Video Of Ryan Jensen Injury

July 28th, 2022

Center Ryan Jensen.

UPDATED 8:46 p.m. – This has been floating around Twitter so Joe thought fans may want to try to piece together what happened.

If you are just now plugging into the world away from work, Bucs Pro Bowl center Ryan Jensen suffered a knee injury late this morning at training camp.

This video appears to be a fan video and since it is unauthorized by Bucs media relations, Joe is forbidden to embed it (fans are allowed to shoot video at all times but media cannot. Let that sink in for a moment. And God forbid if you shoot at the wrong angle!).

The video comes from someone with the handle of “MrBucsNation.”

So feel free to do a Zapruder film on the video and perhaps you may be able to determine what happened. Joe sees rookie defensive tackle Logan Hall ripping an inside move on left guard Aaron Stinnie and catching Jensen’s leg. Awful day.

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  1. SB~LV Says:

    Praying for the big guy on a personal level.

  2. NCBucfan Says:

    This sucks big effin ballssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Last time we saw Hainsey, he was being tossed around like a ragdoll for 4 quarters. Not good.

  4. Bird Says:

    I read logan hall earlier and that looks like logan hall shaking his head / feeling guilty after play

    Again ..not his fault. And maybe fell when he cut inside. these things happen but why are you knifing low into ground to get to qb who you cant sack anyway. Practice etiquette needed here

    If jensen couldnt even get up and walk off , unfortunately i think its bad. He is done. Dude is tough as nails. Didnt miss a game when he probably should have at end of year with that nasty rolled ankle .

    Sucks so bad

  5. A Bucs Fan Says:

    AQ Shipley said on Pat’s show that he trained Hainsey for eight weeks this offseason and that he is a year 10 vet mentally, and that he just needs the reps.

    He also said Hainsey and Wirfs are best friends.

    Hopefully Jensen’s injury is not severe but Hainsey should be able to step up.

  6. Oddball Says:


    Ali, it’s Jason…

  7. captivajim Says:

    Jensen is the leader , the anchor of our “O” line..really hope this dosen’t require surgery… anyone kno of any free agent centers available?

  8. Rene Says:

    Shutout to Mr. Bucs Nation, Come on Joe, you know kid don’t you? Sad news but good job

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like someone fell on the back/side of his leg

  10. BucsBro Says:

    Mr Bucs Nation does a good job. He was at practice yesterday, too, and had video of it as well.

    Good to know someone actually got the footage.

  11. Rene Says:

    So, it was Logan Hall pushing through Stinnie, right? Not Vea’s fault. Actually nobodies but yeah, I think Logan’s leg got him… Pain

  12. Colin in Canada Says:

    Two factors here:
    1) Rookie DT going too hard on the second day of practice trying to be a f’n hero when it doesn’t matter at all.
    2) Stinnie sucks and can’t stay on his feet in practice and got our pro bowl center hurt.

    Learn how to practice Logan Hall.

  13. PassingThru Says:

    Stinnie was beat by Logan Hall, who shot through the A gap using a swim move. That’s what started the chain reaction.

  14. BucsBro Says:

    In that video, I think I saw Brady and Vea talking after the incident. Probably something like Brady saying “tell your guys to slow down before we lose someone else”.

    Also, I think while Brady was retired he called Jensen and kept him from leaving in free agency to the Bengals. Tom has to feel sick now, for himself and for Ryan. Good to see him standing with Ryan at the cart near the end of the video.

    This reminds me of Gronk getting hurt in the Rams game last year. In that game, there was footage of Brady cursing to himself on the sidelines. I think he was pissed off at the Rams player who drilled Gronk harder than he needed to do.

  15. Kody Says:

    Why the hell are they going full force this early in training camp!!?? They were just asking for injuries.

    We will be so screwed without Jensen, and it was totally unnecessary. So stupid.

  16. Hodad Says:

    Looks like Stinnie pushed his man right into Jensen, but it also looks like his knee might’ve given out before the contact. To hard to tell. What do you think Joe?

  17. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I thought that hard working Durable Donnie was the true heart and soul of our OL?
    The Warrior.

