“The Big-Game Gene”

August 9th, 2022

So how much better will Tom Brady get this season?

It’s probably a much more appropriate question than asking whether Brady will finally look 45, or even 40.

Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner was talking on The Rich Eisen Show today on SiriusXM and was asked about Brady’s play and if he can still improve. Warner said the word “ceiling” is used often when talking about player evaluation, but it really doesn’t apply to Brady.

“Every time we think he’s hit his ceiling, he pushes himself to another level and he seems to get better,” Warner said.

As for Brady’s greatness, Warner sees no sign of it waning. “You never grow out of that big-game gene, and not everybody has it,” he said.

Brady friend and former Belicheats mentor and playcaller Charlie Weis was at One Buc Palace on Saturday studying the Tampa Bay offense and talking to various Bucs types.

He was blown away and implied that Brady’s ceiling hasn’t lowered.

“I mean, I watched him. He’s slinging it all over the yard effortlessly. I’m shaking my head in amazement,” Weis said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I mean, the guy looks no different than the guy 20 years ago as far as how far he can throw it.”

Joe sees Brady as a freakish marvel just like everyone else. It’s why Joe is very hopeful that Brady will play in 2023.

20 Responses to ““The Big-Game Gene””

  1. Maniac Buc Says:

    It’s Brady. Guy could play until he’s 60

  2. SPARKY Says:

    I’m with you Joe. But you and me together can’t match what Gisele has. Unless you have a better body than me (I do have pretty good boobs for a old man) I’m pretty sure it’s out of our control.

  3. Cobraboy Says:

    If he plays in 2023, it won’t be Miami after TSHTF…

  4. Bucsfan Says:

    Joe you want juicy Brady gossip its all out there for you. I will give you some. Belichick has a gf named Linda Holiday and all she would do was run her mouth on ig about Brady. Specifically the Saints playoff game saying he deserves no credit. Brady fans got on her for all the negative things she would say abt Brady she switched ig to private. Linda Holiday does not like Brady its common knowledge. Brady’s Retirement post sent her over the edge not mentioning Belichick or patriots. This is how Bill feels he just lets Linda put it out there. Bill will then pretend he knows nothing abt social media.

  5. An Erection for Sacks Says:

    I thought that maybe this article was about the soon-to-be-retired guy who calls the games on the radio.

  6. Bucsfan Says:

    Fist time I heard Brady was going to the dolphins I was watching felger and mazz. This was like mid feb when the 49ers rumors were running wild led by Mike Florio. I kid you not ACORDION CORY called in world famous acordion player that is friends with felger and mazz show. He was playing in New York and he said I know where Brady is going. He said I wish I could say it was 49ers were I want him to go but he said he is going to Miami. That was the first time anyone said Brady was going to phins. Every media member said Brady was going to 49ers which he never was. Cory said he got info from some big shot in NYC. It had to be someone that knew Bruce Beal

  7. Crickett Baker Says:

    AND he was wrong, too. 😀

  8. steele Says:

    The question shouldn’t be about any possible improvement in Brady. He has nothing to prove.

    He has earned the right to sail to another SB easily, carry home a final Lombardi, with a complete team that is built around him, catering to him. Defenses so great, offense merely has to show up. Elway and Peyton Manning could have slept through their final years with the Broncos. Same with the Eli Manning Giants, the Jim McMahon Bears. And…the Brad Johnson Bucs.

    Brady has not enjoyed this luxury, except possibly in the early Pats era. He certainly won’t this season. Adversity, crappy rosters, rookies, question marks, injuries, forcing him to be heroic way more than he should.

  9. Kody Says:

    The quality of season TB is set to have is dependent on three things:

    The quality and depth of his receivers

    The quality and depth of is OL

    The quality and depth of the Buc’s Defensive

    The receivers and D are looking great. The OL is concerning and I’d feel a ton better if they got Tretter, at least to provide depth.

    Overall though, if the key players stay healthy, TB might have his best Bucs season yet.

  10. Hodad Says:

    Brady isn’t going to go to a new team, and learn a new offense next year at the age of 46. That kind of commitment would have him devoting all his time to football something I very much doubt he and his family would be good with. I think he’s done after this season, but if he wants another year, it’s all here for him.

  11. DG060 Says:

    Why haven’t the Bucs released the medical status of Jensen? This is just weird now.

  12. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    It would be so great if he played 2 more years.

  13. Bird Says:

    Only thing that will hold brady back is injuries to players

    Gage will be his new AB type slasher/ go to guy
    Godwin will be back in normal godwin slot role as he has what 34 days before season starts
    Evans will be evans
    Julio will be the best 4th receiver in NFL. I honestly could see him line up in a lot of gronks former spots on passing downs

    All tight ends contribute to what gronk produced

    White brings another rb that can catch out of backfield

    The concern for me …is a new player mason learning new scheme but he will be fine. But he is next to a new starting center …who is next to a left
    Guard which could be a very average player. Teams will bring every blitz package imaginable up the gut. The closest path to qb. And where brady has struggled in past like any other qb is up the middle. I hope there is a clear winner at left guard cause it appears like goedeke is not in the running at this time

  14. Jean Remondini Says:

    TB12 is the GOAT. Best QB ever.
    Good Luck to the entire Tampa Bay Bucs.
    Fans enjoy this great QB and entire team.

  15. Captain Oblivious Says:

    Brady will play until he is 62 then start collecting Social Security. Why shouldn’t he keep working like the rest of us?

  16. Kody Says:

    Everything depends on the OL. They have to protect Brady at all costs. And right now the interior OL is a very scary question mark with very little time left to make major adjustments.

    The easiest answer appears to be to hopefully sign J C Tretter ASAP. But for some mysterious reason that hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully something is going on with that behind the scenes.

  17. Bobby M. Says:

    IMO we have to win the Super Bowl to lure him back…..especially if Miami is dangling an ownership opportunity his way.

  18. GoatWatcher Says:

    Brady wants to trounce the Saints, twice. That is high on the 2022 (“left to prove”) agenda, along with another Superbowl run of course.

  19. Allbuccedup Says:

    I hope 3 newbies on the o-line don’t cause Brady issues.

  20. Allbuccedup Says:

    I read an article in the Miami Herald today that the Dolphin contingent are calling us Tamper Bay. HAHAHA!