Booger McFarland: I Think The Saints Are The Best Team In The Division

August 26th, 2022

The man who firmly said on WDAE radio in April, and again on ESPN TV this summer, that Bucs receiver Chris Godwin would return after Thanksgiving has more firm words about Tampa Bay.

The voice is former Bucs defensive tackle Booger McFarland, Tampa Bay’s first-round pick in 1999, and he thinks the Saints are better than the Bucs because they have fewer questions marks, so he said on ESPN this week.

The Bucs offensive line is “kind of in shambles,” Booger said, noting the team overall is “reeling with injuries” and he thinks it’s a negative that Tom Brady took an 11-day vacation.

Booger sees the Saints as having just one big question mark — some guy named Jameis who plays quarterback. Booger is all fired up about the Saints adding Pro Bowl safety Tyrann Mathieu, as well as receivers Jarvis Landry and rookie Chris Olave. For some reason, Booger isn’t concerned about the Saints’ roster losses and the sketchy health of receiver Michael Thomas.

The BSPN super computers say the Bucs have a 43 percent shot at winning the NFC South with the Saints at 32 percent.

But in Booger’s mind — and mouth — it’s not the Saints not pushing Bucs for division supremacy, it’s the other way around.

88 Responses to “Booger McFarland: I Think The Saints Are The Best Team In The Division”

  1. Eric Says:

    Booger is just wrong as usual.

  2. Cobraboy Says:

    Will this mo ron ever go away?

    Has he ever been right about anything?

    Or is his life’s goal to pi$$ off Buc fans since he thinks he was unappreciated in Tampa as a player?

  3. CrackWise Says:

    That opinion from Booger will be in shambles soon enough.

  4. Lt. Dan Says:

    Booger also believes that CG14 won’t be back before Thanksgiving.

  5. CrackWise Says:


    I never thought much of him as a player cause he never did much. He is still on the magic carpet ride.

    I remember waiting to see him fall off of that stupid sideline camera they tried with him. Just because it would have made for a funny story.

  6. 99 55 47 20 Says:

    Booger trippin … Must be having Ira Podcast withdrawals

  7. GOB Says:

    Don’t underestimate the saints folks. They give Brady fits, because they can get home without blitzing, and have the secondary to match it. I think Tampa wins the division, but with a very slim margin. It probably comes down to tiebreakers. Like many here, I don’t like the Saints either. But, they will be a tough team.

  8. Mr.B Says:

    I fear Booger may be right. He’s right about a lot of things and he makes good points.

  9. Cobraboy Says:

    Booger was a mainstay in the Bucs’ post-SB decline.

  10. CrackWise Says:

    LMAO, Cobraboy

    Booger was GMC before GMC.

    However, I really loved GMC. Dude put his heart into everything he did for us!!!

    Would love to see him start a broadcasting career to be honest.

  11. William Walls Says:

    How does this man have any credibility left?

  12. ElioT Says:

    Well if the Bucs don’t win the division this year and do some damage in the playoffs, it is certainly time to blow the whole thing up and begin a rebuild.

  13. CrackWise Says:


    Check your sheet. The rebuild has been happening ever since BA and his staff have come on board.

    We are set for a long long time. That is why BA handed the reigns over to TB….

    See what I did there?

  14. K2 Says:

    The Saint no longer have Sean Payton. Payton is one of the top 5 coaches in football and I don’t think they will be close to the same team. Unless Jameis plays a lot better than Brady…then the Saints will win the division.

  15. Joey Strom Says:

    There goes Booger talking out of his a$$ again. The Saints have more question marks than the Bucs have, and Sean Payton is no longer there, which is a big factor.

  16. Will Says:

    I’m a Bucs fan through and through however any that wants to discount The Saints due to a coaching change must’ve forgot we’ve had one as well. Until we play them and match their physicality they will continue to own us. They beat us twice last year without Jameis and Thomas. The title for this division will go to them or us that’s no doubt, but to think we’ll just go out there and dominate them is crazy.

  17. IrishTony Says:

    Hahaha. Nothing that comes out of his mouth makes sense. Never even liked him when he was with the Bucs. At least Spires and Darby played.

  18. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Idiot! And Chris Godwin won’t play until Thanksgiving!

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘The BSPN super computers say the Bucs have a 43 percent shot at winning the NFC South with the Saints at 32 percent.’