  18. SB~LV Says:

    It happens, not any one’s fault.
    If the knee was not injured no one would be talking about rookie trying too hard or this or that. If it was full contact with pads Jensen would have had a different mindset about protecting himself and maybe not have happened.
    It is what it is now.
    Next man up !
    Which is why,IMO, the roster sizes should be increased, it’s not like the owners don’t have enough money these days to carry another 6 players on the now 53 man , Oh its 2022, personnel roster.

  19. #8 Says:

    Are we sure Bernard Pollard wasn’t in on that play?

  20. It's A Bucs Life Says:

    Big ups to Mr Bucs Nation

    Best Bucs coverage on YouTUBE

  21. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    From looking at that video, Jensen is done.

    And it’s all because a rookie DT in Hall, who will more than likely have very little impact on the we Bucs team, needed to be a practice superstar in just helmet only football.

    Thank you Logan Hall for going full speed in your pass rush when nobody has any pads on.

    Hall has know shown me that he’s an extremely selfish player by not following the rules and taking out a Pro Bowl center who makes the line calls and is TB12’s right hand man.

    OLine can’t punch you without pads, and the punch is what slows up the pass rusher, because those are the rules of practice when you are only in helmets.

    DLINE is supposed to practice their get off and then immediately slow up.

    Those are the rules of engagement for the line in helmets only, except for practice team hall of gamers like Hall in “underwear” football.

    What a great draft pick he was for our team, hurting the heart and soul of our offensive line in what Joe terms “underwear” football.

  22. Beeej Says:

    Well, if something like that was going to happen, it’s better now than in September

  23. Kgh4life Says:

    Since they’re practicing without pads, I don’t think Stinnie was expecting Hall to go so hard and to do that swim move. Maybe the coaches didn’t explicitly lay down the parameters of practice,however, it’s very unfortunate.

  24. Ash Says:

    In football you are 100 percent going to get injured at some point it happens get over it stop pointing fingers. Hope it isnt too serious and Jenson has a speedy recovery. Go bucs.

  25. Colin in Canada Says:

    I posted earlier blaming Stinnie and Hall but really it’s the HC’s job to communicate tempos of practice. Why play 11 v 11 without pads ? Joe’s talk about camp cupcake but I’d rather camp cupcake then good on good with no pads. Good job Bowles.

  26. Colin in Canada Says:

    Last comment: If Stinnie is going to be rolling around in the backfield around TB’s feet we need to get him out of here ASAP.

  27. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Belleglade. It could’ve easily been Brady that went down. That’s the biggest worry in training camp with QBs is that someone will go low and roll into the QB. As far as the protection calls, Brady calls the protection at the line. He’s done it his entire career. It was mandatory in NE. Jensen does communicate those calls to the other linemen and make sure they’re on the same page. Jensen’s relationship to Brady was invaluable. I would add that in addition to Marpet being a stud OG he also communicated with Brady on protection calls. That’s very rare and only happens with high level guards with tremendous football IQ.

  28. SB~LV Says:

    Jensen’s knee could have started the whole fall down and the others tumbled because he was not standing and holding his ground
    Ridiculous to blame a rookie doing exactly what the coaches want .
    Knees give out all on their own all the time.
    Same with hamstrings. Shiet happens

  29. Maniac Buc Says:

    BelleGladeBuc, go have a dang on drink and chill out. That book you just wrote is absurd…

  30. Todd Says:

    All you armchair quarterbacks giving Logan Hall sh_t for executing a play call are absolute nut jobs. Shoo, go away. This is football. Go play Barbies with some little girls.

    On second thought. Scratch that. Just go play Barbies. Try not to hurt them.

  31. gotbbucs Says:

    Extremely stupid. I wonder how many times in my life I’ve heard at football practices to stay on your feet, especially practicing in shells. Dumb.

