsoever which is amazing

  12. SB~LV Says:

    When Hainsey approached the training table he walked up and spun around and sat himself on the table.
    He’ll tape it up and go starting day

  13. MonkeyMan Says:


    No mention of the comment last night during Brady’s press conf where he said hopefully we’ll have him (Godwin) ready to go week 1???

    Seems like a big nugget of inside information from Tommy to overlook. Anyone else pick up on this???

  14. GermanBucs Says:

    That what he did in his 11 days off. Got his MD degree.
    Next week he’ll get his Master in Rocket Science

  15. Joe Says:

    No mention of the comment last night during Brady’s press conf where he said hopefully we’ll have him (Godwin) ready to go week 1???

    Hope and reality are two different things. Every person at One Buc hopes Godwin can play. Brady is no different.

  16. Patrick grems Says:

    Leeverett and Hainsey look aight to me

  17. SB~LV Says:

    There is no hope in football

  18. BUC IT Says:

    They need to give this a month or so on Godwin. That’s the whole reason we signed Julio.

  19. Buc4lyfe79 Says:

    So fitting that the Top Gun theme was playing in the background while Joe shot this video…Top Gun Tommy coaching up Chris Goose Godwin on his rehab. GO BUCS!!!

  20. View from 132 Says:

    I know Chris, I always cut myself. Now I use Nair.

  21. Boulder 66 Says:

    I think he should wait until he’s 100 with Mike and Julio at recover they can hold it down and build chemistry while they await the return of GODwin. If they can keep the O line healthy there offense looks explosive

  22. PapaBuc Says:

    Based on his progression and ability to cut in practice, I would day he will be ready for week 1. Once he gets over the fear of getting hit, he will be fine. The dirty Saints will definitely be knee hunting again.

  23. BucsfanFred Says:

    Maybe with Sean Payton gone they’ll play a cleaner game.

  24. Rod Munch Says:

    Brady was wanting to watch the Top Gun Maverick thing they were doing in the dome where they put actors from the movies faces on kids and Godwin wouldn’t shutup.

  25. Crickett Baker Says:

    I didn’t see what you guys saw. I saw CG almost lecturing TB. TB’s body language (crossed arms, head lowered) didn’t look, to me, like any worthwhile discussion was going on. The video was clear, though, and I am glad Joe was on his “toes”.

  26. Anthony Says:

    First and foremost it’s about his health. Period. I would rather have a Godwin 100% healthy and confident for half the season then. One back and be out again. Cause we all know how that worked out with Gronk last year

  27. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Crickett. You’re reaching. It looked like a normal conversation. Tom was listening to CG and vice versa

  28. BucU Says:

    One of you guys mentioned that even if Chris is ready to go week 1 you sit him until week 3 regardless. You don’t want him playing against the dirty Saints defense in week 2. Great observation.

  29. D-Rok Says:

    Dang Joes, what kinda cam you got there? Is that the new UltraMegaClear Sony 54,000 I’ve been hearing about? LOL. That video is super clear. This fan appreciates viewing content like this – good job and thanks.

    As for the convo, pretty sure I lip-read the following:

    CG: “So how do I make mad scratch in the crypto-game, yo?”
    TB: “Son, you gotta diversify with your portfolio.”
    CG: “Oh, word?”
    TB: “Word.”

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    One of the greatest things ever was the Saints in 2020 on opening day took a cheap shot on Mike Evans in that game, then late in the game, the Saints are needlessly running up the score at the end, Michael Thomas gets injured – at first they say it’s nothing big, and, well, 2 years later, he’s barely played.

    People never talk about that series for events for some reasons, but it was some remarkable karma.

    As for running up the score, I have no issue with that and think it’s really childish of others to get their panties in a bunch of over it, if you don’t want the score to be ran up on you, then stop them from doing it. Pretty simple stuff. But that fact Thomas was injured when the Saints were up by 2 TDs with like 2 minutes left, was, and still is, hilarious considering that they are cheap shot artist and legit attempted to injure Evans that game.

  31. GOB Says:

    If Godwin doesn’t start the season on IR, I’d be very surprised. From experience I can tell you two things. First, it takes time to get accustomed to that clunky brace. You simply have to play through it, and refine your game accordingly. The other part is mental. Yes the tendons have been repaired, and are actually stronger than before. But, try telling that to a guy who’s done eight months of grueling rehab. Swelling and pain are very common when you’re full go, after the repair. It’s just the nature of the beast. Maybe that’s what they were talking about. I doubt Brady could tell him much about an ACL, because of how different the demands are. Godwin needs to cut on a dime. All Brady has to do is stand in the pocket and throw.

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    Wait, sorry, it wasn’t Evans, they took a cheap shot on Godwin, tried to decapitate him, then taunted him once he was down.

    I went and looked up the thread and I wrote this before Thomas got hurt…

    “Rod Munch Says:
    September 13th, 2020 at 7:33 pm
    If the Saints put their starters back out there, the Bucs need to take out Michael Thomas to get back for that clearly dirty hit on Godwin. You don’t let them get away with that trash, hurt him.”

    Thomas somehow got hurt on his own, I believe getting worthless TD at the end, but the football Gods paid back the Saints in full. How great is that.

  33. Keith Henig Says:

    If Godwin is out the first 4 weeks of the season, I am very good with that. Get the guy 100% healthy and the final 13 will be his time to shine.