    And yet BOTH teams (and 30 others) STILL have to play the games, even if BSPN did use SUPER computers.

    In the 2021 PRESEASON, Pro-Football-Reference had the Rams odds of winning the Super Bowl at 1200-1 (4th highest behind the Chiefs, Bucs & Bills). Bengals were 15,000-1 (tied with the NY Jets but ahead of the Lions & Texans at the bottom of the pile).

    Somebody forgot to tell the Rams & the Bengals that they had absolutely no business playing in the 2021 Super Bowl, according to the SUPER computers that is.

  20. Duane Says:

    Its just a take at the beginning of a season that hasnt even started. No one is surprised to hear that the Saints are a tough out during the season. They may be the best in the division this season, but it does not change the storied history of failure that the Saints have in the postseason, and somehow Jameis is gonna fix that? Their best offensive players make poor decisions on and off the field, and we are to believe they are ready for a championship run? Whatever.

  21. BucsfanFred Says:

    Unless Jay miss plays better than Brady?????
    Bucs win!

  22. mark2001 Says:

    Is that HOF Warren Sapp’s replacement? No… it is just a Booger.

  23. BucsfanFred Says:

    Our old coach is still here. Sean Payton is off pulling the wings off flys in a dung pile somewhere.

  24. PassingThru Says:

    Fix that O Line.

  25. Destinjohnny Says:

    The Saints draft better
    But we have Tom

  26. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Yeah we have o-line issues but they have Jaymiss we have the Goat big difference.

  27. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Has honey bagger ever been a problem for Brady. Last season the Bucs had the lead with 2:20 left and let Simeon go right down the field on them. Game 2 the offense shat themselves. It happens. Is Booger forgetting Jamais also came off a season ending injury? Not for nothing I would of liked Landry over Jones and Bagger over Ryan but ya can’t always get what you want. Listen, the freaking guys referred to as BOGGER, enough said.

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I guess we’ll start to find out in about a month.

    Saints play us tough….but always seem to lose to lesser teams…..

    I think the loss of Payton will make a difference.

  29. GOB Says:

    Why are you people so upset about Boogers comments? It’s by no means a hot take. The Saints have largely the same ferocious front from last year, and the bucs line is depreciably worse. The Saints secondary is better than last year, and the bucs pass catchers got worse. Yes Peyton’s loss is significant. But, the Saints new staff would be incredibly stupid to deviate from the formula that has beaten the bucs. It’s just a bad matchup.

  30. ZZBUC Says:

    Love you Booger an I always will….But you as an NFL analyst you are a great plummer!!!!

  31. Anon Says:

    The dude has been wrong multiple times also the Saints have HUGE question marks.

    Jameis was pedestrian last year because Payton did not trust him, now he has a coach that doesn’t have the same power as Payton does to keep him under leash. Not to mention he’s coming back from an ACL injury.

    Michael Thomas hasn’t played football in TWO YEARS! Deshaun Watson looked like absolute crap, yet we’re supposed to believe MT is gonna look as good as he did before his injury. Mind you he’s dealing with a hamstring injury right now, so to suggest he’s not gonna be rusty is completely stupid.

    Jarvis Landry is mid so it is what it is with him.

    They have a huge question mark on their offensive line as well, at LT you know the BLIND SPOT for Jameis. We all know how bad he can be if his LT is bad, that’s not the pro bowl LT blocking for Jameis. That’s the rookie, that got called for multiple penalties and got beat by Texans back ups.

    Then you got Kamara with his legal situation where he WILL be facing a suspension.

  32. Tye Says:

    IF I were a betting man, I would bet Booger will be proven wrong!

    BUT someone has to be paid to hype up each team to create as much interest as possible… I do not expect it BUT, I would not be surprised if the Panthers don’t leapfrog the Saints in the division…

  33. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Anon, great point. Payton was smart enough to protect Jameis from Jameis. Without Payton, I can easily see Jameis crapping away 3-4 regardless how well the defense plays.

  34. Elita Vita Says:

    Why did the Bucs decide to trade Booger to the Colts? That being asked Saints will do well this year. Both teams will make this year’s playoffs.

  35. Tye Says:

    I think what ‘Letsbucinggo’ is trying to say is:

    Bucs have the Goat
    Saints have the dolt

    YES! big difference…

  36. Buccaneric Says:

    Wtf does a grown man go by “Booger”?