  32. james west Says:


  33. Jack Says:

    Why are they not wearing knee braces this is crazy even in underwear football. if you look none of the o line was wearing braces

  34. 813bucboi Says:

    Yeah rookie screwed up big time…

    Jensen is irreplaceable point blank period…

    No way Hainsey is ready…he still looks too lite


  35. 813bucboi Says:

    Report is that Licht said Jensens knee is swollen so bad it might take a couple days to see what’s wrong



  36. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    For those saying don’t point fingers, then you never played OLINE or DLINE. Logan Hall B is 100% to blame for injuring Pro Bowler Ryan Jensen and hurting the Bucs Siper Bowl chances.

    Tristan Wirfs can rep 225 lbs on the bench like it’s nothing, and his max is well over 400 lbs.

    If Wirfs punches a DLINEMAN in his chest without pads using his full pass pro punch, he would hurt that DLINEMAN and easily could break that person’s rib.

    UFC Heavyweight fighters routinely cause broken ribs and kidney injuries with one punch to their opponents body.

    Because of those Captain Obvious facts, the rules for the LINE during underwear football is fire of and slow and stop in your gap.

    Line punching/ripping is strictly a no no during these practice conditions.

    This is football 101.

    Because Logan Hall, or as I will now call him forever “Captain Underpants,” selfishly ignored these well known norms of football by being a practice team Hall of Famer, it is most certainly his fault.

    Trust me, TB12 and OLINE like Wirfs are extremely mad at Logan Hall for violating those practice protocols.

  37. Jack Says:

    Slow this thing down and you might find it’s Stinny that rolled the knee

  38. Jack Says:

    Look at the frame at the .03 mark. Hall is past the point of contact it is Stinny at Jenson.

  39. SB~LV Says:

    She’s a witch !
    She’s a witch !

  40. Robert Says:

    what hodad said. looks like stiniie pushed his man right into him

  41. Jack Says:

    oh yeah it was Stinney

  42. Jack Says:

    Stinney got his ass beat on an inside move

  43. Jack Says:

    Logan was past the incident it was stinney that rolled it

  44. D-Rome Says:

    Last time we saw Hainsey, he was being tossed around like a ragdoll for 4 quarters. Not good.

    What game was this where he played all four quarters? I looked on Pro Football Reference and the most offensive snaps he’s taken in a game was 12 snaps which was against the Dolphins.

  45. Jack Says:

    Regardless, why are these lineman not wearing knee braces even in underwear football. Stupid!

  46. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Logan Hall aka “Captain Underpants” defeated #64/Stinnie with a swim move and continued rushing full speed inside at TB12, diving at the knees of TB12 and missing TB12 by mere feet as he twisted

    Now compare that to Vea’s pass rush. Vea fires off and immediately slows up and stops in his gap vs Mason at RG.

    Please tell me that you understand that Vea is more than capable of pushing any NFL OLINEMAN back 4 yards into the QB’s lap?

    Vea obeys the rules, while Logan Hall selfishly does not because he’s a prime time player in his underwear.

    Hey @Jack, on run plays what do you think would happen on a double team if the OLINE fired out and combo blocked Logan Hall full speed, punching his chest and kidney area while putting their hats on his upper body?

    There’s clear line etiquette in helmets only football, and Logan Hall clearly violated them.

    No excuse.

  47. GOB Says:

    SB~LV is absolutely correct. It’s not the kids fault. These things happen, it’s football for Christmas sake.
    Belle, should they practice at all? Someone is inevitably going to get hurt regardless. It takes a little under 500 pounds of pressure to rupture the tendon. When you’re dealing with 300 pound men, that’s nothing once you multiply the force. Why do you think most lineman wear knee braces? It’s a wonder it doesn’t happen more often. Hopefully it’s just a sprain, but to blame the kid for this is misplaced. Accidents happen. I’m quite sure Jensen feels the same way.

  48. SB~LV Says:

    It’s Tom’s fault for calling a audible at the LOS.
    Sheit happens !
    Get over it!
    Well not get over it but understand and lose the blame game

  49. Beeej Says:

    Sh!t happens, not everything is somebody’s fault

  50. Bojim Says:

    It’s football. It happens!!!!

  51. Jp09 Says:

    Well bellegina, that’s not the case because you hear of “would be sacks” daily in. So, realistically no one just stops in their gap.

