Bucs Players Operating As If Ryan Jensen Won’t Return

July 29th, 2022

Little optimism today at One Buc Palace when it comes to the 2022 return of Pro Bowl center Ryan Jensen.

In fact, speeches were given to players about moving on.

Joe talked to multiple players about this and there were addresses given by players and coaches directly to the team.

Head coach Todd Bowles said today that Jensen will be out at least a couple months with his bad knee injury suffered yesterday, but the team needs to see test results before making a final call, presumably the kind that only can be done when swelling goes down.

As Joe knew before today, second-year center Robert Hainsey is a beloved figure inside the walls of One Buc Palace for his work ethic and smarts, and how he’s grinded to transform his body.

Will the Bucs rush to sign a free agent center because they don’t trust Hainsey? Joe suspects they are a long way for doing that — at least a preseason game and a joint practice with the Titans.

40 Responses to “Bucs Players Operating As If Ryan Jensen Won’t Return”

  1. geno711 Says:

    Todd Bowles on Ryan Jensen: “We don’t know the severity of it per se, but I do know he’ll miss some significant time, up to a couple of months, whether he’ll be back later in the season, November or December, that depends on what they find. He won’t be available anytime soon.”

  2. AL121976 Says:

    The plan was to go w Hainsey if Jensen left so,,,,,, Hopefully we get him back by playoffs.
    Also, did they cut McElroy?

  3. Buczilla Says:

    I trust Licht and it would be cool to see the young guy play until Jensen is ready.

  4. geno711 Says:

    Yes, they cut McElroy.

  5. Tampamac Says:

    Al- He was waived with an injury designation. They signed Julio with his roster spot.

  6. BucsFan81 Says:

    They still need another center. If Hainsey goes down then we are really screwed.

  7. #8 Says:

    Can we get Jensen to commit the least heinous crime possible to get on the commissioner’s exempt list? That’d help the cap. Greenberg hatching a plan now.


  8. Casual Observer Says:

    I wonder if Fred Johnson or Hutherson (both OLs) can, or ever have, played center. They are both as big as or bigger than Jensen. Just wondering.

  9. MadMax Says:

    And whose the back up to Hainsey? Vea? I mean why not?

    Put big V at center and let Hicks, Hall, and Gholston run that D line and Nacho….

    What we got….whats out there?

    Hear me out, Vea is very very smart, he is cerebral with his game.

    Start working him at Center….just do it!

  10. 813bucboi Says:

    Fred Johnson is 6’6 close to 6’7….he’s not playing center….G was tough for him…ask the bengals lol


  11. MadMax Says:

    And coming from a defensive mind, he knows what to look for and stop it, and guard the gates. I think im onto something.

  12. Bird Says:

    Julios cap hit for 2022 is only around 2 mil

    So they got money to spend …may have some waiting for late arrival gronk. Wish these were padded practices.

    Hard to tell if hainsey legit in non combat practices

    Can only hope tretter is taking his time to find right team fit

  13. MadMax Says:

    And dont rule out the possibility of Wirfs at C.

  14. mark2001 Says:

    MadMax… name well chosen. Vita at Center? WT heck?

  15. MadMax Says:

    I know, but think about it.

  16. PassingThru Says:

    As I mentioned to the casual fans about Julio’s contract, cap flexibility matters. There is money for Tretter if Hainsey isn’t ready. Hainsey or Tretter, one thing doesn’t matter: the Bucs should add a vet IOL.

  17. NeverGIVEup Says:

    If it works, we lose an elite player on the DL.

    So why try something that will cause you additional problems. The guys behind V are just like the guys behind J. They call them Back Ups for a reason.

    I am all about that unorthodox approach. However, for me anyways, I can’t justify resolving one problem by creating another problem. SPECIFICALLY, when a backup plan was and ALWAYS is (in most cases) in place.

    Maybe IF V was failing in his role and had past experience and no other option was available and time was against us and the world was ending…… WAIT….Crap, I see your point now Max, start V at center immediately. LMAO

    Good Day Sir

  18. MadMax Says:

    Ok, lol

    All good!