    Never understand that one.

  37. Mark A Swygert Says:

    I hope that the Bucs keep a bulletin board in the locker room with these kinds of hot takes on them so that the players can use them for motivation. Though I would think by now no external motivation is needed to fire them up for the Stains. Uh, I mean Saints.

  38. JayWill Says:

    Rob in the Land Payton didn’t protect Jameis from Jameis. Jameis didn’t blindly trust his wrs to be where they are supposed to be, like he did in 2019. Plus, his wrs were not of the caliber of Evans and Godwin. He still took chances just no where near as many as he did in Tampa, and made better decisions. So far in camp he has only thrown 2 picks in 11on11. Football fans want players to take the game serious, Winston takes the game serious and works at his craft unlike qbs like Josh Freeman. Winston had stated before he would of stayed in Tampa as a backup if Brady allowed it, to learn from him. He chose the next best situation to improve his game, instead of his wallet, which was Drew and Sean. From what I’m told he still loves Tampa and appreciate Joebucsfan who was critical when needed but always fair, unlike other more liberal outlets.

  39. BuxfaninTX Says:

    Booger probably thinks Lovie is the best coach in Bucs history because his preseason record is unparalleled

  40. BT Says:

    I think Ko is going to be a problem for the Saints in more than one way.

  41. ocala Says:

    I think the Bucs are an improved team over last year so the Saints must have made incredible progress since last year in his mind.

  42. D-Rok Says:

    The Saints ARE a tough team, especially for us. That’s not a hot take or a stretch at all. Their defense is legit, and will be legit again this year.

    The biggest question about the Saints this year, in my mind, is their offense. Possibly a good O, but lots of questions abound.

    I think the Bucs will win the division, but doubt it will be easy by any means.

  43. mark2001 Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Booger play for LSU? Wasn’t he originally from Louisiana? Probably grew up a Saints fan. Just saying…

  44. Rod Munch Says:

    Booger was born and raised in Louisiana, he’s just being a homer, excited about his team, nothing wrong with that. Also, I’ve said all offseason, I think the Saints are going to be a LOT better than people think. The same ‘cap hell’ that destroyed Gruden’s Bucs has somehow shockingly not really affected the Saints all that much. It’s almost as if cap hell isn’t real, and is used by coaches who play GM as an excuse for their terrible personel moves.

    I still think the Bucs win the South, but I think it’s a 1 or 2 game difference, at best, between the Bucs and Saints in the regular season. Now in the postseason I don’t think it’s very close, the Bucs just have way more experience, and Brady.

  45. RPK Says:

    @GOB “Why are you people so upset about Boogers comments?”

    Remember when Booger claimed CG12 would be out till December? HAHA!

    Remember when GOB told us Brady was leaving camp because his family is sick?

    Then GOB told us Brady didn’t smile at practice so he’s probably bailing the team?

    Bucs fans are sick of fake news and people acting like they know sh** when they don’t know anything.

  46. Steven007 Says:

    Saints have an almost completely different backfield minus lattimore. Jenkins who is a huge leader back there is gone. Thomas coming back from injury. JW as well. Lost their starting left tackle. So yeah we’ll see.

  47. Buc4evr Says:

    LSU homer and A big nasty booger. Boogie is wrong, the Bucs will own the Saints this season. Sweep. America’s QB will go down.

  48. RPK Says:


  49. RPK Says:


    “Why are you people so upset about Boogers comments?”

    Because Booger talks out of his ass and is consistently wrong.

    Remember when CG12 would be out till December? Despite all legit reporting telling us otherwise?

    Remember when GOB told us TB12’s family was sick and that’s why he was bailing camp?

    And then after that was exposed for fake news, GOB told us that Brady wasn’t smiling at practice, so he is probably bailing the Bucs?

    We’re sick of fake news and bad takes! Speaking of which, what has Chris Simms been up to lately?

  50. Buczilla Says:

    I like McFarland, but on paper this is utter nonesense. Now that Jameis’s daddy Payton is gone, he’s going to torpedo the saints chances at the playoffs just like he did ours every year. Theoretically they could be better because of their good defense, but their offense is shaky at best. If Jameis plays like he did before getting hurt last year then maybe, but I lost faith in that dude ever being good long ago.