  52. BucsBro Says:

    I agree with Belle here.

    I’m sure Hall and the other rookies will get the message now. Feel bad for Ryan. Tough way to learn a lesson.

    The only real, proven way to stop Brady is a strong inside rush. With Marpet gone and now Jensen looking like toast, unfortunately we could have issues on that front.

    I’ll wait to see what Jensen’s status is, but having a knee so swollen they can’t MRI it is not a good sign. Ditto on having to be carted off.

    It might be time for Licht to start doing some emergency calls for O-line help.

  53. Colin in Canada Says:

    I don’t usually call people out but GOB this is not football it’s football practice with no gear on. You are wrong. It’s either Hall’s fault for going too hard or it’s a coach’s fault for not communicating the tempo.

    They need to get it fixed before Brady ends up at the bottom of the pile.

  54. PassingThru Says:

    I wouldn’t blame Bowes. It’s universal that you don’t go full tilt when wearing just a helmet and shorts, this is Day 2. They’re not even in shells yet. This is just a rookie trying too hard to get noticed. He succeeded, but for all the wrong reasons.

  55. PassingThru Says:

    Bowles… I correct Joe on a name, and suddenly I’m the typo offender.

  56. Todd Says:


    You, forever more, will now be called “Captain Barbie”.

    No offense to the word “Captain”.

  57. GOB Says:

    Colin, my neighbor to the north, why practice at all then? You can’t eliminate the risk of injury. These are huge men. Maybe Hall went a little to hard on the play, but to blame him for the injury is abhorrent. I’m sure Hall feels terrible. I’m also sure Jensen has or will tell him it happens. 70% of ACL injuries are non contact. If you want to blame the coaches, why blame field turf while you’re at it.

  58. GOB Says:

    Why not

  59. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    I agree that braces should be worn at all times.

    Yes, they should practice, but full speed pass rush, pass pro, run rush or run blocking is strictly forbidden in helmets only practice for the line. You know this @GOB.

    You and I played different positions, but I know you know the rules of engagement for each position in helmets only football.

    I played line, and in helmets only football there are practice protocols put in place to prevent this from happening.

    Just like your position of strong safety, you or Ronnie Lott on run plays in underwear football will not go full speed and deliver the wood, instead just reading, reacting and filling and then tapping the RB like Roger Craig on his helmet as you both do a great imitation of a bull fighter as the Craig run by you.

    Logan Hall violated those protocols. It tells me that he’s selfish and a me first player.

    @GOB, On a run play in underwear football, if Stinnie and Jensen fire off full blast, delivering a punch to Hall’s unprotected lower back and chest/armpit and then drive their helmets into Hall’s body, Hall could be injured badly.

    @GOB, you and I both know that when you’re in helmets only during a practice that being an underpants HOFER is strictly forbidden.

    I don’t care if he’s a rookie or not. Hall is supposed to be a pro. He’s paid to follow those rules.

    I know that you don’t like Suh, @GOB, but if Suh was in on that play instead of Hall, then TB12’s personal protector wouldn’t be done for the year.

  60. Steven007 Says:

    Ah, The blame game. Sucks big time for Jensen and the o line. Next man up. Every team will lose players to injury. Most of them will lose starters as well. Still an ugly way to start training camp.

  61. Ash Says:

    Once again injuries happen get over yourself geez it’s football go watch ping-pong if you can’t stomach injuries.

  62. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Those who know and played football know what I am saying is the truth.

    Those like you who didn’t, don’t.

    The football safety equipment used or not used during practice determines the parameters of the practice.

    Hall violated helmets only practice protocol.

    Why do you think on run plays in 11 v 11 football you see ME13 properly practice his stalk block foootwork technique, but then he slows down and never go full speed after tgat and full speed block their man?

    Could it be that the coaches don’t want an easily predictable and preventable injury from happening to ME13 or his defensive teammate in helmets only practice where they are wearing no pads at all?

