Smarter = Faster For Devin White

July 31st, 2022

Do not tell Buccaneers savior linebacker Devin White he did a good job reading keys and reacting after the snap.

White won’t be happy with that and he made it clear he does not want to be a read-and-react linebacker.

No, White wants to be known for “anticipation.” He emphasized yesterday that he plays “10 times faster” when he’s anticipating, and with his skill set already being better than other linebackers, it’s anticipation that will make him the best in the game.

White called that “the next level,” and improving mentally is what he’s focused on with his new position coach, Larry Foote, who doubles as the Bucs’ co-defensive coordinator.

Joe knows White is counseled/mentored by Bucs legend Derrick Brooks. It wouldn’t surprise Joe at all if Brooks was very pointed with White that the mental side of the game is what will take him to a new stratosphere.

Foote is all about repetition to the extreme, White added, noting that he has come to appreciate that style and how it builds stronger instincts.

16 Responses to “Smarter = Faster For Devin White”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The only problem with anticipation.(guessing) is when you are wrong….

    It’s like a MLB hitter guessing on pitches…….wrong most of the time….I like the hitters who see pitch….hit pitch….

    So, Devin….read & react…..react fast… have that great speed to rely on.

  2. A Bucs Fan Says:

    D. White definitely has all the tools to be an all-pro for years. Hopefully he is able to put it all together this year and be the game-changer he was drafted to be.

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    TBBF – Great analogy about pitch guessing. White will get it and be fine, imo.

  4. Stanglassman Says:

    The difference between anticipate and guess is that anticipate is to act before (someone), especially to prevent an action while guess is to reach a partly (or totally) unqualified conclusion.

  5. Go Bucs Says:

    Please, just get deeper in your depths and react to that! In fact tell all the LB’s that! GO BUCS

  6. Ash Says:

    Being able to read what is going on is the first thing in anticipating the play well. Lol what’s going on here hope he is joking saying whater to the press like most do.

  7. Big Red Says:

    Devin White is an athletic animal with tremendous upside. He was a key contributor on defense during our super bowl run. The sky is the limit. However, I really thought his play and tackling took a big step back last season and I really hope he returns to form.

  8. Leighroy Says:

    Luke Kuechly anticipated the game better than anyone. I’ve never heard anyone complaining about his skills. Anticipating is not synonymous with guessing.

  9. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Don’t forget film study. My biggest problem with the game now is the cerebral aspect of the game has been overtaken by just relying on pure athleticism. Brooks was a film junkie. Ray Lewis was a film junkie. Guys like Kyler Murray are able to get away with not studying because he’s so athletic. White should know what’s coming if he lived in the film room. Kuechly was great with anticipation because he lived in the film. I would also add Zach Thomas and Brian Urlacher to that list. Lock yourself in the film room, Devin! Maybe Brooks could help him film review?

    While we’re at it, maybe Ronde could help out Davis and SMB with film work.

  10. kyle Says:

    love the kid but please bra.. just play and be quiet. D white talks too damn much for number 5 overall pick that cant play his position.

  11. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Playing 10 times faster last year had him running himself out of the play way too much

  12. David Says:


    That’s an idiotic comment. They talk to the media and they are asked questions. This is a Buccaneer website that discusses things that players do and say. The only one here who should shut his mouth because of ignorance is you

  13. David Says:

    He is absolutely right. Just like QBs, a defense is best when they anticipate because of knowing what the team is going to do. Film study. Tendency studies. At the very least, they can anticipate certain routes in situations or run versus pass, anything for a slight edge.

    That is all a far far cry from guessing

  14. YoungHustler Says:

    Devin white needs a hugg

  15. Eckwood Says:

    It’s not what you say it’s what your saying and what I here is what got him not playing so great last year ……….. Guessing more than anticipating and he just doesn’t have a feel for what the offense is doing and at that point you had better cover your keys but he doesn’t …….he has weak coaching that just like McCoy and his run right out of the play disruption ( I’m a disrupter and all the coaches sprinkled sugar on McCoys candy ass bullsh**)allows him to dictate his style that frankly I believe pisses L David off to no end ………. lets be real the man just said I’m not reading my keys because I wanna be a hero and get big play attention , he’s not reading keys because it’s to much mental work and that same mental film work is what gives you anticipation. Watching Film is different than watching and absorbing film …….. hard to absorb things when your ego is overflowing your brain …….. Kyle is Correct and David Your ( that guy, that coach) the reason he has a pretty bad case of the McCoy virus but at least Gerald sounded better when quoted ………. I truly believe he had better get his sh** together or numerous players are gonna have enough of his bad on field decisions and I’m all world ego.

  16. garro Says:

    Hope he has got DB55 About anticipation…speed and anticipation along with textbook tackling got him to the HOF.