  51. Rod Munch Says:

    Buczilla Says:
    August 26th, 2022 at 6:23 pm
    I like McFarland, but on paper this is utter nonesense. Now that Jameis’s daddy Payton is gone, he’s going to torpedo the saints chances at the playoffs just like he did ours every year.


    Talk about your ridiculous, nonsensical, revisionist history.

    So Winston, setting all the teams offense records at the time, with the exception of the record for turnovers, and having the team was one of the best offenses in football year after year, that’s why they were losing? LOL!

    Yeah, it was Winston, not the fact the Bucs had worst defense in football from 2015-2019… Or the worst kicking game in football from 2015-2019… or played the hardest schedule from 2016-2019.

    In Winston’s last season, Matt Gay single handedly lost 2 games – if he makes easy kicks, the team is 9-7. And lets not forget that the defense was historically bad in the first half of 2019, was literally on pace to be the worst defense in the history of the NFL, giving up the most points and yards. Then, down the strech, the offense is down to having to start Perriman and J Watson at WR. With all of that the team STILL should have been 9-7.

    The idea of blaming the Bucs losing on Winston is just flat out tarded. Was Brady an upgrade? Of course, he’s the GOAT, but because Brady is Brady, doesn’t mean Winston stunk and kept the team from winning.

  52. Lokog Says:

    F the aints and their fans dirty ass nola

  53. NCBucfan Says:

    Fluck the saints!!!!

  54. Power of Pewter Says:

    Saints are the best team in division until Winston attempts his first pass, which will be a pick-6. Winston’s best season in 7 years was a 9-7 record, that seems to be his ceiling.

  55. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Yes, Booger was born in Louisiana and played for LSU. He was our first round draft pick in 1999.
    Booger is the nickname given him by his Grandma, and it stuck.

    Not saying I agree with him about the Saints, but they are improved as well.
    I still think we win the division, but it will not be a cake walk.

  56. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Booger was a nice pick.

  57. firethecannons Says:

    have not read this yet but F*ck Booger he needs to disappear–hated his unintelligible broadcasts

  58. Hail2dabucs Says:

    He forgets to mention that AK will be suspended for what for games . Jaymiss will be well him . No Sean Payton & thier tackle left . We will see but I’m betting on the bucs !

  59. Thadeus Says:

    Saints won’t win the division until they find an NFL caliber QB.

  60. dbbuc711 Says:

    Yeah right. They lost Brees and now Peyton and people think they are still gonna be so good.

    I think between 7 and 9 wins and they lose both to the Bucs.

  61. Biff Barker Says:

    Cobraboy Says:

    Booger was a mainstay in the Bucs’ post-SB decline.

    The story goes that Kiffin informed Gruden that Bucs were keeping Booger over Sapp, Chucky replied “are you sure”?

  62. BigMacAttack Says:

    Even on a bad day, Booger is correct more often than the Weatherman. Barely.

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    And if you like winning, never bet against Tom Brady. 265-81 just sayin there boogie. 😂

  64. Km Says:

    Booger needs to stop smoking crack.

  65. GOB Says:

    RPK, I never suggested Brady was bailing on the team, because he didn’t smile. Lots of people suggested Brady had a sick family member. I simply raised it as a possibility. His mother did have a serious battle with cancer, and his dad, a serious case of the Wuhan flu. The rest of the crap you said you completely made up. Don’t get mad at GOB, or Booger because the Saints might kick the bucs collective asses.

    As for Godwin, we’ll see. I still think he should’ve started on pup. He probably should be placed on IR once the season starts. If you’re expecting the same Godwin from last year, then you’re truly delusional. Try to stay outta that hot sun.

  66. Oneilbuc Says:

    Jameis is playing good right now yall can keep haten on Jamies all y’all want but we still have to play the game. Our defense have to stop the saints that’s the only way we are going to win. Offense will be ok but defense will determine if we win against the saints. Jameis looks like a different quarterback he’s checking the ball down and everything.

  67. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Winston looks good, and their D has always been dominant. He looks confident and decisive. I’m not sure if theyre playing the first stringers an JC Jackson is out, but they look sharper than us this preseason. I’m not even a Winston Stan, but you have to give him credit.