  63. GOB Says:

    Belle I perfectly understand the rules of engagement when in undies, and you make good points. But, you’re talking about apples and bowling balls with your analogy. Of course I didn’t bring the pain in practice. As a lowly squad player, it would’ve meant the end of my career, even earlier than it did. But, were talking about 300 pounders here. People slip, knees buckle. Even in undies, you protect yourself all times. Everyone should assume that someone will break the practice rules. I respect your opinion, because I know you were in the trenches, but these things are inevitable.

  64. MadMax Says:

    This sucks….HUGE loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. MadMax Says:

    He’s a viking, he’ll be back for the playoffs….MFers better count on it!!!

  66. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Is it too much of a stretch to say this wouldn’t have happened with Marpet in there?

  67. SB~LV Says:

    Lynch mob got it wrong!
    Logan Hall was blocked into RJ
    Opps !

  68. VabucSINCE’97 Says:


  69. Wild Bill Says:

    Been saying the Bucs been all out in on signing skill position players but not enough depth on D and O lines. Brady has more receivers than he can use. DBs have been improved. But not much depth on both O and D lines. A few more injuries there and they will be up sheets creek.

  70. steele Says:

    Hard to see what happened. Likely some combination of Hall being too enthusiastic (and too much so to pull up), Stinnie getting beat and falling into Jensen. Or Jensen knee giving out first. The worst thing is hearing Jensen’s scream, and being carted— a sure indicator of a serious injury.

    They will try to plug it in-house, but I don’t think it will work.

    “Hello? J.C. Tretter? It’s Jason Licht…”

    All that money just spent on Julio Jones….

  71. 813bucboi Says:

    Marpet lost too much weight to come play…that book is closed…

    Might have to trade…call up the PATS


  72. steele Says:

    Carlos Dunlap is going to the Chiefs. Another enemy gets better.

    Trey Flowers…please.

  73. mark2001 Says:

    Vance… wow guys…. just do a little reading. Ali looks like a linebacker right now. He has slimmed down substantially, no longer looking like an O lineman. Nor does he want to be that big anymore.

  74. bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady has too many receivers that he can use? did you not watch what happened when we lost CG and AB? Tyler Johnson was our number 2! We had to get John Brown off the streets. This is a receiver driven offense. We need QUALITY depth

  75. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Robert Hainsey did look good in limited snaps.

    Granted lg is now a rookie and the RG is better then last year now.

  76. bucsfan13 Says:

    @ steele If Mike went down, you wouldn’t be complaining about money going to Julio. Same people complaining about the Julio signing are the same people complaining about how our offense sucked when CG and AB weren’t available. Bowles explained perfectly why we signed Julio.

  77. steele Says:

    Put yourself in Hall’s shoes. You were drafted high, hyped and hyped as the next coming, so certain of your rookie impact that they didn’t completely replace Suh (you think a lot of those reps are going to be yours). You look forward to kicking ass. Practice starts and all you want to do is show them what a force you are. Practice or not, you want to beat the men in front of you.

    They have to teach him without dimming his enthusiasm

  78. ErikTheViking Says:

    Joe was outdone by a youtube reporter. This makes me laugh out loud on the ground rolling.

  79. Fansince76 Says:

    It was friggin Hall

  80. T REX Says:

    Why no knee braces?

    Seems careless. It’s no pads for freaking sakes!

    HUGE YUGE loss

  81. Buc92’ Says:

    It wasn’t Hall , it was stinnie that rolled up the knee look closely smh , Jason please grab jc tretter while he’s available, sure he’s expensive bt make it work .. stinnie might need to be replaced by Luke


  82. Tom Sumner Says:


  83. PassingThru Says:

    My guess is that they’ll kick the tires on JC Tretter. Tretter will need to pass a physical to see where he stands (or hobbles). There are wear and tear issues, but all they need is a single-season replacement. This assumes Jensen is done for the season.

  84. Bubby Says:

    I sat 15 ft from the o-line drills yesterday. It was all technique. Maybe 25% speed. Nobody should be going that hard on day 2.

  85. Etzel Says:

    You all want to point fingers, what about Jensen’s diet? All that redmeat isn’t good for your joints/ligaments, just sayin’.