  19. mark2001 Says:

    There is a reason why O linemen that can play multiple positions are very valuable as backups. Because it isn’t easy to go from one spot on the line to another. It takes alot of knowledge, skill, and hard work. To think a D lineman could do it in a short training camp and preseason, is kind of mad.

    As far as the political stuff, I said something. Will see if it shows up. If not, it says something about the screening process.

  20. TorontoBucsFan Says:

    JC Tretter has started 16 games in each of the last 5 seasons AND it appears his strength is pass blocking. Sound like he’s worth looking into!

  21. NeverGIVEup Says:


  22. captivajim Says:

    play Hainsey-hopefully he’ll be fine . But , back him up with Tretter

  23. MadMax Says:

    Im stupid, and was drunk….i was thinking crazy stuff.

    All good….

  24. sasquatch Says:

    Leverett is the backup center and they’re confident in him. No panic is setting in.

  25. GOB Says:

    I’m sure Mason could slide over in a pinch.

  26. Tony Says:

    We definitely don’t need this happening to him. Please God let Mason & Wirfs stay healthy. Donovan is the one that needed to go if anybody. Sure you wouldn’t want to see either one get hurt but Jensen is one that you definitely don’t need this happening to. They might be giving Paradis or Tretter a call now.

  27. Tony Says:

    Maybe they could get Fournette to keep munching away & put on another 50 lbs. & then he could replace Jensen.

  28. Tbbucs3 Says:

    No chance Wirfs gets moved to center…..centers are more replaceable than Tackles especially in the passing game. (Except when you have to face Aaron Donald).

    Lots of times in pass pro. Centers are asked to take double teams while tackles are often left alone on an island against todays speedy edge rushers.

    Big loss yesterday but hopefully there not a significant drop off between Jensen and Hainsey this year

  29. teacherman777 Says:

    Ali Marpet will return for Tom.

    Ali had a good year as a center.

    He can handle it.

    Give him 2 months to put his weight back on.

    We need Ali Marpet back.

  30. Kody Says:

    We lost Ali Marpet and Ryan Jensen. I’m officially depressed. Those guys were the anchors of our ship. So much of our offense keyed off the great O-line that they anchored, and now… well, who knows. But if TB loses valuable split seconds in his passing game, we all know that spells big problems.

  31. SOEbuc Says:

    Not like he isn’t a JL third round OL. Definitely get his chance.

  32. Goatfarmer Says:

    Way to have full contact Payless practices, Todd.

  33. Goatfarmer Says:


  34. Allbuccedup Says:

    If Hainsey can do the job still need Jensen roster spot filled. Billy Price played center for the Giants last year and has experience with the Bengals at left guard if nothing else he could give us experienced depth.

  35. sasquatch Says:

    The fool-ass comments about extinction from vaccines and the deserved responses has now been removed. Friggin’ hilarious.

  36. mark2001 Says:

    Now that Allbuc, is something I could see. Bring in another guy to compete, with some experience. Not a high-priced guy, that might be seeking a multi-year deal. But I think they will wait and see how Hainsey looks in the inter-team practices at least.

  37. Kody Says:

    Somebody in the Bucs org screwed up bad. I can’t wrap my head around a KEY player getting his knee blown out (and possibly ending his season) on day 2 of training camp. Like shouldn’t they have a zillion protocols in place to prevent this? Obviously there was a breakdown somewhere. Like no protective knee braces or contact when there shouldn’t have been. Something got screwed up somewhere.

  38. steele Says:

    Allbuccedup, both Billy Price and Trey Hopkins came through the Bengals, whose OL were turnstiles, and Bengals let them both go because they wanted better. Price did a bit better with NYG, but that Cincy background is not encouraging for any team considering him.

    Tretter is badly needed, and now. It is a big step down from Tretter to any of the other centers left in FA. Matt Paradis tore his ACL week 9, and “may” be ready by wk1 for a team, but Bucs need someone in camp NOW to work with Brady and the OL.

    The hail-mary options—begging Alex Mack or Ali Marpet out of retirement—sound like pipe dreams.

  39. sasquatch Says:

    ^ BS

    Hainsey is our center and he will be fine.

  40. Mikejp Says:

    Can Vitae play center?