Dan Orlovsky Thoughts On Bucs Passing Attack

August 26th, 2022

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky.

It pays to be a former Bucs backup quarterback.

Of course, most people are familiar with Chris Simms. He works for NBC and can be seen weekday mornings co-hosting “Pro Football Talk” streamed on Peacock.

Then there is rotten Ryan Fitzpatrick. Last night be began his broadcasting career as a pregame, halftime and postgame analyst on Amazon’s coverage of the NFL. He worked the 49ers-Texans game in Houston.

And then there is Dan Orlovsky. Many Bucs fans probably don’t remember Orlovsky playing for Tampa Bay, but he did. He’s gone on to bigger things working with BSPN.

So if you are a Bucs backup, you have a shot to make good TV coin after your career. Should we ready ourselves for Blaine Gabbert on CBS?

At any rate, Orlovsky works for BSPN. Like Simms, Orlovsky often can be seen weekday mornings on BSPN shows like “Stay in Bed” and “First Dump.”

Orlovsky recently Twittered how he believes the Bucs offense, not by choice, will no longer be the no-risk-it, no-biscuit offense. And that’s not because former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians will be sitting in press boxes this fall.

This makes sense on face value. The thing is, the Bucs offense is not geared for dinking and dunking. Oh, Joe suspects the Bucs will throw a lot of passes to Playoff Lenny like Tom Brady did last year. And perhaps Rachaad White will get worked in. But if the Bucs can adjust their blocking to compensate for a new left guard and green Robert Hainsey at center, then why not continue to throw deep? That’s their bread and butter.

But Joe can understand how the Bucs may not throw as deep as they did last two years, especially the first few weeks of this season.

No matter how you slice it, Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is going to earn that head coaching job he gets for 2023, if he can adjust properly to new personnel and injuries.

23 Responses to “Dan Orlovsky Thoughts On Bucs Passing Attack”

  1. 2022 Year of the GOAT RETURN Says:

    we can only hope that BL figures it out…. please stop the run up the middle on 1st down

  2. Reddington Neck Shores Says:

    Fitz was the only qb to actually use desean jackson’s specials abilities. hard to see that through the thick fog of americas quarterback fanboydom

  3. Kentucky Buc Says:

    If the O line gives up too much pressure Brady could always run out of the back of the end zone. Nobody will hit you back there.

  4. lambeau Says:

    They have confidence in Hainsey; why would these experienced coaches–Goodwin, Gilbert, Leftwich, BA, Bowles plus Licht–put Goedeke in there if he can’t handle it? They know they’re favored to reach the SB–why risk it? They were right about Cappa–they’re not stupid.

  5. Lt. Dan Says:

    My guess regarding the passing game is pretty basic and bland. Growing pains at first therefore dink and dunk. Eventually they will get back to a more downfield passing team as the new look OL gets comfortable.

  6. Biff Barker Says:

    we struggled last season after teams changed their coverage schemes. Didn’t many teams go to an extra safety over the top to stop the deep ball?
    We did struggle with a shorter passing game for awhile, Is my memory correct or failing me?
    Regardless Dan O is a pretty good analyst. He’s seeing why Buc fans are sweating over the OL.
    Its a good thing that Lenny, R. White and Gio can catch out of the backfield. Brate, Otten and Ko may factor in too. Too many weapons to cover if and when Brady gets time.

  7. Bird Says:

    Well we are still waiting to see if a new buc at guard will be present before opening day. With that said, we will quickly learn if no risk it no biscuit will be no different then last year We play some good teams with decent pass rushes early on to know if our routes will need to be shorter ones

    With that said brady’s pocket awareness is so good, if pass rush coming quickly he takes the sack , throws away or dumps off to a running back real quick. So unless this happens over and over again , not sure our game plan changes much

    Although i do hope our game plan against the saints and rams is completely new cause what we have done against them aint working

  8. Dooley Says:

    I really don’t think much changes in terms of how we attack defenses based on having new faces at LG & C. Not with the talent we have at the skill positions.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m OK with more running….passes to Lenny, Gio, Rachaad & Sneak…..

    Looking for more YAC from Gage & Julio…..

    We can do well with shorter passes…..not concerned.

  10. NCBucfan Says:

    Trade Scotty and a 4th or 5th pick for wynn. He would be a perfect pickup. Can fill in anywhere on the line if needed. I know he has injury concerns, but I think it’s worth the risk. Belichick loves doing deals with Jason

  11. Stanglassman Says:

    Scotty needs to have a hell of a game at both Wr and special teams tonight to make this team. BB trading their starting OT and giving away a day two pick is not gonna happen. I do agree they Wynn (Wynn heathy) is a natural G not T in the NFL.

  12. DoooshLaRue Says:

    The “2nd and 9 MASTERMIND” better wake the f up quickly.

  13. Hodad Says:

    With those ears does Dan take off flying on a windy day?

  14. BucsBlood Says:

    Plug an O line hole with Ko. He’s a beast. No worry with WR cor, deep talent. Waive Rudolph and keep Brate and the kids- all big and athletic and Howland is fast-gives TB plenty of receiving help. On their way up, Rudy? Not so much

  15. Infomeplease Says:

    Can’t wait!!! Things start to get interesting the first qt.or so on Saturday!!

  16. Stanglassman Says:

    Info you- Bucs game is tonight. Fri not Sat.

  17. Craig Says:

    Let Orlovsky convince everyone else that dinking and doinking are going to be it; then Brady and a couple of the little fast guys can take advantage of it.

    Stan the game is Saturday Aug. 27 at 7:30.

  18. Bucs Win Says:

    Dan Orlovsky looks like the one of the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.

  19. Alvafan Says:

    This OL isn’t even close to being on par with last year’s line. Anyone who says they will be isn’t being honest. I’ll give the coaches and management guys a free ride. They lie about everything to protect the team’s image. But you writer’s? You have no excuse.

  20. GOB Says:

    Anyone expecting the same high flying offense from last year, will be disappointed. Brady has won plenty of times, without relying on a deep passing attack. His best two years with the deep ball (07, 21) ended without a Ring. Short and medium passes should be the bread and butter of this offense. I’m sure they’ll take shots, but it’ll just look different. Instead of a straight seven step drop, they may need to set up the deep ball. Play action and a strong running game with help.

  21. Pewter Power Says:

    Why is it the talking heads of so worried about our line like everyone has pro bowlers at every position. Our line is better than most as a lot of teams had turnover like they do every year

  22. Joey Strom Says:

    Nobody is better at spreading the ball around than Brady. Teams are going to need to figure out how to cover our top 4 receivers and Fournette out of the backfield. Quick passes when necessary and pound them with the run. Should be scoring a lot of points this year!

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    No Risk it, No Brisket, sounds better. It stands alone, nice char, smoke, flavor, melt in your mouth. Biscuit? Dry, needs butter or gravy, just not worth the risk.