  68. Melvin Junior Says:

    I cannot BELIEVE all of these “Homer” comments on here, or just the pure number of ‘comments’ in general… All of the defensiveness, etc. with everyone’s panties in a wad over ‘a take’ that is absolutely, NOT so far out there, whatsoever. It’s Amazing. The Saints schedule ‘looks’ soooo much easier, too!!!! They ARE Ficken LOADED.

  69. Melvin Junior Says:

    And, WHO CARES whatever, ‘so & so’ SAYS… It doesn’t matter, in the least bit. The games ARE gonna be PLAYED, & SOON.

  70. Buccos Says:

    The Saints are cheap shot artists and we all know that cheaters never win. For a team to have Drew Brees for almost his whole career and only win one Super Bowl, with Sean Payton as the coach. It is pathetic. And then you have Nounty Gate. I mean what type of team plays to injure their opponents. That goes against everything that the NFL and sportsmanship stands for.

  71. Josh Says:

    The saints have one receiver in their top 3 that has played a single snap in almost 2 years and even he has been consistently injured. The saints lost their hall of fame offensive mastermind head coach and replaced him with a defensive minded coach. The bucs contrary to popular belief didn’t really lose their head coach. The bucs have 2 top 10 receivers and 2 receievers that could easily be top 20. The bucs have a great young defense. Our only weak spot is our offensive line, and luckily brady has the fastest release in the NFL and has the weapons to go to. Mcfarfromreality needs to sit down and try to get his damn foot out of his mouth before the bucs kick him out of their ranks. Go Bucs and duck the saints!

  72. Bucs Win Says:

    Tom Brady. Jameis Winston.

  73. sweaty_yeti Says:

    Booger can go suck a d!ck.

  74. steele Says:

    It would be true if not for Jameis.

  75. fern Says:

    Booger the turncoat

  76. AbucAway Says:

    I’d make two wagers:

    1. Payton and Brady were going to Miami together. They seem to have a good friendship and Sean will fill Brady in on how to beat the Saints.
    2. It’ll be a tough fought win and division title for the Bucs.

  77. Buc king Says:

    Yawn 🥱

  78. Buczilla Says:

    @Rod Munch

    Dude, You’re cool and like you mentioned the other day, yes, we’re on the same side. I’d happily sit down and drink a beer or ten with ya, but your opinion of Jameis is just mind boggling f’ing strange dude. He is not a good qb until he proves otherwise man. 30 picks in one year with all of the weapons at his disposal is horrible no matter how you try to attempt to pitifully explain his incompetence.

    I’d have jumped on this thread and answered ya sooner, but it’s Friday and as much as I’m borderline obsessed with the Bucs and kinda Joebuc too, I had priorities to settle brother. 😜

  79. Rod Munch Says:

    Buczilla – Regardless of my opinion on Jameis, I still said you’re always taking Brady, he changes the franchise. But if Brady had not come, the Bucs were keeping him, they weren’t giving him up to get Teddy Bridgewater. Right after the 2019 season, I put down my predictions for the next year, the Bucs in 2020, would go 11-5, Winston would get over 5000 yards, the Bucs get to the playoffs, lose to the Saints in the 2nd round of the playoffs. When he signed Brady, I updated my forecast to be, Bucs go 11-5, Brady throws for over 5000 yards, but where Brady will make all the difference in the world is in the playoffs. So, I think I nailed that.

    But going back to Winston, go back to 2019, and that home game vs the Saints always stands out to me. Winston throws 4 INTs, but watch that game and tell me which one of the 4 is on him making a bad play or a bad decision. None of them were. 2 were on receivers popping the ball in the air, 1 was on 4th and like 20 in the 4th quarter down by 2 scores, and the other was on the last series of the game, with like 1 min left down by 2 scores. The stat line is terrible, the film showed a guy who absolutely did not stop and was still trying to win the game and didn’t worry about his stats.

    Winston’s 30 INTs were just not a big deal, most of those came in garbage situations, the end of the half, and such. Also he’d have games like the Texans game in 2019 where he was awful to start – and guess what, he had the game tied by halftime, he made up the points. That’s a gunslinger, that’s what you get. He was not the reason the Bucs lost while he was here. He had a good defense for what, a 6-game stretch in 2016? Over the course of his time here, however, he literally had the worst defense in the NFL, you can look it up.