  86. mark2001 Says:

    My guess is that Hainsey will man the position until Jensen can return.Tretter is out there, but will likely be far too expensive, is pretty worn out, and would need to learn the system.

  87. steele Says:

    BucsFan13, it isn’t that simple. The issue with the Julio signing is whether he is worth the $. We don’t know yet, but obviously they need that money now for what’s more important, the trenches and pass pro. Jensen will be out for enough time for it to be a problem. Unless Hainsey is great. This season is shaping up to be a test of all the young guys. If this is a final all-in for TB12, this is not a good situation.

    When WRs are lost for some reason, and the offense suffers, then you look at why guys like TJ, Grayson etc. aren’t better, to make up for no AB. They had to sign Perriman.

  88. geno711 Says:

    Joe was correct. The Zapruder film reviewers already know the conspiracy.

    I am not giving Logan Hall a pass or blame at this time. From watching the film, I cannot see exactly what happens to Ryan Jensen.

    I have no problem with BelleGladeBuc giving him Logan Hall the blame.

    Personally, I won’t go with labeling Logan Hall selfish, an under achiever or a Captain Underpants based upon this one event. Even in the end if he was responsible.

  89. Stanglassman Says:

    JC Tretter could be signed for about 8m if they don’t think Hansey is ready. Just watching Evans reaction makes me think he realized the severity of it right away. I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t an ACL. Hopefully he’ll be ready for next years TC.

  90. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    tampabuscsbro Says:
    July 28th, 2022 at 5:11 pm
    Robert Hainsey did look good in limited snaps.

    No, he didn’t. He was badly beaten, and repeatedly.

  91. Jerry Says:

    Tretter probably wouldnt even last the season. There are serious wear concerns with him.

    It’s training camp. You are not going to find a pro-bowl quality center in their prime right now. That’s what you would need to replace Jensen. It’s not even an issue of money. It’s the fact that person is simply not available to sign. You would have to give up a LOT in a trade. And even then that would be tough because teams aren’t really in the mood to give up talented offensive linemen right now.

    Yeah, this injury hurts really, really bad. But it is what it is and the team will have to find a way to make do.

  92. David Smith Says:

    This is on Bowles, Hall, and Stinnie … Should have never happened

  93. Canabuc Says:

    My suspicion is an MCL tear. Often isolated ACL tears don’t sell that much that fast. Hopefully this is best case and a 3 toy week injury.

  94. Canabuc Says:

    3 to 6 week injury

  95. 55 99 47 20 Says:

    This is on Bowles, Hall, and Stinnie. Should have never happened smh

  96. mark2001 Says:

    I’m not looking for blame. Sure, the guys would have been well served wearing braces. But things happen. Let’s all just hope and pray it is a lesser injury and he can return during the season.

  97. adam from ny Says:

    this is absolutely terrible…at this point…

    unfortunate injuries do happen at the blink of an eye in football…

    you guys sound like crazy children blaming this one and that one

  98. JoeyK Says:

    So all our offensive weapons now become a moot point now that TB won’t have time to pass to them. Greeaaaaaaatttt. What a way to start a season.

  99. Bucschamp Says:

    Time for Tom to grab that phone again.

  100. mark2001 Says:

    They drafted Hainsey for this…give him a chance.

  101. Bird Says:

    At this point it does not look good for jensen

    The quickest path to the qb is right up the gut . Teams will load up there for sure.
    So marpet gone
    Cappa gone

    And likely jensen for year
    So 3 new players with be responsible for a 45 year old goat

    And you are going to replace with an unknown hainsey. No way bucs would take that risk as they dont have time to see how he does in pads/ preseason etc etc

    I looked up that jc tretter everyone is talking about. Peeps bring up that he is washed / to many injuries. From what i read he dealt w injuries for the last 5 years. However, he played 16 games for the last 5 years. He dint practice much bit he would not miss a game. Sounds like a tough guy…just like jensen. He was ranked pretty high for centers too the last few years. Right around jensen. Was ranked 2 after the season before. I think he is 31. Why not. Bucs are all in. They need to sign him. Maybe i am wrong about hainsey but you cant bet against the house on that unknown hand.