    Also it’s not like 30 INTs was the norm for Winston, his previous high was only 18. In Arians offense, HOF QBs, and very good ones like Carson Palmer, have always had their worst turnover years. Manning, under Arians, threw 28 INTs. Palmer, 22 INTs. Big Ben, 23 INTs, and Tom Brady was on pace for the most INTs in his career before Brady basically changed the offense and started using the TE about halfway through the 2020 season.

    As a kid I watched Vinny throw 35 INTs, on 13 TDs and only 3240 yards. Also, btw, Vinny played until he was 44, and improved quite a bit. But in any case, when Vinny threw 35 INTs vs 13 TDs, that was bad, that cost the team games.

    Yes, Winston did lose some games, but he also won some games, and the team has whole showed progress before losing Evans and Godwin at the end of 2019. The arrow was shooting up on the team, Winston, in his 2nd year under Arians, would have had a huge year, probably threw like 18 INTs vs 40 TDs and 5000 yards. We’ll never know.

    In any case, I LOVE arguing and debating, so feel free to fire back all you want, no hurt feelings on my side.

  80. FrontFour Says:

    Until we beat the Saints and get a formula to do it why waste your breath. And with our Oline not much doubt they’re tougher in the trenches. They play more physical I think are in our heads. The wild card of course is Jameis but the Saints D shut down our O and TB in Ray Jay last season so JW doesn’t have to do it on his own. My point is I’ll believe it when I see it.

  81. Buczilla Says:

    Rod Munch, dude, through sleepy, very much buzzed and blurry eyes, I made it through your book. I LOVED (shout out to Defense rules) Jameis. I despise fsu, but once a player is on our team, all is forgiven. His toughness and spirit to succeed is unquestionable, but something is just missing man.

    I love arguing on here too despite the douchebag or two that decides to act the fool and attempt to disrupt this wonderfulness that the Joes have created. Peace. 🙂

  82. Stanglassman Says:

    I’m no Saints fan but I agree with Booger that the Saints will be good this year. Jameis looked really good last night. It won’t help that their LT got rolled up on and was carted off. That a major blow. To all Bucs fans that think these things only happen here. Let that serve as a example that all teams have injuries.

    Don’t sleep on the Saints this year. The Bucs will have a dog fight to win this division.

  83. Bosch Says:

    His name is Booger. Need I say more?

  84. BigMacAttack Says:

    A leopard can’t change it’s spots. Jameis is a panicking buffoon and a choke artist. That’s one thing you can take to the bank. He loves to throw picks under pressure because he won’t give up on a play. It’s in his DNA and he will likely scramble early on and wreck that knee again. Jameis is a fool’s bet on his best day. The Saints are going down hard. I predict they’ll finish 7-10 in 3’rd place in the South. Booger can make his excuses later.

  85. JJ Says:

    Cue Jennifer Granholm cackle.

  86. Oneilbuc Says:

    BigMack. Just wait until we play them every thing you said about Jameis is what Brady done against the saints. So just wait and see and I hope you don’t hate the guy that much to hope he gets hurt bro ?? Come on man it’s just a game it ain’t that important.

  87. Rod Munch Says:

    Buczilla – I completely disagree with you on him missing something. Josh Freeman was missing something, the criticism on Winston is that he can be a goof, but he was also just a kid. I think having to sit on the bench, but also learning from someone like Brees, is absolutely going to make him a much better leader, and the physical skills are all there.

    If you’ve seen videos or read about Winston in New Orleans, he seems to be a lot more of a leader and not as goofy, the team has raved about his work ethic, etc, and of course last year, when he got hurt, he was tied with Brady in QBr, and in Paytons short ball offense, had dramatically cut down on turnovers, because he was told not to turnover the ball. In Tampa, Winston was told to score, not to play safe and limit turnovers, which you could not do in Tampa because the defense was almost always terrible.

    In any case, on a personal level, I want to see Winston do well – just not at the Bucs expense. Which makes me concerned, because after we signed Brady and Winston was unsigned, I posted here that the worst case scenario is that he’d go to the Saints, sit and learn from Brees for a year, then play another 15-years, putting 45 points up on the Bucs each time he played them (although at the time I didn’t know if Brady would be here for 3 years).

  88. Natron Says:

    I’ve heard enough revisionist history on Jameis Winston