  102. A Says:

    Agree – give C J.C. Tretter a call

  103. GOB Says:

    SB~LV, that’s what I saw. It’s hard to tell without watching it 50 times in slow motion. Hall definitely looks like he got pushed by an o lineman, or even one of his own D tackles. It’s a jumbled pile of manhood in there.

  104. Danbucsfan Says:

    Sad to see people blaming Hall for the injury. Guess people will always have opinions, but just outrageous to blame anyone for a freak injury happening. Keep up that motor young Buck and here is to Jensen not being gone for the year.

  105. unbelievable Says:

    Everyone ripping on Hall is completely misguided.

    1. It looks like Stinnie actually knocks Hall into Jensen after Hall initially beat him.

    2. Chit happens. Even without pads sometimes, unfortunately.

    3. There’s nothing egregious in that video that would make Hall responsible. I guarantee you he feels awful just for being involved.

  106. SB Says:

    Some of you people are so ludicrous it is comical.

  107. mark2001 Says:

    OK Ira… we finally know who the name guy you were hinting at us signing in your last podcast…. here it is…

    Today… the agent for TE Bug Howard has released information that we have signed him.


  108. sasquatch Says:

    It’s football. Injuries happen. Logan Hall was doing what every rookie is trying to do. Blaming him is phorking retarded. We’ll adjust.

  109. Adrnagy Says:

    Logan did burst in between like if it was a reg game. No fault at him or blame. But at the same time be wants to put a stamp. Coaches again should be over and over players to guide them into whatever phase of season they are.

    I look at at as positive. One down not 2. And its early that licht can trade / sign someone. As for jensen i feel bad , dude earn this contract.

  110. David Says:

    Where is the video, all I see is Pat McAfee talking

  111. David Says:

    And some of you are trying to blame a rookie? It’s practice, stuff happens. No one should be “slowing down and taking it easy“

  112. Bird Says:


    Click on video in actual article that is in red

  113. steele Says:

    By the time the swelling goes down enough for Jensen’s evaluation, will Tretter be gone? Bucs are not the only team needing a C.

    Hainsey didn’t look ready at all, from limited snaps. But he and Leverett are in the spotlight. Do you think either of them are going to be the QB of the OL, and handle Aaron Donald and every other pass rusher coming right up the middle at them?

    They don’t have the kind of depth the Pats had, when they could switch up the whole OL constantly (which was too often).

  114. sasquatch Says:

    The Bucs are pretty solid on the O-line and they’re not going outside the organization for another center. They like Hainsey. Think you might be judging him a little harshly — he was a rookie last year. Guys progress between years 1 and 2.

  115. Alvafan Says:

    Bad coaching. Bad leadership on the field. No other way to view it. Accidents happen?! Mistakes are inevitable?! Excuses are inevitable. “ Next Man Up “ is a joke that’s not funny. Season isn’t over but like Yogi said it gets late early

  116. Kody Says:

    Wow… inexcusable for an extremely VITAL player to get hurt in frigging training camp. Just no excuse for this. We cannot lose a player like Jensen before the season even starts.

  117. Allbuccedup Says:

    Left guard weak now center weak!

  118. sasquatch Says:

    Panic sets in for those with no life.

  119. DoooshLaRue Says:

    It’s freaking football ladies….. it happens.

    Quit being a bunch of little ninnies.

  120. Jeff Says:

    If Jensen was a horse they would shoot him. His playing days are now over.

  121. DG060 Says:

    I’m with Cody. “Wow… inexcusable for an extremely VITAL player to get hurt in frigging training camp. Just no excuse for this. We cannot lose a player like Jensen before the season even starts”.

    This is catastrophic quite frankly. Vegas actually downgraded the Bucs getting to the S.B. by 5 percent after this incident! That’s how bad this is.
    After watching the video there’s no way these coaches should of been lining up O-line vs D line going full bore at each other on DAY 2!!!!

  122. DG060 Says:

    First MASSIVE blunder on Todd Bowles watch.